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Blueberry Yum Yum Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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You’ll be hardpressed to meet a balanced hybrid that is as sweet and effective in recreational and medical settings as Blueberry Yum Yum. Immortilized by Ludacris, the easy-to-grow strain will put a smile on your face as it calms you down.

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Your daily dose will never be as sweetly delicious as it could be with Blueberry Yum Yum marijuana, a hybrid strain that has just as much potential to improve your mood as it does your health. Made famous by the song of the same name by artist Ludacris, the uplifting strain dulls stress and anxiety while filling you with energy.

Although its fairly balanced, the sativa-genetics of Blueberry Yum Yum marijuana hit first, with an all-over tingling that lets you know its working. That initial euphoric rush (which can induce a serious case of the munchies) gives way to relaxation, but not the kind that will leave you couch-bound.

Even the uninitiated will be able to appreciate the potent scent of blueberries that characterize this flowering strain and its smoke. And the flavor is sweet and sticky on your tongue, a heavy dose of berries, with a sugary aftertaste.

The name may be silly, but in all seriousness, Blueberry Yum Yum marijuana is effective in clinical applications – it’s reputed as one of the most effective stress-busting strains on the market. Even chronic depression suffers may benefit from incorporating this fruity strain into their routine.

Blueberry Yum Yum marijuana seeds lay on the easier end of the spectrum of growth – simple to maintain and resistant to most diseases and pests. Indoors or out, you will end up with a moderate yield of sweetly scented buds after around eight weeks of flowering.

Additional information


Norcal Farms

Cannabis Species



50% Sativa/50% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Euphoric, Happy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Depression, Headache, Pain


Berry, Fruity, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






40 reviews for Blueberry Yum Yum Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Helen Y. (verified owner)

    Kind of like a slice of blueberry pie from heaven, this weed makes you feel like a million bucks. I LOVED growing this weed, it’s super easy to cultivate and it produces a TON of delicious blueberry smelling mj that can be enjoyed most times of day! I usually reserve for the evening, but find that this is just my personal preference. Great for sharing with friends!

  2. Jeremy P. (verified owner)

    Blueberry Yum Yum is delicious excellent weed that makes me energetic and invigorated unlike some other strains I’ve grown! Definitely medical in the sense that it basically cures my chronic fatigue and I can function like a normal person throughout the day. Easy grow with 8 weeks of flowering indoors. Not the biggest yield but it’s worth it especially because it really wasn’t hard to keep this strain in check.

  3. Hans E. (verified owner)

    Good vibes all around when it comes to Blueberry Yum Yum. Beautiful weed, with dense green trichomes, and the scent of wild berries intermixed with classic skunky pungency. Relatively easy to grow, but be sure to give it all the time it needs to go to flower, that’ll up your yield and make for better smoking in the future. Well balanced and an easy to manage high, great for my stress levels. I seriously need a bowl of this when I get home from work. I just stop worrying about my day and chill right out, cook dinner, and go to sleep. It’s the perfect way to end the day!!

  4. Val S. (verified owner)

    Only positive things to say about Blueberry Yum Yum … it helps me to sleep, allows me to take less of my medication (which is great for my health and wallet), and it smells like blueberry muffins. My order confirmation came within an hour, the product shipped the next day and arrived in seven days. Mail packaging was discreet so no one knows what was delivered to me. Would definitely recommend ordering from PSB, and I’ll be a repeat client as well.

  5. Landon L. (verified owner)

    I’ve been curious about growing my own mj but wasn’t sure where to buy seeds from. PSB came recommended and I’m very happy with the experience: fast delivery, good seeds. Blueberry yum yum is so fun! I get a good high quickly and then my whole body feels relaxed but uplifted. I get giggly too, so I like to use it with other people when I can. Great pot, no paranoia – there’s a reason people write songs about this strain.

  6. Karley B. (verified owner)

    I love it when the names of weed strains are basically literal. Yes, these nugs taste like blueberries. And yes, they’re yummy. Enough said! LOL. Got a really good batch of seeds from pacific and my plants flowered a hair under two months. Everything went swimmingly and I couldn’t be happier! You definitely need a little room for these plants but otherwise they’re super easy to grow.

  7. Clayton I. (verified owner)

    I had heard a lot about this strain from some fellow growers so I just had to try it. Really easy grow and the plants turned out really beautiful. Very nice smell as well. I don’t know if it lives up to all the hype that I heard about it, but this strain produces some nice bud that offers a pretty good high. I typically like my weed a little bit stronger, which might be why I think this one is just okay. Don’t get me wrong, I’d grow it again. I just wish it packed more of a punch.

  8. Justina J. (verified owner)

    I actually suffer from chronic migranes which totally sucks and I need weed as a medical patient to help calm the symptoms. Blueberry yum yum was a great buy for me, fairly easy to grow and produces a nice yield that lasts for a while, plus it smells like blueberry pie which, like how can you beat that? Has been instrumental in helping me deal with my migraines and really helps calm the symptoms, it’s not a fix-all but nothing really is TBH. I hope to smoke this weed for a while, so I’ll definitely be back for more!

  9. joebud5124 (verified owner)

    Since starting a new job, I have been so stressed. I get headaches, my body shakes, it’s been pretty bad. I’ve used pot for recreational reasons (to “get high’) but never for medical ones or to treat stress. Glad I thought to use blueberry yum yum for my stress: my life has been changed. Now I smoke before heading to the office and I’m much better equipped to deal with all the crap at my new job. The berry taste reminds me of those flavored chapsticks I used to use when I was a teenager – yummy.

  10. Hector S. (verified owner)

    Blueberry yum is my hero. This cannabis has helped me combat so much stress, in some ways I think it has literally saved my life. Sersly, I was losing my hair and breaking out in hives before blueberry yum entered my life. (I refuse to call it blueberry yum yum BTW. What am I, a five year-old? 🙂 ) Anyway, it’s also my hero because it stood up to whatever insect was trying to snack on it. This cannabis is hardy! Best strain for stress-busting, I love it.

  11. Russel Dunn (verified owner)

    A perfectly balanced hybrid that’s hard to beat. I take some of it at night and feel instantly relaxed. Great for smoking as a J and sharing with friends, it’s got that rad blueberry taste, and wow it’s actually easy to grow. I have a nice grow space in the backyard and got my 3 plants in without a problem. The seeds germinated evenly and beautiful. Happy as can be, I’ll definitely be back for more amazing seeds!!!

  12. Jada Lafever (verified owner)

    There’s so much to love about this weed. It’s remarkably sweet and delicious and offers the most relaxing buzz I’ve ever experienced. Ordered my seeds online with PSB, such an incredible lineup of strains! I am super happy about this one though, planted those seeds in my backyard, got some excellent yield and really enjoyed the process. Perfect for evening use, great for winding down and feeling good about life. Great buy!

  13. Aziz (verified owner)

    Sometimes I get so stressed that I can’t seem to function properly. I really need this blueberry yum yum to calm me down. Great to have around the house, and absolutely stellar as a pre-roll, this stuff will get you high, but mostly it’ll just relax you and make you feel like a million bucks. Helps a lot with my stress and gets me where I need to be! Happy times lie ahead!

  14. Chaisse (verified owner)

    This is wicked delicious weed. I love how nice the indica and sativa work together! It’s definitely heavier on the indica side though, makes me feel kinda couch locked, and it makes me VERY hungry so definitely get your potato chips ready to eat lol. It’s got a great blueberry flavor, very sweet and the buzz is really tingly and euphoric. Gosh I sure to love marijuana 🙂 PSB has a great selection, hard to beat!

  15. WellWorthIT (verified owner)

    The blueberry yum yum is an amazing strain that will help you chill out and relax after a hard day at work. It tastes and smells amazing and it helps with stress and anxiety. I smoke a HUGE bong worth of it and I really enjoy the blueberry flavor. It gets me super stoney and its amazing for my brain! I got a huge yield from my grow, which was in the backyard, and the nugs were fresh and dank and amazing. Definitely worth it!

  16. Alexa Garcia (verified owner)

    If you are a fan of some blueberry flavored relaxation, then you need to try out this marijuana. It’s so relaxing, and so chill, you won’t even remember what you were stressing about. It’s a fun grow too, and a beautiful plant, with lush green flowers coming in after only 4 months or so. It’ll make your backyard garden and/or your basement smell wonderful. It’s an indica strain so take a chill pill and watch your favorite show, it’s good stuff.

  17. Havianas (verified owner)

    If you like and crave blueberry pie, then smoke a little of this weed to take the edge off 🙂 It’s reaaaaaal soothing. It helps with stress, anxiety and depression, all while giving you a very smile-worthy buzz that lasts all afternoon long. It does make me a little sleepy so I don’t usually smoke it until I get off of work, but then I am chiefing all night long. Love how easy it was to order online! How convenient! I’ll totally come back for more pot seeds!

  18. Unicorn (verified owner)

    I wanted something refreshing and sweet that would help me with my headaches and this came to mind. Glad I found it online and had it shipped to my place…showed up really fast! Got an excellent yield…better than expected and it’s very high quality. I love working in the garden and this was a great project to keep my mind occupied!

  19. agrowersgrower (verified owner)

    We all want to be like Ludacris and learn just how to relax and stay dope! I was super stoked to find this weed online and got it shipped to my place here in southern Cali. Easy as ever to grow down here, and it smells and looks delicious. I grew them in a little greenhouse that I set up for myself in the backyard, they took to it right away! Got some truly magnificent buds and it smells like blueberries!!!!!

  20. Modern (verified owner)

    Blueberry is my favorite flavor!!!! This stuff tastes like pie and it’s sweet and sour and oh-so-delicious! It’s a wonderful indica strain….has been great for managing stress and anger and depression. I am very excited to have more of this weed in my life! I’ll always buy from Pacific, they have the best strains in the USA!

  21. stephen biseen (verified owner)

    I love this weed, and I ordered it online and it showed up the other day and it smells great and it makes me feel great knowing I can grow my own marijuana. Well worth the effort and definitely gonna keep growing more, just cause things are so crazy right now, smoking this blueberry goodness is well worth it!

  22. Urijah Gregory (verified owner)

    The name really says it all…it’s a pretty remarkable strain with a lot to offer in terms of mental health benefits and the like. Ordered it online and got it just one week later, can’t help but be pretty excited about this strain cause it’s super vibey and is good for just smoking with your friends or even on your own. You’ll love the blueberry flavor I swear!!

  23. Benjamin Steffes (verified owner)

    By far one of my more favorite smelling strains. Extremely easy to grow! Guaranteed to turn some heads. A true must have bud for social gatherings!

  24. Elizabeth Bove (verified owner)

    I grew 5 varieties and this strain was the largest, very healthy with minimal pest and fungus issues. It also has an amazing smell. Berries and fresh pine. Nice tight nugs. Very nice body relaxing strain. I recommend it to people with pain issues. I just ordered more seeds from pacific and the delivery was so fast even out here to HI. Mahalo and will be growing blueberry yum yum again.

  25. Ziggy Sharples (verified owner)

    This is a pretty sweet strain, both literally and figuratively. Smoking this is like cutting yourself a nice little slice of blueberry pie. I live for the indica vibes. They make playing and writing music so much easier. I can’t wait until my next order arrives. They always ship out soooo fast!!! Amazing!

  26. Gemma Gates (verified owner)

    A fantastic buy, always a good choice if you’re new to weed or whatever…helps with a whole lot of mental health issues, especially stress and depression and that blueberry taste is divine. I LOVE buying this weed cause it’s easy to grow in my backyard, and it just looks amazing. Definitely give it a try!!

  27. Precious Barrow (verified owner)

    Yum is the right word for this weed. Awesome smoking experiences makes for a great vibe. Me and all my homies like the smoke and go to Laguna at night, watching the moonlight reflect off the waters, looking absolutely stunning. I am the weed grower among my friends, and I always buy from Pacific, they help me a lot, and their growing advice is sound.

  28. Earl Webster (verified owner)

    This weed makes me feel immortal….so strong with its blueberry flavor you’d think you were eating a slice of pie. I am not the best gardener but I had a lot of fun growing these plants. The taste and smell are unmistakeable, very relaxing vibes too. Happy I could order online and have em shipped to my place in Washington.

  29. Abid Werner (verified owner)

    The blueberry yum yum is pretty righteous…I used to listen to Ludacris all the time as a teenager and this was my favorite track of his. This weed hits nice and smooth and always goes well with some tunes. It’s sweet and a little harsh when you breathe real deep. I make this weed happen, and I am stoked about it.

  30. Fraya Mansell (verified owner)

    A fast growing, sweet smelling weed that hits the spot! I got 3 seeds and seeded them right away. I Love the way this feels, definitely gets me stoned, and helps me manage my stress. My mind feels like a fried egg after all, and you just can’t be stressed out when you’re stoned.

  31. Macaulay Villalobos (verified owner)

    So much blueberry weed! I am literally swimming in this stuff it’s awesome. Got a bigger yield than I even expected, but hey! Now I have a lot mj to share with my folks and all my friends. They call me the weed guru, that’s hella awesome!! Love Pacific seeds though, a very bright and cheery website with nice selection and fast delivery 🙂

  32. Phoebe Davie (verified owner)

    Best rec on the market brooooo. This stuff takes the edge off and then some!!! Easy enough to buy it online brooo! Just get like 5 seeds and put em in the ground and water A LOT!

  33. Lea Rutledge (verified owner)

    Blueberry Yum Yum is pretty tasty and helps me with stress, headaches and depression. I burn through my supply quickly, so I am constantly ordering more seeds online. You can’t beat the fast shipping and agreeable prices. The blueberry taste is pretty wild, super potent, can smell it from a few feet away haha.

  34. Mae Callaghan (verified owner)

    Been a Blueberry yum yum fan since Ludacris made it famous back in the early 2000s. Been stoned on this in one form or another since then basically. It was only a matter of time till I grew my own kush, especially in this dope apartment I living in!!!

  35. Melanie Frye (verified owner)

    I am pretty stoked about blueberry yum yum, this weed is like a slice of cheesecake with blueberry on top! It’s a smooth and delicious weed, makes for great evening smoking, usually cures nicely and lasts a long time. I’ll buy more next chance I get!

  36. Carmel O’Reilly (verified owner)

    Oh yeah!! I love blueberry yum yum, this berry flavored strain is perfect for my stress and headaches, and it makes me feel a lot more relaxed than other weed out there. Guess I am just an indica addict! When I buy online I know exactly what to look for now thanks to Pacific customer service they’re so helpful!!

  37. Kira Navarro (verified owner)

    How incredible it is to have this marijuana growing in your backyard. Makes for an awesome tasting snack in the afternoon, that tart blueberry flavor. It’ll have you saying Yum Yum in no time. Very good weed indeed!

  38. Aiysha Aldred (verified owner)

    I woke up to the smell of fresh blueberries the other day and realized OMG, this is actually my weed plant in the garden!! So awesome 🙂 When it’s time to harvest I will write back. It’s been a great journey so far!

  39. Becky Montes (verified owner)

    Sweet blue and green colors and flavors…like a slice of blueberry pie, a MUST grow for newbies, and a classic strain for grower’s with experience. Everytime I feel I migraine coming on….you know what I’m smoking….Blueberry yum yum is the perfect medicine for stress and anxiety, puts me in a calm space with a clear mind. Get your grow on this summer and trust Pacific seeds they are ALWAYS on your side.

  40. Diogo Pierce (verified owner)

    Never heard the dang ludacris song, I have NO idea what this description is talking about. It’s annoying, we should be focusing on the weed, not LUDACRIS!! I prefer this mj to others for its lite, easy to smoke vibes….it’s chill delicious blueberry flavor and easy-to-grow profile. Not too shabby, generally a good yield ranging between 150-200 G per plant 🙂

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