With the holidays done and dusted, we can finally get back to our routine. No more awkward extended-family dinners, no more questionable hotel beds, and no more stress over which Christmas present to buy. We’re home. We did it. Now that you’re back on the couch, in your comfort zone, it’s time to reach for your favorite marijuana strain again. It’s been waiting for you, and while you’re excited to pack a bowl with fresh grass, you might be wondering what your marijuana tolerance is like after not smoking for a few days or weeks. Here’s everything you need to know about marijuana tolerance.

How Quickly Do You Build Up A Marijuana Tolerance?

As with anything, the increase in tolerance depends on how often you use. If you drink beer every day, you’ll build up a tolerance faster than someone who only drinks on Friday or Saturday nights. The same goes for marijuana. We’re willing to guess that since you’re reading a marijuana blog right now, you’re probably a regular smoker. In that case, your tolerance can build up within a week—and you can lose it just as quickly. You may notice some changes in your behavior or thinking the first time you come back from taking a long marijuana break marijuana.

Marijuana Tolerance

How Does Tolerance Affect My Behavior?

Marijuana is far less addictive than cigarettes (with the lack of nicotine), but that doesn’t mean you can’t form a habit, especially if you rely on it as your daily medicine. The absence of marijuana in a “cold turkey” fashion may make you feel…

  • Irritable
  • Anxious
  • Stressed
  • Sluggish
  • Unmotivated

This is all relatively common, especially if you’re used to smoking every day and marijuana has become a staple in your morning or evening routine. We all know how relaxing it can be to kick up your feet at the end of a long day with a fat blunt. But alas, thanks to the busy holiday season, maybe that wasn’t possible. Maybe your parents don’t allow marijuana in their house. Maybe you couldn’t travel with it. Maybe you visited a state where marijuana remains illegal.

What’s It Like To Smoke After A Long Break?

As every experience will vary slightly, I’ll share mine to put things into perspective. After three long weeks without cannabis, I found myself coughing every time I picked up the pipe. Maybe the weed inside was bad and dried out? Or maybe my lungs were just confused as hell. Three weeks is enough time to change any progress or tolerance that you’ve built up. Think about your fitness routine for one second. 

Three weeks without running on a treadmill would definitely impact tolerance for cardio—you’d feel your heart beating out of your chest in minutes. Smoking marijuana is no different. Your lungs suddenly get the burst of smoke and don’t know what to do. Since your tolerance is down, you may get high on less cannabis than before. It may only take one or two inhales to get the desired experience. You can see how this could be a good thing. Now your cannabis stash will last longer and you won’t need a refill anytime soon!

Marijuana Tolerance

Marijuana Strains For A Low Tolerance

Even with a lowered tolerance, there are still hundreds of strains you can choose from to get high without an overwhelming experience. You’ll want to pick a strain that’s relatively low on the THC scale. To build up your tolerance again, go with something easy, smooth, and relaxing. You’d also do well with a high-CBD strain, which we have plenty of on our site! Some of our favorites include…

  1. ACDC
  2. Harlequin
  3. CBD Blueberry
  4. Cannatonic
  5. CBD Blue Shark

What If I “Green Out?”

A lower tolerance means you’re more susceptible to a marijuana “green out.” This is a slang term for smoking too much at once and then feeling some negative effects. During a “green out,” you may panic a little bit and feel anxious. Your palms may sweat, your eyes may become bloodshot, and you’ll be dying for a glass of water. This is all normal. The best thing to do to conquer the “green out” is to tap into your relaxation techniques. For some, this could be a hot bath, a walk outside with the dog, a favorite TV show, a cup of tea, and so on.

Marijuana Tolerance

To sum up, it’s easy to both build and lose a marijuana tolerance. Some say it’s actually better to have a lower tolerance because then your stash will last longer. But then again, you’re also more likely to experience a “green out” when you start consuming again after a long break. Re-build your marijuana tolerance at a slow and steady pace with the help of low-THC, high-CBD strains.

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