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Thin Mint GSC AutoFlowering Seeds

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Plant Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies marijuana seeds in your therapy garden and you’ll never miss out on a minty (and super potent) treat ever again.

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If only all medicine tasted as delicious as Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies marijuana (Thin Mint GSC for short)… With a flavor strongly reminiscent of the classic cookie treat, Thin Mint GSC hybrid can top out at upwards of 21% THC, making it the kind of treat that is well worth the wait. 


With a unique and mouthwatering aroma that will turn the head of an experienced cannabis consumer, Thin Mint GSC offers a full-bodied high, a boost in creativity, and a rush of euphoria that will have you feeling spry. Delivering head-clearing happiness, you’ll radiate positive energy and creative focus. Chronic stress is no match for Thin Mint GSC marijuana and its soothing properties.


If any marijuana strain can be said to have a signature scent, it surely is Thin Mint GSC: sweet and spicy with herbal and menthol notes. The flavor is equally appealing, with notes of herbs and nuts, and a lingering aftertaste of menthol. 


Growing Thin Mint GSC marijuana seeds is not a difficult task, but this strain does prefer attentive care and ample nutrition. Kept warm, dry, and treated with compost teas, the fragrant, balanced hybrid will be ready for a fruitful harvest after 9-10 weeks flowering.

Additional information


Growers Lab

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 200g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 300 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Herbal, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






13 reviews for Thin Mint GSC AutoFlowering Seeds

  1. EmberEmbrace (verified owner)

    Reminiscent of that childhood cookie – yeah, you know the one – it’s minty with a bit of sweetness and spiciness. It hits all the right notes, so you’ll want to hit this one time and time again. The taste and the smell are enough for me to fall in love with this one – just perfection in my book!

  2. Jaylan Duarte (verified owner)

    Cool weather tolerant and usually produces well in northern Pacific climates like Oregon and Washington. ;I usually plant my starts in May, wait till the soil is about 60 degrees…so late spring is kind of perfect. The yields themselves are looking pretty solid. The plants grew about 10′ tall, and the smell is just beautiful and overwhelming. It’s like walking through a field of wildflowers. AHHhhhhh.

    Took me about 10 weeks to grow this MJ. Was a long process, but well worth the effort. Thanks everyone!

  3. Kaeden Chase (verified owner)

    Freaky fresh and minty….only half my seeds germinated right away so I was kind of bummed about that. Had to order replacement seeds and Pacific was cool about it. The weed I harvested was pretty alright, just not as bountiful as I would have liked….

  4. Kaelan Thornfield (verified owner)

    Ummm did GSC just get EVEN BETTER!!??? The world’s best strain of MJ just got a whole lot better with thin mint GSC! Yes, it tastes minty and chocolatey, and YES it gets you super high with the same energy as the regular GSC. Do NOT sleep on this one, it only takes 10 weeks to cultivate, and it’s soooo good!

  5. AstroAssassin16 (verified owner)

    Thin Mint GSC has a very creative and uplifting high that helps me relax and tackle stress. This strain was easy to grow and did not require much effort. However, I did not get a huge yield from these seeds. Overall, a great strain for those looking for a small harvest or growing for personal use.

  6. Gary K. Butler (verified owner)

    I bought my seeds online….hoping for them to ship as fast as they claim….and I was not disappointed! This MJ is fresh, undoubtedly one of the nicer strains out there. It’s got that minty flavor, that bright color pattern and those beautiful crystals! If you ever have a chance to grow this strain, try it indoors. You’ll probably have even BETTER success. I think weed is really bred to be an indoor plant these days, and I want to try and move my growing in that direction.

  7. Rayhaan King (verified owner)

    How about Thin Mints? Everyone’s fave girlscout cookie? Ummm yes!
    Buying MJ online is easy and fun as heck. Probably the most affordable hobby I’ve discovered in years!
    Cmon and try it out!

  8. Murtaza Sandoval (verified owner)

    I love auto seeds cause I hardly have to take care of them! Thin mint is great for its light minty flavor and uplifting high. Nothing beats working with pacific, they have the best seeds anywhere on the internet and ship anywhere in the USA or Canada!

  9. Paisley Haworth (verified owner)

    This reliable grow is an excellent antidote to stress and depression. Usually upwards of 20% THC this homegrown minty treat is best enjoyed with friends!!

  10. Jannah Cortez (verified owner)

    The marriage of skunky weed and mint flavors is made in heaven!! A true match meant for the most dedicated weed growers out there! The nigs are DENSE and look beautiful under my LED growlights. Helpful for my stress levels, usually puts me at ease, something no other weed can do successfully! Weed is medicine!!

  11. Lilah Contreras (verified owner)

    The thin mint strain is what you would want to smoke if you were eating some REAL girl scout cookies. It’s like amazingly minty, hits the spot every time. I smoke it before class, or before a long walk through the forest. I can even get my homework done on it. Good stuff!!

  12. Nellie Cook (verified owner)

    This weed has the most subtle mint flavor that leaves your throat and tongue feeling cool and tingly. A very nice purchase especially for the price. Gives me a nice outdoor hobby during the summertime. Have had a lot of success growing this outdoors in the desert. Loves that hot hot weather!

  13. Harun Singleton (verified owner)

    A derivative of the Girl Scout Cookies Strain, this minty favorite will have you craving some cookies and milk! It’s an easy grow, and the plant is relatively compact. It’s nice for growing indoors, under some grow lamps, and it’s been really exciting to have around the house. It doesn’t quite taste minty, but it does give you the munchies. So get your pizza place on speed dial and get stoked about your new homegrown ganja from Pacific Seeds.

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