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Abusive OG Feminized Seeds

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Abusive OG is a indica that delivers a strong sense of relaxation in the brain and body. Many users say that it makes them drowsy and helps them sleep.

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Abusive OG

Trust us, there’s nothing abusive about Abusive OG marijuana seeds. In fact, the effects of this strain could not be more opposite as it delivers strong feelings to relaxation. Consumers who don’t mind mental laziness will love Abusive OG for its ability to relax worries, a lack of appetite, and insomnia. This strain is a pure indica that is commonly enjoyed at night after a long day at work. Consumers agree that Abusive OG can melt away stress and help you fall asleep at night, even if you have a big presentation in the morning that you’re nervous about.

But because Abusive OG is such a deep relaxer, you should probably save it for nighttime use or on the weekend. Abusive OG can make your mind feel hazy and you may have trouble remembering details of the conversation you had just five minutes ago. This strain is a great choice for a rainy day when there’s nothing better to do than chill at home in front of the TV. Needless to say, you won’t be in the mood to run a marathon after smoking Abusive OG.

Although this strain doesn’t produce the highest yields, it’s a favorite amongst growers for its unique lavender smell. There aren’t many strains that smell similar to Abusive OG marijuana seeds once planted. The aroma of lavender and lemon create a very zen and peaceful atmosphere at home, and it may feel like you’re walking into the spa.

Description: Abusive OG is a indica that delivers a strong sense of relaxation in the brain and body. Many users say that it makes them drowsy and helps them sleep.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



100% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Depression, Headache


Herbal, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






46 reviews for Abusive OG Feminized Seeds

  1. Void Reaper (verified owner)

    The name might be sound like scary, but this strain is far from abusive lol In fact, it’s calming and relaxing. It’s highly potent and you will feel it all through your body. It’s similar to OG Kush, so if that’s your jam, this will def be your jam 2!!

  2. Anna R (verified owner)

    It is perfect for those who want to unwind after a long day and experience relief from insomnia and depression. The unique lavender smell of this strain adds to its appeal for growers.

  3. Eden Peck (verified owner)

    You don’t need to fear abusive OG. This weed is kind, calm, and relaxing, definitely one of my favorite buys on this site!

  4. PolarisPunisher19 (verified owner)

    Abusive OG is an easy-to-grow strain that delivers a potent and relaxing body high. I loved the sweet and spicy taste, and found it perfect for a night in when I need to unwind. The sleepy effects make it great for those struggling with insomnia or high levels of stress.

  5. Keelan T. (verified owner)

    If you like the taste, the smell, and the vibe of OG kush, then abusive OG isn’t too far off! I definitely buy my weed online, it has changed the way I smoke and grow marijuana. The ease of ordering online cant be understated. This is some bright and beautiful bud with a light sour flavor and a very wavy and uplifting high. How dank!

  6. Waseem Kay (verified owner)

    Hello, I ordered 5 seeds online. I am a new customer, and I am very excited to start growing my own MJ. So far, the growing has been a great experience, but it’s a slow time haha I am not a patient person but I am willing to wait around for these little guys. Long sun branches, you can see them soaking up the sun!

  7. Tyler-James Ball (verified owner)

    My seeds were early on delivery and germinated in a matter of days. Now I am watching them grow by the minute. Hungry little guys!

  8. Cade H. (verified owner)

    Not what it sounds like. Mostly just a mellow indica with some earthy flavors and vibezzzz.

    Buying online is easy and the price is right. Seeds shipped out quickly and were at my door in a week.

    Planting outside this time. Don’t have all the necessary equipment for a successful indoor grow.

    Big yields expected this time! Looking to be in the hundreds of grams 🙂

  9. Giles Delacruz (verified owner)

    For such an aggressive title, it’s actually quite relaxing. It takes a HUGE weight off my shoulders. Usually puts me in a good mood as well, and creates nothing but LOVE in my heart! The seeds germinate beautifully. They are sturdy plants and they give me a BIG energy boost. Not too many complaints!

  10. Jarrod Downes (verified owner)

    I was soooo stoked about this weed. I had heard about it from a friend and even they were impressed with the selection on this website. I soooo badly want to grow my own weed so I buy from Pacific and it is an absolutely beautiful thing!

  11. Shaun Olson (verified owner)

    Looking to feel relaxed? I smoke this weed right before bed and sleep like a rock. Great for mellowing out the anxiety and stress you get through the day. Bought 3 seeds online, just to try. Wish I had bought more! I got 500 grams across the 3 plants, so not bad, but a little smaller than I wanted. Either way, the weed is light and flowery.

  12. Kuba Rice (verified owner)

    Kinda smells like lavender! I got 5 seeds and only 4 germinated 🙁 But the plants that grew were healthy and produced nearly 500 grams of pot!

  13. Huzaifah Payne (verified owner)

    I have always enjoyed this strain despite its misleading name. Abusive is a gentle high that leans indica and offers some really relaxing moments. Great when you have the space to grow this in your backyard, or in your basement. Luckily I have a greenhouse, which is awesome, and I usually get a LOT of weed from just 3 plants so that’s a relief.

  14. Emile Stubbs (verified owner)

    Love some abusive OG! It’s the most relaxing, most endearing, least abusive weed there is on the market. It’s like a good relationship, and it helps with stress too. It’s got a sweet earthy flavor and some fluffy crystalized nugs, beautiful any time of day!!

  15. Ifrah Maxwell (verified owner)

    I don’t care for the name of this marijuana, it’s too strong a title for such a relaxing strain. It’s been a joy to grow it in my garden. This spring has been perfect for cultivating marijuana seeds anyway. It’s been a nice mild heat and pretty dry, just how marijuana likes it. Southern OR is the perfect spot for growing your own MJ. It’s been a gift.

  16. Roza Paterson (verified owner)

    Abusive OG is really nice and helps with stress. I dig it for the vibes man!!! I love living in Portland. I feel like I can do anything. I love growing weed. Pacific has great weed. It helps sooooo much with stress though. Better every time I smoke it. Gonna give me the right energy. Pacific delivers online man, good times 🙂

  17. Wilma Mckenzie (verified owner)

    Abusive OG is right what it needs to be, a smooth and relaxing indica with some sweet earthy flavors to back it up. Really loved getting my seeds online and in the mail. Made things very easy. I like that weed production is now in my own hands. Very excited for the next harvest, looking like I will score at least a few hundred grahams!!

  18. Rihanna Orozco (verified owner)

    Dunno why they call it abusive…it really was just good and nice to me! I like indica strains, they really help with stress and keep me from getting too depressed. I like ordering this online too, makes my busy life much easier. I suggest you try it out too and I am sure you will be very happy!!

  19. Jon Allen (verified owner)

    This marijuana has helped me write my long-awaited critically acclaimed YA novel: Crystal Salamies. NYT Best Seller FYI, LOOK IT UP!

    I am a very skilled weed grower, got a very nice harvest from these seeds. Reliably germinated and turned into something beautiful.

    I am so stoned but it feels so good. Love this Abusive OG.

  20. Debbie Pratt (verified owner)

    MMmmm sooo good to chill out with the Abusive OG…this weed is nice and relaxing…helps with stress and depression like nothing else, looks and smells great too, kind of sour and a little sweet. Definitely a good buy for the price, and it has never been easier to grow my own marijuana. Lots of fun!

  21. Vicki Kaye (verified owner)

    Nice indica strain with some very colorful flowers, grew it for my husband, grew it for my (adult) children, share it with my friends when I go out on my morning mall walks too, where I get the old feet a rumblin and life is better than ever, what a timely purchase for an elderly lady such as myself!

  22. jojen r (verified owner)

    I know it sounds rough, but it’s actually super chill. I had a great time growing this weed, and ordering the seeds online was a cinch! They delivered in less than 10 days and I was surprised to see how nicely they took to the soil in my garden. It’s amazingly chill just to smoke and have a good time, like this homegrown stuff will change your life!

  23. Nola Hebert (verified owner)

    Nothing to fear, only good vibes from this weed. Helps me with pain and stress mostly, and has been useful for my migraines. I’ve been a pot grower since the 70’s ha! This stuff and I go waaaay back, and I am happy to know I can always buy online with Pacific, they make for an excellent delivery company!

  24. Moebettah (verified owner)

    Pretty misleading name….it’s actually a really nice and relaxing indica….and it’s also really easy to grow. Got some beautiful bud off this plant…bigger and better than ever before….has a great taste and smell….not sure why it’s called abusvie it’s so misleading….I am very happy though with my purchase….I think you will be too!

  25. Jo Culp (verified owner)

    I don’t find this weed abusive at all, it’s actually really cuddly and awesome. It’s great to smoke with my bf. WE get really high and watch star wars together. I find this mj very chill, makes my mind just unwind like a wet noodle, and the lights from the TV are all nice and fuzzy. I love getting stoned, well worth the effort!

  26. theDawg (verified owner)

    This weed will abuse nodoby…all it does is relax me and put me in good spirits, which is totally what I need cause otherwise I feel super stressed out and anxious these days. Got myelf 3 seeds and just popped them into the soil in the backyard. Love how they turned out, beautiful growth with big flowers that smell super fresh. Harvesting today!

  27. Luki (verified owner)

    I don’t really see why it’s called abusive OG…it’s actually really nice and relaxing, has nothing harsh about it really. Even the grow was good, pretty straightforward and easy with no real tricks along the way. I mean, I do love caring for plants, so this wasn’t really work for me, it was a pleasure honestly. Pacific has some Grade A seeds, I’ve never had a bad batch from them and I love how easy they are to grow!

  28. Licensed (verified owner)

    Honestly, I feel like life is the abuser and this weed is the therapy. I am super happy I grew this, and I got an excellent yield from just 3 plants. The backyard was the perfect spot to grow this marijuana, it gets super sunny back there, and there are a lot of great rainshowers to keep my plants extra healthy. The flower is very dense and deep emerald green, so pretty! It also has these yellow pistils that make it look like it’s from another planet. I smoke it most nights of the week to help me chill. Love you PSB!!!!

  29. Alice (verified owner)

    It’s not what it sounds like…this weed is very relaxing and gentle and good for the soul. It’s an easy grow with a solid medium yield, pretty reliable and hard to screw up even if you’re a newbie when it comes to pot. I got my seeds going in the backyard and they did super well all things considered. I maybe shoulda waited to plant the other two, cause now I have WAAAAYYYY more weed than I expected and need to literally give it away to friends and family!

  30. idris (verified owner)

    This is something you’re gonna love! It’s not abusive at all, in fact it’s just a relaxing strain that helps with stress and anger and depression, so I smoke this usually at night to just unwind and relax with my buddies or my dog. I feel really thankful about having found PSB, I LOVE their online catalog, and I definitely will be back for more seeds. I can’t wait to become a better grower!

  31. Daria (verified owner)

    This happens to be one of my favorite strains. I have been a grower for years, but first time ordering with PSB. This is an exceptional strain, helps with stress and anxiety, and gives me a nice lightheaded high. It’s been great for my stressful days when work just does not seem to end on time!!! I have a really nice indoor grow environment and these seeds popped super quick. I was really impressed by the online selection on Pacific’s site. I think they’ve just made a new customer 🙂

  32. Ethan S (verified owner)

    It’s a very chill weed. Ordered my seeds online through PSB and had em delivered to my house in the city. Built a nice space bucket for em, and got some great results.. I probably took away around 400 g per plant and I smoke on a regular basis, excellent stuff. Very relaxing and great for back pain. Will buy again!

  33. Bryant M. (verified owner)

    The strain title is definitely a misnomer, this weed is anything but abusive. It’s amazing and relaxing and very soothing as well. I am not the best grower, but I was happy with how my weed turned out, it’s got this bright green and yellow buds about the size of popcorn, and it gets me really messed up and also very sleepy!

  34. Brodie A. (verified owner)

    Abusive OG MJ doesn’t get the love it deserves!! It is a great strain that chills and relaxes and finally gets me to enjoy the moment. There’s no smell like abusive OG. It is an unexpected smell … it’s like lavender with a bit of earthiness, too! I’m glad I could grow this indoor as you even get some of that lavende/herbal smell while it’s growing. And it’s such a pretty plant: nice green with heavy beautiful nugs. I want to be the president of the Abusive OG fan club: it’s the best!! I will most certainly buy more of these seeds from PSB!

  35. Kane G. (verified owner)

    This is actually a very relaxing strain of mj, strong indica that’ll help you relax, de-stress and even help you sleep! I grew in my basement, have been growing weed down there for a couple years, but my first order with PSB, this is my new favorite company, I plan on making this my main source for seeds! The weed grew really well, but a bit of a smaller harvest, one or two tokes will do ya!

  36. Jamal L. (verified owner)

    Well, if you’re gonna abuse anything ever, it should probably be Abusive OG. Awesome pure indica with higher thc percentage. Definitely puts a stop to whatever it is you might be doing with that well known couch lock but it’s an amazing nighttime weed. Such nice crystals and bright greens and oranges too made it really hard to stay out of the grow room and just stare at the plants. Some of the best pure indica I’ve ever smoked.

  37. Mia M. (verified owner)

    I’m always interested in new mj strains, especially straight indicas. This one was a revelation. The scent really is like nothing else. The lavendar and lemon notes are relaxing just by themselves. But there’s also an undercurrent of something spicy, like coriander or something. And the buzz—hoo boy. Total relaxation on two hits. I’m sold.

  38. Lana R. (verified owner)

    Every now and then my mind just races and I can’t stop thinking about all the shit I have to do. This cannabis strain is perfect for quieting my brain and letting me relax. If I smoke too much though, I’m stuck on the couch, so for me one puff is perfect. Good flowering time, they were ready to go in a little less than two months. Nice dark green color with tiny red hairs, good quality weed.

  39. Trinity I. (verified owner)

    You know, I’m not wild about the name of this strain but I sure do love the high. I have a hard time turning my brain off and the end of the day, and this stuff is like a giant OFF switch. My head has a hard time making thoughts, period. This is a great smoke if you’re looking for some relief in that way. But if you need to keep your shit together a little, maybe try something less hard hitting?

  40. Tristan W. (verified owner)

    I was going to write a review for this strain but I smoked it and now I can’t remember. Hahahahaha. Hits you hard and makes you forget your day. Love this shit and gonna order another round, stat. Easy to grow and the seeds all germinated for me. Successful indoor grow!

  41. jmumm420 (verified owner)

    Question: How much do I love a good indica cannabis at the end of a crazy week? Answer: Mucho, mucho! It makes my mind hazy in a good, fuzzy way. And a bonus with this strain: a lovely lavender smell that makes me relax even more! This weed is a good choice for a smallish space – they won’t grow too big and tall. And the lavender smell is fantastico!!

  42. Brianna B. (verified owner)

    Everything about this weed indicates it was named incorrectly, haha. From a pleasant and lovely lavender aroma to its relaxing, calming, and euphoric affect, everything about this strain is just peachy. With nice, deep green buds covered in beautiful dense orange hairs and a short indoor flowering period (thanks indica!) this plant was an absolute pleasure to grow. Smaller yield than some other strains but nbd for me, I like to keep my harvest to myself anyhow.

  43. Jules F. (verified owner)

    Rare that I find a straight indica that I adore as much as the Abusive OG. Pretty misleading title, cause there’s nothing harsh about this buzz, it’s wicked chill and relaxed, helps with anxiety, depression, and even helps with sleep. A better title would be Comfort OG or something along those lines. Usually don’t smoke this during the day, it’s way too powerful, and not at all helpful with productivity. I mean, you can TRY to get work done, but don’t expect much haha. A fairly easy grow with a few exceptions, and a moderate yield. A solid purchase!

  44. Brandy B. (verified owner)

    I was kind of afraid of this strain due to the name and the uber strong THC percentage. But now its like one of my favorites so goes to show, even if it has a scary name like abusive og, it might be the best thing you’ve ever smoked. I got a strong yield with hardly any work. I like the strains that don’t require a whole lot of maintenance because I have two jobs and sometimes I have to delegate my garden duties to my roommate. Love it!

  45. Jamar N. (verified owner)

    I don’t usually smoke a lot of indicas, but a friend told me to give this one a try and it’s definitely working for me. Felt totally blissed out. It’s the ideal pot for once I’ve decided I’m probably not getting any more done today. Didn’t get the biggest harvest, but it’s potent enough I don’t go through it too fast. A “Best Buy” for yours truly. I’ll definitely be ordering more.

  46. Enrique D. (verified owner)

    I am not an everyday smoker, and I usually just smoke before bed, so this strain was perfect for someone like me. I can’t say I understand the name of this strain, but it’s actually quite nice to grow, has a nice smell, and isn’t abusive in any way! It’s a very easy grow in the garden and has a nice round yield of about 250 grams, plus it smells like lavender, good for us who don’t need the smell of pot stinking up the house. Happy I smoked this mj and I feel wonderful!

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