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Venom OG Feminized Seeds

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Don’t be afraid of Venom OG cannabis seeds despite their intimidating name. This perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid provides a clear-headed and happy high that introduces itself slowly. But once Venom OG fully kicks in, prepare to feel the psychoactive effects with a potent THC level of 23%.

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What are the effects of Venom OG cannabis?

  • Relaxed
  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Focused

Venom OG, aka “Venom OG Kush,” which is a cross between Poison OG and Rare Dankness No. 1, is an easy-to-grow cannabis strain with well-balanced effects that can unlock the doors to bliss-filled mental and physical relaxation.

When your Venom OG cannabis seeds have reached their full maturation you’ll have a 50/50 hybrid strain with a THC level that peaks at 23%–making it quite the potent strain.

Considered to be the quintessential Kush, this evenly-balanced hybrid cannabis strain from the breeders at Rare Dankness has a well-founded reputation for slowly imparting euphoria and joy and filling users with a long-lasting rush of happiness that lasts throughout the duration of its high. Its clear-headed and lucid cerebral effects serve to clear anxious thoughts and tensions from your mind and body, making it easier for you to be more present at the moment and focus on things more easily.

While Venom OG is something of a powerhouse with its high THC levels, it’s not the kind of strain to overwhelm you with a heavy body stone or have you immobile and inert on your couch provided that you use it in moderation. Instead, the body relaxation that one experiences from using this utterly enjoyable strain are more akin to resting in the shade beneath a large leafy tree on a perfect breezy summer afternoon.

What are the therapeutic benefits of Venom OG cannabis?

When it comes to serving as a medical marijuana strain, Venom OG’s uplifting and euphoric effects combined with its physically relaxing effects means it has the potential to reduce various mental and physical health ailments effectively.

For medical users who are seeking respite from stress and anxieties,  Venom OG may be just what the doctor ordered!

On the physical end of the spectrum, Venom OG is reported to help provide relief from conditions such as muscle spasms, arthritis, headaches, migraines, and nausea.

When used in higher doses, Venom OG is said to help combat insomnia, and when used in lower doses, experienced users who have higher THC tolerance levels due to needing to use medical cannabis on a frequent and daily basis say that it can actually help making it a pretty versatile medical strain!

What is Venom OG’s fragrance and flavor profile?

While Venom OG sounds like it might have a rather toxic-smelling scent to it, its smell is, while definitely pungent, actually quite pleasant. In fact, if you walk into a room even hours after this 50/50 hybrid’s been smoked in there, its strong aroma of skunk, wood, and diesel will alert you to Venom OG being used there.

In terms of its taste, Venom OG offers users a lovely complex flavor profile of sweet and sour lemon with prominent diesel overtones that serve to complement its skunky earth and fresh pine accents.

Perhaps the only minor drawback, if you’re combusting this evenly-balanced hybrid, is that its acrid smoke can induce a coughing fit in some users.

How do I grow Venom OG cannabis seeds?

Venom OG is considered an excellent choice for growers of all skill levels including first-time and beginner growers as it is a forgiving plant that is resistant to common molds and mildew and is all-around a pretty low-maintenance strain to care for. In addition, since Pacific Seed Bank only sells feminized seeds, you have about a 90% chance of ending up with all female plants.

This 50/50 hybrid marijuana strain will thrive both indoors and out. When cultivated outside, it needs a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like environment with plenty of sunshine where daytime temps hover consistently between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whether you grow your Venom OG marijuana plants inside or outdoors, you will want to top it so that plenty of light and air is able to circulate to the lower-growing nodes.

What do Venom OG cannabis plants look like?

Venom OG’s bushy plants are usually short to medium in height that produces small to medium-sized pepper-shaped nuggets that are quite dense in structure, which is a typical indica trait.

Its brilliant lime and forest green buds, which are adorned in vibrant orange pistils, are thoroughly covered from the inside out with crystal clear trichomes that make them extremely difficult to break apart by hand. As such, you’ll definitely want a high-quality grinder to help with this all-important task.

When to harvest your Venom OG cannabis plant

Venom OG produces decent-sized yields indoors and just below-average-sized ones outdoors.

Cultivated inside, this 50/50 hybrid should enter its flowering time in about 8-9 weeks and then should produce a wonderful bounty of approximately 400 grams per square meter.

Nurtured outdoors, Venom OG generally renders a nice high-quality yield of generally somewhere around 250 grams per plant around the first or second week of October.

Cannabis strains similar to Venom OG

  1. Rare Dankness #1: this indica-leaning hybrid with its mind-altering THC content of 22% is one of Venom OG’s parent strains
  2. Cataract Kush: fans of indicas and Kush are sure to love this near-pure indica that like all Kush strains is known for imbuing both relaxation and euphoria
  3. Black Betty: this 50/50 is the kind that’s not for the faint of heart as Black Betty punches you in the brain and body right out of the gate leaving you simultaneously recharged and limp with relaxation all at once

Additional information



Cannabis Species



50% Indica/50% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 250 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Pine, Skunky

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






15 reviews for Venom OG Feminized Seeds

  1. K. Turner (verified owner)

    Venom is not as intimidating as it sounds because it gives you a nice, balanced high that you can enjoy. It’s fast-acting and potent, but it doesn’t make you too out of it if you know what I mean. It’s great for whenever you want to use it.

  2. 5StardustSpinner (verified owner)

    Looking to experience the potent effects of Venom OG? Look no further! This hybrid strain offers a balanced high, perfect for relaxation and euphoria. With its therapeutic benefits and pungent aroma, Venom OG is a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts.

  3. ChronicCultivator (verified owner)

    A hit of Venom sends me off quite quickly, this fast-acting strong potency strain will take care of you on any day and is ideal if you want to be at an elevated level of high. For newer growers that want a taste of this be warned, there is some work to be done with maintenance and upkeep. Whoever manages to care for this properly will be glad they stuck with it.

  4. Alisson Yang (verified owner)

    Might leave you feeling catatonic, and giggling at any little thing. It’s definitely a shareable, sessionable strain….Buying online has made it so easy to have this MJ delivered. It’s an easy grow too, but it does require an incredible amount of patience, concentration, and an investment in the proper resources. So while the MJ is cheap, the products surrounding the seeds remain expensive. If only Pacific sold growing equipment as well!

  5. DreamyDove (verified owner)

    I got a surprisingly good harvest size from growing this indoors. Took a bit of work with the upkeep but these seeds are well worth the effort, got some primo strong buds from it. Really nice high that does well to hit you body and mind.

  6. Amir Kimura (verified owner)

    Usually scores between 20-25% THC and it helps with a lot of stress. Not my FAVORITE weed of all time, but definitely a good grow. Worth the effort, smells good and tastes pretty good too. I totally recommend it to anyone excited about growing their own pot. Pacific makes it easy. They offer real solutions and advice on their blog site. Big yields and a fresh flavor. I bring with me all kinds of weed to parties and I am known as the “weed man” so that’s pretty cool!

  7. Katelyn1016 (verified owner)

    Don’t worry, you won’t get stung by Venom, in fact, this MJ strain is very friendly!
    Great weed for an exceptional price. I was FLOORED by the sheer volume of weed on this site.
    Like OMG there is so much to choose from!
    Get yours online…they ship to Canada and all over the USA!
    I was able to harvest 500 G of pot last summer, and I JUST worked through my supply!

  8. Marcelino Yu (verified owner)

    I had an amazing experience growing Venom OG, the high is both strong and relaxed and great for both body and head. Pacific’s customer service provided great recommendations and fast shipping with all my seeds sprouting. Pacific’s blog was also a great source of information.

  9. Brendon Leon (verified owner)

    Oooo don’t run in fear! Venom OG is for everyone, and is very relaxing!
    Grew indoors in a 4×4 room with reflective walls and a nice looking LED setup. It may have been expensive to set up, but at least I got some finger-lickin good flower with a fresh, citrusy smell that fills my lungs with joy!

  10. Jokubas Hopper (verified owner)

    It kinda tastes bitter, earthy, maybe a little like poison?? Ha! It’s a great strain, lots of fun to grow it outdoors. Very high quality nug, and always delivers in a timely fashion. Pacific is a great resource for those passionate about mj. They ship all over the dang USA, even up to our brother’s in the north, Canada! I personally enjoy just perusiing the massive online catalog and finding the perfect match. How do I want to feel today???

  11. Hadley Goodman (verified owner)

    Venom is more than just spiderman’s nemesis…it’s also a great strain from pacific coast seed bank.

    I am a Cali resident, and a mother, and I love gardening. I don’t think there’s any harm in teaching kids about plants, even marijuana.

    My kids help me in the garden, but when it’s smoking time, it’s all for Mom and Dad Ha!

  12. Atif Salt (verified owner)

    This weed really stings! But maybe in the best way possible 😉 I smoke marijuana every day to calm my nerves. It’s been a GREAT investment and has saved me a lot of money at the dispensary. The beautiful green flower is absolutely captivating and the the indica hybrid buzz is great for improving mood and focus!

  13. Samiha Shepard (verified owner)

    Nice buy, great price, and seriously nice weed. Gets me high as a kite, keeps me relaxed, and makes for some great times with friends. I am just a recreational grower and like working in my garden. It’s been pretty fun to help these plants reach their full height and maturity. Give it a shot if you got the time 🙂

  14. Kourtney Eastwood (verified owner)

    Best when shared, Venom OG is a pungent and strong-tasting sativa that helps with energy and provides a great sense of euphoria. Have to buy more cause my stash is running low!

  15. Brandon Collins (verified owner)

    Yeah, this is exactly the kind of venom you want running through your veins. Makes for a sweet and relaxing hybrid, that lasts all evening long. It can pick you up, or maybe it will put you to sleep. Either way, I am very glad for it, and I plan to grow more soon.

    Love how fast shipping is on this site, incredible product and very good customer service1!!!

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