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Afghani Bullrider Feminized Seeds

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Gaining popularity in the 80s, Afghani Bullrider is a heavy-hitting indica strain that will have your mind and body enjoying a heightened level of relaxation and focus.

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Said to have been bred by a bull rider from San Diego, CA, Afghani Bullrider is a hard-hitting, purebred indica that will have you holding on to the reins of your couch.

This legendary strain, popular along the Pacific west coast from California to Canada, has a THC content between 16% and 20%. The effects will kick in immediately with a slight dizzying of the head that will leave you giggly and relaxed. Expect a pleasant tingling sensation to creep into your body, giving you the feeling of floating through the air. While not an overly assertive high in small doses, Afghani Bullrider will still slow down your cognitive processing and likely leave you couch-locked. The buds have an intense and pleasing aroma that is sweet and sour with light hints of nuts.

Due to these potent indica effects, Afghani Bullrider is popular among patients suffering from injury, stress, symptoms of headaches.

Afghani Bullrider is one of the fastest-growing strains around. It is best cultivated indoors and will benefit from regular pruning to ensure proper air circulation. This plant will grow short and bushy in typical indica fashion, and growers should expect a flowering period between six and seven weeks, with an average yield of 8-10 ounces per plant. Afghani Bullrider will prefer a mild climate without much humidity if grown outdoors.

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Hungry, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Muscle Spasms, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Pine, Sweet

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


112 reviews for Afghani Bullrider Feminized Seeds

  1. Aimee Boyd (verified owner)

    The Afghani Bullrider strain smells great, with a mix of earthy and sweet notes. The buds stick together and give you a balanced, relaxed high. It was fun to grow and even more fun to use.

  2. Daryl Bowen (verified owner)

    If you’re a first-time grower, I highly recommend Afghani Bullrider. The seeds are forgiving and grow into strong, resilient plants. The end product is rewarding and effective.

  3. Faye Lowe (verified owner)

    Afghani Bullrider has quickly become my favorite strain. It’s not just the high germination rate; it’s the whole growing experience. These plants are hardy and the buds are absolutely top quality. Great for medicinal users.

  4. Janet McGraw (verified owner)

    Some of the best plants I’ve grown this season came from these seeds. These buds are not only strong, but they also taste great. I’m very pleased with what I bought.

  5. Rich McCann (verified owner)

    This was my first time trying Afghani Bullrider, and I’m not disappointed. The seeds arrived in discreet packaging, germinated quickly, and the plants are thriving. It’s a resilient strain, ideal for less-than-perfect growing conditions.

  6. Lynda Calhoun (verified owner)

    I now always use Afghani Bullrider seeds when I grow plants. It’s easy to grow, gives a good yield, and has very relaxing benefits.

  7. Jay Howard (verified owner)

    The customer service team was incredibly helpful when I had questions about optimal growing conditions for Afghani Bullrider. The seeds turned into robust plants with a lot of bud production. Highly satisfied!

  8. Shannon Cowan (verified owner)

    I think these seeds are amazing! They sprouted in just a few days, and the plants are doing very well. The benefits of the buds are just what I need to ease my chronic pain.”

  9. Louise Drew (verified owner)

    Received my Afghani Bullrider seeds promptly after ordering. The germination rate was impressive—all seeds sprouted and grew into strong, healthy plants. The aroma is fantastic, and the buds are dense and potent. Great product for both new and experienced growers.

  10. Joni Lake (verified owner)

    Fantastic strain for relaxation! The plants grew uniformly and weren’t demanding in terms of care. The buds have a unique flavor and provide a smooth, calming high. Excellent for evening use.

  11. Pedro Conrad (verified owner)

    The rate of germination was just right.” It was simple to take care of the plants, and they are now strong. Looking forward to seeing how the buds grow!

  12. Donna Zhang (verified owner)

    This was my second order of Afghani Bullrider because the first batch was so successful. The seeds are reliable and produce a high-quality product every time.

  13. Rosemarie Cardenas (verified owner)

    It was a pleasure from beginning to end to raise the Afghani Bullrider. They were tough plants that gave a lot of buds. The buds have a great resting and healing effect that is hard to beat.

  14. Trudy Hall (verified owner)

    These seeds have worked really well for me. All of them grew, and the plants are doing very well. Really excited about the harvest!

  15. Sheila Kent (verified owner)

    These are some of the best grow seeds I’ve ever used for cannabis.” It worked for all of the seeds, and the plants are all growing the same way. Very satisfied with this buy.

  16. Irma Molina (verified owner)

    I’ve had these plants in flower for a few weeks now and they are looking incredible. The buds are fat and sticky, and the aroma fills up the room. Can’t wait to try the final product.

  17. Leonard Beck (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, great germination rate, and strong plant growth. In every way, these seeds from Pacific Seed Bank have been better than I expected.

  18. Hazel Todd (verified owner)

    I’m impressed by how strong this strain is. It was easy for me because the plants were strong against bugs and mildew. I love the buds, and the results are just what I was looking for.

  19. Lucia Rangel (verified owner)

    The customer support was fantastic when I had a minor issue with my order. They resolved it quickly and my seeds arrived soon after. The plants have been strong and healthy.

  20. Lena Daley (verified owner)

    Pacific Seed Bank is one of the best seed banks I’ve worked with. The Afghani Bullrider seeds were a great buy—they were easy to grow and produced a lot of plants.

  21. Luz Booth (verified owner)

    I was thoroughly impressed by the vigor of the Afghani Bullrider seeds. They sprouted almost immediately and the growth has been consistent and strong. The aroma is intoxicating and the effects are perfectly balanced.

  22. Danielle Golden (verified owner)

    Excellent strain for managing my nighttime anxiety. The buds are potent and effective, allowing me to get a good night’s sleep regularly.

  23. Jimmy Godfrey (verified owner)

    Afghani Bullrider is worth every penny. The plants are resilient and produce a good yield of high-quality buds. It’s helped me manage my pain and relax in the evenings like nothing else.

  24. Pablo Beasley (verified owner)

    I was looking for a strain that wasn’t too difficult to manage and Afghani Bullrider fit the bill. The plants are robust and the buds are potent, exactly what I hoped for.

  25. Miriam Lee (verified owner)

    This strain packs a punch. It grows quickly and strongly, and the flowers are very sticky. It’s a great choice for both new and expert users because the effects are strong but not too much.

  26. Abigail Beck (verified owner)

    The customer service at Pacific Seed Bank is fantastic. They helped me when I had issues during checkout and the seeds they sent are of excellent quality. The plants are healthy and the buds are just perfect for my needs.

  27. Jenna McCabe (verified owner)

    The Afghan Bullrider seeds have done well. They sprouted in just a few days, and the plants look very healthy. Anyone who grows plants should choose this strain.

  28. Rene Emerson (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase from Pacific Seed Bank and I’m impressed with the Afghani Bullrider seeds. The buds are dense and the effect is deeply relaxing, perfect for my anxiety.

  29. Mayra Spears (verified owner)

    I’ve grown many strains, but this was my first time with Afghani Bullrider. The quality and potency of the buds are superb. Helps wonderfully with my anxiety without being too overpowering.

  30. Mickey Richardson (verified owner)

    Really happy with my purchase. The seeds arrived quickly, germinated well, and the plants have been growing strong and healthy. The buds are potent and have helped tremendously with my chronic pain.

  31. Pat Allison (verified owner)

    Afghani Bullrider is a great strain for growers who want a stable, high-yielding plant. The plants were all the same and developed a lot of strong buds.

  32. Stella Cornell (verified owner)

    The packaging was secure and discreet, which I really appreciate. The seeds themselves are of high quality, with all of them germinating and growing into beautiful plants. The effects are relaxing and perfect for my needs.

  33. Irene Atwood (verified owner)

    Excellent strain from Pacific Seed Bank! The Afghani Bullrider seeds were a joy to grow. They produced very consistent plants with a good yield. The effects are exactly what I need for relaxation after a long day.

  34. Lloyd Parish (verified owner)

    Really happy with my purchase. The seeds germinated quickly and the plants have been producing dense, sticky buds. The effects are exactly what I was looking for: relaxing but not overly sedating.

  35. Allen Golden (verified owner)

    My order arrived quickly, and the packaging was secure and discreet. I’ve had 100% germination success and the plants look healthy and strong. Highly recommend these seeds.

  36. Calvin Lowe (verified owner)

    The potency of this strain is perfect for my evening use. It helps me unwind without knocking me out, allowing me to enjoy my nights fully.

  37. Rosemary Stafford (verified owner)

    When I needed help with my order, customer service was great. All of the seeds actually sprouted and grew into healthy plants, which is great.

  38. Myrtle Houston (verified owner)

    I liked how detailed the growing instructions were; they were simple enough for a beginner to understand. It was easy for the plants to grow, and the buds were delicious and thick.

  39. Danielle Novak (verified owner)

    These seeds have produced an excellent crop! The Afghani Bullrider strain is now a favorite due to its potent effects and ease of growth. Looking forward to my next grow with these.

  40. Amelia Greer (verified owner)

    These seeds have grown into some of the healthiest plants I’ve ever had. The buds are aromatic and provide a smooth, strong high.

  41. Sharon Olsen (verified owner)

    These seeds delivered beyond expectations. From germination to harvest, the process was smooth and the yield was impressive. The buds are sticky, dense, and have a powerful effect that helps with my insomnia.

  42. Angelica Ibarra (verified owner)

    I’ve been cultivating for years and the Afghani Bullrider seeds have some of the best germination rates I’ve seen. The plants are vigorous and produce buds that are both potent and flavorful.

  43. Alfred Thayer (verified owner)

    I was happy by the rich nature of these plants. They’ve handled variations in my growing environment better than any strain I’ve tried before. The buds are potent and have a great flavor.

  44. Tina Sulivan (verified owner)

    Some of the healthiest plants in my garden came from these seeds. The buds make you feel calm and relaxed for a long time. Helped me deal with my stress.

  45. Darin Stuart (verified owner)

    I love how resilient the Afghani Bullrider plants are. They handled some beginner mistakes gracefully and still produced a hefty yield of high-quality buds.

  46. Candice Pierson (verified owner)

    This is my first time growing the Afghani Bullrider, and I’m blown away by how much it produces and how good the buds are. The results are strong and last a long time, which is perfect for my medical needs.

  47. Yvonne Yu (verified owner)

    The seeds got to me faster than I thought they would and were well packed. The seeds have germinated 100% of the time, and the plants are strong. I strongly advise.

  48. Alfonso Bauer (verified owner)

    These seeds are top quality! The germination rate was 100% and the plants have been a breeze to care for. The final product has a delightful aroma and provides a relaxing high.

  49. Clinton Vogel (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and great germination success! This strain is powerful and the buds are incredibly dense. It has a distinctive, enjoyable aroma that fills the room.

  50. Wallace Rogers (verified owner)

    The seeds were vigorous and the plant’s resilience to pests has made growing a breeze. The final product is fantastic—strong and soothing.

  51. Rosie Guzman (verified owner)

    Superb experience from start to finish! The Afghani Bullrider seeds grew into beautiful plants. The effects are calming and last a long time, perfect for my needs.

  52. Sabrina Dickinson (verified owner)

    These seeds from Pacific Seed Bank are top-notch! Each plant grew uniformly and the buds were covered in crystals. The relaxing effects are just what I was looking for.

  53. Karla Connell (verified owner)

    The seeds came in great shape and the packaging was very discreet. All of them came up and are growing well. This strain has worked well in the past and makes good buds.

  54. James Vaughan (verified owner)

    Excellent strain for both beginner and experienced growers. The seeds sprouted without any issues and the plants have been easy to maintain. The yield was impressive and the buds provide a calming, long-lasting effect.

  55. Carrie Slater (verified owner)

    These Afghani Bullrider seeds are the real deal. Fast germination, uniform growth, and the buds are dense with a fantastic aroma. The high is exactly what you expect from a top-shelf indica.

  56. Alexandra Tate (verified owner)

    I’m really happy with the Afghani Bullrider seeds. The plants grew well and the buds are some of the best I’ve had. This strain has a great balance of effects, perfect for my medical needs.

  57. Stacy Gifford (verified owner)

    The delivery was quick and quiet. It really impressed me how good these seeds were. Everything went off without a hitch, and the plants have been easy to take care of, which is great for someone like me who only grows plants occasionally.

  58. Patrick Peters (verified owner)

    The flavor profile of Afghani Bullrider is excellent. It’s got a rich, earthy tone with just a hint of sweetness. Smokes smooth and has a great effect for relaxing.

  59. Heidi Curran (verified owner)

    I appreciate the stability of this strain. Each plant has grown consistently, which makes it easier to manage my grow space. The effects are calming and exactly what I need for stress relief.

  60. Neal Bishop (verified owner)

    Afghani Bullrider has been addition to my garden. The seeds were easy to germinate, and the plants are hearty with a good resistance to pests. The buds are plump and have a beautiful, soothing effect.

  61. Allen Ford (verified owner)

    The seeds came in a nondescript package which was perfect for privacy. They sprouted within days and have been growing strong ever since. This strain helps wonderfully with my anxiety and sleep issues.

  62. Ismael Kuhn (verified owner)

    Top marks for these seeds! They arrived promptly and were packaged discreetly. Germination was almost immediate and the plants are thriving. Can’t wait to see the final yield!

  63. Zaniyah Barber (verified owner)

    This ancient strain is an easy backyard grow….especially if you live in southern California….or somewhere nearby. It’s been amazing when it comes to managing my stress. I can finally work again and not feel anxious or tired or depressed. It’s a dream come true…..well it’s really just a matter of work but you get it. I would describe this strain as earthy, a little bitter, but pretty fantastic overall. I can’t help but smoke it when I get home in the evening….it’s something I look forward to every day.

  64. Lola Sexton (verified owner)

    It makes me happy to have the Afghani Bullrider seeds. The plants are now very strong, and the buds are big and strong. It has been a pleasure to grow this type.

  65. Evelyn Saunders (verified owner)

    Ordering was a breeze and the customer service was helpful when I had questions about growing conditions. The plants turned out great and the buds have a unique, rich flavor. Definitely a repeat purchase.

  66. Paige Bradshaw (verified owner)

    These seeds grew into some of the best plants in my garden this year. The effects of the buds are exactly as described—relaxing and perfect for easing into sleep.

  67. Dorothy Carson (verified owner)

    Fantastic grow! The seeds sprouted quickly and the plants have been a breeze to maintain. This strain has been a joy to grow and even more enjoyable to use.

  68. Sarah Lyon (verified owner)

    The yield from these seeds exceeded my expectations. Easy to grow and maintain, Afghani Bullrider is now one of my favorites. It’s great for pain relief and winding down at night.

  69. Tonya Bolton (verified owner)

    The buds from these plants are just beautiful. Dense, sticky, and with a knockout effect that’s both relaxing and euphoric. I couldn’t ask for more from a strain.

  70. Jana Mayo (verified owner)

    I had a slight issue with my order initially, but customer service was on it immediately and sorted everything out. The seeds themselves are fantastic, growing into robust plants with great bud structure.

  71. Nadine Love (verified owner)

    The yield from these seeds has been impressive. The plants grew to a good size and produced plenty of dense, potent buds. It’s been a great addition to my garden.

  72. Gail Vaughan (verified owner)

    I’m a beginner grower and found these seeds very forgiving. They grew into healthy plants with minimal fuss. The harvest was plentiful and the effects of the buds are just what I need to relax after a busy day.

  73. Clifford Rush (verified owner)

    I asked a question about my order and got a quick answer from customer service. The process went smoothly because they knew what they were doing and were willing to help. The seeds themselves are very good.

  74. Yusuke Kato (verified owner)

    This legendary strain offers a heavy-hitting indica experience that will leave your mind and body in a state of relaxation and focus. With its potent THC content and pleasant tingling sensation.

  75. Martha Hines (verified owner)

    Afghani Bullrider is a phenomenal strain. It thrives indoors and the yield was higher than any other strain I’ve grown. The effects are potent, making it great for both medicinal and recreational use.

  76. Cheryl Barnes (verified owner)

    The seeds were delivered in a nondescript package which was appreciated. They’ve grown into strong plants that are flowering beautifully. Can’t wait to try the buds!

  77. Nicholas Fuller (verified owner)

    These seeds were suggested to me, and I’m glad I did. I’ve never had such healthy plants before. The dense, resinous buds are great for relaxing in the evening.

  78. Corinne Irwin (verified owner)

    I was blown away by the quick germination of the Afghani Bullrider seeds. The plants have been a pleasure to grow, showing strong resilience and robust health. The buds are dense and the effects are just what I need to unwind.

  79. Olga Frey (verified owner)

    The seeds were shipped quickly and were all in good shape. They sprouted right away, and the plants look good. It was easy to grow this strain.

  80. Rose Mathews (verified owner)

    Overall, I had a great time with these seeds. They grew quickly and kept going even when the weather got bad. The buds I picked are great for relaxing in the evenings.

  81. Lucas Coleman (verified owner)

    I’m impressed because this is the first time I’ve grown an Afghani Bullrider. The seeds came up quickly, and the plants are strong now. I can’t wait to taste the buds.

  82. Diana Jennings (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery and the seeds were well-packaged. All seeds germinated and produced strong, healthy plants. The potency of the buds is exactly right, offering a relaxing but not overwhelming experience.

  83. Priscilla Tyler (verified owner)

    The growing process was straightforward thanks to the comprehensive guide provided. The Afghani Bullrider strain has not only been easy to grow but also produced some of the most aromatic buds I’ve ever had.

  84. Ronnie Walker (verified owner)

    Overall, a fantastic experience with Pacific Seed Bank. The seeds were affordable, arrived fast, and have grown into some of the best cannabis plants I’ve had the pleasure of cultivating.

  85. Charlotte Calderon (verified owner)

    The growing instructions were clear and very helpful. I followed them to the letter and my plants are looking fantastic. It’s my first time growing this strain and I’m pleased with the results.

  86. Josie Carney (verified owner)

    I experimented with several strains this year and Afghani Bullrider was by far the best. It’s robust, yields well, and the buds have a unique flavor that’s a real treat.

  87. Saul Woodward (verified owner)

    I used to smoke this weed back in the 80’s HA! It’s great for growing outdoors. Helps with stress, getting the hands dirty, being committed to a new hobby, watering pruning etc etc.
    So yeah, don’t be afraid to try. There’s a TON of opportunity out there, and if you have Pacific MJ on your side, you can guarantee yourself a NOICE yield.
    Afghani Bullrider….a great looking strain, amazing floral aroma. Truly a thrill ride for the senses.

  88. Hope Anthony (verified owner)

    Afghani Bullrider is now my go-to strain for pain management. The seeds germinated without issue, and the plants were resilient throughout the season. The buds provide significant relief from chronic pain.

  89. Minnie Spaulding (verified owner)

    In my garden, Afghan Bullrider has done a good job. It’s easy to take care of, and the output has been great. The buds smell great and are very strong.

  90. Melanie Barton (verified owner)

    Customer service was very understanding when I had issues with my payment. They helped me sort it out and I received my seeds without further delay. The seeds themselves are of high quality.

  91. Lillie Horn (verified owner)

    These Afghani Bullrider seeds germinated very quickly, which was really great. Almost all of the seeds sprouted and grew into strong plants. The end buds smell good and are strong, making for a smooth, enjoyable experience.

  92. Keri Rhodes (verified owner)

    From the moment I placed my order to when I harvested the buds, everything went smoothly. The Afghani Bullrider seeds are of high quality, and the effects are strong but manageable. Great for both recreational and medicinal use.

  93. Gladys Browning (verified owner)

    Afghani Bullrider has been a standout strain in my growing experience. It’s not only easy to cultivate, but it also produces a consistent quality and yield. I’m thoroughly impressed with this product.

  94. Felix McDonald (verified owner)

    Just harvested my first crop of Afghani Bullrider from seeds purchased at Pacific Seed Bank, and I’m beyond pleased. The ordering process was straightforward, shipping was discreet and fast, and every seed germinated without a hitch. This strain has helped tremendously with my chronic pain and sleep issues. The plants themselves were a breeze to care for, and the yield was impressive. The buds are quality, with a smooth flavor and strong effects.

  95. Vickie Duran (verified owner)

    Well, I strongly advise the Afghani Bullrider to anyone seeking the finest indica strain. The buds are strong, the plants are tough, and the smoke is smooth and relaxing.

  96. Shelley Walker (verified owner)

    I love how simple it was to grow these seeds. The trees are growing well, and the buds look like they will open soon. “This strain has been perfect for my needs.

  97. Angelo Tran (verified owner)

    These are some of the best feminized seeds I’ve purchased. High germination rate and the plants are uniform in size and health. Pacific Seed Bank has done a great job with this strain.

  98. Jill Drake (verified owner)

    The seeds sprouted very quickly, and the plants are doing great with very little care. It looks like this type can handle bugs pretty well, which is a big plus.

  99. Joanne Kemp (verified owner)

    I love this strain! It’s been great for my evening practices, which help me relax after work. It was easy to grow the trees, and the buds are great.

  100. Celeste Mahoney (verified owner)

    This is a southern Cali original. Feeling really great about buying online and getting on the homegrowing bandwagon.
    If I start in April, Usually I can TP outdoors by late May. This is a summer plant, loves the hot SoCal Sunshine and does really well in terms of volume.
    I had to prune nearly every day. It was a challenge. I liked working with the plants but it was a challenge.
    500 G is no joke though, and since it’s so fresh I know it’ll stay for a while!

  101. Tim Jarvis (verified owner)

    Afghani Bullrider is a dream for indoor growers like myself. The plants don’t get too tall and are easy to manage, yet the buds they produce are potent and plentiful. Great strain for anyone with limited space.

  102. Louis Daugherty (verified owner)

    I’ve been growing Afghani Bullrider for a couple of seasons now, and each time the results just get better. These seeds from Pacific Seed Bank really stand out in terms of quality. They sprouted quickly and the plants have been hearty and full of vigor. The buds are dense and have that unique, pungent aroma this strain is known for. It’s been a consistent performer in my garden, and the effects are just as described—uplifting and relaxing. Highly recommend for anyone looking to try a new indica that won’t disappoint.

  103. Jackie Yoder (verified owner)

    I ordered these seeds on a recommendation and I’m glad I did. The germination rate was 100%, and the plants have been flourishing with very little fuss. The effects are potent and perfect for my chronic pain.

  104. Eunice Hobbs (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, discreet packing, and high-quality seeds that grew quickly. This strain is growing really well, and I’m happy with my buy.

  105. Danielle Brown (verified owner)

    Deeply soothing indica strain with afghani strain genetics. Easy grow very compact. Hits HARD but keeps the mind clear. No complaints!

  106. Thaddeus Gibson (verified owner)

    An old, old strain….probably been around over 1000 years! Afghani strains are some of the original MJ strains, and it’s SO COOL that I can smoke this weed and chill out. Great flavor and a solid yield, this weed is perfect for new growers and experienced growers who want to expand their repertoire.

  107. Leif Ravenshade (verified owner)

    This is a great smoke….I just love the earthy bitter flavors, maybe it’s not for everyone, but I certainly enjoy it. The nugs are dense, easy to crumble, covered in crystals and trichomes, and come in all shapes and sizes. It’s actually very thrilling to harvest your own weed. You really only get a few chances to do this kind of thing in life, except now that I know Pacific I can order seeds anytime I want. They ship all over the USA and fast! Thinking I’ll be buying these as Xmas gifts for the fam this year HA!

  108. TokeTrooper420 (verified owner)

    Afghani Bullrider gave me an intense body high that left me feeling euphoric and hungry. The piney taste was pleasant and the strain helped with my stress. Highly recommended for those looking for a strong, relaxing high with a sweet aftertaste.

  109. Charles J. (verified owner)

    Get ready to ride the bull with afghani bullrider. Beautiful strain! I am so thrilled to have it in my life. It’s so earthy and strong, like a Matcha tea or something…gives me a boost of energy and focus of mind. I love it!

  110. Suleman S. (verified owner)

    This fresh, earthy indica has been a lot of fun….I like the taste, the smell, the flavor, it makes me super stoned. I usually just lie on my couch for hours. No, I don’t get much work done, but that’s okay. I generally smoke weed to help me forget work entirely (don’t we all?). Buying online was easy and pretty fast too. The seeds shipped out within days and have been really beautiful to grow. They are tall and bushy now, almost ready for the next harvest!

  111. Alissia R (verified owner)

    Ooowee! You’re in for a treat when you smoke afghani bullrider. This strain is earthy and grounding….great for afternoon smoke sessions. Eliminates the fatigue….and it makes for an awesome time! Buying weed online is definitely the best way to WIN! Great seeds = great weed! Pacific has all the best seeds!

  112. Saara Carr (verified owner)

    A dense and earthy strain with indica energy bursting at the seams. Tastes like the earth itself. Very strong and bitter but with lots of great vibe that makes my evenings much more relaxing!

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