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Pennywise Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

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Pennywise marijuana will terrify you with delight. A potent indica, Pennywise will deliver all relaxation and uplift your mood for a fragrant experience that will leave you couchbound.

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Infamous in name, fear and paranoia are the last thing delivered by Pennywise marijuana, a moderately potent, indica-leaning strain that boasts high levels of CBD and an ability to put pain and worries in its place.

Sweet and peppery with notes of coffee, Pennywise marijuana is a surprisingly gentle indica that starts in the mind, uplifting the mood and clearing the mind before snaking its way down the body and through the limbs, bringing an intense relaxation that will make you feel velcroed to the couch. In this respect, the savory aromatic Pennywise is ideal for patients who need help winding down at the end of the day, to banish racing thoughts and soothe a tired body.

A strain that will thrive both indoors and out, Pennywise marijuana seeds are relatively resilient, and can be attempted by beginner growers, though experienced gardeners will have success helping this strain to thrive. Given 8 to 9 weeks to mature, Pennywise will delight with between 12 and 16 ounces of terrifyingly good bud.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Flowering Time

60-70 days

Cannabis Species




CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Herbal, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






6 reviews for Pennywise Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

  1. Norah Landry (verified owner)

    Hefty yields and a sweet aroma….hugely satisfying looking at my MOUNTAIN of MJ. I especially enjoy this weed when watching movies….even Horror Movies like IT! But this weed is the opposite of scary….it’s chill and fun! Feeling really excited for the next season. Now I have so much experience under my belt!

  2. Matthew Brown (verified owner)

    Scary clown….relaxing weed. Yeah this is some good CBD weed. It’s got like 50/50 THC CBD. Good combo. Smells real nice. Like REAL nice. I can stick my face in a pile of this weed and just space out LOL. Big Fan of Pacific…they ship all over the USA and fast. Good to know I am covered!!

  3. Funky Chicken (verified owner)

    Pennywise was a great choice for a milder high, perfect for when you want to relax and unwind without getting too stoned. The shipping from Pacific Seed Bank was incredibly fast and all of my seeds germinated with ease. These plants were also very easy to grow, making them a great option for beginners.

  4. Sohail M. (verified owner)

    How about that amazing weed? It’s super freaking tasty, very sour, and gives me kind of a jittery (sometimes paranoid high)…

    Yields a lot though. Nice flavor and a powerful smell. I DIG it.

  5. Chace Mora (verified owner)

    You’d think this weed would inspire fear and paranoia, mainly of clowns, but MOSTLY it just helps me sleep!!
    10 seeds was all I needed and I was off to the races!
    Customer service team was VERY helpful. They always know exactly what I need to buy. They have become my friends 🙂
    Next time I am gonna buy 20 seeds and share my harvest with friends yuhhh

  6. Tyra Knight (verified owner)

    This marijuana is super hard to find elsewhere. It’s got a scary name, but is quite easy to grow and creates all kinds of beautiful flower for you to enjoy! Love the sweet taste, the smell, the vibes freinds!!! I got 15 seeds online, had them shipped to my apartment and was able to grow INSIDE! Awesome times growing in the yard!

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