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Bubble Gum Feminized Seeds

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There’s no better combination than happiness and relaxation. With Bubblegum marijuana seeds by your side, prepare for the calmest and more cheerful high you might ever experience.

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Do you like to chew bubble gum? Even if you aren’t a fan of the sweet, chewy treat, you’ll enjoy the gentle scent and more dramatic effects of Bubblegum Kush, a beautiful indica-dominant hybrid that might remind you of your happy childhood. 


The effects of Bubblegum Kush are slow to set in, delivering a subtle kick that starts off happy for the consumer, increasing in intensity to leave you iin something of a trance. Its bubbly effects are perfect for a party or get-together with friends. Bubblegum Kush’s characteristic indica qualities will settle in before you know it, allowing your body to release any tension and stress it may be carrying, and helping you drift into a more relaxed and restful state, perfectly prepped for sleep. Unlike other strains of its kind, Bubblegum Kush marijuana features a low percentage of CBD, but it has been used successfully by medicinal consumers treating stress, as well as for its cerebral relaxation. 


Sweet and fruity are two words that would accurately describe the distinct fragrance of Bubblegum Kush cannabis, with just a hint of lemon. On the tongue, there’s a note of candy, with a delicate floral aftertaste that makes it a smooth and easy smoke. 


Indoors or out, Bubblegum Kush marijuana lends itself well to almost any climate. It has been proven to thrive with a hydroponic setup, however, and offers a generous yield. Bear in mind, however, that its girth tends to surpass its height, and heavy branches may need support lest they break under the weight of the crystal-covered buds. Give Bubblegum Kush marijuana seeds about 8 weeks of flowering and you’ll be ecstatic with its well-above-average yield of lightly scented nugs.

Additional information


DNA Crew

Cannabis Species



50% Indica/50% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Berry, Fruity, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






8 reviews for Bubble Gum Feminized Seeds

  1. AuroraAce (verified owner)

    This strain holds a really nice calming high that left me very cheerful and upbeat after smoking. Overall and excellent strain and I was very pleased with how easy it is to grow with a lot of great buds on it for a large yield.

  2. CosmicSword (verified owner)

    A great mix of happy and relaxed swept over my body as I smoked this and I had a nice calm mental state. Nice zen feelings overall with this strain. Enjoyed the fast shipping I got from Pacific and will be buying many more seeds with their quality services.

  3. Marie West (verified owner)

    Fresh MJ is a gift from the heavens….and bubble gum is definitely the light, airy sativa you have been waiting for. Experience or not, you can definitely handle BG seeds. They have excellent genetics, which means you can expect reliable germination, fast even growth, and a harvest worth writing home about. My last harvest was over 400 G, and it only took 3 months. Still burning through my first batch. I love the light, tingly sensation you get from smoking BG at the end of the day. Everything feels somehow….happier 🙂

  4. Stellar9Starfish (verified owner)

    The high was soothing and uplifting, leaving me in a state of pure relaxation. The plants I grew from these seeds were top-notch, with full germination and a great yield. I also have to commend Pacific’s customer service, they were absolutely amazing.

  5. Joseph Adkins (verified owner)

    Navigating the website to purchase Bubble Gum Seeds was a hassle-free experience. The quality of plants was top notch and germination went without a hitch. It’s clear that the people behind this company take their craft seriously and put in great effort to ensure their customers will receive an amazing product.

  6. PotPhoton710 (verified owner)

    The sweet and flowery taste is so pleasant and the high is the perfect balance of creative, happy, and relaxing. As a beginner grower, I found it easy to grow and was impressed with the high yield I got. It’s also great for treating my anxiety and stress.

  7. Awais Romero (verified owner)

    Hasn’t been an issue. Fast delivery and reliable seeds every time.
    This is my favorite strain, ever since i was in university. Love the fresh nugs and the bright colors
    Great for stress and arthritis pain…I am much older now if you cannot tell.

  8. Kaydee Gomez (verified owner)

    Are you a weed fanatic? I know I am! Buying MJ online is super easy and delicious. The nugs are sweet and sour, very tasty and rich….like a luxury, especially when you compare it to the weed you buy in the dispensary. Look, I am not here to say it was perfect. I had issues with pests and powdery midlew, but I still got a pretty extensive yield. It’s righteous!

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