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Golden Goat Feminized Seeds

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Whisk yourself off to Hawaii with Golden Goat marijuana seeds. This fruity and tropical strain has a whopping THC content of 23%, an amount that is best suited for experienced consumers. This hybrid strain leans ever so slightly to the sativa side.

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Golden Goat marijuana is a mix of Hawaiian sativa, Romulan indica, and Island Sweet Skunk sativa, so you are in good company when lighting up this true hybrid! Originating in the great state of Kansas, this weed has a sweet and sour aroma and is known for its high THC content, which can reach up to a whopping 23%. Popularized on the west coast, this strain is often used for its uplifting and euphoric effects, making it a perfect strain for social situations!

What are the effects of the Golden Goat cannabis strain?

  1. Happiness
  2. Euphoric
  3. Uplifting
  4. Relaxation

Golden Goat marijuana is known for its euphoric and energizing effects, so the sativa side really shows up quickly after a few puffs! You will all but surely feel a cerebral high that is energizing and creative, making it ideal for daytime use. If you’re looking for a reason to get out of bed, then this is the one for you, because you’ll be motivated to take on your daily tasks! The strain is known to produce a feeling of happiness and contentment, while also helping to relieve stress and anxiety for some medical users. Others have reported feeling more focused and productive after using this tropical fruit flavor strain, which is great for those who need that extra motivation. This strain did not forget about its indica genes as you will eventually feel more relaxed, so this is great for those seeking reasons to feel calm! All and all, Golden Goat is a great recreational strain but should be taken lightly as symptoms of anxiety can occur if you overindulge.

Is Golden Goat marijuana seeds sativa or indica?

Golden Goat is a hybrid strain of marijuana, meaning it is a cross between sativa and indica strains. As a hybrid, Golden Goat can have characteristics of both sativa and indica strains, with some users reporting more sativa-like effects, while others experience more indica-like effects. The specific ratio of sativa to indica in this strain is said to be about 30% indica, so there’s no guess that this is a sativa-dominant strain! The THC content of Golden Goat can range from around 13% to 23%, depending on the quality and growing conditions of the strain, so this can be quite a strong strain depending on how you grow it!

What is Golden Goat’s flavor profile?

The Goat marijuana strain is like biting into a piece of tropical fruit which makes it a popular choice for sweet tooth cannabis enthusiasts.  It has a sweet and sour aroma, and its taste is often described as being similarly sweet flavor and fruity with a hint of earthiness. Some users also report a slight citrus or lemon taste, but its tropical flavors are the most dominant. Overall, it is generally considered to be a flavorful and enjoyable strain to use, which is why it is liked by many!

How do I grow Golden Goat marijuana seeds?

Golden Goat’s cannabis seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors in a warm, dry environment. The strain is known to thrive in a hydroponic setup, which allows for precise nutrient control and faster growth. It also responds well to the Sea of Green (SOG) method, which involves growing multiple plants in a small space to encourage a higher yield. However, Golden Goat can also be grown using traditional soil methods, as long as the plants are in a controlled environment, it should be pretty resistant to common molds!

What does a Golden Goat cannabis plant look like?

Golden Goat’s marijuana plants typically have large, dense buds that are covered in a thick layer of trichomes and a golden appearance. The leaves are usually a bright green color with some orange and yellow hairs, and the plants can grow to be medium in height with a bushy appearance, but this can also be a pretty tall plant if taken care of!

When to harvest your Golden Goat marijuana plants

Indoor cultivation typically takes around 9-11 weeks to mature, while outdoor plants are ready to harvest in late September to early October. The yield can vary depending on the growing conditions, but indoor plants can produce around 26 ounces per square meter, while outdoor cultivation can yield up to 14 ounces per plant. It’s important to monitor the plants closely during the flowering stage to ensure that they are harvested at the optimal time for the desired effects and yield.

Similar marijuana strains to Golden Goat

  • Island Sweet Skunk has a similar sweet and fruity aroma.
  • Green Crack is another sativa-dominant hybrid with a similar high.
  • Maui Waui has a similar aroma and cerebral effects.
  • Lemon Haze will also get the creative juices flowing.
  • Trainwreck Feminized Seeds is another hybrid that can also be very strong.

Additional information

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid


70% Sativa/30% Indica

Flowering Time

65-75 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, Lack of Appetite


Citrus, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






55 reviews for Golden Goat Feminized Seeds

  1. Aditya Henderson (verified owner)

    Growing this strain was a delight! The plants were vibrant and healthy, with beautiful golden hues. The high is pure bliss, uplifting and energizing. It’s like a burst of sunshine for the soul. Perfect for treating depression and boosting appetite.

  2. Mystic Wizard (verified owner)

    Once you plant Golden Goat, you’ll immediately see that it’s a premium seed. The buds are big and dense and covered in all those trichomes that are going to give your weed that bit of oomph. These seeds provide a good yield, so you’ll have plenty to smoke whenever you feel.

  3. Gavin Campos (verified owner)

    Fresh golden goat weed is seriously one of the nicest hybrids out there. The sweet earthy taste and a vibe that feels like a cup of coffee and a psychedelic lol. It’s so unique!

  4. Tiffany Kidd (verified owner)

    This plant grows crazy tall! The THC on this was also quite high, I’d say the 23% is true to its work on the page. I really like how Pacific puts so much detail into each page, helps me really know what I am getting and I found it to be all quite accurate. Shipping was fast and efficient with a very nice container.

  5. Meera Kapoor (verified owner)

    The perfect hybrid. Great for smoking with your buddies on a Friday night!
    I grew over the summer and fell in love. It’s an amazing process. Watching this plant grow, get taller and taller, then eventually explode into beautiful flower has helped me stay active and positive during the summer months. I enjoy the smell more than anything. Great for waking up to on a Saturday morning. Ahhh so refreshing!

  6. Ice5Ibex (verified owner)

    Golden Goat Seeds offers the opportunity to grow your own Golden Goat cannabis plants, a popular hybrid strain known for its uplifting and euphoric effects. With a sweet and sour aroma and a high THC content, this strain is perfect for social situations and can help relieve stress and anxiety.

  7. InnovativeKush (verified owner)

    Have been ordering from Pacific Seed Bank for a while and I have gotten nothing but quality seeds every time. Just started growing this Golden Goat strain for the first time and currently 2 weeks in, they are healthy and all my seeds were sprouted without issues. Pacific Seed Bank providing excellent quality as always!

  8. Samantha Lewis (verified owner)

    My all time favorite weed! Perfect for creative thought, music, poetry, painting…whatever!!
    I grew 5 seeds over the summer, they got nearly 8′ tall and produces HUNDREDS of Gs per plant.
    Maybe I overdid the fertilizer?
    Either way, excellent win for my garden and my POT STASH!! Fresh and funky weed with a smooth smoke and indica high yUMMM

  9. BiophilicBliss (verified owner)

    No joke, this is the best strain on this site. Golden goat is the perfect smoke for creative pursuits and for self expression.

    10 seeds was my order and the shipping was very fast.

    I was able to grow outdoors in the summer no problem. No issues with termination either.

    Great growing advice on the blog. 100% quality guaranteed!

  10. TerpeneTraveler365 (verified owner)

    Golden Goat has quite a big yield amount to it, I enjoy the potency of this strain, quite a powerful head high it gives. I found this really great for stabilizing my down moods and helping me feel good after a long day.

  11. Issac Klein (verified owner)

    Breaks my heart, but I have broken up with my dispensary. I am buying my own weed now and growing at home with Paciifc. It’s a better, cheaper, more prolific relationship, plus it puts me completely in control of my marijuana supply. Golden goat especially….wow what an amazing strain!

  12. Rares Simon (verified owner)

    Some great weed for getting loose and creative with your friends. I grew this stuff right in my backyard, in a BIG ol planter with lots of soil. Just made sure to give it a LOT of sunlight. It’s a very hungry little plant, but the more you feed it, the more weed you get. Ships anywhere in Canada!!

  13. Ayyub Seymour (verified owner)

    One of the more underrated strains out there! I prefer the sweet flavor and bubbly high over most other strains. It was fast delivery too which made me very VERY happy. I HATE just waiting on postal service, it sometimes takes a LONG time! But Pacific is really on top of their deal. They make awesome products and always help out with customer service!

  14. Robert Francis (verified owner)

    The seeds from coastal genetics are stacking up to some of the best golden goat i’ve grown. At the end of week three of flower every cola site is drenched in resin. The plant is beautiful with great natural structure. Hoping it smokes a little heavy on the island sweet skunk side. I would put a Maximum of 2 of these plants in a 4×4 or they’ll out grow it. Easily looking like 300 gram plants indoors. Stems not stout enough to support the massive growth at the tops so going to need support at some point. Im gonna take them as far as I can without support. No issues at all so far… pretty easy grow and pruning is at a minimum due to good structure… just massage the stems every few days and work them in the direction you want them.. This plant took a good 60 days from germ to prep the flower sites with vigorous growth through veg. Definitely stocking up on some of these seeds… Im growing this with ghost train haze and super lemon haze and the GOAT draws all the attention in the room.

  15. Perry Oneil (verified owner)

    This has been my go-to strain for smoking at band practice for many years! I bought this strain online, had it shipped to my home in western OR and was able to cultivate all of these seeds in my greenhouse. They LOVE the sun and the heat, it seems to make them very happy. I definitely plan to grow more next chance I get!

  16. Keziah John (verified owner)

    Brings me a LOT of joy in this life. Golden goat is the true artist’s strain. Hits me square in the brain, so that’s pretty awesome. I bought 5 seeds online and they shipped right to my doorway and I was able to plant them right away. Good vibes people….Me n my kitty love smoking marijuana together, especially this stuff.

  17. Charles Mathis (verified owner)

    One of the more interesting and enlivened strains I have smoked in recent years. It’s a great appetite stimulant, so has helped me balance my meal schedule after my surgery. I also find working in the garden to be a rewarding activity and mix this with my other herbs and veggies for a beautiful mixture of flavors and colors every summer!

  18. Nancy Ford (verified owner)

    Golden goat is a pretty nice time, it’s one of the better strains I have smoked in the last few years, and easily the best grow. Had some great smelling weed the last time around, and very colorful and healthy as well. I really like buying marijuana online, it’s both easy and convenient. I’ll happily purchase more, especially since these guys ship anywhere in the USA!

  19. Aria Pena (verified owner)

    The perfect strain for creativity. Tastes nice and eaethy, gives me some relaxed vibes and good flavors. My sister actually ordered these for me online and got them shipped to me here in Cali. Great growing conditions in my backyard who knew?? Gonna definitely buy some more!!!

  20. Maksymilian Holland (verified owner)

    When I play music, I really like to smoke the golden goat. It’s pretty easy to grow, but it hits the spot. I like the way it feels when I finally get to harvest my own marijuana. It’s so tasty! Great smoking, helps with stress!!

  21. Alistair Winters (verified owner)

    The best in the west. Makes for an excellent grow, always reliable, always prolific. Has a GREAT smell, and some smooth easy smoking. Gives me an excellent buzz. Had an easy grow, with some delicious bud at about the 5 months mark. Great for getting creative…drawing, writing, music, you name it. Very impressed and satisfied with my experience with PSB.

  22. Jayden-Lee Correa (verified owner)

    Get your golden goat on. This weed is like a masterpiece of marijuana, it’s got GREAT vibes every time, and it really helps with stress. Gotta buy more like right now cause my supply is LOW! I will definitely get some more mj from Pacific cause these seeds are top quality. Gotta burn through this fast before it gets stale.

  23. Safiya Carson (verified owner)

    Golden Goat has been great for my overall aches and pain associated with Arthritis. I ordered my seeds right here on this website. It was easy and convenient. It was hard to choose just one! But this was a good choice, has a sweet flavor, very nice fluffy and crumbly nugs, great for bowls bongs, or joints. ALWAYS a good buy with Pacific.

  24. Stefanie Hussain (verified owner)

    Gotta have my GOLDEN GOAT! This stuff may be a False Idol, but it makes for a pretty radical strain. It’s got GREAT earthy vibes, and it tastes like summer man!! Gets me baked and helps me manage my stress. I definitely am a bad grower lol but I still manage a few hundred Gs every harvest!!

  25. Ceara Glover (verified owner)

    The best creative strain on the market. Gets me all kinds of baked and helps me with my stress. I always smoke before I paint or write or draw and all my insecurities just melt away and the colors flow from my brain onto the canvas. It’s a wonderful time, I feel very fortunate for all the work I have done, will definitely buy some more!!

  26. Ruqayyah Wilkes (verified owner)

    Truly one of the best strains I have ever smoked, and I am a total weed snob, so that’s saying something!! I ordered this online and had it shipped to my place here in Seattle and grew it right on the windowsill. It’s looking REALLY nice, getting nice and tall and also very bushy, love these long green leaves and the sweet sweet smell. Great stuff!

  27. Tate Lindsay (verified owner)

    I worked for a weed dispensary for sometime and now I am ready to graduate and grow my own marijuana…ordered my seeds online, and I KNEW to order this strain because it is my absolute favorite every time…It’s a great hybrid between indica and sativa and it makes for an awesome backyard grow…Cannot complain!!!

  28. alex george (verified owner)

    Well worth the time it takes for growing, this stuff is all kinds of de-lish and it makes my body feel nice and floaty, yay! Ordered online and got it delivered to my little mailbox in the mountains and got a VERY nice grow from the earth, feeling pretty remarkable and happy about my yield which is a lot! Great stuff!

  29. Patrick Farrell (verified owner)

    I was literally thrilled when I got my seeds in the mail. I JUST got the garden plot ready and decided to soak the seeds overnight before planting, I think it really helped with germination. Made for a great buy, especially last-minute in the spring. It’s gotta be one of the more chilled out and relaxing strains out there, very chill and very laid back, and also extremely good for creativity!

  30. reubenjones (verified owner)

    An absolutely magical strain…helps with pain and stress specifically, but also does great things for creativity. I ordered my 3 seeds online, right here, and had them delivered right away. Very strong earthy smell to this plant, and a very bushy plant too, but I am very satisfied with my purchase overall, and definitely want to buy more.

  31. Freedom (verified owner)

    Actually a super powerful strain that helps with stress and depression and makes life a little easier every day. I smoke this when I wanna be creative, or when I got a BIG paper to write lol. It gets the juices flowing, and it helps keep my mind sharp. My gf and I grew it together and it was really pretty easy. I think you’ll like it too!

  32. Liger (verified owner)

    I was always into this strain even before I started growing my own weed. It’s a really relaxing and delicious vibe….helps a lot with stress and depression and gets you really stoned but not like groggy…it’s not too harsh on the lungs which is really nice and I am pretty stoked to have this stuff just IN my backyard…will buy more!

  33. @sourdough (verified owner)

    One of the more impressive strains out there. Really checks all the boxes if you know what I mean. It helps me with depression and anxiety, gives me a nice head buzz that lasts all day long, and it’s great at night too when you’re looking to chill out and be creative. It’s a fun grow, not too difficult and very productive. a Great hobby if you’re looking to pick up something new, and it’s very fulfilling too!

  34. PhattBuddz (verified owner)

    Such an impressive strain, it never lets me down, and I am very happy with the way it makes me feel! I ordered my seeds online, wicked easy to do, and the customer service staff was incredibly helpful in getting me where I needed to be. Got the seeds shipped out to rural OR and they showed up way faster than I was expecting. The yield was pretty good, maybe a little small, but the weed itself was very strong and fresh and gave me a great hybrid buzz that helps with creativity!

  35. Valentone (verified owner)

    This strain is dooooope! It’s one of the lesser known strains among my friends, but once I grew it in my backyard and everyone got a taste, they were instantly in love with it. And who could blame them, this weed is absolutely delicious, has a sweet earthy taste and the buzz is a perfect hybrid between indica and sativa, making for a nice balanced high that lasts for hours, increasing focus and creativity while also reducing stress and anxiety!

  36. Stout (verified owner)

    Once you start smoking the golden goat you’ll never want to smoke another strain again. It’s super easy to cultivate, smells really amazing and produces these tight dense nugs the size of small marbles or something. It’s got nice bright orange and green coloring, pretty impressive stuff, your friends will probably love it. I smoke it after work to help with pain and stress, definitely does the trick, and gets me where I need to go. I am hoping I can grow indoors next time!

  37. Hester P. (verified owner)

    This was my favorite strain from the dispensary for years, and I was so stoked to see PSB has it in their already massive online catalog. Got myself 3 seeds and it was more than enough. After only 4 months or so, I was swimming in nug, fresh as can be. It’s got that delicious sweet flavor that helps with bad moods and the weed overall is great for depression and mild aches and pains. I highly recommend this strain to anyone who LOVES growing their own weed!

  38. cathy grey (verified owner)

    This is a truly fantastic strain of weed, and trust me cause I have been smoking weed for years! It’s very high THC so it’ll get you pretty darn stoned after just a few hits. Not too overpowering though, and it offers something truly beautiful to your mind. It makes me super creative and excitable, I want to go out and socialize or make a beautiful piece of art. Amazing stuff, for sure!

  39. Victoria Bernard (verified owner)

    This has to be my favorite strain of weed out there. It’s been such an amazing trip getting to grow this myself. I absolutely love the taste and the smell of this stuff, it’s incredibly sour with a little bit of sweet. Plus the high is really amazing, it’s got a great mood lift attached to it, and it’s got a nice relaxing effect to it as well. Great stuff!

  40. Isabel V. (verified owner)

    This stuff is truly high class. It’s really easy to grow, but I had a smaller harvest than expected, maybe will grow indoors next time? Not sure. I think the smell is most like earthy and fruity and it has these dense nugs with orange hairs, beautiful! I smoke this before band practice to get the creative juices flowing, definitely give it a try!

  41. Reynaldo K. (verified owner)

    So happy I could grow this outside! I don’t have an indoor operation set up yet (maybe someday, when I get a bigger place) but Golden Goat loved my back deck, which gets plenty of sunshine. It grew way tall (taller than me even) so that made me especially glad I grew it outside instead of trying to force it to grow in a closet or something. Golden goat is beautiful and energizing –the smile on my face about 20 minutes after smoking says it all. Hooray for cannabis forever!!

  42. Mariam G. (verified owner)

    A great strain for kicking it after work with some friends, smells amazing, like fruit and pine, and an absolute gem to have around the house. Ordered online with PSB and had the seeds in the ground in no time! Such a solid grow with a really nice yield. I love the sativa dominance of this strain, will get you nice and high but won’t knock you out. Great for headaches, focus, and creativity!

  43. Vance H. (verified owner)

    Love that lil’ bit o’ cbd to keep the edge off, this is good good cannabis. Nice energy boost when I smoke too, which helps quite a bit because I’m always tired for some reason. It’s a pretty pungent strain so beware if you’re growing in a smaller space indoors or where neighbors might be able to get a whiff if that’s an issue, and it gets kind of tall so be prepared to trim if you’re growing in a smaller space. Really nice and bright pistils grow through the colas, good lookin’ plant all around!

  44. Carol K. (verified owner)

    Probably my favorite strain of mj on the market. I was super excited to see PSB had these seeds for sale and snatched them up as soon as I had the means. And it was so worth it! My plants grew super tall and produced a TON of bud which I smoke on the daily. Perfect for those of us who have difficulty with social situations like parties cause this stuff is super social, plus it tastes and looks amazing. Talk about huge orange and green nugs. Magic!!

  45. West R. (verified owner)

    I had only really seen this strain in Colorado so I was jazzed to see it here on Pacific’s site. I think they’ve got the best selection here and I’m always finding strains that I don’t find much anywhere else. And their seeds are always good too. Golden Goat def likes warm temps, so if you’re thinking of ordering this one, you should be growing it somewhere warm or indoors. It’s a great strain for medical users, particularly folks battling cancer. Gonna be putting in another large order of this one.

  46. Toby M. (verified owner)

    I wanna worship this bud like the golden idol it is. So pretty! Lots of white and golden hairs and oh so sticky! I really went to town and ordered a full set of 10 of these seeds and I think I have enough weed now to last me into next year. No joke! This shiz is STRONG and I only need a coupla tokes to feel baked outta my mind. I’ll for sure be smokin this lovely mj for awhile. Good weed and you get alotta cannabis for what little you spend on seeds.

  47. Bella S. (verified owner)

    Wowwww this stuff gives me the giggles! I am a huge social smoker so this is THE strain for parties and for going out! I smoke a bowl of this before heading out on Friday night and I am ready to hit the clubs and dance all night! Super dank and sticky buds and pretty darn fun to grow as well. It loves heat, so just remember to keep it super warm when you’re growing and you’ll have SOooooo much weed! I have like 500 G now so I am set for a Long long time. Online ordering was a cinch! Can’t wait to grow more weed!!!!!!

  48. DeAndre W. (verified owner)

    Hellsssss yeah this seed is the bomb! Get yoself some because this shit is straight up dope! Ordered my seeds and got em so friggin fast I could hardly believe it. Plants grew up nice and pretty and healthy ladies. Took a little longer to harvest but that’s OK. Cuz I got mad yield from my plants and the buds were DA SHIT. Love smoking this shit. Makes my brain feel good for reals and the buzz is off the charts!

  49. Cardi M. (verified owner)

    Didn’t get quite the yield I was hoping for after more than 2 months of growing. Really nice buzz though. Kinda kicked my ass the first time (maybe I was too eager and oversmoked). Potent marijuana, definitely. This was my 2nd order from PSB. Gonna try an indica next. Cheers!

  50. Katie S. (verified owner)

    Overall body buzz! Great high! Quality seeds! Pacific’s the best for ordering seeds that ship really fast and germinate every time. Very happy with my order as always. This is one of my favorite sativas because the vibe is just so clean and happy. It gets me tingling all over my body in a good way. I live in Canada and this is by far my favorite place to order online. Grew my plants potted outdoors and they really took off. Great plants from great seeds!

  51. Joline P (verified owner)

    Gotta love the goat! Grew my ladies outdoors and they flowered in about 10 weeks. I live in a dry place so I didnt’ need to worry about any molding, but could see how that could be an issue if you live somewhere more humid. Potent fruity aroma that smells SO GOOD. Kind of like a cross between mangos and lemons. Definitely gives you the munchies. Could see this being a good strain for medical use. The high was very relaxing and pleasant. Very nice positive buzz! Nice seeds! Ordering again!

  52. Miguel V. (verified owner)

    Roger Federer. Michael Jordan. Tom Brady. And this weed. The G.O.A.T.

    Actually it is pretty great pot. The Greatest Of All Time? The debate rages on. For me this mj is a definite contender. I no longer buy cannabis now that I can grow it. My experience with Golden Goat is 98% positive. I’d give it the extra 2% if it flowered in two weeks instead of nine!

  53. Nina B. (verified owner)

    Love this giggly treat from the great Midwest of the USA. I love using the goat with friends because it makes everyone happy! Hard to believe this mj has a high indica content because it affects my brain in a very clear-headed way, and also makes social bonding so easy and real. But the indica also relaxes my body and eases all stress and tension. GG is pretty much the perfect cannabis.

  54. Jack M. (verified owner)

    Who needs a golden calf to worship when you’ve got the golden goat? This weed is biblical, man! Make sure you’ve got enough room for this plant to grow up since it gets pretty massive, but other than that it wasn’t a complicated process. Keep it warm and dry and you’ll be golden just like the goat here.

    Smoking this weed keeps me really happy and up, due mostly to high thc combined with mostly sativa. I really like the balance of this strain, and the light indica also keeps it good to keep around for relaxing time.

  55. Dennis J. (verified owner)

    I just picked my bud and it has got to be the prettiest looking weed I’ve ever grown. Amazing gold and yellow hairs just coating these babies! And the sparkles! So many sparkles. My hands are still sticky with resin. Haven’t smoked any yet, but I’ve had Golden Goat before and I know I’m gonna love it. Shout out to Pacific for the awesome seeds!

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