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XJ-13 Feminized Seeds

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XJ-13 is a real crowd pleaser thanks to its lightweight sativa-dominant effects. This strain will make you feel social, chatty, and lively. Enjoy the lemon-y notes of this pleasing option; newbies will appreciate the general lack of paranoia.

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XJ-13 marijuana seeds derived from Jack Herer and G13 Haze, both of which deliver powerful cerebral effects while stimulating creativity and conversation at social events. On a Friday or Saturday night out, it may serve you well to smoke this stuff before hitting the town with friends. If you’ve had a long day and are feeling drowsy, XJ-13 will wake you right up and inspire you to spark engaging conversation with others. You’ll want to connect and get to know people, making this a fun party-time strain.

Speaking of parties, how does XJ-13 work with alcohol? Well, too much of anything is a bad thing, but if you’re in the mood to mix, XJ-13 is lightweight enough to balance beers and cocktails. This sativa-dominant hybrid carries a strong citurs smell that’s also responsible for elevating your mood. Science suggests that lemon can naturally awaken the mind and provide a lighter mood. That’s why you’ll find lemon notes in so many house-cleaning products. Don’t you want people to feel happy when they walk into your home?

At the end of the day, XJ-13 marijuana seeds are a real crowd pleaser. Beginners can enjoy this strain without any feeling of paranoia as it’s so lightweight. This strain provides a small kick of ingenuity and curiously that will make you want to get outside and be social. You won’t be locked on the couch with this stuff.

Additional information

Cannabis Species



50% Indica/50% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)



Feels Like

Energetic, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 600 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, worries


Citrus, Pine, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






52 reviews for XJ-13 Feminized Seeds

  1. Emily G. (verified owner)

    When it’s time to go out and get lit, I light up my XJ-13! It’s absolutely perfect when you need to socialize and talk. It really helps me get out of my shell and meet new people. With feminized seeds, the beauty is you automatically get female plants, so there’s not so much to worry about once these seeds start sprouting. I prefer feminized seeds since they just make everything a little better.

  2. MossyMagic (verified owner)

    A rare find, but a true gem. XJ hits like a sativa hybrid and generally makes me feel light and uplifted but not jittery.

    I am not an expert grower but do have some experience with MJ. I learn a lot from youtube and the blogs on this site. Very nice!

  3. Javier Guerrero (verified owner)

    With its sativa-dominant genetics derived from Jack Herer and G13 Haze, this strain provides a lightweight, social high that sparks creativity and conversation. Its lemon-y notes and citrus aroma uplift mood and sharpen the mind naturally, making it perfect for daytime use.

  4. Antwan Stafford (verified owner)

    Intense color and flavor, definitely one of the better choices I have made in regard to weed. I used to buy from the dispensary weekly but I was losing a lot of money that way. Growing from home really saves a lot of money and I have a lot of love for this company, especially since they ship to Canada in a matter of days!

  5. IlluminatingInsect (verified owner)

    With its pleasant lemony flavors and great mental high, I thoroughly enjoyed XJ-13. The high is quite long-lasting and hits very nicely. Would recommend this to anyone with stress or pain they are looking for help.

  6. ShadowDragon (verified owner)

    XJ-13 is a big favorite with me and my friends, so to have it grow so easily and quickly is great to have it on hand at all times. The seeds from Pacific were a great quality and all sprouted no issues!

  7. Kenzo Garcia (verified owner)

    A mysterious strain, and somewhat difficult to grow. I enjoyed the challenge and I did reasonably well. Buying online is pretty great. Makes the whole process a lot smoother. Brings me joy too. There’s really nothing like working in your garden. The weed is top quality. Ships right from the west coast. Great distributors based in Northern Cali. High quality Humboldt county weed. That’s how you know it’s good.

  8. Michael Strong (verified owner)

    Look, I am going to be real, this is not my all-time favorite strain. I don’t like its sour flavor or its heavy THC cerebral buzz.
    I enjoyed the grow, yes. It was a fun summer challenge. But the flower itself? Not my thing, sorry.

  9. Douglass V (verified owner)

    XJ-13 is a great strain for those seeking a happy and relaxed high that also provides medicinal benefits. The large yields make it a great choice for growers, and the pine and sweet flavors make it a pleasure to smoke.

  10. Inaayah Orr (verified owner)

    Hey all, I really enjoy this weed. XJ-13 is a RARE find, and if you find a way to cultivate successfully (don’t worry, it’s not that hard) you’ll secure yourself a stash of some delicious, fresh, uplifting weed. The best part is that it does NOT make you paranoid! That’s my least favorite quality of marijuana, and this weed finds a workaround!

  11. Kieran Simons (verified owner)

    If you want a new mj growing experience I suggest XJ-13 as a strong contender. It’s good for growers both new and old, and it helps with stress. I smoke to relax and deal with depression symptoms. Hopefully you will enjoy the growing process as much as I did!

  12. Zakaria Cottrell (verified owner)

    This is one beautiful strain of weed! I love the sweet flavor and taste, mmm mmm!

    The seeds shipped out fast. They were also quick to germinate. The smell is like walking through a pine forest after a fresh rainfall. Very high quality weed, and that’s coming from a lifetime stoner!

  13. Faraz Klein (verified owner)

    Never heard of this strain before growing it. The results were pretty impressive. Looking at 500 grams, very fresh! Gonna definitely buy more. Especially since the prices are so agreeable!

  14. Imogen Villarreal (verified owner)

    Some delightful and pleasing marijuana with a NICE sativa BUZZ that keeps my head on my shoulders all day long! Buying weed online is definitely the way to go! I am pleased to finally be able to order weed seeds online and have them shipped to my apartment!!! Great energy, lovely vibes. So flavorful it’ll know your socks off.

  15. Clinton Daugherty (verified owner)

    Whether you’re a fan of indica or sativa marijuana, you’ll find something to love in XJ -13. Buying online was fast and easy, and the results were fairly quick as well. Saw flower emerging after about 5 months and was harvesting and curing around 6 months. Smoking daily 7 months after purchase.

  16. Katelin Holcomb (verified owner)

    A crowd-pleaser is right. This weed is definitely a good buy, especially for such an affordable price! I had no issues purchasing weed online. It shipped to Canada no problem. I grew it indoors, under LED lights, and I am very excited to announce it’s almost harvest time!!! The flower is just about ready, very fat nugs with beautiful green and purple colors. Yummmm 🙂

  17. Juniper Knight (verified owner)

    Best when smoked with friends and family. A very social strain but can hit a little harsh if you take too much. The smoke is nice and sour, fruity and delicious, makes me smile every time. Bought 5 seeds online, and they all popped within a week or two which is pretty fantastic! Gotta buy some more of this weed, cause my supply is running low!!

  18. Armaan Halliday (verified owner)

    This is some pretty tasty weed, and some seriously nice bud. These seeds are absolutely gorgeous and they help me manage my anxiety. It’s a SOUR strain, leaves a taste in the back of your mouth, and gives you a great sense of confidence, creativity, and well-being.

  19. Anna Kelly (verified owner)

    The Perfect party strain, great for getting baked and chilling at home. I really like the way this stuff makes me feel, especially if I am very tired and upset. It cures my mood and aids my depression and also makes me want to chat it up with my girlfriend or buddies. Really enjoying this mj, it’s been an excellent growing experience!!

  20. Viktor Kavanagh (verified owner)

    I was a little skeptical about this strain, seemed a little too good to be true, but it’s well worth it when you try it out for yourself!!! Give me like 30 of these seeds and I will grow them all. I am a total weed fiend. Have never had such an amazing experience growing marijuana, these fem seeds are made for easy growing and huge harvests!

  21. Shaun Matthews (verified owner)

    XJ-13 is very relaxed and never really hurts to smoke on the regular. I like the way it makes me feel, and it kinda makes me feel like there’s fire in my veins. I am like the king of the world, feeling really stoked about life, and getting things done for once!! This MJ has some serious benefits for your ADD symptoms, and I plan to grow more!

  22. Arfa Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    XJ-13 is a brilliant and wonderful smelling strain. It gets my heart pumping fast, and keeps my eyes open during the most boring work meetings. I am sooo happy to have this marijuana in my life. The vibes are just fantastic, and the results of my grow were beyond even my wildest dreams. I absolutely recommend Pacific seed bank to new and old growers alike!

  23. Jibril Cordova (verified owner)

    XJ-13 is pretty exciting stuff, gets me really high and I can’t help but dance dance dance the night away!! I mean, it is quarantine still, so there’s that but I am very pleased with how this all came together. I smoke this in the evenings to help relax mostly, but it fires me up too. Happy as a clam 🙂

  24. Eliot Mccall (verified owner)

    This weed is very cerebral and powerful…makes for a good buy, and it also makes for a successful grow…it’s very fresh, and smoking it will definitely change your life for the better. I am more motivated to exercise believe it or not, and I am very excited about the prospect of setting up a new greenhouse and expanding my yields!

  25. jabari33 (verified owner)

    Gotta keep smoking weed on the daily to keep my mind free and clear of stress and depression. Glad I had a chance to grow this stuff though, made for a fun little experiment and definitely gave me what I wanted. Always a fan of Pacific, their seeds never let me down, gonna buy more for sure!

  26. speed dust i (verified owner)

    I was soooo impressed by this weed that I just had to write about it here. It’s an amazing beautiful masterpiece, like a great symphony or a beautiful piece of art, and it’s got like all kinds of gorgeous floral textures and flavors and of course it gets me really high!!!!

  27. last mom (verified owner)

    XJ_13 is a nice buy for the price…it helps with all kinds of jitters and crazy thoughts…makes the mind calm as a lake in the woods and it is all about the earthy vibes it gives off. I ordered mine online, easy and fast delivery, and a worthy yield for a new grower such as myself. Great website and awesome product!

  28. D. Hunter (verified owner)

    I used to buy this weed from the dispensary like all the time, it was my favorite. It’s really energizing and very beautiful. I like it for its sativa properties that help me get all buzzy and smiley…and also hungry lol. It’s a little challenging to grow, not gonna lie, but if you are good at working with other plants in the garden, you’ll be just fine!

  29. SOILL (verified owner)

    A really nice weed, can be pretty intense…best to smoke with other people cause you are just gonna want to chat the night away…otherwise you get kinda lost in your mind…best to have something to work on or something if you’re smoking alone…not good for sleeping. Medium difficulty growing this weed…but very ideal for the price. Way worth it!

  30. Web Surfer (verified owner)

    Looking for a truly unique MJ experience? The get online and order these pot seeds from Pacific! I loved growing this stuff. It was a little challenging at first, but once I got the hang of it, it really felt good. It took about 5 months to get full flowers outta this weed, but it’s better than what I could imagine! Great smelling and suuuper sticky. The perfect color green! Great smoking cause you feel light and like you’re tripping a little bit. Couldn’t ask for more!

  31. Amazon (verified owner)

    This weed kind of takes you by surprise. It’s absolutely delicious first of all, tastes kinda woody and sweet and is great for stress and anxiety, a real winner. I bought my seeds online, got 3 of them shipped to my place here in Oregon and planted them almost right away. They grew beautifully and I am very happy with the results. Got an excellent yield, probably 600 grams total? Perfect choice for those who love sativas, but beware this weed is stroooooong!

  32. Dandy Lions (verified owner)

    Yeah I really dig how nice and easy this weed is, makes for great social smoking, passing around the joint to different friends and having a good time. Makes me feel light and bubbly, chatty and generally euphoric. It has helped me with depression and anxiety, and makes for a great blunt! I grew my seeds out in the backyard, and they got to be suuuuper huge. Nice harvest too, nearly 500 g in total, which was a little small, but maybe I’ll grow indoors next time? Either way, best seeds in Canada!

  33. theNatural (verified owner)

    This weed provides the mood boost you’ve been looking for. It’s perfect for when you haven’t gotten much sleep but still need to get work done (we’ve all been there). It’s worth the longer growing time, and trust me it’s pretty fun and hard to mess up even if you’re new to mj. Either way though, Pacific was really helpful in getting me the right seeds and having them delivered in a timely manner. That’s one good thing about 2019, you can get your weed seeds delivered right to your door!

  34. freudiancharm (verified owner)

    XJ-13 is probably the closest thing to a perfect hybrid I can think of. It’s got great indica vibes that help with stress and relaxation, and also solid sativa vibes that help with energy and focus. Pretty darn happy with the results of my grow, probably got nearly 400 g of weed per plant, way more than expected and it’s all super fresh and has a really distinct woodsy smell. Really happy about this stuff, I’ll be back for more!

  35. Riley Desario (verified owner)

    This is a very impressive strain of weed. I took a gamble and ordered it online from PSB and I am very happy with the results! It’s a very straightforward backyard grow with an excellent yield. It offers some delicious flowers after only 4 months and the buzz is really fantastic. It’s nice and light and sativa dominant so you’ll be feeling social and chatty and creative for hours. Love this stuff!

  36. Debbie Holmes (verified owner)

    One of those rare strains that better grown outdoors than indoors. I love this stuff, have been growing for years and definitely worth the longer growing time. Offers a nice medium harvest, and the buds are this deep green color, super trippy! I think this weed is best used after work, it’s killer for my stress and depression and offers me a way to unwind. Love love love this weed!

  37. Ariel P. (verified owner)

    This weed really packs a punch! Easy to grow and produces quite a lot of nug, so you won’t go hungry if you know what I mean! Hella delicious, tastes mighty earthy and very pungent. Sticky nugs too! Love the sativa effects, really nice for when you’re feeling real tired and can’t concentrate. Helps me at work in the afternoons!

  38. Santos G. (verified owner)

    I hate that couch lock feeling that ganga sometimes gives me so XJ-13 was right up my alley. Lightweight pot strain that makes me want to get up and party? Yes, please! I have to be careful about pot with high THC levels because they give me dry mouth sometimes, but XJ-13 has been good in that area so far. THis was such a great order from PSB, I can’t wait to order more seeds from them soon. XJ-13 has a lemon taste, but I’m curious to grow a fruity pot variety next time. Maybe blueberry mj?

  39. Madison D. (verified owner)

    A bit of a challenging strain to grow, but don’t let that hold you back. XJ-13 is an amazing weed with a nicely balanced buzz that’s great at any time of day. I used to get really anxious and paranoid when I smoked weed but this strain does not do that to me. I feel absolutely fantastic on this stuff, and I have around 1000 grams from my 3 plants which will last me a while. Will definitely be back for more!

  40. Edison G. (verified owner)

    This is a very nicely balanced weed, I love how I get really stoned, but I’m not totally knocked off my feet and can’t function for the rest of the day. I actually find XJ to be very energizing, smoke some before I head out to a party or a bar and I’m feeling great all night long. I have been a grower for some time, and am fortunate enough to have a nice indoor grow space, but buyer beware these plants can get quite tall! An excellent buy for the experienced stoner!

  41. Lana E. (verified owner)

    I heard somewhere that you could only get xj13 as a clone so I was f-in stoked to find seeds to order online. I’ve never ordered any weed related stuff on the internet before but pacific shipped super fast and they didn’t make the package look like it was sketchy or anything. This strain got really tall so I had to top a lot to get it to stay a decent size but the yield was huge. The actual high is awesome too it’s super high thc and has good cbd so its super super lively.

  42. Kodi R. (verified owner)

    Gosh I love this hybrid. It’s a combo of two strains that are absolutely killer on their own, but together they make up an absolute monster that is quickly becoming one of my favorites! Such a dope strain. It’s uplifting, gets me feeling reeeeeeeaaaaaaal good. Just takes away any hint of depression. Great high for both my mind and my body! I really like to start my day with this one! Smoke a few hits and everything’s gonna be allllllll right. 🙂

  43. Ceri C. (verified owner)

    When I first move to USA I came to Hawaii and found the local marijuana very good. This plant is like that- happy and friendly, not sleepy or heavy. Now I know where to get my favorite good herbs is Pacific seeds. XJ13 is my favorite kind, not kush. Thank you

  44. Cody B. (verified owner)

    I’m sensitive to weed and XJ-13 is for sure my fav. DIdn’t get me too high or too anxious. Just right in my opinion. Pretty short flowering time too. Ordered the seeds online and they arrived fast. All were in good shape. Got 5 of 5 germinated. Grow was slightly technical. Got good yield and fast shipping. Great spot for ordering seeds from. Fast delivery and good customer service.

  45. Priestly H (verified owner)

    I love the sativas and XJ-13 is a perfect illustration as to why. Felt very happy, energetic and bubbly after smoking this weed. XJ-13 wiped away any feelings of stress and depressing thoughts. Lots of awareness and experiencing the present moment. I feel this would be a good strain to do some therapy or meditation on. Or maybe some journaling? I think the introspection gained while smoking XJ-13 is very valuable and could be very helpful to anyone struggling with emotional issues.

  46. Gavin U. (verified owner)

    I don’t know a ton about weed but I do know what I like. Both XJ-13 and Jack Herer are strains I like. Good, happy-feeling pot. I’ve only been growing for four months, so I don’t know a ton about that either. This grow went a little poorer than my Jack Herer, but the buds I got were bigger, and the buzz was better. Nice that I won’t have to bum weed from friends or buy from dealers anymore.

  47. Leif G. (verified owner)

    Such a fun, killer weed!! I’m so happy I got to grow this, becuz XJ makes me and my friends happy! It’s a great socialization weed: bring it to a party or when going out with friends and your guaranteed a killer night! Also appreciate the quick delivery in the US. Thank you, PSB for your awesomeness!!

  48. Rory K. (verified owner)

    So pleasant! I’m a happy camper when I smoke this weed. I was inspired to order this strain based on the 50/50 indica sativa ratio. I used to think I was more partial to hybrids that were heavier on the sativa side, but that little extra kick of indica really mellowed me out. Needless to say, I think I’ll be ordering XJ-13 again. Got a nice harvest and wouldn’t mind giving it another go.

  49. Phillipe G. (verified owner)

    Had a great experience growing the XJ-13 strain and feel like I am a much better grower already!! I have a ton of space in my backyard and thought I’d put it to good use. I wasn’t expecting to get almost 500 G but that’s exactly what happened. I smoke this stuff in the afternoon to keep me awake after my lunch break cause I’m always nodding off at my desk (we’ve all been there right) and this weed is a great buy for anyone looking to keep the night going and going until the break of dawn! Party time weed for sure!!!

  50. Luis R. (verified owner)

    My sweetie likes this strain which is why I grow it. I personally like something that’s a straight up indica, but hey, on occasion I like the XJ-13. Pretty straight forward grow. Ordered this time from Pacific to give them a try and I like what I got! Just ordered a small packet of seeds but they arrived in no time flat and in perfect condition. No problems germinating and they sprouted in record time. Seems like a good place to buy seeds from!

  51. Sherry M. (verified owner)

    So stoked to find a place to order xj13! I’ve been looking online for a while so I’m very happy to have come across pacific.

    XJ13 is my favorite weed to smoke before going out now, it makes me super bubbly and talkative which is kind of unusual for me in social situations. The high is really mellow too so it doesn’t get overwhelming if there are a lot of people around. Took around 8 weeks to flower indoors and it got pretty tall but it wasn’t unmanageable.

  52. Tess L. (verified owner)

    Normally I don’t really like hybrids. I’m an indica lover through and through. But after smoking this weed at a friend’s house I was pleasantly surprised. So when I was browsing through Pacific’s selection last time I was ordering I added a couple of these seeds to the mix. Really happy I did because I cannot get enough of this amazing weed. It’s turned me into a hybrid lover! Good weed and Pacific is a good place to buy from.

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