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Amnesia Lemon Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Looking to eradicate stress and give yourself a surge of energy and creativity through natural means? Try our Amnesia Lemon marijuana seeds. In addition to about 20% THC and moderate CBD levels, you’ll be wowed by the harvest from this baby.

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It’s a given that marijuana makes us happy. But in the case of Amnesia Lemon, it’s more than just a warm and fuzzy feeling. It’s actual science. Allow me to explain. The citrus flavor of Amnesia Lemon marijuana seeds stems from its parent strains: Amnesia Haze and Lemon Skunk. It contains earthy flavors with a strong hint of lemon.


OK, but what does this have to do with happiness? Well, science suggests that citrus smells (orange, pineapple, lemon, lime, etc.) are natural mood-boosters. The mere smell of these notes is enough to put a smile on our faces. The smell of lemon, in particular, can relieve stress and leave a positive impression on others. That’s why you’ll find so many cleaning products with a lemon smell. When someone walks into our home, we want them to feel happy and relaxed. It works the same way in marijuana.


Amnesia Lemon is a great option for people who suffer from depression. These seeds won’t be able to cure depression, per say, but they can alleviate certain symptoms associated with the invisible illness, such as anxiety, insomnia, and a lack of appetite. On a bad day when it feels like there’s a cloud above our heads, the last thing we want to do is face the outside world. Amnesia Lemon can help with that, too.

Amnesia Lemon is technically considered a sativa and indica hybrid, but it leans more heavily on the sativa side. Amnesia Lemon marijuana seeds can boost brain function and activity, helping you get more out of your day!

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species



60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Creative, Energetic, Euphoric

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 550g/m²

Yield Outdoors

600-700 g/plant

To Treat

Depression, Nausea, Stress


Citrus, Fruity

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






35 reviews for Amnesia Lemon Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Megna M. (verified owner)

    Amnesia Lemon really will make you forget about everything. It made me forget what I was depressed about, which was awesome. Good lemon flavor. A little heavier on the sativa side which is probably why it’s so good at lifting my mood. All my seeds from Pacific popped and they grew super fast. Got medium sized plants and a medium sized yield. I liked the effects so much I think I will grow again. Nice fast delivery and helpful customer service!

  2. Kathy Z. (verified owner)

    I call this one my Happy Weed. I also have one I call my Sleepy Weed (it’s a pure indica) but when I want a little lift after work or on a weekend, I smoke this one, or eat some brownies I made with it.

    I grew it indoors but still got a really nice yield. Not gonna run out any time soon. I don’t know what it’s like to be clinically depressed (thank God) but if I were, this would seem to be a better option than something like Prozac, which I hear can have major side effects. Medical, recreational, whatever your weed needs, try this strain and ENJOY!

  3. Colin C. (verified owner)

    Really interesting high with this strain! First time smoking it. I’ve never seen this anywhere except for here on Pacific’s site. I think this might be the only place you can buy Amnesia Lemon but I’m not 100% sure about that. Anyway, this is probably the place you should buy this strain from, because all of your seeds will actually germinate! Yay! Pacific is a GREAT place to buy from. And Amnesia Lemon is an absolute delight.

  4. Lin K. (verified owner)

    This weed keeps me really, really happy. Not only does it smell like a clean kitchen (nice piney scent) but it has a nice and euphoric high that works wonders for somebody who suffers from general depression. It’s medical grade stuff for sure, even when homegrown. I grew it indoors and it wasn’t too much trouble for a pretty good payout. Nice thc levels combined with a bit of cbd to ease the body as well as the mind.

  5. Diego E. (verified owner)

    Growing this cannabis indoor was a good choice – there was a nice smell of orange, lemon and lime emanating from my back room for about two months. Got good yield from this baby too, enough for me, my gf, our friends and my lil’ brother to have a great time. Amnesia lemon gives you a hit of energy and also of happiness. What’s not to like?

  6. Chelsea B. (verified owner)

    I needed a strain that helped me deal with stress and depression. I work long hours and get pretty down about it toward the end of the day, so I am happy I have something to look forward to when I get home. Easy to grow and shipping was fast when I ordered online. I got almost 350 G, and usually just smoke in the evenings. Keeps me awake and feeling creative, plus it smells and tastes like lemon, which is an extra pick me up. I get really ambitious on this weed, write poetry and even paint. My life has improved significantly overall. A good buy for sure!!!

  7. Misael L. (verified owner)

    Pretty damn good yield for an indoor grow although flowering took about 9 weeks. I might try growing outdoors next season just for the bigger yield but that being said I’m a really big fan of this pot, the citrusy aroma is just perfect and it has such good vivid green coloration throughout the colas, it is almost as much fun to grow as it is to smoke!

  8. Marilla G. (verified owner)

    i’m not someone who smokes all the time … i just use a little weed on the days I REALLY NEED something to help me get going. i’ve found Amnesia Lemon is just right for those days. It gives me a nice lift but wont have me flying in the clouds. It’s helped with my anxiety too; it just makes me feel calm and like things will be ok. i was at first hesitant to buy mj seeds online but that was stupid. They came right to my door, couldn’t have been easier. Talk about convenient.

  9. Wendy D. (verified owner)

    An almost perfectly balanced hybrid that will leave you feeling great for hours on end. A great outdoor grow, gave off a huge amount of weed and smells just like lemons, yummmm! It’s great for my depression and anxiety and even helps me with my energy levels a little bit. I would definitely recommend this to growers of all experience levels!

  10. Lara J. (verified owner)

    This was my first time ordering seeds online. My friend told me about Pacific — she’s ordered from a bunch of places. and this website is her favorite. I can see why! I was kind of nervous about getting seeds delivered, but they came to my door without a hitch and nobody asked any questions. I live in an apartment building and I’m growing weed at my friend’s house so I was glad the labeling on the package was kind of vague. Will order again.

  11. Melanie V. (verified owner)

    Great outdoor summertime grow, seriously an amazing plant to have in your backyard, it’ll be the envy of your neighbors, even if they don’t smoke weed! The smell alone, like lemons and pine, will make you think of lemonade. Smoking it is just as refreshing, and it gets you super stoned, but in a very positive way. Definitely a worthy buy.

  12. Simone B. (verified owner)

    I like to buy cannabis seeds from places I trust and Pacific has earned my trust. Their customer service was so totally awesome and delivery was on point. My seeds got hear even faster than I was expecting!

    Amnesia lemon was cool, it’s just the smell was a bit too much of a chemical smell for me. I’m not a huge fan of citrus anyway (not sure why). And the high was kind of gentle … I”ve used enough mj at this point that I guess I need something with a bit more potency. Still, Ii’ve heard this strain is good if you’re feeling down, so I’ll keep it around, maybe I can sell it to some friends.

  13. Archer Baker (verified owner)

    You’re gonna love this strain, simply because there’s nothing about it not to love! It’s easy to grow, gives off a great yield of healthy looking flower, and it smells like fresh lemons! Yummmmm! It’s perfect for when you’re in a bad mood and need a pick-me-up. It’s been great for my anxiety and depression as well. Love this stuff yo!

  14. joeb (verified owner)

    Well if you love the amnesia strain, the smell and taste of lemon is probably the only thing to make it better. It’s like the most amazing high you can imagine, like floating above the clouds, while also getting some really nice creative things done too! It’s excellent for stress and anxiety and helps a ton with a feeling confident too. Definitely a worthy buy!

  15. Gus Tran (verified owner)

    My whole backyard smells like a lemon grove! The plants grew beautifully among all my other herbs and spices, and the flower came pretty quickly. Nice harvest, probably got around 1000 g in total from just 3 plants. Very uplifting high, great for managing stress and depression and always makes for a great party joint as well. It’s a depression killer for sure, which is really great for me. Vastly prefer it over what I was working with before lol.

  16. Beastie Boy (verified owner)

    They took my favorite strain and made it even better! I loved Amnesia strain for a long time, it’s sativa makeup gives me great energy and really positive vibes. But then they added this lemon strain to the hybrid making it an even brighter, more uplifting strain than before! I feel remarkably light on my feet, I love the smell of this weed, and It gives me such positive energy. It helps me battle fatigue and gives me a great boost of creativity. Definitely gonna buy more 🙂

  17. Waterfalls (verified owner)

    What could be better than amnesia weed? Amnesia weed that tastes like lemon, that’s what! I ordered my seeds online with Pacific, got em delivered right to my door here in sunny California. Excellent addition to my collection, and a very easy grow! Followed the germination instructions on this site and watched them grow big and tall and bushy. I am a very big fan of this delicious, lemon bud, and it really helps fight my depression!

  18. Canna Panada (verified owner)

    Nothing like the taste of fresh lemons to bring you to your senses. Got myself a nice little 5 pack of seeds. I find that I grew a little more than I was expecting and now need to make more friends to share all this weed with lol. I enjoyed the backyard growing, got me out of the house and doing something other than playing video games. Perfect for new growers. You’ll love the fresh lemon smell and the bright green buds!

  19. Stay@6′ (verified owner)

    Amnesia is a powerful strain that does nothing but make you feel happy and free! I ordered my stuff online and had it delivered right to my home. Excellent grow in my basement and perfect for stress, anxiety and depression. I love my beautiful flowers, how they grow and make for a nice little bowl at the end of the day. Pink and green and taste super sour, Great buy!

  20. Planters (verified owner)

    Amnesia lemon is a really nice strain and it’s definitely worth your while. Got myself a nice 600 grams from these little seeds, gotta say I am pretty amazed and impressed by what I saw. I definitely want to grow more in the future. I got a BIG book on growing weed from Powell’s so that’s pretty cool, definitely gonna buy more!

  21. Barr (verified owner)

    OMG what an amazing strain!!! It’s so relaxing and uplifting….has a great lemon flavor and the plant itself is so brightly colored that it hurts my eyes….it’s like staring straight into the sun! Harvested nearly 6 oz of fresh weed and smoke this dope every afternoon for a nice energy boost!

  22. loser829 (verified owner)

    This lemon weed is sure to brighten your day. I love the taste and smell of this stuff, is a total gem and makes for a good buy from Pacific. They ship out super fast and the customer service crew was really helpful. I am stoked for my new batch…it’s looking so great and my whole basement smells like lemon. The nugs are bright yellow and green, it almost hurts my eyes!!

  23. Havoccultist (verified owner)

    This weed is very uplifting, it’s like drinking a nice lemon tea in the morning. It puts a smile on my face and makes it easier to get through the day. I was really nervous about growing my own weed but I did really well, and it wasn’t even that hard. Beautiful sativa qualities make this a real winner of a strain for beginners!

  24. Blanche Braun (verified owner)

    Gosh I sure do love sativa strains…and this stuff really takes the cake. It’s an absolute gem for sure, makes me feel like I am a real stoner, and I true grower as well. Ordered it online and had it shipped to my place, very nice and very fresh. Not hard to grow. About as much work as working with tomato plants, so it’s all good!

  25. Rogan Dickerson (verified owner)

    Get your growing on with the amnesia lemon strain, it’s sooo tasty and very fast growing. Definitely tastes like lemon so you will NOT be disappointed. Got myself 3 seeds from Pacific and it was MORE THAN ENOUGH. Awesome buy for the price, definitely gonna buy somma dis stuff for the next summer harvest!!!

  26. Hallam Bouvet (verified owner)

    I am ALMOST certain that this is my favorite weed on this website, like 99.9999999% sure. I am a HUGE fan of the lemon flavor, and all the sweet energizing vibes this weed offers me. I tend to relax with this weed at night, and if I am with friends, I get VERY talkative. I like that this weed helps with social anxiety haha!

  27. Gurpreet Clarke (verified owner)

    The lemon flavors are amazing!!! I get baked every night. A true American Stoner. Got my vibes all lined up in a row. Indica if I am feeling like chillin’ and sativa if I feel like TURNING UP!!! Good vibes for a great price.

  28. Kajol Penn (verified owner)

    Amnesia is all the best parts about a sativa weed with none of the crash that comes with other strains. This weed picks you up and puts you down gently, and it helps with stress and depression pretty nicely as well. More than anything it’s fun to grow and the sweet flavors are really something special. I’ll definitely buy some more!

  29. Jeffery Whitney (verified owner)

    Amnesia lemon will get you forgetting why you were stressed out at all! Great sativa dominant hybrid, with a serious indica kick towards the end of the high. It took about 6 months to grow. I got almost 600 grams, and all if it is very high quality and delicious. I am so excited to have more of this in my life!!!

  30. Reo Jarvis (verified owner)

    Soooo much flavor!! Amnesia lemon is the best strain I have grown at home to date! It’s lemony flavor is revitalising, and the sweet smoke keeps me coming back for more and more. It took me 5 months to grow, but I was very patient and diligent. The results were amazing. I can’t believe how well this worked out me!!

  31. Paloma Howe (verified owner)

    What can I say? It’s sweet, delicious weed. Easy grow, but takes time. Fast shipping. Great customer service. The works!

  32. Maurice Holloway (verified owner)

    Dang this weed tastes like candy! I bought 10 seeds online and set up succession plantings. They are looking preeeeeety awesome so far, nearly as tall as I am! Can’t wait for my next round of weed to show up. It’s in the fresh buds stage right now and they’re so cute!!!

  33. Shazia Owens (verified owner)

    Woohoo! I am finally growing my own pot, and I feel just awesome about it! It’s a great hobby, especially when you buy online with Pacific. Not only are their prices great, their seeds are soooo easy to grow and help tremendously with anxiety.

  34. Eve Hodges (verified owner)

    I burn through weed like it’s water. Amnesia is my favorite strain that I now can grow at home. It’s simple, fast, convenient, and honestly kind of fun. Beautiful buds make this one of my absolute favorite to grow. I will most certainly grow again, especially since now I have a greenhouse space to house all these beautiful nugs. Get your seeds here and be amazed!

  35. Gwen Greer (verified owner)

    I used to have trouble staying awake at work and school in the afternoon. Coffee just wouldn’t cut it! So, after talking with some friends, and consulting with customer service at Pacific, I came up with Amnesia lemon as a possible grow. What a difference it has made. I am way more awake in the afternoon. All that citrus flavor and sativa energy has made me clear-minded, happy, and focused. Nothing could be better 🙂

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