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This particular candy man is not for kids. Or the faint of heart. Potent in its peaceful properties, Willy’s Wonder is a pretty plant that will have you deeply relaxed but not zoned out. A classic indica option, for fighting insomnia.

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Not to confuse Willy’s Wonder marijuana seeds for Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Willy’s Wonder, formally called William’s Wonder, is considered one of the few legendary marijuana strains that you’ll just have to try in order to believe. This marijuana strain has a big reputation to uphold and it never lets you down. Keep in mind that Willy’s Wonder is not for everyone as it carries an intense and pungent smell. Often times, marijuana experts will tell new patients to take caution around Willy’s Wonder. It takes some time getting used to.

Willy’s Wonder in an indica-dominant strain that will have you feeling relaxed and sleepy after just a few hits. It comes from Afghani genetics that gives it an earthy and sweet aroma. Like most Afghani strains, Willy’s Wonder comes with colorful flowers that can either be found in shades of green, yellow, and red. Willy’s Wonder is a very distinguishable strain because of its smell and unique coloration.

Some consumers have compared smoking Willy’s Wonder marijuana seeds to valium. It delivers deep relaxation but not to the point where you can’t control yourself. This strain won’t knock you out or have your body locked to the couch. You’ll be able to go about your day as planned with a deep sense of peace and zen. Unless, of course, you are in the mood for a deep sleep. As in indica strain, Willy’s Wonder is great for patients filled with worries. It’s able to clear the mind and help you unwind.

Additional information

Cannabis Species



80% Indica/20% Sativa

Flowering Time

65-75 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Energetic, Relaxed

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






44 reviews for Willy’s Wonder Feminized Seeds – Growers Lab Seeds

  1. Carlos R (verified owner)

    With its earthy and sweet aroma, it delivers deep relaxation without leaving you couch-locked. This Indica-dominant strain will clear your mind and help you unwind, making it perfect for combating insomnia, stress, and pain. Get ready to experience the wonders of Willy’s Wonder and discover a deep sense of peace and tranquility.

  2. Armand M (verified owner)

    Willy’s Wonder is an excellent strain for those looking to unwind after a long day. The high is happy and relaxed, perfect for melting away any pain or stress. The earthy and sweet taste makes smoking it a delightful experience.

  3. Tayler Summers (verified owner)

    If there isn’t a strain out there with all the flavor in the world, the don’t buy it. This weed might as well be a wonka candy! It’s great for smoking and for sharing with friends. Feels like the oompa loompas are coming out from around the corner! Great weed with a powerful smell!

  4. Milena Knapp (verified owner)

    This weed is rainbow-colored! It’s so beautiful and fresh and SOUR! I can’t wait to bring this weed over to my cousin’s place for thanksgiving.

    A lot of weed sites will trick you, but these guys are easy peazy and straightforward. I order online exclusively from Pacific now, just cause I know their customer service crew is on my side. Plus the product is great!

  5. Tyrell Stevenson (verified owner)

    How wonderful! I love willy’s wonder. It’s a bright and energetic strain that’s great for creativity! Buying online is really the best way to get your mj seeds. Pacific ships literally anywhere in the USA, even Canada. I am definitely getting these as a gift for my brother for Christmas!

  6. Maisey Booth (verified owner)

    It’s a trip through the Wonka factory, but in your mind! I purchased this weed online and it shipped to Canada in no time. A very reliable California based company run by some of the biggest names in the biz. You can trust these guys when it comes to buying mj seeds online!

  7. Ayana Norman (verified owner)

    When you get your hands on willy’s wonder, then you know you’re gonna have an excellent time. This is some delicious weed, it helps me manage my pain and stress, keeps me from spiraling into depression, and offers me a great way to relax, which is really the most important thing at the end of the day. I had some great luck purchasing online, and I think it’s best to keep buying from the same seed bank.

  8. Geraldine Battle (verified owner)

    I feel like I am about to take a walkthrough the wonka chocolate factory. Its some seriously nice stuff with some great looking buds and some truly unique flavor, almost like grapes and chocolate. Definitely an indica leaning hybrid, but never fails to put a smile on my face. So lovely, so dope, and so clean!!

  9. Bogdan Lister (verified owner)

    Willy might just be your wonder!!!! Get this indica strain sent right to your mailbox and plant it in your backyard, pretty awesome. Gonna buy more though cause I am nearly burned through my stash. It’s a super fun weed. Grows like crazy in the summer, like OMG. Gotta have this stuff in my life though, and it’s gonna keep growing no matter what!!

  10. Aniela Horn (verified owner)

    Love the sweet purple colors. So trippy when you’re already stoned. Had a great experience ordering online, was amazed at how fast the weed shipped out to my place. It took only 5 days! Germinated quickly but did take some time to get established and grow, so I am not crazy with how long it took but the yield was impressive, nice to have ov your side.

  11. Zackary Navarro (verified owner)

    Er Mer Gerd!!! This weed is amazing. I LOVE the flavors, they are soooo good! The smell is amazing and so is the buzzzzz. I get baked and deal with my own problems better than when I am sober!! Seriously good stuff. It’s got this deep purple and maroon color that’s seriously mindblowing. Can’t believe how cool this feels!!

  12. Chaya Payne (verified owner)

    I tend to reach for the indica strains that help me with my anxiety. Prefer this strain over the others for its sweet candy flavor, and honestly I just like the plant, it’s really beautiful. It’s got all kinds of deep reds and purples and greens. The nug is tight and sticky and really just overall perfection. Have had a lot of success growing these seeds, will definitely buy again 🙂

  13. Keavy Barber (verified owner)

    I have never heard of this strain before….it’s new and it’s different, but it’s REALLY good, and it helps with stress and depression. Which is great cause my meds are NOT doing the trick anymore. Feeling really relaxed now, just took a HUGE bong rip and am just lazily typing this review LOL, wow what a life!!!

  14. Kaylee Bowden (verified owner)

    I used to love the book Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when I was a kid, and I thought it would be appropriate to grow this strain in honor of my favorite childhood novel. Very excited for the weed to be ready. Right now, little buds are forming on the plants. They look so beautiful, and brightly colored. Sure can’t wait to harvest!

  15. Nimrah Obrien (verified owner)

    I like willy’s wonder cause it’s suuuper chilled out and gives me great vibes. I smoke it most nights to help me relax. I get so stressed out during the day and really need something at night to take the edge off…and I don’t want to be a heavy drinker lol. I think pot is good for your mind and growing it is good for your soul. Good buy!!

  16. Callie Terry (verified owner)

    Wow…I am so high I literally forgot what I was doing a second ago lol! I love the sweet chocolate taste to this weed, and the purple nugs are just magical, very exciting, very beautiful and it’s not even that difficult to grow!! I am just a hobby gardener but I got myself nearly 400 gs of very fresh marijuana 🙂 Such a treat!

  17. Samuel Morgan (verified owner)

    Willy’s wonder is a weird strain, it sends my mind into a crazy elliptical that spins in and out of reality giving me some crazy thoughts and also helping me handle my pain and stress. I happen to love growing out in the garden, I do really well out there, and definitely wanna buy some more of this weed!

  18. Dora mead (verified owner)

    Willy’s wonder is the best kind of weed there is…it’s sweet, earthy and makes me wildly creative. I love smoking this and then doing some painting or writing a poem…I also enjoy taking long walks and looking out my window over the sound. I have a good life, and growing my own weed is the best part of that life. I am happy to make this part of my growing routine.

  19. shauna827 (verified owner)

    Willy’s wonder is a pretty remarkable strain, it’s super fluffy and very green and looks like something you’d find in the Wonka chocolate factory…pretty exciting stuff. It’s got a nice earthy smell and gets me really high. I loooove buying this weed online, it’s so convenient and has all the makings of a great grow!

  20. Kerry B. (verified owner)

    Once you get your hands on willy’s wonder, you will definitely feel like a mad genius that wants to make a chocolate factory. Super excited! I just bought this strain 5 months ago and now I am harvesting! Very fresh and beautiful maroon-colored flowers, helps me with stress and anxiety and puts a mellow smile on my face. Great stuff!

  21. Blessings (verified owner)

    Ever wondered what it would be like to grow your own pot? Well, now you can! And I recommend growing this willy’s wonder strain cause it makes you feel like you’re tripping balls and hanging out with willy wonka in the chocolate factory. Beautiful looking flower….it’s so white and green and a little bit of blue in there too, crystialline and perfect. Has been great for my stress!

  22. Goliath (verified owner)

    This is a really pretty plant! I love how beautiful it got in such a short amount of time. I think this weed loves me! Ordered my pot seeds online with pacific, and got to germinating them right away! Astounding how well they grow, and with very little effort! Beautiful trichomes and the harvest is staggering! Excellent smoking too, very sour and kinda buzzy. I love this kind of weed!

  23. Tuxedo (verified owner)

    This weed really knocks me off my feet, it’s a couch-lock weed for sure, and it never fails to give me the munchies hardcore! I usually take a few bong rips of the willy’s and then order a pizza or make some chicken nuggets lol. I feel pretty lucky to have this stuff in my life. It’s been really great for my depression and anxiety. I feel like it’s nice to have indica at the end of the day cause it also helps me sleep. Definitely recommend!

  24. selfemployeed (verified owner)

    This weed makes me feel like I am sinking into my couch, and my mind turns into a colorful swirl, and I am just drifting away through Willy Wonka’s factory and some oompa loompas are singing to me, and yeah it’s pretty trippy stuff, especially when it’s nice and fresh. I got my seeds delivered from Pacific and had em growing out in the backyard for nearly 5 months, then these deep purple nugs started to form and the harvest was loely and very big. Watch out this stuff is powerful!

  25. Righteous (verified owner)

    WOW this weed is a lot stronger than I expected. It’s 23% THC for the love of God! It’s pretty powerful stuff, but also pretty wicked relaxing, definitely a hit it and quit it type of weed. I take one Huuuuuuge bong rip and I am GOOD for the evening, very sweet taste, like vaping candy or something and gives me some excellent high thoughts, creative thinking is better than ever before, and does great things for my huge stress problem as well. Great buy!

  26. Abby Black (verified owner)

    If willy wonka were a real person, I have a feeling he’d dig this weed. It’s very trippy and kinda sweet like candy, but it does make you sleepy, so don’ smoke too much during the day or else you’ll pass out at your desk (trust me, speaking from experience here). Other than that, it’s not too hard to grow, even though I have no idea what I am doing, but I still got a couple hundred grams per plant, great for winter saving. Excellent buy!

  27. Fashionista23 (verified owner)

    Kind of a wonky strain of weed for sure. I grew this in my backyard and I wish I’d done it indoors. I got a nice yield but I feel like I coulda gotten more weed if I had tried it in my basement. I love this stuff however, and the weed is very relaxing, nice in the evenings before bedtime. Really helps with anxiety and depression and has done wonder’s for my insomnia. Great buy!

  28. Jonas Savage (verified owner)

    This is some crazy weed! It was my first time growing this stuff, haven’t got much of a green thumb, and this was some seriously amazing results. I got like 600 g worth of weed and I am literally swimming in nug now. I smoke usually after work to put me into a crazy head space, and help me settle down and do some creative work. This is great stuff!

  29. bukowskluvr (verified owner)

    It’s a wonderful weed that lives up to its namesake. Fun to grow and does well in an outdoor setting, got a nice medium yield up in my backyard. I smoke usually in the evenings to help with stress and anxiety, plus I’m feeling depressed these days and this helps. I like the sweet/sour taste of this mj, and I love the buzz, it’s crazy relaxing!

  30. Norma M. (verified owner)

    OMG, so excited Pacific Seeds carries Willy’s Wonder as I’ve been wanting to grow this for forever! Pacific’s selection of seeds overall is fantastic, I love exploring their online catalog.

    Willy’s wonder maybe isn’t for everyone, but I love its colorful look and its strong earthy smell. It reminds me of a relative that some people find off-putting, but if you get to know him, you’ll discover he’s the best. Uncle Willy can stay with me anytime: he’s not too tall, gives a good yield (400 grams a plant) and he makes me relaxed and happy. What great mj!

  31. clownposse60 (verified owner)

    Not the best for first time growers, but if you’ve got some experience this can be a truly wonderful strain to cultivate. Beautiful multicolored colas and a very pungent aroma, this strain screams ‘weed’ of the finest quality when you watch it mature. Really really really relaxing high that lifts all my pain and stress away as soon as I smoke it, it’s one of the best solutions I’ve found for anxiety. A lot of other strains make me kind of paranoid but not this one.

  32. Louis I. (verified owner)

    Wacky name for a wacky weed ! I love growing mj and this was no exception, but i’d recommend this only for those who have grown mj in the past, cause it can be challenging at times and does require some extra TLC. A VERY powerful indica, best taken at night, cause if you do this stuff during the day, you’re gonna fall asleep lol. But I take weed to help me manage my anxiety, and this strain is perfect for stoner vets like myself. Helps me sleep and chill and I’ll definitely be growing more!

  33. houlr35 (verified owner)

    Got a small order of 3 seeds from pacific online and grew them in the backyard. Had some solid success and the buds were sticky and orange! Was such a fun time growing, and the high is quite pleasant, but a little strange I’ll admit. Like, I don’t really know how to feel when I am on it, so I usually just take it before bed to help me sleep, not as much during the day though cause it’ll make me super groggy!!! Happy to have for a nighttime smoke and a great way to chill the FO!!

  34. Jazmine R. (verified owner)

    Ordered 5 seeds from Pacific and grew them indoors. Everything went swimmingly and I was able to get a stellar harvest. I am very impressed with the strain — not my first time smoking it, but I think the bud I grew this time was above and beyond what I’ve seen in my local shops. Not to toot my own horn but I guess I like what I grow myself! I was so blissed out on this weed. The high is good one for getting into a peaceful state of mind. Good strain!

  35. tdog309205967 (verified owner)

    Where do they come up with these names? Anyway, my report on this strain would be a strong “buy.” Best I’ve found for insomnia. A single hit can put me out better than an Ambien. If smoked earlier than bedtime, good for anxiety. But go easy or you’ll be immobile.

  36. Phil O. (verified owner)

    Willy’s Wonder is wonderful! My plants grew to be a bout three feet tall and yielded around 15 ounces per. Pretty great if you ask me. The grow went pretty standard. All my seeds from Pacific germinated. Definitely a little bit of experience goes a long way growing this one. If your’e a beginner just get some help and you should be aight. Felt giggly and happy after smokeing. Good weed for getting along with people.

  37. Trendi R (verified owner)

    My eyeballs got so dry on this weed I thought my lids were made of sandpaper. That being said, this strain was absolutely positively wonderful. Super clean high, not too intoxicating. Really nice strain for anyone who doesn’t like to get too baked. Just a little buz to take the edge off, ya know? And awesome pain relief too. The grow was a bit technical but nothing extraordinary. Seeds all germinated. Nice buy from Pacific.

  38. Alicia B. (verified owner)

    This high-THC cannabis has a pretty powerful sedating quality, not unlike some hashish I’ve smoked. I tried it on the recommendation of a fellow veteran smoker. He and I tend to like the same things.

    My opinion on this strain is that I’d rate it as good to great, depending on your mood and expectations. It wouldn’t be my first choice for people trying to treat insomnia, but that might just be my tolerance. The smell is pretty powerful, so don’t expect to grow it or smoke it discreetly. Indoor grow, or outside on your own land maybe. As for Pacific Seed Bank, they’ve always been reliable. Delivery times good. Good seed quality.

  39. Jada J. (verified owner)

    I’ve heard so much about Willy’s Wonder and was happy to find it on Pacific Seeds. Order came quickly, delivery was a snap. Also growing this wasn’t too bad as long as I kept the buds nipped. I’m only giving it three stars though because the smell is STRONG. Really pungent. I wasn’t prepared for that. I prefer something with a lemony scent, so I think this strain wasn’t really for me. Will order some Lemon Haze from PSB next time instead.

  40. Fred I. (verified owner)

    Oh man, I have had insomnia for years and after such a long time of taking pills and whatnot I finally turned to growing my own mj for medical purposes. Willy’s wonder is the strain for me, a little challenging to grow, but has a nice yield and these dark reddish purple trichomes that are really quite beautiful to look at. I smoke on the daily, right before bed, and then I usually just watch TV and finally fall asleep. My insomnia has improved dramatically since I started with this stuff.

  41. Kai J. (verified owner)

    I have a very high stress job that’s nearly impossible for me to just go home and relax from. Willy’s Wonder hits me just right. Makes me feel all relaxed, without getting me stuck in the couch or stuck in my head (sometimes strains that are too much indica make me think about my day too much). This strain is perfect for relieving anxiety and just chilling out. A-grade weed here from some tight-ass seeds. Good strain for what ails ya.

  42. Phil P. (verified owner)

    Definitely like valium like PSB said – but arguably better for one’s liver in the long run. Willy’s Wonder works wonders on insomnia as well, I’d recommend it as a sleep aid for anybody looking to explore that medical aspect of cannabis consumption. I reaped a pretty solid indoor harvest after about 70 days of flowering indoors, so I’m a happy customer overall. Ordering and delivery was simple and straightforward.

  43. Tim M. (verified owner)

    What a WONDERful strain! I am in love! Pacific’s rep helped me find this strain and I think I found my new favorite pot. I’ve always loved indicas best, but this might be my favorite of all of them. It has been an enormous help in relieving my constant soul-crushing anxiety. The only thing I don’t like about this weed is that the THC is so strong I can’t smoke it in the daytime. Otherwise it might be perfect.

  44. Helena Q. (verified owner)

    I get hella bad anxiety and most weed just makes it worse. Not Willy’s Wonder, though. I love this stuff. This is my second time growing it and I swear I got a bigger yield this time. Gonna buy it again a third time and see how much I get! I’ve heard people say that when you smoke a specific strain over and over again you become desensitized. I don’t know how true that is because this strain is still doing wonders for my brain.

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