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Dirty Girl Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Don’t let her nickname fool you, Dirty Girl marijuana is a sweet treat with a THC content that will lift your spirits and energize your soul.

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Dirty Girl

The only thing dirty about Dirty Girl marijuana is its ridiculously high THC content – 22%. Otherwise, we’d consider the title “Dirty Girl” to be something of a misnomer, since this-sativa dominant cannabis strain is actually quite sweet. You may even be overwhelmed by its tropical flavors, heavy on the pineapple and citrus fruits, with a hint of pine; a candy-like smoke that will soothe depression, anxiety, migraines and headaches to let your creativity run free.

Despite providing an intense mental high, Dirty Girl is pretty gentle, though the effects ramp up over time, which is only mitigated by the indica heritage, which helps to mellow out any intense reaction. Even long-term consumers should exercise caution when sampling this particular Mary Jane, since she has been known to cause dizziness and exacerbate anxiety conditions.

Growing Dirty Girl feminized marijuana seeds can be a complicated task for beginners, we recommend intermediate gardeners give these a go instead. With the capability to thrive both indoors and out, but don’t expect a massive yield. After about 55-65 days in the flowering stage, you’re likely to only harvest about 350 grams per plant.

There’s always room for Dirty Girl – order now!

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



70% Sativa/30% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Focused, giggly

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Anxiety, Depression, Pain


Citrus, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






33 reviews for Dirty Girl Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Marie F. (verified owner)

    This is a very energizing strain, high in THC this’ll get you pretty messed up if you’re not careful, great for parties or chilling with friends, so much fun to grow too, and easy, PSB has a great online selection, super expansive and affordable too, definitely a great buy, got like 500 grams per plants, smoke it all day long!

  2. Kurt K. (verified owner)

    Given that dirty girl marijuana doesn’t deliver a huge yield, I wanted to be sure it was worth the effort to grow it. My friend said the tropical taste is sweet, almost like a fruity candy, and the high THC gives a high that packs a punch. I asked him where to get seeds from and he recommended Pacific Seeds. I am happy with his recommendation – my order was placed easily and delivery was fast. Anyway, dirty girl was worth the effort to grow it. The high she engenders makes me feel like I’m on a colorful tropical island!

  3. George S. (verified owner)

    Feel fortunate I have a hydroponics facility at my disposal. This weed has a lot of control issues haha, so you gotta keep an eye on it when you’re growing (hence the name?). Either way, after a little bit of TLC, got a solid yield of about 600 G. Lovely and pungent stuff, beautiful nug just to look at, smoking this is a dream, heavy THC and sativa dominant is really the sweet spot for a stoner like me. A solid buy from a great company!

  4. Brianne L. (verified owner)

    Everytime I grow a new strain I like to try it out first by rolling a joint. Call me old school or whatever, but even though I usually vape to save my lungs, I like to try my weed for the first time in its truest form. I nicely rolled joint while sitting on my back deck. Just a couple tokes of Dirty Girl and I was grinning from ear to ear and content to watch the grass grow. Awesome stuff.

  5. youthebomb345 (verified owner)

    Do not — I repeat — DO NOT smoke this is you are prone to anxiety and paranoia. That being said, it was otherwise a delightful high. Very potent, didn’t take much to send me into the clouds. Only giving 4 stars on account of the slightly smallish yield. I’m still getting my set up dialed, so some of this might have been my own mistake. But I think I’m down to order it again on account of the truly pleasant high. Thanks for the fast discreet shipping Pacific!

  6. Ashley H. (verified owner)

    Bought this strain from pacific for cause of the high THC content and for helping with my migraines. Have been happy with the result but the growing process indoors was a bit difficult and not too many flowers (maybe I did it wrong!?!?!?). I’ll be coming back for more thought cause I love all the tropical flavors and the and way it helps my headaches. Pacific was great about delivery and confirmation. Can’t wait to try even more variety!!!

  7. Alicia R. (verified owner)

    This mj may be called dirty girl, but it has a super clean, mellow high. A short harvest time for a slightly smaller yield (but worth it) it may not be the best for inexperienced growers. I switched to a flowering cycle a little bit early into the veg stage (two and a half weeks) and still got the expected yield. It seems like it’s a little bit hard to find so I was happy to finally find a place to order seeds online, I like the germination process instead of growing from clones.

  8. Glen R. (verified owner)

    With thc levels pushing mid 20%’s this is fantastic weed! Gets me really high but the little bit of indica definitely keeps it mellow throughout the day. Really clearheaded and energetic high that eventually tapers off into a warm sleepiness that makes this a good sativa hybrid that doesn’t keep me up at night if I time it well. Yield for indoors was pretty small but it wasn’t a big deal.

  9. Roselyn Y. (verified owner)

    Gosh I just love the flavor of this weed! It’s so sweet. I think I tend to oversmoke it just cuz I like the taste! The high definitely sneaks up on you so I’d recommend being careful. It might be a good choice for microdosing. I have yet to develop the self-restraint to try it that way. Good grow with a half-decent yield. Will buy again!

  10. Rico F. (verified owner)

    Like a sweet little pick me up for the brain, Dirty Girl is the perfect strain for those of us who have trouble staying focused and feeling motivated throughout the day. It was a great indoor grow, but I did have a little bit of trouble getting the seeds going, but once they took hold they turned beautiful and bushy and produced a really nice stash of ganja. A really sweet tasting smoke and lovely head high, will definitely be back for more!

  11. Darren G. (verified owner)

    I will buy pretty much any cannabis once, cuz I like growing it and I like trying new strains. And I’ve had awesome experiences with Pacific Seeds so far: the seeds are hella high quality and grow into nice plants. However, dirty girl didn’t give me a great yield. What’s more, it made me feel kinda light headed and like the room was spinning, which I don’t want to feel. I know I can be a little sensitive to some strains of mj, so apparently dirty girl is one of them! I think I’ll opt for something more familiar and maybe a little less potent next time.

  12. Kieran Roberson (verified owner)

    I love that song by pink floyd about a dirty girl so I decided to order this strain out of the blue and got great results! PSB has an impressive online collection and they deliver each and every time! I got all 3 seeds to germinate using the paper towel method and they all grew without much complication, great in the evenings for stress and relaxation!

  13. bunkergirl95 (verified owner)

    This is definitely a sweet treat, as the website calls it. The smoke almost tastes like candy and you just float along into a restful evening or even asleep! I don’t mind the low key vibes of this plant, it was low maintenance and pretty darn easy to grow and manage. A nice change of pace from other weeds. I am a big fan of this stuff and you will be too!

  14. pamela andrews (verified owner)

    This weed knocks the fatigue right out of me. I feel like I have so much more energy when I smoke this stuff. Makes all the negative thoughts go away, and replaces them with positive ones!!! I do really well at work and even socialize better at parties. Plus it was super easy to order online and grow at home. Great buy!

  15. Eric Lodge (verified owner)

    Any pink floyd fans in the house? Well, I love this weed, not just cause it reminds me of my favorite band! It’s a fun grow, takes a little extra TLC, but it’s well worth it cause the yield is just right. Very high quality, fresh flower that will boost your energy and your mood. Helps tremendously with stress, anxiety and depression. Definitely nice to have at home, gives me the munchies hardcore haha! Great growing!

  16. Hope&Faith (verified owner)

    This weed definitely makes me feel like I’m riding dirty lol It’s super potent and very flavorful, kinda earthy and a little sweet tasting, the smoke it kinda harsh, but it feels good in the lungs and the nug is so sticky and dank that you KNOW the buzz is gonna be amazing. I love the way this stuff makes me feel, super impressive strain overall. Plus I loved growing it, it was a really rewarding situation for me. I’ll definitely do it again 🙂

  17. daniella musgrave (verified owner)

    Yummm this weed is delicious! It brightens my spirits every time I smoke and I feel amazing all afternoon. I really appreciate the way it makes me feel, and it helps me battle depression, and it helps me just stay focused cause my mind tends to wander. I like smoking it at lunch, it’s a sweet treat after my meal and it helps me stay awake at the office in the afternoon. I like most things about this weed, even growing it was fun, especially indoors where the yield is higher!

  18. Flowers Flower (verified owner)

    We all need a dirty girl in our lives….and get your mind out of the gutter, I am talking about the weed!!! Got 3 seeds from pacific, fast shipping, reliable germination, and solid growth. Good yield, too. Maybe a little smaller than I was expecting, but definitely high-quality stuff. A nice earthy taste, and a very exciting, buzzy high. I get a nice mental buzz going when I smoke this herb, and I feel fantastic. Such a great investment with the best results imaginable!

  19. sucasaesmicasa (verified owner)

    I want me some dirty girl weed 🙂 This was my first time ever growing marijuana. I am super happy with how things turned out. Excellent grow in my backyard…my plants were so tiny and then one day they just shot right up into the sky and HUGE! Great growing them at home, I think it saves me a lotta money to have my own bud. Very fresh, better than what you get at the store!

  20. Brian Power (verified owner)

    Who doesn’t love that song by pink floyd? I think they’re my favorite band, definitely one of the best, and smoking weed and chilling with pink floyd is truly a gem. That’s honestly why I chose this weed, super easy to grow in my basement and it smells amazing! Pungent and delicious and nice, well worth the effort and definitely gonna buy more!

  21. Unicorn (verified owner)

    A very unique strain with an unforgettable high. I smoked this weed to feel like I am on top of the world. I like the smell and taste of it…it’s very exotic…has kind of a peppery after-taste. Worthy of the time it takes to grow…and the buzz goes straight to your body. Nice time!

  22. sunny857 (verified owner)

    This dirty girl weed is bound to get you stoned and feeling a little wild….It’s technically an indica but to me it hits like a sativa and I like going out and clubbing when I am stoned on this weed. Me and my girlfriends all pass around a j of this homegrown goodness and get real excited to get out and dance!!!

  23. Scotty Mac (verified owner)

    Have To say this IS a Beautiful strain – I have only Popped one Bean so far and have to say I got the one off the Bat. THIS CUT has the Perfect 50/50 of the C99(The Jack) and Arcata TRAINwreak – Super Lemon, with the Cure Creaming up the Auromatic’ – Wonderful, I can’t find mYself to remove her from the Catalog Yet Even Having two more Beans, Too scared to lose this The One!

  24. Kaeden Mercer (verified owner)

    This weed is somewhat mysterious to me…it seems like it’s from an alien land, and it really looks incredible when it’s shining under a LED lamp, like you are examing a specimen. Very pleased with this strain overall, it’s never been disappointed ordering from Pacific, they have excellent seeds at a great price. Highly recommend this!

  25. Curtis Contreras (verified owner)

    Mmmm this strain is nice and soft on the brain, it’s like wrapping yourself in a nice blanket on the couch on a cold night and sitting by the fire, it’s just remarkably chill and it’s soooo much fun to grow, has a great vibe, and it’s pretty fun to get your hands dirty in the garden, even if it has been a while!

  26. Keri Buxton (verified owner)

    A pretty relaxing strain with a very nice smell and taste, it’s like smoking a bar of chocolate or something of the sort. Pretty excited to be smoking this weed on the daily, it is definitely an indica so I am not very productive on this weed, and am feeling very sleepy and hungry so I just like to be a couch potato and that’s pretty rad!

  27. Diesel Contreras (verified owner)

    Dirty is the right word for this weed…it makes me into my BAD self, my sweet and relaxing self, and also my nasty lad self LOL. I am hooked on this stuff, it looks great, and it smells great too. Very nice for the price. Pacific has all the right selection, pretty easy to purchase this online as well, grow it indoors and look at you now, you’re a weed farmer!

  28. Fionnuala Holmes (verified owner)

    For a weed called dirty girl, it’s a pretty clean high. The bud is super tight, deep dark green, and a nice sweet flavor that really hits the spot. It makes me feel pretty happy. I am smiling as I write this review. The bud is really sexy if you ask me….it’s pretty sweet too. I mean, I think chicks dig this stuff so I really wanna keep growing.

  29. Jasper Nolan (verified owner)

    Dirty girl is pretty alright! It’s got that sweet and sour flavor and the plants are just sinfully beautiful and tall and VERY bushy. This stuff is just coated in resin, and it looks amazing, like hella great for stress and depression and MAN it’s just the best weed out there! You should really order some right here, online!

  30. Rayhaan Hastings (verified owner)

    Mmmmm dirty girl weed is a serious treat! Perfect mix between indica and sativa, and all the right flavors! Only takes about 5 months to care for and grow, and the results are something precious 🙂

  31. Samara Black (verified owner)

    Ooooo you’re a dirty girl! This weed makes me feel exxxtra naughty haha! Really I just like cultivating my own mj in the backyard and watching it grow. I like the really sweet smell of this dope and smoking it out of a bong is a real treat. I will definitely be a regular here at Pacific!

  32. Javan Forrest (verified owner)

    Mmmm this weed is sweet and dirty! Love buying my seeds online, it’s the easiest way to get mj seeds shipped right to your door. My plants are looking ridiculously good, and they smell pretty amazing already! I ordered this strain to help me deal with stress and depression. Harvest is about 2 months away, but i’ll keep you updated…..

  33. Emma Matthews (verified owner)

    Mmm I feel so DIRTY when I smoke this weed LOL I am just kidding. Honestly its a great buy, has been an exquisite experience, growing outdoors, being in the sun, feeling absolutely thrilled about life. Smoking this weed is like taking a ride at Disneyland. It zaps me back to my childhood in a nostalgic haze!!

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