Have you recently started your gardening journey? As we begin to see signs of spring after what felt like the longest winter in history, many of us are itching to enjoy the great outdoors again. Now’s a perfect time to get your grow on! Check out our list of the five easiest marijuana strains to grow right in your backyard.

Easiest Marijuana

Want to grow your own plants from premium marijuana seeds? Convenience and enjoyment aside, growing your own cannabis actually have a lot of benefits for both you and the environment. It can save you a lot of money shopping at medical dispensaries, it can increase your physical activity, and it can teach you new agricultural skills that may come in handy if you ever decide to dabble in growing your own produce, or in the event of an apocalypse!

Not all marijuana strains are equal. Some do better indoors, while others thrive in the sunshine. We highly recommend starting with these easier strains and gradually moving on to harder ones. It’s all about baby steps. We need to walk before we can run. In this article, we’ll walk you through the easiest strains to grow.

Growing Indoors? Use a Grow Tent

Before we get there, though, have you ever heard of a grow tent? Investing in a grow tent or dedicated grow cabinet gives you that extra bit of reassurance that your marijuana babies will grow up big and strong. Using a grow tent, you’ll be able to control the temperature and humidity of the area where your marijuana plants will grow. We highly recommend beginner gardeners grow their plants indoors since there are fewer external factors to worry about — like the snow, rain, or heavy winds. Below is a list of five grow tents that are killing the game right now. They range from $60 to $100.

  • LAGarden
  • Finnhomy
  • Quictent Eco-Friendly
  • Oshion
  • Ipomelo

Even the easiest marijuana strains could always use the added help of a grow tent. Better yet, start your gardening journey with any one of our autoflowering marijuana seeds. These seeds, in particular, are great for novice growers as they’re highlight resilient and adaptable to a variety of growing environments.

Easiest Marijuana

California Blue Dreaming

The first marijuana strain to look into for beginners is Blue Dream. This is one of the most popular strains amongst seed buyer. Here’s why — it has highly balancing properties that can make you feel relaxed to the point of melting into the couch and never leaving again. If you want to start a Game of Thrones marathon, this is the strain to smoke. It makes you feel mellow, chilled out, and happy all at the same time. Seeds of this California-bred hybrid are easy to find since they’re so common.


Get Crackin’

Green Crack is another California-bred strain that’s easy to grow. Californians obviously love it — but here’s why you should, too! It’s a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a powerful sativa-dominant plant. Sativa is usually considered a daytime high as it makes you feel awake, focused, and creative. Thinking of starting a new art project? Now is the time to do it.  Rushing to meet a deadline for work or school? Green Crack can carry you across the finish line by boosting your overall brain function. You’ll instantly feel more productive. As for the smell, Green Crack carries a citrus aroma that awakens the mind and puts you in a happier mood. Science suggests the smell of citrus can trick the brain into feeling good.



Go “4” It

Next up is CG4, a hybrid strain with a strong aroma and feel-good vibes. Imagine Christmas, Coachella, and the new iPhone release happening all at the same time. Take that same euphoria and put it in a marijuana strain and you’ve got CG4. If you’re ready to harness this happy feeling, you’ll be pleased to know that you get a lot of bang for your buck with CG4. These marijuana seeds produce a high-quality product regardless of any mistakes you might make as a grower. CG4 marijuana seeds are strong and not easily susceptible to growing errors. They are flexible about their specific nutrient needs, making your day a heck of a lot more easygoing. Also, due to its heavy resin production, this strain is a great choice for those wanting to explore concentrates and hash production.


Treat Yo’Self

This next strain is called Dutch Treat for a reason. It’s a sweet-smelling indica-dominant hybrid that will immediately transport you to a candy shop. The candied smell isn’t quite like chocolate strains (such as Chocolate Kush, Chocolate Diesel, and Chocolate Thai) but rather like you’re eating a tootsie roll pop or gummy bear — except it won’t give you cavities. Because of its indica properties, you’ll be able to experience deep relaxation without falling asleep. The sativa in Dutch Treat is strong enough to keep you awake while easing all your muscles. Dutch Treat can easily grow indoors, using either a grow tent or grow lights.


Get Creative

Next, allow us to introduce Cinex — a sativa-dominant hybrid that offers THC levels up to 22%. Its genetic background comes from Cinderella 99 and Vortex, both known to give off a high-energy euphoria that elevates creativity and productivity. We recommend smoking Cinex during the day while you’re able to move around and release your energy and cerebral buzz. If you smoke too much of this before bed, it’s likely that your thoughts will keep you up all night. Similar to CG4, Cinex seeds are armed with mold- and mildew-resistant genetics that allows more room for error, making these seeds great for beginner growers.


Easiest Marijuana

Why So Simple?

When it comes to growing the so-called easiest marijuana strains, maybe we need to define what makes certain strains “easy,” as that word means different things to different people. There are four key factors that define how easy a strain is to grow yourself at home:

  • Quick  – fastest time to harvest
  • Easy – most forgiving
  • Highest Yields – produce as much marijuana as possible
  • Highest Potency – famous strains or award-winning strains

Have we convinced you to start growing your own marijuana yet? The process can be as seamless or challenging as you want — that’s the beauty of it! As a beginner, it may be smart to start with the five marijuana strains listed above. Once you’ve mastered them, you can always go on growing harder strains and pushing your knowledge even further. Remember, this is your marijuana journey. We’re just here to offer sound advice and helpful tips. Now, go on — get your grow on!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Extreme novice! Enjoy sativa and indica edibles so thought to try & grow. Do not see here what would equate. Any advice?

    • chrisdecouto1985@gmail.com says:

      Hey Osborne
      What you have is mold. Obviously.
      But no worry cause you just lost the protection on the tent fabric.
      Clean and dry tent then spray liquid silicone around the vents on the portion with the mold. It will be like new and mold shouldn’t return

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