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Bay 11 Feminized Seeds

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Bay 11 feminized marijuana seeds is a High Times Cannabis Cup winner with 25% THC that will get you high as a kite in the most pleasant way imaginable. Even beginners gardeners will love this high-yielding intermediate strain for its resilience and crystal covered buds.

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A High Times Cannabis Cup winner almost out of the gate, Bay 11 marijuana seeds are the stuff dreams are made of, combining a sweet, fruity flavor with immediate relaxation. At 25%, Bay 11 is one of those high-THC strains that lifts the mood with a clear-headed energy, bringing on a kind of motivation that allows you to be creative and productive.

A 50/50 hybrid, Bay 11 marijuana is often considered for medical purposes, lifting the weight of stress, so you can feel relaxed and free, especially at the end of the day. Others turn to Bay 11 for daytime relief of minor physical discomforts as well as lack of appetite (THC is known for causing a serious case of the munchies!).

Beginner and intermediate gardeners will be impressed with how relatively easy Bay 11 feminized marijuana seeds are to grow. After between 60 and 70 days in the flowering stage, the dense, pale buds of this plant re covered in sticky resin, proffering up an impressive 1000 grams per plant.

Take relaxation and stress relief to the next level – order Bay 11 feminized marijuana seeds now!

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



50% Sativa/50% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Focused, Happy, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 800g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 1000 gr

To Treat

Depression, Lack of Appetite, worries


Citrus, Fruity, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






48 reviews for Bay 11 Feminized Seeds

  1. NightGuardian (verified owner)

    Whoooo…when you try this one, you won’t find too many others to compare. Once you take one puff, you’ll see why this is an award-winner! The 25% THC content is super potent and will have you uplifted and feeling good for a while. If you’re ever feeling down, all you gotta do is pick up some Bay 11 and you’ll feel all the aches and pains dissipate!

  2. Shaun Ashley (verified owner)

    Sweet and super fresh flavor….gives me a great buzz and helps me with stress an anxiety. I like smoking this bud after work for a nice energy boost….and a fantastic energetic high that really pushes the boundaries of my creativity. Fun for all! Sink your teeth into it!

  3. Sakura Y (verified owner)

    With its sweet, fruity flavor and immediate relaxation, this strain is perfect for lifting the mood and finding creative inspiration. Not only does it provide relief from stress and depression, but it also helps with physical discomfort and lack of appetite. As a beginner gardener, I was impressed with how easy it was to grow and the impressive yield it produced.

  4. Keira Mccall (verified owner)

    Maybe you are brand new to weed? Well, consider this your welcome. Bay 11 is the perfect strain for new growers, especially if you’re trying to grow indoors. I have a small 5×5 BudBox tent….reflective paneling and LED installed across the top. Very bright in there! I use -a unique and organic soil mixture that is known for weed cultivation.
    I got pretty nerdy about this and decided it best to prune once a week. It came together beautifully, like it’s nice and compact, fits nicely in my grow tent, and is juuust about ready to harvest…these dense flower clusters are colorful and pungent. Time to get smoking!!

  5. M Thompson (verified owner)

    Wow, this strain hit me very hard and lasted a very long time. If you are a low-tolerance smoker you should probably skip this. Really liked the citrus notes in it and these plants will have a lot of weed for the taking. Amazing purchase.

  6. Melissa Ferguson (verified owner)

    may take some time to grow – up to nine weeks in my case – but the effort is worth it. Not only do you get a solid yield, but you can also enjoy a great strain that delivers an uplifting and long-lasting high. And with safe packaging ensuring none of your precious buds are wasted

  7. Lucinda Carter (verified owner)

    Bay 11 seeds are dooooope! They grow so well in my backyard. They’re bred PERFECTLY for my climate. Us Bay Area growers know what I mean. We have chilly nights and warm summer days, so if you need a little advice just do some online research, check out the blog on this site, and hit me up! I am a well of information that I love sharing! Growing is my passion, and I have gotten some very promising results just from growing here at home!

  8. Miguel Bates (verified owner)

    Bif fresh nug for a very affordable price….Bigger yield than expected too. The volume of nug I got was pretty extraordinary. I think I averaged around 150 G per plant….and the flower was all suuuper fresh, sticky, green. It was heaven. It’s been a game changer to grow at home. Never seems to be better quality than when you grow for yourself!

  9. Funky Chicken (verified owner)

    A highly potent strain, Bay 11 has me feeling good and comatose very easily with its pleasantly strong high to body and mind. I found growing this to be a little difficult but worth the efforts as my plants provided huge amounts of weed.

  10. Dion Garza (verified owner)

    I was impressed with the strong citrus and fruity taste and the uplifting, focused high it gave me. Customer service was excellent, and all seeds sprouted and germinated well. The information on Pacific’s blog was also helpful for growing this intermediate skill level strain.

  11. Shahid Franks (verified owner)

    Hi there, I am not an expert but I do grow marijuana for fun. Yes, old ladies like me can grow marijuana. I love to get high just like the next person!

    Bay 11 is from my hometown of San Francisco…and it’s a beautiful, dreamy, sometimes sleepy weed.

    I grow right in my garden and it’s been a fun and rewarding experience!!

  12. Hibah Lake (verified owner)

    If you are not patient in the garden, you will likely enjoy working with Bay 11. This is a fast-growing seed that looks and feels like a small marble to start, then transforms into a majestic marijuana plant nearly 8′ tall. The yield on these plants is something spectacular, I have never had such success in my life, feeling very fortunate to have read all the reviews before purchasing. The growing advice also has been very helpful. Burning through my supply was fast, but I always have more seeds now that I shop online with Pacific.

  13. Theodora Shepherd (verified owner)

    Ready to dock for the night? Bay 1 1 is here to transport you on a wild dream that brings you to new planes of knowledge and existence. Start growing your own weed today and experience the difference! Genetics is everything!!!

  14. Nafisa Hanna (verified owner)

    High potentcy cannabis from Pacific. Well-bred strain. Great for indoor or hydroponic setup. Excellent yield, usually bordering on 8-10 oz of weed. Very fresh, crumbly, sticky. This dank is what fills my tank. I can get work done, or just relax. This weed does it all. Very exciting.

  15. Yuriy Boltyan (verified owner)

    I’m still in veggitative stage in my 4’x2.5′ BudBox tent with white walls because research showed that white walls reflect more than twice the light in comparison with the silver mylar walls. I got my tent and my LED light from Black Dog LED, top in the industry lighting systems! I was practicing doing tissue culture cloning and didn’t have any issues germinating both mother plants as well as both veg plants. Right now I got two Bay 11 & two Cinderella 99 in week 2 veg. Both should yield 800g+ per meter². I highly recommend Pacific Seed Bank because they have a ginormous selection especially hight THC strains with 20%+ THC levels. I have high tolerance so I need strong bud. Also, the quality is also great, very fresh seeds…I can tell they’re not a few years old because of the color. I don’t know how to explain this better but I know when I look at the seeds whether they’re fresh or have been sitting in storage container for a few years. PCB also offers “germination guarantee” of 90% success rate which is still great. My bro first order of 30 seeds only 1 didn’t germinate. My second order I had a few that didn’t germinate but PCB stepped in and provided replacements for free. I just had to pay for shipping $9.99. Once I harvest and taste the end result, I’ll update this review of create a new one. I Highly recommend PCB because if you’re looking for a greater selection of high quality, high potency cannabis seeds that will deliver fast, look no further Pacific Seed Bank is all you need to get you on your way of growing potent flowers 🪴

  16. Aurelia Ball (verified owner)

    Bay 11 is really a unique vibe, definitely is pungent and tastes like pretty sweet! It’s like my favorite candy but in smokeable form! It’s a high energy Sativa with a nice dose of indica to even out the buzz. If you are looking for an afternoon smoke, this is it!!

  17. Rahul Drake (verified owner)

    New to growing weed, never had an opportunity before this year. Luckily the online selection here is pretty amazing, and their customer service was really great! My seeds shipped out quickly and I had no problem germinating or growing them! I’ll buy more next time!!!

  18. Keavy Roy (verified owner)

    Ever had a dream of moving to the bay area? Well, smoking this feminized indica is bound to bring you closer to your spiritual happy place. This weed was born and bred in Cali, and grows best in a hot, drier west coast climate. Has been an incredible purchase, it helps me manage my pain, my stress, you name it. Have been chilling on this for years!!

  19. Darien Dalton (verified owner)

    Get baked and shake baby, this is some great weed with a lotta love put behind it. Has all the right vibes, gives me some serrrrious pleasue, and I want nothing more than to keep this weed growing at my residence. I will smoke this weed every day forever and don’t try to tell me otherwise!!! Very exciting weed y’all with soooo much promise 🙂

  20. Leoni Whitmore (verified owner)

    I like to get docked in Bay 11 haha! Bought this weed cause my buddy said it was good stuff, and he knows his weed. Had an amazing experience growing this weed, and I really like the way it makes me feel. Got a NICE yield, nearly 500 grams of pot, looking really good and helps with stress and depression. Definitely gonna buy this again!

  21. Stan Bellamy (verified owner)

    I bought myself some bay 11 and had a great time growing it. It’s looking pretty solid in the greenhouse, and feeling really good too. I like getting really close and SMELLING IT very strongly!!! It’s very radical, makes me smile. I can’t wait to grow another one. It’s been successful just watch for those pests!!!

  22. Tamsin Stuart (verified owner)

    Bay 11 is a good buy and it’s also relatively unknown. I ordered 3 seeds online and they shipped directly to my place in Oregon. Got pretty baked the other night and made some Brownies!! I really want to learn how to start cooking with weed, it might be a really fun time, and I think it’s gonna change my life for the better!

  23. Henley Hines (verified owner)

    This is a new strain of weed for me…really makes me feel kinda loopy. I am pretty stoked about it though, definitely dig the smell and the taste. Bought it online. Looked pretty cool in the mail. Was fun putting in the ground. I love my kitty and I am stoned all the time.

  24. Syed Guerrero (verified owner)

    Bay 11 is gonna get you stoned beyond all reason and belief and it is gonna make you smile even when you have a bad day. I ordered online, had it in my mailbox a week later, looks great, smells great, and feels absolutely great. Awesome for headaches and good for the body, I definitely wanna keep this up!

  25. Toyah Long (verified owner)

    Never heard of this weed before, it’s a pretty new thing to me but I gotta say it’s been pretty awesome tasting and smelling, so definitely a good buy! Very fresh and powerful, gets me high as a kite and definitely makes a good time when you wanna get out in the sunshine and garden a little!

  26. Zakaria Dodson (verified owner)

    I have been a heavy marijuana user for a long time now, and I have been looking for a strain like this that will get me really stoned, and it’s hard to find cause my tolerance is soooo high at this point!! Either way, I am very pleased how this stuff turned out, filled up an old shoebox with weed LOL and it was a good grow except for some pest damage.

  27. John Mccarthy (verified owner)

    Bay 11 is one of the nicer buys on the internet, but almost completely unheard of! I was just scrolling through weed seed companies online and this was the only site that delivers right to your home, and it’s super affordable. PLUS these seeds gave me 100% germination and a very substantial yield. I LOOOOVE it!!!

  28. Samantha Villegas (verified owner)

    Wow this weed looks like it’s from the ice planet HOTH it’s covered in so many crystals, it’s truly amazing and delicious, and it helps me deal with my pain and stress. I like smoking weed from my own backyard, somehow it makes it nicer than anything else I could imagine. Well worth the effort if you wanna give it a go!

  29. Patty Page (verified owner)

    Bay 11 is a seriously nice strain…it’s so nice to smoke with your friends or even just at home on the couch! Such a gorgeous strain to have in your back pocket. It’s fun to grow and makes these bright green and blue flowers. AMAZING!!!!

  30. Tinee (verified owner)

    Bay 11….Idk man….I was like skeptical at first but this stuff still managed to blow my mind. Like I totally love the smell and taste of this delicious herb, makes me feel like a gosh darn king, and it helps me deal with stress and depression-like nothing else, plus it’s got a great funky smell and the smoke is as light as air. LOVE IT!!!

  31. @Mycupoftea (verified owner)

    Bay 11…what a weird name! Why not Bay 10, or Bay 9? Either way, it’s a great investment of your time. Helps with stress and anxiety, makes time in the day for chilling out and enjoying the clouds and the sunshine. It’s a stressful time, no doubt, so we need something to help us through the day. I say get in your garden and start growing, it’ll make a huge difference in your mindset!

  32. Loner (verified owner)

    Strong, sour and delicious. It’s a great strain from my home state of California. I used to buy it from the dispensary then decided to grow my own to save me some $$$. Definitely a worthy buy from pacific, they have an excellent online selection and always ship out on time. Plus, it’s been a very helpful project for quarantine boredom. can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  33. nik gold (verified owner)

    It’s time for the launch bay to break open your mind! I swear this stuff gets me higher than any other weed and it helps tremendously with stress, anxiety and depression. I grew it in my backyard, got a very solid yield, the flowers showed after about 4 months of growing. There were bright green and yellow colors to the flowers and the smell was intoxicating. I smoke it at night usually to help with stress, take a few bong rips and settle into the couch. Hoping to grow indoors next time. Great buy!

  34. World Traveler (verified owner)

    I am from the bay area, so I was immediately attracted to this strain cause I used to buy it from the dispensary when I lived in the area but since have relocated to LA so it’s a little warmer down here and easier to grow this weed. I got 3 seeds from Pacific, amazing online selection! I grew them in BIG pots on my porch and they did super well in the sunlight, and they need about as much water as a tomato plant. It’s pretty dope to try this out. I will def grow again!

  35. Alicia Und (verified owner)

    SF native here, I’ve been smoking this mj before it was cool, have been growing my own for a while now too. Got myself some seeds from Pacific, they showed up really fast and I was able to get them germinated in no time. They grew beautifully in my backyard, and I got around 1000 g of weed from just 3 plants! Now I have a ton of weed to smoke, super smooth and sweet, and a very dreamy high. Thanks Pacific!

  36. Albertine (verified owner)

    Can’t believe I was able to produce all this weed by myself. I am seriously rich in bud!!! I ordered my seeds online with pacific, great customer service and impressive selection, plus the delivery was super fast and discreet. Got these babies in the ground super fast, went over really well in the backyard, got like…800 grams per plant? Like a ton of weed! Now I smoke this in the evenings to help with pain and stress. Great vibes!!!

  37. Avid grower (verified owner)

    This is some supremely impressive weed! I love the texture and the smell, it’s super sour and earthy and just plain delicious. Such a pleasure to grow this indoors, amazing yield and just all around amazing plant. VERY powerful stuff, will get you stoned for sure, and it will keep you feeling relaxed and stress free for days on end. A great buy!

  38. Elise C. (verified owner)

    I used to always favor marijuana that had more sativa content than indica. I think I was wary of couch lock and was concerned that any indica would make me not want to move for hours. Well, now I know about the wonders of hybrid cannabis strains and Bay 11 is one of the best. It does have the energizing qualities of the sativa but that indica content also brings on some wonderful relaxation that is so chill!! I don’t know why I was scared of indica for so long when it culd be this relaxing and nice.

  39. Alanna N. (verified owner)

    Wow a very powerful indica strain that will keep you couch locked for hours. This is the perfect after-work strain, great for stress and anxiety and will help you sleep at night. Not to mention it’s really easy to grow and produces like a TON of nug that will last you for months! I got my seeds shipped right to my door and it was super easy ordering online with PSB. Highly recommend!

  40. Emily T. (verified owner)

    An incredibly well-rounded strain of mj that really hits you HARD! A great strain for growing yourself, requires a little TLC but nothing crazy and still definitely in the enjoyable range haha. Very high yielding plant with dense green nugs covered in sticky white resin, an absolute dream! Great for smoking in small doses at anytime, but save the bong for after work, it’s powerful stuff haha. PSB has such amazing seeds and great customer service!

  41. Jamie J. (verified owner)

    The crystals! My buds came out all covered in trichomes. They look like they were dipped in a bag of sugar. Beautiful, sticky, smells amazing. Glad I took a chance on Bay 11. I usually just go for full on indicas but I wanted to branch out a little. Might not smoke this as much as my favorites but this is definitely one of those I’ll share with my friends.

  42. Bridget T. (verified owner)

    Oh god, these buds are so beautiful!!!! I’m so happy with this grow. I thought it was pretty easy and I didn’t have any problems with germination, sprouting or getting a good harvest. My yield was heavy so I feel pretty satisfied that I got the most weed for my money. Def gonna share some of my spoils and I’ll be ordering from pacific again!

  43. Rob R. (verified owner)

    Everything about this weed is good! 50/50 split for the best of both worlds and really high thc and good CBD makes for an excellent all around smoke any time of day. Tremendous indoor yield which is amazing for a plant that’s so beginner friendly, just needs some topping and trimming to promote lateral growth. If you’re new to growing and looking for a strain that has a humongous yield this is the one for you.

  44. Kye R. (verified owner)

    So much THC, pretty good CBD, but most importantly huge yield. Definitely the best yield I’ve ever seen from an indoor grow with a short flower time. I kept trimming the top so it would grow outward rather than upward, which led to an even higher yield than I thought it wood.

    This weed is excellent if you’re active, too. I like smoking right before going to the gym or on a hike or a bike ride. This is definitely get-stuff-done stuff rather than sit-around-watching-tv weed.

  45. Carrie V. (verified owner)

    Bit of a weed snob. Have been growing for years and this is always a go-to. Easy online ordering through Pacific and germ rate was solid. If you know your way around bud, then you know that this plant gives off a crazy amount of flower. the 50/50 indica sativa mix is that perfect middle ground where you get all the euphoria of a cerebral high, with a the chill down-to-earth vibes of a body high. Sour citrusy taste with sticky bud. And word to the wise, have those munchies ready to go before toking!

  46. Hal Grayson (verified owner)

    Great daytime buzz! Nice, moist piney flavor. Sticky buds that were easy to grow. Ordering was also a cinch. Awesome for appetite issues. I had the munchies all day. Good weed for getting shit done, accomplishing tasks, crushing chores, studying and whatnot. I was active and relaxed at the same time. Highly recommend for people who don’t want a couch-locking high. Bay 11 kept me moving and focused with a nice quiet energy. No paranoia whatsoever. Really balanced. Had good experience buying from Pacific.

  47. York E. (verified owner)

    Medical MJ user here, have been searching for this strain online for what feels like forever, and finally I stumbled on PSB and WOW there it is! Online ordering was super fast and simple, plus excellent customer service. This strain is an amazing bang for your buck!! I’m serious I got nearly 800 G of weed on my very first grow, it’s a miracle. The buzz is very even keeled, nice and easy on the mind and body, helps me calm my anxiety and depression symptoms, even helps me with my appetite. A great buy!

  48. Neil M. (verified owner)

    How high is too high? I was thinking about this when I smoked my first batch of the mighty Bay 11. This mj is powerful, yo, but I don’t think it gets me too high. Don’t plan on driving or writing a report orwhile you are feeling Bay 11 though. At least for me, it sent my brain to a high, wonderful place. So pleased I can order these seeds online as I live in the middle of nowhere in middle Canada and the delivery from PSB was good. Hooray for internet ordering!

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