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Mexican Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Mexican Have is a sativa-dominant hybrid that offers an intense cerebral high, perfect for feeling re-inspired and motivated by creativity to get work done.

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If you can’t settle on one marijuana strain, reach for Mexican Haze marijuana seeds! This strain is a melting pot of different influences, including Jack Herer (the marijuana kind — not the actor), Acapulco Gold, and Haze. Mexican Haze is well-rounded enough to meet everybody’s needs and be a real crowd pleaser at parties. This marijuana strain is highly popular amongst seed banks for its explosive cerebral high. In fact, Mexican Haze won a prize at the 2013 Highlife Cup in the Haze Hydro category. #Winning


This sativa-dominant strain gives you the perfect daytime high. Whoever said stoners can’t get any work done clearly wasn’t talking about Mexican Haze. After a few hits of this powerful stuff, you’ll feel immediately awakened and alert. If deadlines are coming up, use this strain to help boost your focus, clarity, and productivity. In many cases, people turn to Mexican Haze when they’re feeling stuck. This stuff can naturally increase your creativity and expand your mind to feel re-inspired by the same project you’ve been working on for weeks.


Mexican Haze marijuana seeds are typically grown indoors but are capable of thriving outdoors under sunny and warm climates. If this is a strain you’d like to grow, keep in mind that it grows tall very quickly and needs a fair amount of ceiling room. A cramped basement won’t cut it! If you’ve been feeling stuck in a creative rut with work, we highly recommend choosing Mexican Haze marijuana seeds. Try them today — you won’t regret it!

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species



80% Sativa / 20% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Happy, Relaxing

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

600-700 g/plant

To Treat

Depression, Lack of Appetite, Pain


Earthy, Woody

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






17 reviews for Mexican Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Meredith G. (verified owner)

    Such an interesting blend. I’m a fan of Jack Herer, and when I saw that this bud was an influence of that strain along with the Haze, I wanted to give it a try. Went ahead and ordered the large packet. My plants turned out really really well. Seeds germinated with no problem and I had absolutely zero problems with my plants. Flowering time took a little bit longer than other strains but it was well worth the wait. Really enjoying this blend and excited to grow some more.

  2. Jules N. (verified owner)

    Mexican haze has me feeling anything but hazy, in fact I feel really uplifted and inspired every time I smoke a J of this weed. Have been growing marijuana for many years, and this one was great to add to my repertoire. A fairly easy grow, though was a bit fickle about germination and whatnot, but very pungent and potent and bountiful. A great weed for all to enjoy!

  3. Maurice B. (verified owner)

    I call Mexican haze weed my “writing helper.” I write for a few websites and when deadlines are looming and I need to get shit submitted, I take some Mexican haze and pretty quickly thereafter I am a writing machine! I think it actually even helps my writing: it is clearer, more succinct and more interesting. I’m also in a better mood after smoking – pot just makes everything better, basically! I live in Socal, so growing mj outside is no big deal. It grew well here, lots of buds. As long as I’m still writing, I’ll likely need Mexican Haze, so I’m glad I have a place now for where to get my seeds!

  4. Justin C. (verified owner)

    Lucky I live in such a warm climate and can grow this weed outdoors. The plants get very tall very quickly, so just be sure your neighbors are okay with mj bordering their property and whatnot. Got around 500 G, not bad, and the buzz itself is fantastic! Great for creative work, and for helping me get up in the morning. It doesn’t make you hazy like the name suggests, in fact it is a very clear headed high. You bet I’ll be back for more!

  5. Addison N. (verified owner)

    Acapluco Gold and Jack Herer are some of my favorite cannabis strains so it’s no surprise that I think this one is awesome. Pretty heavy leaning towards sativa which makes this a great party weed but its also really good for getting stuff done if you wanna smoke but still work. Typical indoor grow that gave me like 450 grams per plant without any issues. Good stuff.

  6. Vicente D. (verified owner)

    I wish marijuana was legal EVERYWHERE in the USA, can we make that happen already? As least it’s legal in California, where I grow my pot outside. Mexican Haze took so well to my set-up: it loved the fresh air and good soil. Very happy with all my seeds from Pacific Seeds; they all germinated and grew well. I’m going to buy more seeds from Pacific, happy doing business with them.

  7. Caitlyn T. (verified owner)

    This is the perfect sativa in my opinion! Lazer focus on whatever I’m doing but it’s still super heady and fun and I can be good and high all day without worrying about being productive or not. I have a pretty tall grow room indoors so the height wasn’t a problem but it could be if you only have a small space but that’s really the only thing! Killer weed!

  8. Kyle W. (verified owner)

    Just another one of those strains that you can’t find anywhere else. At least I couldn’t. I had never smoked mexican haze before and I had never grown it. Now that I’ve finally done both, I think I’ll be ordering mexican haze again! The high is highly creative which is just what I want from my weed. Got a v heavy yield outdoors. Next time I might grow indoors and see what happens!

  9. Paul N (verified owner)

    Recommended outdoor grow! This is not a strain for a crawl-space op. Lots of groovy creativity while smoking this awesome weed! Great focus! Felt energetic and buzzed and productive! Flowering took a little longer but got a good crop! Pretty light green buds! So far best buy ever! Stoked to see new hybrids and blends coming out instead of just the same old stuff. Excited to see what other crossbreeds Pacific comes out with. Fast shipping!

  10. Hank H. (verified owner)

    Only giving 4/5 stars because I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for an indoor grow – this cannabis gets TALL. All else considered though this wasn’t a terribly difficult plant to manage. Hopefully once the weather improves I’ll order some more seeds so I can try an outdoor grow, I’m excited to see what a yield looks like from outdoor plants since the indoor harvest was pretty sizeable.

    Smoking this weed leaves me happy yet ready to go, I get really creative with this stuff too.

  11. Tripp O. (verified owner)

    Holy shit this weed will turn you into a lean mean productivity machine! This might be my favorite sativa so far. I felt so energetic, so focused, so capable of anything after toking on Mexican Haze. I yielded a ton of it at harvest time too, so I’m stoked cuz I’m gonna be smoking this strain for awhile. Can’t recommend this strain enough!

  12. Tobias L. (verified owner)

    All hail the Heavenly Haze! I’m in love with this weed. It checks all the right boxes for me: Stimulating and relaxing and creative and not incapacitating. My wife and I have a couple of hits of this before heading out dancing sometimes. It’s the perfect party-starter. Happy with PSB’s shipping and service too. Order and enjoy.

  13. Sidney K. (verified owner)

    This buzz is so amazing that I just can’t stop smoking this weed! It’s like your chilling in the desert and everything is really still and vibrantly alive and I just love the mind buzz that this provides. It was pretty easy to grow in my backyard. I live in SoCal so this was the right climate for it. The bud was huge and resinous and sticky, smelled sour and earthy, and it satisfies every time!

  14. McKenna J. (verified owner)

    This is a crazy strain of mj, super easy to grow, seriously just grows like a weed in your yard and gives off a great spicy earthy smell and has a taste that’ll drive you wild! It’s a lovely sativa blend that will give you a great energy boost and help you with work and concentration. Do yourself a favor and hop online, and buy these seeds from PSB

  15. Arnold M. (verified owner)

    An easy to grow sativa dominant strain that helps me get up in the morning and prevents a crash after lunch. I get super tired at work, it never seems to get any easier, so this weed has been remarkably helpful in that regard. I grew right in the backyard, it’s relatively simple and requires just a little TLC to get going. Super fun for smoking on weekends too, and a very sour taste!

  16. kushmaster (verified owner)

    The haze is the good stuff! This stuff always brings a glaze to my eyes and a shimmer to my mind! It’s been great for feeling better when I am depressed and angry, and it helps a lot with intimacy issues as well 🙂 I feel much better than usual, and it’s been super easy and nice to grow this in my backyard. Has a nice smooth aftertaste to it, and will definitely be back for more!

  17. fishbowl222 (verified owner)

    Somewhat smelly, definitely racks up a stench in the basement, but I don’t mind it too much. Really easy to grow, definitely offers up some nice sized flower, great harvest around 400 g per plant, and a nice sativa dominant buzz. Helps me stay focused during the long and difficult days at the farm and puts me in a good mood on the weekend. I do love this stuff, and will definitely grow more 🙂

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