Welcome to the first month of 2022. Around this time of year, we hear a lot of talk about NYE Resolutions that have to do with health, money, and lifestyle changes. Did you set one this year? In today’s blog, we’ll walk you through some of the most common resolutions and how marijuana can actually help you stick to them.

Common NYE Resolutions

Don’t be surprised if your gym looks overcrowded for the next few weeks. Hands down the most common NYE resolution relates to one’s health, either with weight loss, weight gain, or a more consistent workout schedule. In January, people often sign up for gym memberships, join a new fitness studio, or buy workout equipment to exercise at home (especially since Omnicron is running rampant). Other common NYE Resolutions include

  • To read more
  • To quit a bad habit (cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, etc.)
  • To save money and budget properly
  • To find a creative outlet (journaling, meditating, etc.)
  • To spend more time with friends and family
NYE Resolutions

Using Marijuana to Help With Your Goals

We’ll start with the most common resolution: to work out more and possibly lose weight in the New Year. While it’s true that weed is often tied to the munchies and binging everything in your fridge, there’s a new edible gummy on the market that promises to do the opposite. Fit Gummies sold by Wana Brands uses THCV (not THC) to help with insomnia, stress, and libido—all while keeping your appetite in check.

Their research studies suggest that Fit Gummies can aid users with weight-related health issues. Since the gummies use THVC—not THC—they do not come with psychoactive effects to make you feel high. The effects are more similar to CBD gummies. Currently, Fit Gummies are only available in Colorado but they plan to expand soon. If weight loss is your goal this year, it might be worth checking out!

As for the desire to work out more, you can find motivation and energy in many of our sativa strains. A ‘wake and bake’ with high potency sativa strain will give you the kick in the pants you need to hit the gym this morning. The right marijuana strain can motivate you to work out more by boosting your energy levels, mood, and overall headspace.

NYE Resolutions

Marijuana and Creativity

Looking for a new creative outlet this year? Whether it’s reading, writing, or meditating, marijuana can boost your creativity and brainstorming sessions.  According to Psychedelic Times, studies dating back to the 1970s suggest marijuana can promote creative thinking. “Regular users report having more original thoughts while using marijuana, and more recent research also indicates that up to 50% of cannabis users think it heightens their creativity.”

Grow Your Own Plants to Save Money

Many NYE Resolutions also have to do with better money management. If that’s your goal this year, you might want to look into growing your own marijuana plants. This will save you hundreds of dollars in the future as you’ll be spending less at your local dispensary. One single marijuana plant can produce up to $200 worth of weed! That’s $200 you’re saving at the dispensary!

NYE Resolutions

Weed Might Make You More Social

Speaking of spending more time with friends and family, did you know that certain marijuana strains can change your social behavior? Well, at least in mice. According to Inverse, “Scientists believe using marijuana can change behavior related to sociability because of persistent activation of CB1, which is one of the two known subtypes of cannabinoid receptors. CB1 disrupts the chain of events that allow brain cells to be energized.”

What If I Want to Smoke Less?

Many NYE Resolutions have to do with health, especially the desire to smoke and drink less. Marijuana might not be the way to go if you want to smoke less as that would be counterproductive, but that’s where CBD comes into play. Research shows that CBD can ease withdrawal symptoms, and smokable hemp products actually feel similar to cigarettes, so it could be an easier transition for many.

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