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shop Buy Marijuana Seeds in DelawareHere’s a shocking fact: did you know that the American Civil Liberties Union calculated approximately 8.2 million marijuana arrests in the US? That accounts for over half of all drug arrests. Not cool. Those numbers are so out of control that Delaware decided to do something about it. They took a huge step in the right direction by decriminalizing marijuana — to some extent. This means that first-time possession offenders will not face prison time, jail time, or have a mark on their permanent record.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in DelawareFor small quantities of marijuana, that is. Second-time offences will have a different, less desirable outcome. Just something to keep in mind if you don’t have a medical marijuana card. If you have a condition that you believe can be helped with medical marijuana, please speak to your doctor about it! Speak up and voice your concerns!

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Strain Highlight: Blue Cookies Marijuana Seeds

When you can’t choose between physical and mental effects, reach for Blue Cookies marijuana seeds. This indica-leaning hybrid delivers on all fronts, delivering sensations to both the brain and body in a well-balanced form. Smokers will first notice a change in their heads with subtle pressure building up from behind the eyes. Next, there’s a boost in your energy levels, creativity levels, and all-around brain function. You may feel extra chatty, energetic, and adventurous — like it’s a good time to go on a walk or go to the gym.

Popular Marijuana Seed Strains

Tangerine Haze Auto

Blueberry Diesel FemDr. Who Auto Alice in Wonderland Fem
THC Level22%18%20%
Flowering Time55-65 days50-60 days55-65 days

How To Grow Marijuana Plants From Seed

Step one is choosing the right seeds. You can either grow from a clone marijuana plant, a female plant that produces seeds, or maybe you’re only interested in the female flower. Flowers produce the most levels of THC, which makes them a popular choice in the growing business. Growing marijuana plants from scratch can be challenging, so why not utilize your sources to your advantage? Pacific Seed Bank has all the seeds you’ll need to get started! Important things to look for in seed are

  • Color
  • Size
  • Hardness

As far as colors go, look for a dark brown teardrop-shaped seed and avoid pale or green seeds. Indica strains produce larger seeds with a stripe pattern, while Sativa seeds are smaller and typically one color with no markings. And for hardness, a good seed has a hard outer shell. If you’re are curious about storing cannabis seeds, see here for more information.

How to germinate cheap cannabis seeds

We sell only ungerminated marijuana seeds, and our seeds come backed by our germination guarantee. This means that if at least 90% of your seeds fail to germinate, we’ll replace them for you. Remember, marijuana seeds stored in a cool, dry place will not germinate. Get your seeds delivered in as little as one week when you order online today.

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Delaware Marijuana Laws

In 2015, Delaware loosened its grip on marijuana laws ever so slightly by legalizing medical cannabis under the Delaware Medical Marijuana Act. This allows doctors and physicians to authorize the use of medical marijuana to treat specific medical conditions.

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Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Delaware

Buy cannabis seeds online today with the help of Pacific Seed Bank! Have you ever wondered, the stranger the name the more potent the effect? This can be said of Nordle marijuana, the oddly-monikered strain that features an almost 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. That impressive amount of hallucination-blocking CBD makes Nordle an ideal medicinal strain, though recreational consumers will find something to love about it, too. What happens when you take Nordle marijuana for a spin? The Indica-dominant strain delivers deep, full-body relaxation and a general sense of happiness and well-being. Those sedative effects don’t leave you feeling foggy, though, rather, the sweet and sour scented strain offers a clear-headed and optimistic high that most find enjoyable.

Making Your Own Edibles and Extracts

shop Marijuana Seeds in Delaware on saleWhy stop at just cannabis? When you feel you’ve reached a point of confidence in your growing skills, switch over to hash and extract products—your friends will thank you! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a wad of fancy equipment to separate the plant material from the trichomes. This can be then pressed into hash or used for making infused oils, butter, or cream. It’s amazing how many doors open from one cannabis plant. Once you’ve created canna-infused butter or canna-infused oil, you can put on your Chef’s hat and explore edibles. For a successful batch of cookies or brownies, you need a source of fat for cannabis to bind to. It can be olive oil, coconut oil, butter, etc.

Sore Muscles? Try Hercules Marijuana Seeds

With a name like Hercules, you might be expecting this cannabis strain to completely overwhelm you. But, this cross between Gupta Kush and Hawaiian Urkle clocks in with around 21 percent THC concentration and is often utilized by people before performing physical activity, like working out. Hercules’s high starts out strong, much like the god himself. Happiness, as well as positive energy, will hit hard and fast, allowing you to power through a workout at the gym or every item on a long to-do list.

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Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Delaware

shop Buy Marijuana Seeds in DelawareOrdering online at Pacific Seed Bank is fast and, most importantly, safe. Our ordering system is well-protected, and all the payment information you share is encrypted at guarded on secure servers. Once your order has been fulfilled, private information is deleted from our servers to ensure your continued safety.

We package all our marijuana seeds in medical-grade glass vials and custom plastic cases that keep your seeds fresh, viable, and free of mold and other dangers for as long as necessary. Our website outlines the best ways to store your medical marijuana seeds until such time as the laws allow for their germination.

Qualifying Conditions for Marijuana

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Not sure if you have a condition that qualifies for medical marijuana? Be sure to speak to your doctor or a medical professional about that. Do not hesitate to speak up and voice your needs, even if it means saying that you’d like to purchase medical marijuana. It’s time to squash the idea that marijuana use is “taboo” or “frowned-upon.” Our mission here at Pacific Seed Bank is to de-stigmatize marijuana and the effects that come with it.

Medical marijuana laws have been in place in Delaware since 2011. Registered patients are allowed to possess up to six ounces of prepared marijuana products to treat a number of accepted conditions. The state has a specific law surrounding: patients under 18 years of age must have had their medical marijuana recommended by a pediatric specialist, and only oils with 15 percent or more CBD or 15% THC acid (max 7% THC) are Buy Marijuana Seeds in Delaware

Marijuana seeds are completely legal to purchase in the United States, including states like Delaware where growing is not presently allowed. Ungerminated marijuana seeds are considered adult novelty souvenir products and can be kept as such with no legal ramifications. Of course, the best marijuana seeds in Delaware come from Pacific Seed Bank!

How Do Weed Seeds Get Their Flavor?

order Buy Marijuana Seeds in DelawareIf you want to buy marijuana seeds in Delaware but don’t like the smell or taste of them, consider trying a new flavor! Weed seeds come in many different flavors, from earthy notes to fruity ones, to even sweet ones. Smoking marijuana can feel like you’re eating a:

  • cupcake
  • or a cookie
  • or pineapple on a hot summer day at the beach

The flavor actually comes from the plant itself and is of natural causes.

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Marijuana Seed Banks in Delaware

Before you start building your cannabis garden — you need to know the legality of cannabis and cannabis seeds in Delaware. Here’s an overview of current cannabis regulations in the First State:

  • Medical marijuana is legal
  • Recreational cannabis is illegal
  • CBD is legal
  • It’s illegal to grow cannabis seeds from seed banks

As you can see, Delaware has already taken the hardest step — legalizing medical marijuana. Sadly, the law does not include home cultivators, thus making marijuana seeds illegal to germinate. Below, you’ll discover helpful information on the best seed banks, top-rated seed strains, grow tips, and Delaware’s past and present cannabis laws.

Banana Candy Marijuana Seeds for Stress

Indica-dominant in heritage and effect, Banana Candy marijuana is slow to take effect – sometimes not kicking in for 10 minutes or more – but once it starts, the changes intensify, warping the senses with its trippy high. Accompanying the psychoactive experience is the deep relaxation which is characteristic of an indica, so don’t expect to be productive. Banana Candy will render you useless in this regard. Dank and citrusy with notes of sweet pine, there is a marked lack of “banana” in both fragrance and aroma with Banana Candy marijuana, but like the potassium-rich fruit, it excels at improving mood and feelings. Producing pebbly buds twisted through with curly leaves and orange/brown pistils, Banana Candy marijuana seeds prove quite resilient and easy to grow both indoors and out. They prefer a semi-humid climate to maintain a short, bushy structure and will be ready for harvest after 8-9 weeks of flowering.

I was hesitant at first to buy marijuana seeds online. Heck, sometimes I don’t trust Amazon to get my order right and deliver high-quality stuff. But Pacific Seed Bank is different. Their site is welcoming, packed with information, and their delivery is always on time. I’m never waiting around at home feeling anxious about where my package is. Ive tried other marijuana seed banks in the past but none compare to this.
Angela K., Delaware