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Purple Kush Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

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Purple Kush is a fan favorite thanks to its earthy smell and blissful effects. This is a pure indica that will leave you relaxed and cozy.

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Purple Kush marijuana seeds are one of the top choices amongst shoppers and growers. Sometimes it can be hard to find a pure indica strain without any notes of a sativa, but Purple Kush managed to achieve that. This is a pure indica strain from the Oakland, California area. It’s the aftermath of crossing Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. The first reason so many people gravitate toward this strain is its aroma, which smells earthy and sweet. This mixture is typical in all the Kush varieties.

The second reason so many smokers choose Purple Kush is the effects, naturally. Pure indicas are a total goldmine for those looking for deep relaxation mixed with sensations of euphoria and blissfulness — and Purple Kush does it better than most. The effects of this strain come on slow and steady and leave the same way so you never feel overwhelmed or out of control of your mind and body.

A specific note to growers, know that Purple Kush marijuana seeds will eventually grow wider than tall, so make sure you have a big enough space for these plants. Purple Kush plants will be ready to harvest following an 8-week flowering time. Once planted, you’ll be able to enjoy complete peace and serenity. The influence of Purple Kush is very peaceful, lovely, and soft — like you’re floating on a cloud or curling up into a pillow.

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Flowering Time

45-50 days



CBD Level

High (10%+)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

650-750 g/plant

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Grape, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






50 reviews for Purple Kush Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

  1. GardeningGeek (verified owner)

    Purple Kush is for LOVERS!
    Got 10 seeds delivered to my home. My wife and I worked on it together, and it’s just looking great! Feeling so uplifted about my choice!
    Very fresh and very purple. Tastes like berries and makes me feel like I am floating on a purple cloud.

  2. Infernal Flame (verified owner)

    It doesn’t get any purer than this. Purple Kush is 100% pure indica that will have you feeling like you’re going to melt away. You’ll feel relaxed and at ease in no time at all. It doesn’t take too long to flower, about 8 weeks or so. After that, once you smoke, you’ll get to enjoy an earthy and pungent aroma that will scintillate all your senses.

  3. Tyler Silva (verified owner)

    The classic purple strain! I always thought growing purple MJ was somehow more difficult, and that’s simply not the case. This MJ grows well in almost any context, indoors or outdoors. I am lucky to have a greenhouse. I inherited it from my grandpa lol. We used to work in there together when I was a kid. Now I buy my own MJ seeds, usually 10-20 at a time, and grow for the summer. I always have a lot to share with my friends, so much so that we have a party every fall to celebrate and smoke the harvest!

  4. Starry8SkySailor (verified owner)

    The high it provides is incredibly relaxing and makes me feel happy and sleepy. It’s the perfect strain for winding down after a long day. The plants I grew from Purple Kush seeds were sturdy and produced a great yield. The taste is earthy, with hints of grape and sweetness.

  5. LunarLegend (verified owner)

    This Purple Kush strain was amazing to grow, I was impressed by how quickly it flowered in just under 2 months and the body high was really pleasant. Pacific’s speedy delivery allowed me to begin growing almost immediately and I was happy with my large yield. Plus, all of my seeds germinated fully.

  6. Daniella Schneider (verified owner)

    Beautiful colorful purple kush, a great addition to my garden!
    I spent at least 20 minutes every day caring for my plants, pruning them, watering, etc.
    They take about as much effort as tomatoes, but they produce a LOT of flower. I was able to save hundreds of $$ from growing from home, plus the quality of the mj is much higher…enjoying the sweet flavors and very relaxing indica vibe.

  7. Zishan Galvan (verified owner)

    Oh wow this def gets 5/5 stars! The online part was super easy and fun and the yield was bigger than expected. Plus it looks just like the pictures, and that is awesome! I am just floored by the quality MJ seeds that Pacific carries. Yuhhhhhh!

  8. Mylah Huff (verified owner)

    So yeah, I got my purp kush seeds in the mail about 2 weeks ago. Since then I have soaked them in paper towel and put them in the ground. Just seeing their little heads pop out of the ground is really beautiful and encouraging. Buying online is definitely the way to go, it is the fastest and cheapest way to get weed seeds delivered to your home. Saves you a trip and saves you money. Highly recommend it!!

  9. Honor Marin (verified owner)

    Dank purple kush is exactly what you need to make your day feel nice and relaxed. I like this pot for its sweet berry flavor, almost like a red wine. Gives me a nice LIGHT energy, that keeps me focused and happy! I will totally buy more right nowwwww!

  10. Rishi Meadows (verified owner)

    So dank I can barely handle it!!! Purple as the king’s robes. Smells like grape and berry! Openly growing in my backyard. The neighbors don’t care man. Either way, feeling pretty good about my progress. Real excited to harvest, cure it, and smoke it finally!!

  11. Garin Hoover (verified owner)

    A classic weed you’ve probably heard of before, but have you thought about growing it for yourself? It’s easier than you think! The tips online are usually very helpful and Pacific customer service knows a LOT about weed. BUy some for yourself to find out!!

  12. Lucinda Mcnamara (verified owner)

    Purple kush is one of the best choices you can come by on the internet. It’s highly available, and especially on this site, and reasonably priced. I personally ordered about 50 seeds in total for my grow operation. It’s been useful and convenient with good wholesale prices, fast shipping, and reliable germination.

  13. Saanvi Preece (verified owner)

    I like purple kush.

  14. Aleksandra Delacruz (verified owner)

    When purple kush hits your lungs, you can always expect a good time. I bought this weed online and was surprised how quickly it shipped to my place. When I got my seeds to germinate (2 weeks) they grew quite fast, and they produced a lot of flower after only 5 months. I now have a surprisingly large weed stash I can share with friends!

  15. Haleemah Bray (verified owner)

    I wanted purple kush in my life for a long time….toke this about every morning. It’s winter here in the PNW, but dang this stuff is pretty rad. Love the smell and the taste…It only got purple in the last week it was growing, has a dope smell, grows great in these northern environments. Very impressed!!

  16. Walter Holloway (verified owner)

    I rolled this sweet weed into a blunt last night and I gotta say this stuff is looking hella nice. It’s got that bright purple color and some green flecks in their to give it some variety. I have been holding onto this nug for almost 4 months and it still tastes as fresh as the day that I picked it. I know how hard it is to get your own weed these days, but Pacific makes it easier than ever before, never a dull moment!!

  17. Kennedy Finnegan (verified owner)

    I prefer indica strains, I like their sweet flavors and often the deep purple and green colors just like this weed. I call it the JOKER weed cause it looks like the joker’s face paint and hair and it makes me LAUGH! I am pretty happy with how this all went down. Pacifics a dope company with some solid dope seeds!

  18. Kuba Russell (verified owner)

    Got some purple kush on the brain. I love how this weed turned out. Looks amazing, and it helps with stress and depression. I am so in love with the color purple. SO in love with this weed’s velvety texture. Can’t stand getting it to germinate though LOL I am SO impatient, but that’s OK I guess. I’ll buy more soon 🙂

  19. Rami Morse (verified owner)

    It’s easy to get hooked on this strain…the purple nug is pretty righteous, and smells like berries.

    Growing at home was the best way to get weed, you really cut out the middle man and can finally control your own weed destiny.

    Fast delivery and easy online ordering!

  20. Fletcher Keeling (verified owner)

    This is one FAT weed plant…wider than it is tall believe it or not. I am so shocked and thrilled every time I smoke this dope…I feel so accomplished.

    Buy from Pacific and watch your seeds just take right off. Auto seeds are seriously the best for inexperienced growers, no cross-pollination required, which saves you time and money and most likely a headache!!

  21. Saim Warren (verified owner)

    This weed is the bee’s knees. Gives me a HUUUUUGE buzz, and it makes me a little tired and hazy if I smoke too much so I usually reserve my smoking for the evenings. I grew this stuff indoors and got a truly amazing yield, gets me very stoned, and keeps me feeling really chill throughout the evenings. I even sleep better!!!

  22. lion stripes 420 (verified owner)

    I gotta smoke this weed in the morning to get going, otherwise I am just too tired to function! It’s really relaxing though, puts me in a great mood and the purple color wakes up my senses like nothing else will, not even coffee! I am married so my wife likes to manage the garden. Got a pretty extensive grow space out there, so definitely excited about that!

  23. Honey Bear (verified owner)

    I was thrilled to buy these seeds online and have them shipped to my apartment here in San Diego. It’s hot as hell down here, so I only needed to set these seeds in a pot outdoors and they just took right off, just make sure you water them regularly! Had nothing but good luck, and some very impressive yields, and probably the freshest weed I’ve ever smoked!

  24. kenneth bell (verified owner)

    Let me start by saying of all the seeds from various places I’ve purchased, PSB seeds by far exceeded expectations. they germinate strong and quickly. I haven’t harvested yet, but assuming the end is as smooth as the beginning this is where it’s at. Just ordered more seeds. Thanks PSB!! Sidenote – literally got my order within a week. It was insane all things considered.

  25. Purple Guppy (verified owner)

    Purple kush is a great strain with a very stunning color. I like the taste and smell of course too, it’s got this great vibe….very fruity and delicious. I like smoking it with friends especially. It has been an excellent social bonding material. We all love homegrown weed. It’s good stuff!

  26. Pageturner (verified owner)

    Purple is my new favorite color…it’s so beautiful and full of life and it definitely looks good on a marijuana strain! I got myself 5 seeds and like to germinate them one at a time. I really liked growing them in my backyard…it’s so relaxing and fulfilling…makes for a great expression of joy!

  27. Gritt (verified owner)

    Purple is my favorite color so naturally, I had to get me some purple kush! Beautiful colors and impeccable flavor…it’s just like fresh berries in the summer, yum yum! I get real high all by myself and go take a walk in the woods…helps me clear my thoughts and makes for a nice introspective night. I feel very lucky that I found Pacific!

  28. Not Nice (verified owner)

    When you need purple weed in your life, then don’t skip out on this strain. It’s gonna blow your mind! Beautiful bud, makes for a great indoor grow under LEDs. Pretty easy too, and I am not even that good lol! Got some great looking nug, and a lot of it too, fresh as hell! Smoke this dope with my buddies or when I am chilling at home, more relaxing that I could even expect. Can’t wait to bake this down into cookies!

  29. POW (verified owner)

    The purple kush will send you back to the days when it was cool to drive across country and smoke weed all the live long day. I grew this in the backyard and I was very surprised how well it did! I love the way this grew, it grew to be be so big and bushy, absolutely stunning stuff! Got myself nearly 700 grams and smoke it most nights of the week to relax. I hope I can buy more seeds soon, just gotta finish my indoor grow space!

  30. ahi poke (verified owner)

    Smoking this weed is like wrapping yourself in a beautiful weed blanket and it smells nice, kinda like cherries or something, and it’s really nice and warm and fuzzy. I like to smoke a bong of this weed and then just chill on the couch with my dog, watching Netflix. It’s great for if you’re feeling stressed after work and need something to calm your nerves. Plus it’s fun to grow and gives you a lot of flower. I definitely think I’ll be back for more amazing pot seeds!

  31. Colbalt (verified owner)

    One of my all-time FAVORITES! I am so excited that PSB carries this strain that I bought 5 seeds and had them shipped directly to my house here in SF! Got some nice balcony space for growing, it’s a little tight but definitely worth it. Got a GREAT yield, better than expected and very exciting to have this finally in my home. Dense purple nugs with a nice sweet flavor…yummmm! I smoke this at night to help with pain and stress and it does quite well!

  32. Robb B. (verified owner)

    This is some delicious classic weed, you’re gonna love it, trust me. I am a weed expert, I’ve been growing since the 80s and I am stoked to find a connection here with PSB, great seeds delivered right to my door, excellent genetics and a powerful yield each time. I have ordered with them a few times and am never disappointed! I love those dense little purple nugs, they bring joy to my heart!

  33. richard davis (verified owner)

    I’m just here to say how much I love this weed! It’s a truly incredible strain with a ton of great mind benefits. First off its super relaxing and enjoyable to smoke after work, plus it’s been great for my anxiety and depression. I feel much better about life after work now lol! The buds are super purple and taste real nice and sweet. You can’t go wrong with this kush!

  34. Gwen Crane (verified owner)

    This is my go-to weed for pain relief. It’s not only got a great body buzz with its high levels of THC, but also 10% CBD WHAAAAAT!? It’s been instrumental in managing my joint pain and headaches and helps me fall asleep at night. I really enjoy the deep purple flower and the lovely berry flavor. You can’t go wrong with this strain!

  35. Hayden K. (verified owner)

    Purple kush is my all time favorite strain. I use this mj to help me with stress anxiety, and overall bad vibes. I have a very stressful work life and this is the best remedy to dealing with my situation. The grow was excellent and very straightforward, I have minimal experience with mj, but this was a lot easier than expected. Highly recommend if you like kush varieties, and love the taste of grape!

  36. Gary L. (verified owner)

    Medical mj patient and I really enjoy this strain and have been smoking it for years for pain management purposes. I bought 5 seeds online from PSB and they shipped out very quickly. I got 4 of 5 seeds to germinate with the paper towel method and they grew into lovely plants in my garden, an absolute gem to work with and a very substantial yield as well. It has been extremely helpful in managing my symptoms, especially at night. I also smoke this before going to sleep for a relaxing and full nights sleep!

  37. Stacy G. (verified owner)

    I’m just here to tell ya’ll to start ordering your seeds from Pacific and stop messing around with those other online seed sites. You’ll get the exact seed you ordered and it’ll for sure germinate, which is a lot more than I can say about other websites out there. I live in the US in a town where weed isn’t legal yet. So I can’t just go to the store and buy seeds. This is my favorite place to buy from cuz their just better then everyone else.

  38. Bob M. (verified owner)

    Bay Area does it again, good ol’ Oakland! Sweet creamy smokefilled bliss that leads to a pretty damn decent sense of euphoria and relaxation. Extra high CBD makes my body aches a thing of the past each time I spark a joint of this mj. High yield for autoflwoering plant, easy to grow indoors, and it’s a purp. What else could you want?

  39. Joselyn C. (verified owner)

    I look for kush mj varieties because I love that exotic, earthy taste and kush just takes me to a very introspective and creative head space. Purple was my favorite color when I was a kid and appearently I still look for it. ? The lavender color of this mj is so lovely that I watched it in rapture as it grew. It was pretty easy to grow and growing indoor wasn’t a problem since thery’re kinda short and didn’t need any special nutrients. My friends and I were very excited to try it, and it sent us to a blissful, wonderful space. I think I wrote the best poem I’ve ever written after smoking the purple kush.

  40. Juan V. (verified owner)

    Since it’s a stout plant with a tendency to grow outwards it fit perfectly into my indoor scrog set up that I already had from a previous grow. Quick flowering time and a pretty good harvest from an autoflowering plant. Purple kush lives up to its legacy for sure by being absolute chronic marijuana. It gets points for being able to stand a little bit cooler temps so the electric bill doesn’t turn into too much of an issue. one of the higher cbd strains I’ve had in a long time, it’s the best after a long day of stressful work to relax on the couch.

  41. Emily D. (verified owner)

    Very specific about my weed choices and tend to gravitate towards “middle of the road” strains that won’t keep me couch locked. I’ve been smoking purple kush for years and thought “why not?” and ordered a pack of seeds online from Pacific. Had to clear out some growing space in the garden cause this plant takes up a LOT of room in the beds, so maybe a downside for some, but the result was worth it cause the purple sticky crystals are just what I remembered and I’ve enjoyed a J on the back porch every evening for the past few weeks!

  42. harkavermin (verified owner)

    I’d recommend this for insomnia, anxiety and related medical conditions. It’s really good—not the best I’ve ever had, but probably top ten. Fast delivery.

  43. Davis G (verified owner)

    Ahhhhhhhh Purple Kush! It makes me feel SO blissed out! Made me feel nice and relaxed and knocked my insomnia on its ASS. I’m a beginner grower and found this strain to be super easy. Although, I had to get some help because I thought I was gonna lose my plants! Turns out it was totally my error. Now that I know some more about how to successfully grow this strain I think I’ll for sure order again. The high from this mj was extraordinary.

  44. Seamus P. (verified owner)

    Set adrift on memory bliss! This pot gives my body a rest and sets my mind free to explore. I’m not that creative a person usually, and you wouldn’t think a strain like this would be that good for writing or painting, but I do both when I smoke this. I had to buy some colored pencils and start doodling! First thing I drew was these buds. Mmmm. Purty colors. Awesome aroma. Happy me.

  45. Deb E. (verified owner)

    Medical mj patient, and I smoke this weed because of its CBD properties, which help greatly with my pain and inflammation in the joints. My husband did the growing in the backyard and I am the lucky recipient 🙂 I smoke usually before bedtime to help with relaxation and pain. First time ordering with Pacific and had a very smooth and easy experience. Happy to buy again!

  46. Tobi H. (verified owner)

    I was so excited that PSB sells Purple Kush as it is one of my fav breeds of pot EVER. You can’t beat that sweet smell mixed with that blissful feeling. My whole family loves some purple monster mj!! I agree with what’s been said about this girl being bushy: make sure you have room for her to grow. Will most certainly buy this again from PSB!

  47. Martin E. (verified owner)

    This cannabis turned my outdoor grow into something out of a miyazaki film, the colors were absolutely surreal! Nice bright fluffy buds with clearly visible trichomes. Growing outside left me with more pot than I know what to do with, and it was easy as hell too. Actual smoke is super relaxing and euphoric and the cbd quality definitely gets rid of daily aches and such. I’ve had some issues with infestations with prior grows but I read that this plant is resistant to pests specifically because of the taste of the leaves, and without changing anything I didn’t notice anything alarming, so, if that’s an issue for you this is a great strain to try.

  48. Minji L. (verified owner)

    I’ve already grown this strain once in the last year, and thanks to how quick these seeds grow, I’m now going to order another round. This is the best place to buy Purple Kush by far. My last crop produced a really great harvest. Lots of sparkly bud that took hardly any effort to grow. This strain works really well to erase pain and stress and help me sleep. Highly recommend to anyone who like an indica dominant strain.

  49. Jake J. (verified owner)

    Bit heavy on the indica side in my opinion. I am not sure this weed is for everyone. You need to enjoy chilling on the couch with the munchies and you’ll dig this weed. Helps with pain, helps me sleep, it’s chilled out stuff. BIG plants, really wide and took up a lot of room in my garden. Was my first attempt so I’m impressed with myself. Now I’m hooked, will have to come back to Pacific to buy more.

  50. Raphael D. (verified owner)

    Just another happy kush customer right here. Don’t knwo whay I would grow anything else at this point. I love indicas that have a touch of sativa in them. Every time I grow anything else other then a kush I’m underwhelmed. Plus I think I’m just spoiled now with the short growing time. I have an indoor setup so the shorty kush plants are also a plus. Highly recommend this for just about anyone.

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