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California Love Feminized Seeds

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California Love is a 50/50 hybrid that uplifts the brain and body to feel happy and cheerful. It smells of tropial fruits and earthiness.

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When you think of a sunny California day, you think of happiness, cheer, and euphoria. That’s exactly what you can expect from California Love Feminized marijuana seeds. This strain is a balanced 50/50 hybrid that embodies the lifestyle of Southern California — relaxed, chill, and down-to-Earth. As a 50/50 hybrid, you can expect equal sensations in both the mind and body. California Love Feminized is an uplifting strain that can turn any bad day around.


The one downside to California Love Feminized is potential dizziness. This strain targets the brain with a sudden rush of euphoria and happiness, but when overdone, these sensations can take a turn into lightheadedness to novice smokers. If you haven’t tried a cerebral buzz strain before, maybe start with something milder. California Love Feminized can also help to cope with stress, and a lack of appetite.

When matured and flowered, the aroma of California Love Feminized marijuana seeds carry notes of tropical fruits and earthiness. This is considered a unique blend that’s rare in the marijuana market. It’s a little sweet and a little woodsy. The California Love OG strain is a cross between Coastal Haze and Pie Face OG strains.

Additional information


Amsterdam Seeds Co.

Cannabis Species



70% Sativa/30% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Focused, Happy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, Fatigue, Headache


Citrus, Nutty, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






13 reviews for California Love Feminized Seeds

  1. SpectralStorm (verified owner)

    California knows how to party and California love will definitely get you to that point since it’s a well-rounded hybrid that you’ll feel in your head and body. You’ll love how euphoric and uplifted you feel and won’t be worried about a thing. Plus, you’re going to feel so chill and relaxed. One thing, though, is you have to be a bit more careful if you’re a beginner smoker because you might feel a bit lightheaded. Take it easy, and you should be okay. Smoke on!

  2. Rainbow1Rat (verified owner)

    With a balanced 50/50 hybrid blend, it brings equal sensations to the mind and body. The uplifting effects turn any bad day around, though be cautious of potential dizziness. Its unique aroma carries notes of tropical fruits and earthiness. Perfect for treating symptoms of depression, stress, and lack of appetite. Just be careful not to overdo it!

  3. Carsen Hardin (verified owner)

    Tastes like a Cali citrus grove. So tasty and bright! Sativa weed at its finest. AAAAaaand it only takes 3 months to reach maturity….yay!

  4. HackerBait (verified owner)

    All of my seeds sprouted and germinated without any issues, and the plants grew easily with minimal care. The citrus and nutty taste is delicious and the energizing and focused high is perfect for getting things done. Highly recommend for beginner growers or those looking for a low-maintenance strain.

  5. sougarantido (verified owner)

    Perfect weed for hitting the waves….Love the 50/50 hybrid….absolutely DANKlicious with a side of AWESOME!
    If you’re new to MJ, you’ll enjoy working with this nice and compact plant. It’s so easy to grow indoors, even with some little LEDs.
    Don’t believe the myth that you need to be a pro to grow at home!

  6. Gabija Dorsey (verified owner)

    Brilliant california love weed. Bright and fresh like the sunlight on the beaches of Malibu. Get ready to smoke with your friends and have a great time.
    I am a little spoiled in that I can grow indoors, in a greenhouse, which is like weed cultivation on easy mode, but don’t despair! You can grow good weed outdoors too!

  7. Kody Tyson (verified owner)

    When life gives you lemons, smoke them! California love has a great citrus flavor that brings a bright glow to any afternoon. Very happy to have this weed growing outside. It hardly requires any maintenance at all! Very exciting grow, usually takes a few months, but it’s a fun thing to watch. Great energy and powerful yields!

  8. Aahil Koch (verified owner)

    I can feel the California love! It’s so beautiful. I bought 10 seeds online, they shipped practically overnight and wer’e in the ground just a few days later. The turnaround was great. I got what seemed to be HUNDREDS of grams of pot! All of it very fresh, very light, and extremely refreshing.

  9. Ziggy Bautista (verified owner)

    Ohhhh baby, I feel like I am in love again! The west coast is a great place to buy and grow marijuana. I am such a fan of this Cali -based strain I feel like I could grow it anywhere. A very VIGOROUS seed. Makes for some FUN times with the friends and family.

  10. EvergreenAdvocate (verified owner)

    If you love pineapple and other tropical fruits, then California LOve is the perfect strain for you. I am busy a lot of the time and I don’t have time to always be taking care of my plants. This stuff, however, does a great job taking care of itself. It’s pretty easy once the seeds germinate. They grow quickly and pretty reliably. The flower, once you harvest it, stays very fresh for a long time. It’s better than store-bought weed by a mile, and I am no longer interested in even trying that stuff out haha!

  11. Lyla-Rose Russell (verified owner)

    I used to live in California and relocated to Oregon recently. I enjoy the climate out here and like that I can still order Cali seeds right here on pacific seeds. I was able to germinate this indica dominant hybrid within one week and got these seeds in the ground shortly thereafter. 5 months later I have a full harvest with dank sticky nug. What could be better?

  12. Della Calhoun (verified owner)

    A lot of fruity, tropical flavors. Gives me the light cerebral buzz that I crave so desperately. It was easy enough to grow, had a LOT of flower at the end. I almost didn’t know what to do with it all! I cured my weed in the basement, and it’s been holding well inside these ball jars I have lined up. Gonna work out in the end I believe. Great buy!

  13. Emerson Wong (verified owner)

    I have suffered from chronic fatigue most of my adult life and have tried so many different options to keep myself feeling energized. This was the only strain that really had any positive effect on me. It makes me smile, helps with depression, AND it gives me a sense of long-lasting energy. I love the name of the strain cause I am a Cali native, shout out to my LA homies!!! Great germ on these seeds and sizeable harvest.

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