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Purple Panty Dropper Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

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Purple Panty Dropper has a sweet floral scent with a strong earthy aroma and has THC levels of 18% to 25%.

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A strain of sativa that is easy to grow, Purple Panty Dropper is ideal for beginner growers. It has a high yield, with big plants that produce a large number of trichomes. And you can expect it to be relatively uniform in its growth, making it easy to manage in the grow room.


The backstory of Purple Panty Dropper marijuana seeds

It was created by breeding three well-known strains: Purple Haze, Oregon Grape, and Matanuskan Mist. Purple Haze’s sativa-like qualities made the resulting strain have an energetic onset and stimulating effects. Oregon Grape brought the tingling body sensations and soothing comedown that we love from Purple Panty Dropper. Finally, Matanuskan Mist took care of its growth profile by strengthening its frame and doubling its trichome production.


Are Purple Panty Dropper marijuana seeds good for beginner smokers?

Purple Panty Dropper has THC levels ranging from 18% to 25%. Due to its stimulating effects, it’s best used at night when you’re ready to relax and unwind before bed. It has a strong earthy aroma with fruity undertones and tastes sweetly like grapes.


Medical benefits of Purple Panty Dropper marijuana seeds

This strain helps reduce stress, and worries and relieve aches. This strain is great for first-time growers blooming within 7-9 weeks

Additional information


Dutchman Seeds

Flowering Time

55-65 days

Cannabis Species




CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Headaches, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms


Earthy, Flowery, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






8 reviews for Purple Panty Dropper Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

  1. Ireland Summers (verified owner)

    Holy moly!
    Purple panty dropper is the perfect choice for my home garden!
    I was able to successfully cultivate over 500 G of pot!
    The nug is dense, sticky, fresh, and well-formed.
    I really enjoy working with weed and definitely recommend you try it out for yourself!
    Pacific has an amazing selection, you can get lost in the hundreds of choices, but my vote is always for the panty dropper lol

  2. Naomi Khan (verified owner)

    I really do like smoking this purple indica weed but it has YET to drop any panties on my behalf. Guess I’ll have to grow more lol *shrug*

  3. Derrick Werner (verified owner)

    Oh yeahhhhh! This weed is all about gettin BUSYYYY!
    My girlfriend and I grew this together and smoke some before having some fun in the bedroom.
    Really kills my anxiety and puts me in a more confident place.
    Also the weed is super purple in color, so what’s not to love?

  4. Maddison Jenkins (verified owner)

    There is a vague floral smell to this mj that makes it exceptionally pleasant. I love smoking it every evening for relaxation but I have YET to see it drop any panties…what a shame 😉

  5. RadiantR3verie7 (verified owner)

    The high was euphoric, relaxed, and uplifted, giving me the perfect balance of body and head effects. The plants I grew were medium-sized and had beautiful purple buds. The flowering time was 2 months, which was fairly reasonable.

  6. Ronald Bowen (verified owner)

    Sup fools? Purple panty droppers is ready to bring back the spark in your life! This MJ is FRESH and purple…tastes like grape, and has an AWESOME super relaxed buzz. The harvesting was exciting but also very MESSY! I learned a lot this time around LOL

  7. HighSocietySniper (verified owner)

    While the high from this strain was great, it was definitely a challenge to get these seeds to grow. I had to put in a lot of effort and attention to detail to get a decent yield, but it was worth it in the end. The taste is very sweet and floral, and the high is perfect for relaxing and getting rid of muscle spasms.

  8. Ellie-Louise Owen (verified owner)

    The subtle earthy aromas of Purple Panty Dropper makes the senses go wild! There’s a reason this weed has its name. It’s a natural aphrodisiac! My partner and I enjoy smoking some before getting intimate, and it’s been a lot of fun! Luckily we are both growers and LOVE working with weed in the garden 🙂

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