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Brains Damage Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

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The opposite of damaging, Brains Damage marijuana contains a blistering THC content (around 22%) and has the kind of sturdy, dependable structure even novice gardeners will love. Its yield may surprise you, particularly when planted outdoors.

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No one actively seeks brain damage, unless of course, you’re looking for marijuana that will leave you in an almost immediate state of bliss courtesy of its crushing content of THC and hefty sativa genetics – and that strain is Brains Damage. 

One toke of Brains Damage marijuana will change the way you view the world but in a wholly positive way. It comes on with an almost immediate head rush that develops into feelings of euphoria and the kind of clear-headedness that facilitates creativity. These feelings intensify, but soon that euphoric energy beings to ebb, leaving your whole person feeling lazy and relaxed. It isn’t uncommon to find yourself on brink of sleep at this point, if not tripping over it for a peaceful evening free of tossing and turning. 

Because of its ability to stop stress in its tracks, Brains Damage marijuana has become a kind of antidote for stress, as well as an excellent aid in assisting those with trouble sleeping and stimulating appetite. Its fruity sweet and earthy aroma/flavor are just one more benefit to an already incredible strain. 

Tempted to try Brains Damage marijuana seeds in your cannabis garden? You’re in luck! These seeds treat gardeners of every level with respect and can be successfully cultivated both in and out of the house. Within 8 weeks, indica-dominant Brains Damage will reach its average height of about 3 feet, and produce about 5 grams of bud per plant, when grown indoors. Outdoor growers will find Brains Damage to be a much more lucrative option, as the strain can reach upwards of 6 feet and offer up to about 36 ounces per plant come the final week of September. 

Additional information


Amsterdam Seeds Co.

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Happy, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 150 gr

Yield Outdoors

Up to 600 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Stress


Diesel, Skunky, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






11 reviews for Brains Damage Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

  1. Richard Goodwin (verified owner)

    Ideal for beginner growers, this plant is extremely durable and resistant to a lot of pests and diseases. While you can plant them inside or outside, it’s best to plant outdoors, so you can get a whopping yield. Outdoor growers can expect around 600 grams per unit, which is extremely large. I’m all for having plenty of this great strain!

  2. Nicole Tapia (verified owner)

    Boy, I tell you what, my brain is already damaged so I don’t NEED more brains damage lol. This weed is purely for fun and entertainment. I enjoy it for the fresh flavors, the bright colors, and getting busy in the garden. I find it to be healthy, uplifting, fresh. Nothing hits quite like it, it’s got a unique spin of flavors, and kind of hits your brain in such a way you don’t see it coming. Good choice overall, just wish I actually had outdoor room to grow it!

  3. 9JadeJackal (verified owner)

    The high from this strain is out of this world and I really enjoyed the creative and euphoric feelings it brought. The plants I grew from these seeds had a great yield and full germination. Overall, I highly recommend Brains Damage for anyone looking for a powerful and satisfying marijuana experience.

  4. Raymond Kelly (verified owner)

    You might have to see a doctor after smoking brains damage! This indica hybrid is powerful enough to KNOCK. YOU. OUT!
    Just wanted to say thanks for the great seeds and the fast delivery. Pacific is really changing the game for home growers all over the USA, making quality pot seeds available at affordable prices!

  5. NugNewton710 (verified owner)

    I had a fantastic experience growing this strain! All seeds germinated and the plants were easy to care for, producing a great yield. The high is perfect for creative activities and unwinding after a long day. The taste is a unique blend of diesel and skunky sweetness. Highly recommended for those seeking relief from insomnia, lack of appetite, and stress.

  6. SoilSorcerer (verified owner)

    No, don’t worry, you won’t get any brain damage from this strain of MJ. If anything it’s good for opening up the senses and the crown chakra, bringing creative energy into the body, and putting me in a trance-like state that is amazing for underground EDM dance parties!

  7. Rosie Mckee (verified owner)

    Don’t you worry, your brain is in good hands with brains damage weed.
    This heavy indica is perfect for a lazy weekend at home, watching movies, playing video games, and straight chilling.
    Buying weed online is always a good idea. Pacific has a great return policy, always ships quickly, and the product is great.
    Say thank you!

  8. Yazmin Patel (verified owner)

    There’s no brain damage from this weed, just good vibes 🙂 This Indica hybrid has been good for my stress levels and my social anxiety. I get excited by the sheer volume of mj coming from this weed! It’s very nice!! It’s a big yield with a LOT of staying power…usually cures within a few days….and it stays fresh for like months!

  9. Reema Hernandez (verified owner)

    A really high end weed with bold flavors and a lovely smooth texture. I was surprised I was able to yield a near 600 grams from my plants. It’s gorgeous and fun to grow, and it gets me high! I love the sweet sweet flavors that permeate my brain. Oh what a relief.

  10. Kade Brandt (verified owner)

    Don’t worry, your brain is very much in a safe place to smoke the brains damage weed from Pacific. The general profile of this weed is a HIGH THC count, usually hovering between 20-25% THC, and a smooth hybrid, indica-leaning profile. I actually turn to this skunky weed at the end of the work day for some reliable relaxation.

  11. Brenda Gallegos (verified owner)

    Nothing damaging about this weed. It’s been good for clearing my head. I like the sweet flavors and the smooth, luxurious smoke. Haven’t been a grower for long, but definitely enjoy the process. I was able to plant outdoors this time, and it made for some really nice stuff! It’s a fast grower and does beautifully in my apartment window!

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