To the average person, the feeling of falling in love can best be described as walking on air, heaven on Earth, or warm apple pie. To the average scientist, love is simply a chemical reaction in the brain, specifically the release of a stimulant called phenylethylamine (PEA). This chemical is naturally produced in higher doses when we eat delicious foods like chocolate or when we meet that special someone. In today’s blog, we’re diving into the history of marijuana and tantric sex.

Now, let’s add sex and cannabis to the mix. THC triggers the release of dopamine to give us that “high” feeling. Sex does the same thing. Naturally, we’re left to wonder how greatly marijuana can enhance one’s sex life and whether science supports it. If you like what you read in this article, it may serve you well to buy cannabis seeds before your next date night.

Tantric Sex

The Origin of the Kama Sutra

Historians believe the combination of weed and cannabis started in ancient India, specifically the practices of Kama Sutra. Surely, you’ve snuck a peek at a sex position book or the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine at least once in your life. Back then, in Ancient India, it was an art form. Tantric sex practitioners believed cannabis could enhance the libido, produce longer-lasting erections, and delay ejaculation, according to Men’s Health.

Marijuana and Aphrodisiacs

But what does science say about all of this? It’s doubtful that the Kama Sutra text, written by Vātsyāyana, received factual examination before being published. Alas, people will believe whatever sounds (and feels) good to them. Here’s a little disclaimer: there’s not a whole lot of concrete proof that cannabis has aphrodisiac qualities (the same goes for oysters, by the way). But there is a strong body of anecdotal evidence to support the idea that marijuana and enhanced sex are linked in more ways than one.

Tantric Sex

How Marijuana Affects Sexual Pleasure

To better understand the relationship between sex and marijuana, we first need to know what cannabis is made of. The flowers of the marijuana plant contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This chemical compound attaches itself to cannabinoid receptors in our brains (the endocannabinoid system) to make us feel happy and rewarded. According to Leaf Science, this wave of positivity is thanks to the short-term production of extra dopamine.

When analyzing marijuana’s effect on sexual activity, we have to remember that our bodies are all different. THC affects us on a variety of levels that cannot be predicted or predetermined. It takes time to figure out how much marijuana makes us feel good versus being overly lethargic. Regardless of the data, experienced cannabis users stand by the concept that it enhances sexual pleasure and the overall experience. In one 2016 study, over half the subjects reported feeling “aphrodisiac-like effects” after smoking marijuana. Seventy percent said they felt “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction.”

Other Ways to Heighten Sexual Pleasure

Speaking of, there are seven all-natural ways to make your partner aroused that don’t include weed. These are all so simple, almost too simple, that most of us may have overlooked them in our hectic lives.

  • Go to bed early (well-rested folks are 14% more likely to have sex)
  • Give him/her a massage (relaxation is key to get in the mood)
  • Watch a romantic movie (visualization never hurt anybody)
  • Exercise together (all that sweating and pumping endorphins)
  • Focus on her (women who have more orgasms want more sex)
  • Take him/her on an adventurous date (adrenaline goes a long way)
  • Show off your talent (we love watching people who are good at their craft)
Tantric Sex

Marijuana-Based Sex Products

Additionally, Cosmopolitan brings up a good point of using marijuana in sex-based products. Smoking marijuana is one way to reap the benefits of an intimate night, but have you considered lubricants, vibrators, and condoms as an alternative? The company Foria sells a lubricant infused with THC oil that is meant to get your vagina high. One customer wrote, “The greatest (seriously, greatest) effect it had was the intensity and length of my orgasms,” one user wrote. Another mentioned it felt like “a warm and very sexual hug.”

Next, we have MJ-flavored condoms, which should come as no surprise considering banana, strawberry, and chocolate have been on the market for years. Even the shape of the marijuana leaf has sparked inspiration in the tantric sex department. You can actually buy canna leaf vibrators and — get this — pipe dildos. There’s an invention out there that acts as both a dildo and a pipe.

The Downsides of Weed in the Bedroom

The one con to marijuana in tantric sex is also a pro. Marijuana has been known to make men last longer…if not too long for their partner’s liking. Also, there’s the issue of getting too high to function, which can happen at any time. Smoking too much of certain types of marijuana may also delay erections because the muscles are too relaxed.

In the end, combining marijuana and sex is all about finding the perfect balance. Too much and the idea of sex may feel too taxing and you may not reap all the benefits. But once you find that sensual middle ground, it might be worth the trial and error period. THC will work its magic on the brain to release dopamine and make you feel good on so many levels.

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