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Bubble Gum Autoflowering Seeds

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Pop some Bubblegum Autoflowering marijuana seeds and get cheerful and relaxed. Ideal for indoor cultivation, this medium-height strain is a popular choice for individuals seeking potent stress reduction with a great taste.

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Bubble Gum marijuana – this unique strain has a flavor so authentic you’re going to have to resist the urge to chew.

One of our favorite cannabis strains, Bubble Gum marijuana seeds are a near balanced strain, leaning more towards its sativa roots – a fact expressed in this strain’s happy, creative high. Sitting at 15% on the THC scale, this juicy hybrid offers a euphoric effect that benefits every level of cannabis lover, but it’s the characteristic sweetness that has made Bubble Gum so popular among medical patients – a mild pink taste that can encourage appetite (effects of which can last up to two hours). You may want to keep this one for daytime use, though we wouldn’t make any plans in case that indica couch-lock is a little stronger than you’re used to.

From beginner to advanced, Bubble Gum is one of our easiest strains, especially when you choose to plant indoors. Bred to benefit from auto-flowering genetics and feminized, our Bubble Gum marijuana seeds will develop into healthy plants that show off light green leaves and feature bright orange hairs. The buds should appear airy, dusted with a layer of crystalized resin.


Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid


50% Indica / 40% Sativa / 10% Ruderalis

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Happy, Relaxing

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors


To Treat

Depression, Headache, Stress


Flowery, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






45 reviews for Bubble Gum Autoflowering Seeds

  1. M. Barnes (verified owner)

    Autoflowering are the absolute top choice when you’re a newbie like me. These seeds automatically go from the vegetative to the flowering stage without you having to know about lighting cycles and switching it up and all that stuff. With these, I pretty much planted them and didn’t have to do too much because that’s what I’m all about lol

  2. Fumiko Suzuki (verified owner)

    The high was uplifting and creative, perfect for a daytime smoke. The plants grew beautifully with full germination, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Pacific’s customer service was also top-notch.

  3. Julie Wall (verified owner)

    This strain has a deliciously sweet and flowery taste that reminds me of childhood bubblegum. The effects are a perfect balance of relaxation and creativity, making it great for unwinding after a long day while still being able to get things done. The plant itself is easy to grow and yields an impressive amount of buds.

  4. Kaydon Churchill (verified owner)

    Bubble gum is DANK weed with a light sativa buzz. One of my favorite strains to grow. Auto seeds are the absolute BEST! Give it your best shot and watch the magic unfold. YUMMMY!

  5. Huxley Pollard (verified owner)

    I needed a dash of positivity in my life. This strain really checks the box. Awesome flavor and a delightful smell. Great for smoking when I come home from work and need something to help me forget the work day. Any time I smoke this weed, my day gets a little better, plus it was super fun to grow it indoors!

  6. Magdalena Bruce (verified owner)

    What a lovely Saturday! Smoking bubble gum weed was a GREAT investment of my time! I am THRILLED to finally have access to all these legal weed seeds, delivered directly to my house! Such a powerful strain with a lot to offer my brain and body. The best way to unwind at the end of the day. Even nicer to smoke it if you’re on a date ;0

  7. Wilfred Lindsay (verified owner)

    Yep, I am a bubble gum fiend. It’s official. I grew a few seeds with Pacific and now I am HOOKED! Best smelling strain on the market, easy for beginners, and always a good yield with Auto seeds. Really makes it easy for us nobodies!

  8. Fabien Derrick (verified owner)

    There’s a ton of reviews for this strain, probably because it’s the best stuff around. Gives me a GREAT headbuzz, and keeps me feeling really light and free. I definitely am gonna buy even more next time, cause this is some of the best stuff around!! I got 5 seeds and after soaking overnight they all germinated like they were made to! Very excited!!!

  9. Dorothy Campos (verified owner)

    Get popping with bubble gum marijuana seeds from Pacific seed bank. This light sativa strain is great for waking me up when I feel tired or down. It’s an easy grow, usually puts out around 500 grams, and is truly beautiful. The smell is sweet and sour, like a strip of bubble gum. You won’t be disappointed!!

  10. Karam Griffith (verified owner)

    When I get bubble gum weed in the mail, I plant the seeds right away. They take only 5 months to grow and they are such a cute size that everyone in your apartment will love watching them grow. They smell lovely, sweet and sour, and the general vibe is a really uplifting sativa that puts depression in its place.

  11. Cobie Cordova (verified owner)

    Light fluffy and sweet, a great buy for growers of any experience level. Looks and smells amazing and just has that extra something that makes for a great afternoon. I am a little lazy when it comes to growing, but I found that this weed is quite autonomous without me! I like that I can set it and forget it, and feel like I am on the way towards a successful harvest. 5/5 germination is definitely a good sign 😉

  12. Kaison Woodcock (verified owner)

    Easy grow, nice compact plant for indoor cultivation, and excellent taste. A mild lighthearted sativa for those who need a little stress relief in their lives.

  13. Maaria Barron (verified owner)

    Even if you are not a total stoner like I am, you will still enjoy this marijuana. It’s never too hard to grow, plus the seeds from Pacific are truly amazing, they always germinate, and autoflowering seeds make for a great harvest, excellent genetics! Well worth the effort every time 🙂

  14. Wren Oconnor (verified owner)

    Bubblegum pop is probably my fave genre of music, especially if we’re talking about mid-90s pop. Cause I just HEART Britney Spears and Nsync man. So yeah, was a great way to spend the summer, getting my hands dirty and cultivating this marijuana. I feel like a total rockstar, showing up to all the parties with some homegrown lining my pockets, a sativa at that! Get excited!

  15. Hashir Grey (verified owner)

    Get your bubble gum flavor on…smoke it and feel like a kid in a candy store, but with weed instead Haha. I have a lot of trouble maintaining energy levels throughout the day, so I take a few puffs throughout the day to feel much better and stay energized and focused. Pacific has become a part of my routine, and I don’t wanna change it!

  16. Muhammed Morris (verified owner)

    Bubble gum is nice and exciting, it’s so vibrant and upbeat and helps me manage my depression. I can even smoke this at work and I feel so much better about life!! Got a nice-sized yield too, some of it was as big as my hand and I had to trim it down and whatnot. Either way, very happy with the results was a lot of fun!

  17. Avi Lynch (verified owner)

    Wowee wow wow!!! I smoked this sativa strain the other day and aced my exam!!! I am absolutely stunned at how happy it makes me feel. I get baked and then ride the train downtown to college and I gotta tell ya, my roomies are like “you’re too high” and I am like, “Nah! I am good.” And guess what, I got an A on my test. Thanks bubble gum and Pacific for all the help!!!

  18. jonesing (verified owner)

    Bubble gum is all kinds of awesome, it’s hella sweet and it is definitely good to grow…smells amazing….I love the relaxing vibes that just surround me, like a swimming pool in a Los Angeles backyard, with the sunlight like lapis sheets lapping and overlapping one another and phasing in and out from one another…I am into it.

  19. ebbandflo (verified owner)

    Bubble gum is a rockin’ strain, helps me deal with my anxiety during these difficult times. I really liked growing this weed, it was fast and easy and the yield was terrific. I got nearly 600 grams of marijuana, and I share a lot of it with my friends. Definitely worth the effort!

  20. fredstarr298 (verified owner)

    Bubble gum is all about the flavor and vibe….makes me super chill and makes my life feel like a fairy tale…I smoke this herb and feel like I am 1000 miles away…and I can fly. It’s a nice light mellow high and it makes everything feel alright.

  21. Jim Barr (verified owner)

    I am not a review kind of guy, just felt like I had to stop by and say how much I loved these seeds, and the resulting marijuana of course. Great buy for the price and very high-quality flower, will buy again!

  22. grasscutter (verified owner)

    Bubble gum hits pretty close to the sweet spot when it comes to sativa happiness. I really enjoyed growing this strain…it makes for a fun project, especially if you like getting your hands dirty in the garden 🙂 I built a little greenhouse last season and got these guys started in there…it’s amazing how quickly they grow…I am very pleased with how it turned out!

  23. @playdough (verified owner)

    I truly crave this weed. It’s phenomenal and incredibly sweet and relaxing. Puts me in a good mood, makes me wanna dance or write poetry or talk to strangers around town. Got myself 3 seeds online with Pacific. Fast delivery and easy backyard growing, just as promised. I had a little trouble with germination, but the grow guide on this site really helped. I am a buyer for life now. Expect me!!!

  24. cannabiscat (verified owner)

    If you’re a fan of light, sweet weeds that help with depression and anxiety, give this a shot. It’s a really nice grow, fun even, and extremely productive too. I got my 3 seeds delivered from Pacific and had them out in the garden one week later. They grew absolutely splendidly and I am no expert grower. Soooo perfect for my depression and my friends love it too. No complaints on my end!

  25. Kaleo Wassman (verified owner)

    I run a small grow op here in eastern Oregon, and I have enjoyed growing this strain. This was my first order with pacific and I was impressed with how quickly my seeds were delivered and how evenly they germinated. I am mostly a greenhouse grower, and these plants did very well with all the space I gave them. They produced quite a lot of flower, nearly 10 Oz. in total, which went straight to local dispensaries, and apparently sold quite well. Will buy again.

  26. charlie (verified owner)

    Take some bubblegum to work with you and you’ll always have a great day! This stuff helps me with stress and anxiety, puts me in a great mood and makes me a much more focused and productive worker. Helps with depression too…something about it’s sweet taste really puts a smile on my face. I really like growing weed, and this was no exception. I hope next time I can grow it indoors, I think I’ll get an even BIGGER yield. Great buy!

  27. Ashrita s. (verified owner)

    Like a trip to the candy store! This weed has some amazing vibes, helps me so much with my stress and anxiety and really kicks depression in the butt! Great grow, have some space in my awesome greenhouse and it’s pretty dope. These plants took right off, grew super tall and amazing. They smell and taste SO sweet! It’s a real treat to have around the house!

  28. Greg Jones (verified owner)

    This is some amazing weed, always puts a smile on my face 🙂 What a great grow, I LOVE gardening, so this was a passion project for me. It’s a killer strain, so pink and green and sweet tasting. Great for socializing, going out to parties and whatnot. Also super nice before going hiking or spending time outdoors. Will def be back for more!

  29. Willis Houston (verified owner)

    If I am ever in a bad mood (which is, unfortunately, often these days) I reach for a stick of bubble gum…not the candy, the weed! It’s been a lot of fun growing this at home, much better suited to indoor environments, and produces a drastically bigger yield. The smell is lovely, very sweet and mild, wont overpower your basement lol. I smoke usually in the afternoons at work, just to get through the day and feel better about my job. When I get home, it’s great for stress relief!

  30. Lydia T. (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a little extra pick-me-up during your day, a little sweet treat, bubble gum is the strain for you. I smoke this as a lunch time strain, helps me get right back into the swing of work and makes the afternoon fly by! I love the sweet, flowery taste, excellent buzz as well, very energetic, creative, a positive. Has helped me with my mood and productivity tremendously. Definitely worth your while1

  31. Kellen A. (verified owner)

    It’s all easy and breezy with this strain of mj. Fun to grow indoors or even in the backyard, and the plant looks amazing with its pinkish pistils and white sticky trichomes. Gives you a nice buzz, not overpowering, and very relaxing at the same time. Great in the afternoon if you’re feeling low energy, and also good to elevating your mood!

  32. Alfred O. (verified owner)

    A+ Pacific! All my seeds just germinated. That’s literally never happened to me before and I’ve been growing weed for a while now. I live in Canada and I’m somewhere kind of remote. So I was surprised when I got my seeds so fast in the mail. And they all looked really good too. Packaging was discreet, not like that matters anymore. Good customer service. All around good experience buying seeds from this place.

  33. Jenifer J. (verified owner)

    I’ve tried so many awful and frankly unpleasant things to ease my depression. Who wants to talk to some stranger non-stop about their problems and who wants to take pills that make their hair fall out? (This seriously happened to me.) I was thinking about giving up and just living as a depressed person, but my aunt suggested marijuana because she read it could really make significant differences for people like me. Glad she did. Bubble Gum mj is pretty great and I can think clearly for the first time in awhile. It also helps increase my appetite, which is good as I hadn’t been eating enough lately either.

  34. Wayne H. (verified owner)

    Can weed really taste like bubble gum? You bet! I ordered my seeds online and gave it a go right in my backyard. The crystals are actually super dense and pink, just like everyone’s favorite sweet treat! A very happy high, giggly and euphoric and full of creativity. A great weed for parties and gatherings at home. Trust me, your friends will LOVE you for growing this weed. I’m sure glad I did!

  35. Oliver U. (verified owner)

    Pop Pop Pop!! I Looooooove this weed! Grew it in my basement and had so much fun! It’s such a pretty plants and I love all the light pink crystals. Super easy to grow and even more fun to smoke and smoke and smoke all day long! It tastes so fruity and sweet and the high is nice and light. It’s so airy and creative I just feel like dancing! What a fun strain of mary jane. Will definitely be back for more!!!!!

  36. Hanah O. (verified owner)

    Ordering from this site is so easy. Love the customer service and their shipping is always so quick. Went for the Bubble Gum this time and was very happy with my harvest. All of my seeds popped and grew well into good strong plants without any issues. Clipped buds in about 8 weeks, so solid turn-around time. Highly recommend Pacific. Always gets my order right and delivery is always prompt and packed really well.

  37. Roland M. (verified owner)

    Okay, so first time growing the bubble gum. My girls flowered in about 8 weeks. Grew them indoors and felt it was easier than the average strain. Especailly since I got such a giant yield. Don’t think you can screw this one up. Tastes just like bubble gum, which can be a good thing or not, depending on how you feel about that specific flavor. Buds were very light, sparkly and fluffy. The sativa isn’t too overpowering. Nice creative high. Great strain!

  38. Rocky G. (verified owner)

    I used to smoke this in high school: how that sweet smell takes me back! The smell honestly is just like bubble gum, so if you don’t like that, you probably won’t like this strain. The taste in not overpoweringly sweet tho, it’s actually kind of earthy. Growing this indoors was surprisingly easy, no trouble to manage and didn’t need a lot of coddling. Great cannabis experience all around!

  39. Dylan H. (verified owner)

    This stuff straight looks like candy – crystally like sugar and so sweet smelling. I grew it indoors with relative ease but I read that it needed proper ventilation to prevent molding and rot so I made sure that that was all in order before starting the process. Humidity had to be low.

    It’s totally clear why this plant won some cannabis cup awards in the early nineties. It’s easy to smoke – super uplifting but mellow and it’s killer medical quality stuff for appetite problems. It makes you hungry as hell.

    Big shout out to PSB for fast as lightning shipping, thank you!

  40. Erica L (verified owner)

    Bubble gum is so easy to grow. Loved it. Only four stars though because it gave me the munchies so bad I think I gained a few pounds from smoking this strain. Germination went well, the plants yielded a ton of bud. Quick delivery. Grow it indoors or outdoors, seems like it would go really well either way. A good strain for beginners, since it was practically effortless to get these ladies to flower. Putting in another order right now. Quality seed at a great price!

  41. Luis M. (verified owner)

    Second time growing bubble gum and it went even better than the first time. Went for more seeds this time. Did a package of 10 and 9 germinated. One of the seeds didn’t quite get all the moisture it needed to pop, so I’m pretty sure that failed seed was my bad. Plants grew super fast and I got a great yield. Next time gonna try growing it outdoors and see what happens.

  42. Alexis F. (verified owner)

    I write fiction for fun (and maybe some day a movie deal) and I use marijuana as a spur to creativity. Since I often don’t know where to buy weed (dry spells happen a lot in N. Arizona) I decided to take a chance and order online and grow some. The buds that flowered from these seeds were amazing — all dusty and sticky with resin. It’s hard for me not to smoke too much, since it feels so good. Overall I’m satisfied. Yes, I wish the growing process had been a little quicker, but having a reliable way to get cannabis is totally worth the time involved.

  43. Delilah M. (verified owner)

    One of the easiest and prettiest cannabis strains I’ve grown. No special pruning needed, just make sure it has plenty of air and space. Nice uniform growth if you treat her right!

    My sisters love bubble gum for the sweet taste and how it encourages creativity. I like it too, and also that it doesn’t make me feel sleepy. Best mj to chase the blues away without making you crash on the couch. Thank you, Pacific!

  44. Duane F. (verified owner)

    Talk about BUBBLE YUM. Ripped steady of hits of bubblegum on a recent camping trip to the desert and I fully enjoyed myself. FIrst off, this is some of the nicest looking bud I’ve seen in a long time. Nice trichomes, sticky, just good stuff. Smoked it while hungover from a late night of partying and it really helped out with my headaches and nausea. Nice taste too! All around good smoke.

  45. Erin D. (verified owner)

    Growing indoors is easy but you gotta make sure your to keep humidity down, I read that Bubblegum is susceptible to mold and rot. If you can keep that in check, you’ll find yourself knee-deep in beautiful, sticky, sweet, crystally cannabis. I find the high eases itself into sleepiness as you start to come down so despite the fact that it is 50% indica it has really indica-like qualities towards the end of the session. Good for getting to bed, good for everything before that too!

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