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Blue Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

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If you are craving a sweet treat to help you relax at the end of a long day or a tool to ease your chronic muscle pain, Blue Zkittlez may be just the ticket.

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Like those fun fruity candies that everyone loves, Blue Zkittlez is a popular indica-dominant cannabis strain that is actually the result of the crossing of Blue Diamond and Zkittlez. This marriage made in heaven has created a strain that comes in handy for both recreational and medical use. Blue Zkittlez is ideal when users are looking for some relaxation after a hard or long day, but not something that’s going to fully knock them out and render them useless for the rest of the evening.

Blue Zkittlez’s THC concentration hits at around twenty percent, and it has a high that builds over time rather than clobbering you over the head after the first toke. Gradually, a giddiness begins to build, bringing a feeling of joy and potentially giving users a light-headed feeling. The high then develops into a buzzy sensation that spreads from the neck down, bringing with it intense muscle relaxation. 

Medical marijuana patients have found that Blue Zkittlez can combat problems like chronic pain, arthritis, and stress. And, some recreational users have noted an increased amount of sexual arousal after imbibing in Blue Zkittlez before hitting the bedroom.

Additional information


Dutchman Seeds

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Pain, Stress

Skill Level



Citrus, Diesel, Sweet

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






10 reviews for Blue Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

  1. Sonny Maddox (verified owner)

    Gimme some of those tasty Blue Zkittlez to start my day! The ULTIMATE wake n bake strain that relieves pain and gives my mind a chance to breathe free and relax. I am truly blessed for such a powerful MJ.

    Never had any trouble with Pacific seeds, they are excellent growers. They pop outta the ground in usually 1-2 weeks and grow very quickly! It;s a joy to watch them sprout and grow. Gotta have some!

  2. Quasar5Quokka (verified owner)

    The high was amazing – a gradual build-up of relaxation and joy, without knocking me out completely. The plants grew beautifully with full germination, and the buds were perfect. If you’re looking for a sweet treat to help you unwind, this is the strain for you.

  3. Maya Kim (verified owner)

    A bright blue color and fuzzy flower….has a sour taste and really gets me buzzed. Great for perking up my energies after work….helps me stay fresh and energized all throughout the day!

  4. Erin Compton (verified owner)

    This strain from Dutchman Seeds had full germination and produced a nice yield. As an intermediate grower, I found it easy to care for and the flowering time was within the expected range. The taste is a great mix of citrus, diesel, and sweet flavors. It’s a good strain to help relieve pain and stress, and leaves me feeling happy, relaxed, and sleepy.

  5. Tobias Wall (verified owner)

    Super blue zkittlez really make me feel better after a long day. I usually pack a fat bowl, take a few lung-rasping hits and fall into a gentle stupor. Not very medicinal, but perfect for my tired, anxious brain. It’s been a great purchase, especially since I have so much extra growing space in my yard. This is the perfect use of that space!!!
    Affordable seeds and some dank flavors!

  6. Shane L. (verified owner)

    A little sour, a little sweet. Zkittlez weed really has it all. Smoking this gives me a relaxed, but energetic cerebral high. It’s perfect for creative thinking and artistic ambitions. Buying online was surprisingly easy, just as easy as Amazon! On the other hand, this product was definitely fresh and from Northern Cali. I LOVE all the amazing farms they source from on this site. Great people and a really reliable grow. Definitely geared toward home growers!

  7. Phillipa Truong (verified owner)

    Some dank delicious bud with a sweet and sour taste that lingers for hours! It’s got a candy sweet flavor and a beautiful high….mmm makes me feel like I am flying! Definitely going to buy this again, especially since it shipped out so fast!

  8. Franklin Cochran (verified owner)

    I do tend to have achey muscles at the end of the day….blue zkittlez with its sour flavor, it’s blue color, and it’s truly relaxing indica high make me smile in so many ways! I highly recommend growing indoors. It’s one of the best ways to ensure you are gonna have a good time. The yields are bigger and it’s much easier controlling the plants. You will see me again!! *POOF*

  9. Taran O’Reilly (verified owner)

    A true gem in a the marijuana community. The beautiful lovely blue nugs are hypnotizing and the sour/sweet flavor of the zkittlez really perks me UP! I love buying weed online and having it shipped to my house. I was so excited to see these little plants growing taller and taller. It was my first serious garden grow! WOW!

  10. Hamza Schofield (verified owner)

    Your favorite zkittlez variety of weed, NOW with blue trichomes haha! Still has that same sour and sweet flavor, uplifting buzz, and hefty yields! Great for greenhouse or indoor growers. The plant itself can be somewhat fickle, but don’t give up! Weed is all about patience and confidence!!!

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