In such a fast-paced world, we’re all about the “now, now, now.” We’re impatient, constantly in a rush, and easily distracted by whatever shiny new product hits the market. Be honest, how many of you sold your souls for the iPhone 11? This hurried behavior counts for shipping, too. Not only can you have cannabis seeds delivered to your home via Pacific Seed Bank, but you’re also about to fall in love with these CBD subscriptions services. The highest-quality CBD sent straight to your door.

Feel All The Feels With Feals

With Cosmopolitan magazine on its side, CBD brand Feals’ popularity is sky-rocketing. The media outlet gave an honest review of their monthly subscription service and it was all positive! Feals’ mission is “to take the guesswork out of finding your go-to dose with the help of “flights,” or three vials containing 40 mg, 80 mg, and 160 mg of CBD oil. The company recommends feeling out the 40 mg tube before working your way up to 80 mg and beyond.”

As a consumer, you start with the smallest dose and gradually work your way up, depending on your tolerance and needs. Once you’re comfortable with a set dosage, you can order one bottle versus the entire flight. You don’t have to be a member, per se, but membership does get you 30% of all products. Plus, you can cancel anytime and shipping is free in the US.

CBD Subscriptions

Stay High With The Daily High Club

If you’d like a more well-rounded cannabis experience (not just CBD), go with Daily High Club. They offer three levels of monthly subscriptions. According to their website, the $1/month gets you:

  • 1.25 Size All-Natural Papers
  • All-Natural Filter Tips
  • 3.3′ Organic Bee Wick
  • Matchbook

The $9.99/month gets you special 7-9 products, all curated by smoking experts. And lastly, the $29.99/month box gets you $80 worth of cannabis products and a new bong/dab ring. The current bong featured on their website is a glass cobra with red markings. Looks pretty damn cool, to be honest.

Live Healthy With Live Hempily

At $47.99/month, you could live hempily ever after with this subscription box! focuses primarily on CBD and hemp-based products. Every box includes 5-8 CBD products that sound too delicious to pass up. They’ve included homemade gummies, candy, and chocolate in the past, as well as coffee, tea, and bath bombs. You can also upgrade to the Deluxe box for additional self-care items and CBD products. Treat yourself!

CBD Subscriptions

Get Crafty With Hemp Crate Co.

Still on the fence about which CBD subscriptions and products are right for you? Look no further than Hemp Crate Co. They offer three box options, one for every component of your life.

  1. Health & Wellness for relaxation and physical recovery
  2. Hempa the Explorer for a combination of CBD products
  3. Furry Friends box for pets — all priced at $44.99/month

There’s increasing evidence that CBD can benefit animals the same way it helps us! CBD can be used to relieve fur/skin issues, separation/social anxiety, itching, nausea, and so on. Each subscription option has two tiers for either 4-6 or 5-8 CBD products per month. The boxes typically include CBD tinctures, bath bombs, rubs, capsules, oils, and so much more!

CBD Subscriptions

Go Green With Green Girl CBD

In the world of CBD and cannabis, you get what you pay for. Full-spectrum CBD is often priced higher than lower-quality products for a reason — it works twice as hard to combat anxiety, stress, etc. Really, full-spectrum is the only way to go. Green Girl CBD promises to deliver nothing but the best CBD (for a price, of course). This is the most lavish subscription box on our list today. The simplest box starts at $59/month, then moves to $99/month, and finally $139/month.

Why the hefty price tag? Green Girl gives proof of their high-quality hemp products to ensure you that they’re the real deal. Their website features their certified organically grown hemp certificate and their lab test results. It’s crucial that you feel comfortable ordering and using CBD in your everyday life.

But wait, there’s even more good news! The CBD subscription box options don’t stop there. We touched on the five most popular in this article but there’s still so much to discover. With so many choices, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find the best CBD subscriptions for you! Now, if you’d prefer to grow your own CBD source at home, we have plenty of high-CBD strains and seeds on our site for you to buy.

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