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Dancehall Feminized Seeds

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Get your vacation on … on the couch! Dancehall marijuana seeds leave you feeling deeply relaxed and free of inflammation and stress. If you’re growing this one, opt for indoors, where it’s easier to ensure they get the dry climate in which they thrive!

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Dancehall marijuana is like a Jamaican vacation without leaving the house, offering an uplifting and clear-headed high that takes patients to another level of happiness and relaxation.

Abundant in CBD (at 14%), it naturally positions itself as a favored medical strain, mitigating any adverse effects of THC for swift and enduring comfort, along with a refreshing sensation that leaves you clear-headed. Dancehall marijuana is a strain to enjoy with friends, making any social gathering a lively time, or to ease inflammation, and stress,

The aroma profile of Dancehall cannabis is as complex as its medical properties: starting off with tropical notes of pineapple, when crushed these buds produce a pronounced, woody fragrance that end with a hint of spice.

While Dancehall feminized marijuana seeds do well outdoors, they prefer a dry climate, and planting them indoors where you can have control over their environment is best. As it enters its flowering phase, you’ll notice maturing buds turn vibrant shades of green, blue, purple, and red, and a heavy coating of crystalline trichomes form across the surfaces. Advanced growing tip: placing the plant at 20 degrees Celsius before the bloom phase begins may help influence its this plants rainbow colored hues. Flowering time for Dancehall marijuana seeds usually lasts between 50 and 60 days, for a moderate yield of about 300 grams per plant.

Beenie Man may be king of the Reggaeton Dancehall, but you can be the ruler of your own roost when you cultivate Dancehall feminized marijuana seeds – order now!

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



60% Sativa/40% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

High (10%+)

Feels Like

Focused, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 300 gr

To Treat

Inflammation, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Flowery, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






62 reviews for Dancehall Feminized Seeds

  1. Zoey X. (verified owner)

    By the name, you might think this stuff will have up you dancing, but actually it’s the opposite and you’ll be ready for the couch! This is a potent indica that will make your couch your best friend since it’s so relaxing and sedating. Any stress you’re feeling? Take a hit of this, and it’s gone.

  2. Lily W. (verified owner)

    It’s givin’ Jamaican vibes…all the way! Since it’s a great medicinal marijuana, you can enjoy plenty of CBD and just enough THC to feel the stress-relieving and relaxation effects. These seeds grow better in a particular climate, like one that is drier, so if you have any questions, reach out to customer service for some help and guidance. They’re always so friendly!

  3. CultivateLife (verified owner)

    Hey, I just harvested a few days ago. The plants are hanging upside down in my cellar, curing. The leaves have fallen off and the flowers are drying nicely. I have a fan on them to help eliminate moisture. Looking like a solid 300 G here….enough to last me the winter!

  4. Ava W. (verified owner)

    I am a big believer in Dancehall weed, this stuff is delightful, has a great flavor, and grows well in most settings. A nice touch to the garden, that’s for sure, and a brilliant colorful flower in about 3 months. Stay patient and stay with it, weed can be a bit of a hassle to grow, but don’t let that stop you!

  5. Leandro Lucas (verified owner)

    YoOOOOoooo! Dancehall is easily one of my favorite. I have been growing this classic MJ since the 80s and just recently discovered Pacific!

    They have great seeds, always delivered fresh. I’ve ordered about 3 times from them now, and they are looking pretty solid!

    Takes most of the summer to grow, but well worth the effort. Give it a shot!

  6. PotPatriarch (verified owner)

    Had a pretty heavy hit from this that ended up taking me for a strong ride as I spent most of my night locked into my couch. This strain has a very strong hitting body high that felt great after working out. Seeds grew very fast as well and took the usual amount of gardening work so not too bad to care for.

  7. Claudia Pruitt (verified owner)

    Dancehall MJ is the perfect solution to an achey back and a broken spirit. 2 hits of Dancehall and I am ready for the weekend!

    I ordered 5 seeds and was lucky all of them germinated. I followed the great advice from the blogs….wow so helpful.

  8. Brooke Rios (verified owner)

    My friend suggested this strain for my inflammation issues and it did not disappoint! The yield was smaller than i expected and i only got a 4/5 germination, bit sad about that. However the high was excellent, taste earthy and flowery sweetness and was probably one of the fastest growing plants I’ve done.

  9. Hanna S (verified owner)

    Dancehall Feminized Seeds offer a Jamaican vacation in the comfort of your own home. With high levels of CBD and a clear-headed high, this strain is perfect for relaxation, stress relief, and inflammation. The buds have a tropical pineapple aroma and mature into vibrant shades of green, blue, purple, and red. Flowering time is around 50-60 days with a moderate yield.

  10. Cynthia Thornton (verified owner)

    Dancehall has been amazing in helping me deal with some inflammation pains I have, just a really smooth-hitting strain with a great body high. I recommend this to anyone that wants something with a light high and good for medicinal purposes.

  11. Casey Kennedy (verified owner)

    Haha Hoooboy….thought this was gonna be a strong sativa and make me wanna dance…..it is quite the opposite. It’s a heavy indica with the couch-lock built right in. Learned that one the hard way….forget the dance hall whats on Netflix?

  12. wahM0neloo (verified owner)

    5/5 stars, great shipping, fast germination, and a weed that hits like a shot of espresso. Exactly what I needed!

  13. Kit Hancock (verified owner)

    Hello everyone, this has been a great and exciting experience. I am amazed at just how easy it is to get your seeds up and running! These flowers are beautiful, fresh, and delicate! Can’t wait for my next harvest, it’s gonna change the game! I am getting better and better at growing mj, mostly cause I read these super helpful blogs on this website! HUGE!

  14. Pablo Holding (verified owner)

    OMG Helloooooo! Just writing in to say thanks! This weed is TASTY!!! It was also somehow very easy to grow. I mean, I am NOT an expert….but hey I still had a TON of funnnn! And really that’s what weed growing is all about. Some people make their whole personality about MJ, but I am just into it for a fun hobby with great results.

  15. Rhiannon Franklin (verified owner)

    Dance your heart out with this enjoyable hyrbid from Pacific. Has some stellar flavors and a buzz that keeps you feeling light and FReeeee! Buying online is so dang simple and the buds are just awesome! I can’t wait to smoke this weed with my friends. We can all do a harvest dance!

  16. Cain Bradford (verified owner)

    Big beautiful buds with lots of color and flavor, very fresh. No doubt, this is a high quality product that’s easy and fun to grow for people of all skill levels!

  17. Amrit Odling (verified owner)

    A hotter, drier climate ensures a good yield when growing Dancehall. This hybrid strain is great for afternoon or evening smoking. Relaxing and uplifting, and usually helps with stress. I got 5 seeds online, which was the perfect amount, and 4/5 plants reached harvest, the other one died 🙁 I will happily buy again from Pacific, they have excellent weed, and usually the best prices on the web.

  18. Seamus T. (verified owner)

    Mmm this weed is smooth, it’s a nice, easy time with some great flavor! The nugs are very high quality. They look great. The plant grew very well in my backyard. It looks pretty upright and very productive. Needs a lot of love. Fertilizer is required. Just don’t leave it unattended for too long. You’d be surprised how quickly these plants go to seed!

  19. Zaine Bryant (verified owner)

    While I have never been one for dancing, this weed somehow brings it out in me. I buy online to save myself money in the long run. Burning through this weed like water since I finished my first harvest. Dancehall is definitely a new passion of mine!

  20. Andrei Blair (verified owner)

    Smooth and juicy, this weed HITS! Good seeds too bruh, this weed germinates in like 3 days? Wow so freaking reliable bro! Love that I can finally grow weed legally!

  21. Alaya Garner (verified owner)

    I woke up the other day and was feeling super groggy! I took a few bong rips before heading out for the day , and I felt MUCH better. Dancehall has been a great addition to my life. It’s helped me maintain a more positive attitude and gives me a long-lasting energetic high for my worst days!

  22. Vanesa Lamb (verified owner)

    A truly vibrant and upbeat strain with some fresh smells and sweet tastes that only takes 6 months to grow. Ordering online is quick and easy and you can expect your seeds within 1-2 business weeks. Plus the germination rate is off the charts!!

  23. Jenna Hutton (verified owner)

    A classic variety of MJ with great results for depression and anxiety. Usually wait until after work to smoke this during the weekdays. On the weekends I am usually waking and baking and going for long walks with my dog. I like getting my hands dirty, this was a great strain in the garden, quite vigorous and intense. LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

  24. Anabel Riggs (verified owner)

    Happy Halloween! You know how i am celebrating tonight? I am dressing up in costume, getting HIGH as hell and then going out and partying. Dancehall is seriously the best weed on the market. It’s light, it’s fast growing, and it makes for a SWEEET time every time. Man I am just thrilled to have this weed in my life. LOVE the good people over at Pacific!!

  25. Raheel Power (verified owner)

    This lively weed makes for a great night-out. Best when smoked with friends, makes going to the club a lot cooler. I am a huge fan of weed, but never thought id be smoking the stuff that I grew at home! Awesome stuff!! I love buying weed online!!

  26. Tayah Salt (verified owner)

    Dancing the night away has never been more fun than with the Dancehall mj strain from Pacific. These seeds usually show up within days of ordering online and they germinate beautifully. Takes about 5 months so be patient, but the result is a sweet and earthy sativa mj strain that keeps on grooving.

  27. Kamile Dominguez (verified owner)

    Danceable mj is a real treat. Offers some nice smelling buds that get me over the hump of depression, especially early in the morning. Ordering online is simple and fast, with a great growing time (only 4/5 months) and a sizeable delicious strain. I’ll buy more cause I just love growing my own weed. Plus they ship to Canada.

  28. Corban Poole (verified owner)

    Had a pretty intensive surgery and I often have a lot of inflammation in my joints, sometimes even in my stomach! Made for a great way to get back into the garden. The smell and taste alone have been truly remarkable. I will definitely buy some more, when this supply runs out. You gotta love ordering online and those fast shipping times are truly something else!!

  29. Ameen Buchanan (verified owner)

    When I am up and at em, I am feeling really excited about life, that’s when I roll a joint of the sweet and sour dancehall strain, great vibes all around! Makes me smile and sleep like a baby. I am very happy to have this in my life…it grows like gangbusters in my backyard, and it looks amazing!! So very happy with my purchase!

  30. Jaydon Sosa (verified owner)

    I was really worked up the other day, had a very stressful time at work, and I feel like I am doing a lot better having this weed at my house. I am VERY excited to finally be growing my own stuff, gets me good and high and it also is a nice indica that makes the depression go away, good times 🙂

  31. Chante Summers (verified owner)

    Dancehall is a pretty old-school-cool strain, gives me a lot of love and joy in my heart mostly cause it’s so easy to grow and it’s helpful to have your own backyard or garage with some grow lights in it LOL. I mean, the initial investment in growing mj is pretty low and the yield is quite high, so I recommend switching over as soon as possible!

  32. Arlo Mayo (verified owner)

    Get excited about the prospect of dancing again with this awesome hybrid strain that energizes the body and activates the mind. It’s great for having fun with your friends, or just dancing in your PJs at home before bed. It’s a fun little garden project, won’t consume all your time and will make you feel great!!

  33. Sami Horner (verified owner)

    Wow, watching these seeds grow into beautiful marijuana plants was a really inspiring experience for me. I loved taking care of my weed plants like they were my babies…I pruned them and watered all the time. I got very stoned the first time I smoked this. Never had weed so fresh in all my days. Very exciting purchase, best mj in town!!

  34. Zoha Barker (verified owner)

    Dancehall is better, and nicer than anything you’re gonna buy at the store, plus buying online is super easy and quick. I get some seeds every few months and germinate them one at a time, so I have a constant supply at my fingertips, awesome! Easy to purchase and very nice smell to this weed, smells like grapefruit LOL

  35. Lucca Noble (verified owner)

    I gotta get movin and grooving on this weed. It makes me very happy, gives me a lot of good vibes, and is very nice to smoke all evening long. I ordered it online, and when it started growing it just took right off. I was pretty impressed not gonna lie, and definitely think I oughta do this the right way again and grow indoors next time!

  36. thomas cooke (verified owner)

    The dancehall strain is a lot livelier than most other weeds on the market. Makes for a great springtime grow, actually pretty well adapted to the Pacific Northwest climate. Got a very sizeable yield, can’t say how much cause I didn’t measure, but I got plenty. Very pleased with the quality of the marijuana too, and really enjoy the taste and smell 🙂

  37. Janet Helsing (verified owner)

    Dancehall is now my new favorite strain….I can’t say it makes me wanna like get up and dance, but it totally makes me wanna sit down and chill LOL. I ordered it online, very useful info on this site, makes life so much easier, and it helps with stress and depression too. I hope things get better from here on out. I got a ton of weed to smoke!!

  38. Gabe Sisters (verified owner)

    Lookin to get your groove on? This is the best way to do it! Get your blood pumping and your shoes moving when you smoke dancehall weed. It’s a hybrid but hits like a sativa and gives you a great burst of energy yumm! Tastes like the woods and also feels pretty great too in your brain! I ordered my seeds online and they delivered FAST! Gotta buy more!

  39. theBARBERSHOPPE (verified owner)

    I was never one to be very social until I started smoking this weed. It’s a really jovial time, makes for a great smoking session with your friends or SO. Easy to grow and always has yielded a significant amount of nug, which is pretty great. I smoke this weed every dammed day to take the edge off, well worth it!

  40. Dancing Queen (verified owner)

    I like jumping and jiving on this weed…makes me wanna get up and dance all night, just like the name says. This is a club weed for sure. I like growing it at home, which is very quiet and peaceful, then I like smoking it before I go out for the night and get crazy. I love how it smells like the woods and has a great fresh sour taste, what a buy from Pacific!

  41. WatchWhereUStep (verified owner)

    Get your dancing shoes and get ready to party with dancehall. I am serious this weed puts me in a great mood and makes me feel terrific. I got 3 seeds from pacific and that’s all I needed. This did very well in my backyard, especially with all the TLC I was giving it, cause you KNOW I been craving that THC! And yep, when it came time to harvest I got an excellent yield, all super fresh and delicious, well worth the effort!

  42. Danktress (verified owner)

    What’s up PSB!? This weed was an amazing purchase thank you!!! I got my seeds delivered super fast, the customer service was excellent, and even the grow went smoothly, and I am a beginner! I got almost 800 grams from my 3 plants, all of it nice and dense and fresh, suuuuuper dank. And here’s a surprise, this weed is not only indica heavy, it’s got CBD out the wazoo and it helps amazingly with stress and pain…what a great buy!

  43. Itsmymeds (verified owner)

    Gosh my joints are just on fire these days. Getting older definitely doesn’t make things any easier for me, so I decided to try medical marijuana to see what the hype is about. It turns out it’s a great buy, especially for medical patients. I did all my shopping online and got the seeds delivered to my door. Great value for what you get…very sizable harvest after about 4 months and perfect for evening smoking to help with joint pain and also gets me to sleep well at night!

  44. Elisha (verified owner)

    This weed doesn’t make me wanna dance exactly, but it definitely gets me chilled out and makes me wanna watch a movie maybe? It’s a fun grow, my girlfriend and I did it together as a fun couple thing. She seems to really dig it, and I like it too. Was really easy to order online with PSB and the delivery was wicked fast. I can’t really complain overall, it’s some pretty nice weed!

  45. Christina W. (verified owner)

    Definitely a better indoor grow. I got a space in my basement and this weed just had to be grown there! I ordered my stuff online with Pacific and they shipped it out really fast, no issues on that front. It seems like this weed likes a lotta heat and light, so I got it down pretty quick and decided it was best to harvest around 4 months after. It’s mega relaxing, great for stress and anxiety and even helps me sleep!

  46. Darren Blevins (verified owner)

    I have a nice greenhouse in my backyard, and this weed is perfect for those kinds of conditions. Easy to order online with PSB, got a nice even germ and a great yield. I love this weed, it’s so deeply relaxing, has a nice earthy taste to it as well. I usually smoke it in the evenings after I get off work, and it helps me relax and fall asleep!

  47. Jocelyn Z. (verified owner)

    My favorite party strain! I love how easy this whole process was. Ordering online and having my seeds delivered was a cinch. All 3 seeds germinated using the germ guide on this site and produces a huge amount of delicious weed in a just a few months. *Mwah* I think this strain is best on the weekends, right before you’re about to head out on the town. Try it out for yourself!

  48. Asher A. (verified owner)

    Can I just talk about Pacific’s wicked fast shipping for a sec? My mind was blown when my seeds arrived at my door in record time. I live in a rural area so that isn’t an easy thing to do. Plus all of my seeds look fresh and I can’t wait to get them started. I know every single one is going to be good. Thanks Pacific!

  49. Macie S. (verified owner)

    I need marijuana for pain treatment. I’ve tried many kinds of mj but didn’t like the couchlock so many gave me. Also, so many kinds of pot left me with a foggy-headed feeling that is most unpleasant. Dancehall’s high is clear and bright – I feel like I can actually think better after smoking it. Also, dancehall is a social strain (hence the “dancehall” name I guess.) It makes me want to be with people, which is a nice change because my pain issues usually make me want to isolate myself. Grew this indoor because I live in the Pacific Northwest where it’s pretty much always rainy. It grew well, I plan to order more seeds.

  50. Sebastian R. (verified owner)

    I ordered these seeds to grow specifically for their high cbd content. I suffer from arthritis and I feel like dancehall is finally the solution that makes me dance all over again! Medical quality harvest for an easy indoor grow. I had a modest yield but I don’t tend to consume too much anyway after a 9 week flowering time. I’m incredibly satisfied with the effects of this marijuana, it makes me feel so much better.

  51. Mary T. (verified owner)

    Going through physical therapy (car accident) and suffer from a lot of muscle spasms and inflammation. Was recommended medical marijuana by my doctor and decided to give it a go. Love the high CBD content as it REALLY helps reduce the pain in my joints and has lowered the number of headaches I get throughout the day. This strain also looks BEAUTIFUL with all the reds and blues and purples making my garden a delight! Will buy again.

  52. Chelsea W. (verified owner)

    I’m a musician in Ontario, Canada. Didn’t know where to buy weed and got tired of asking friends. Big ups to Pacific for the easy ordering and quick delivery. This is an excellent buzz. Never been to Jamaica, but now I wanna go!

  53. Hannalisa Kimberly (verified owner)

    Where to get your cannabis from is important and Pacific was a great place to order from. I got a confirmation of my order within hours and the seeds arrived at my doorstep a few days later.

    Dancehall made me feel happy and productive. It was a little fruity for me at first (had a bit of a pineapple taste) but then the taste got woodsy which I liked. This strain is great for pain management, but also didn’t leave me feeling groggy and “out of it.” One of the best weed I’ve tried!

  54. Pamilla E. (verified owner)

    I live in the desert which I figured was an okay place to try this strain outdoors. Still new to growing my weed outside, public and all. But now that weed is legal in my state I can but it still feels weird. Anyway, got some good bud from my seeds that were sparkly with trichomes and sparkeled in the sun while I was picking. Great experience and I can’t wait to start another crop in my yard. 🙂

  55. Alyssa N. (verified owner)

    Gosh I’m really loving these CBD strains. I’ve been a long time smoker, and just started growing some CBD varieties for some of my clients. Hadn’t really dabbled in smoking them myself until just recently. I think we’re onto something here folks! I’ve always had a touch of anxiety, and after smoking Dancehall, it just melted away. Definitely going to grow this strain again, along with A LOT more CBD.

  56. Christina D. (verified owner)

    Best party pot! If you are heading out to social gathering on a Friday night, take this with you and you’ll be Mr. Popularity. First time ordering from Pacific Seeds and really liked the professional packaging, the reasonable delivery time and the good customer service. If you’re wondering where to get your pot seeds from, check out PSB, you will not be disappointed!

  57. Karter I. (verified owner)

    I don’t seek out high thc strains because typically it’s a bit much for me, so I gave dancehall a go and found that I adore the higher levels of CBD found with this cannabis. Definitely medicinal in nature, it works wonders on the chronic back pain that has plagued me for years without altering my mental state to a point of being unable to function. A perfectly satisfactory yield each plant in my indoor grow set up, but I’d recommend keeping an eye on humidity levels. As long as they’re kept towards the low side, the plant should remain healthy and happy, and you will soon be the same.

  58. Elianne U. (verified owner)

    I smoked a lot in my younger days but had a couple bad experiences with a kind of panic attack/paranoia feeling and it put me off of pot for many years. Fast forward to 2018 and I found myself with some chronic pain that people said I should try cannabis for. I chose this strain for the high CBD/low THC combo and was not disappointed. Not hard to grow, and when I smoke it I don’t feel too stoned or wasted, just relaxed, and with less pain. If you’ve been thinking of ordering marijuana online, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend PSB.

  59. Hugo D. (verified owner)

    This is a very lively strain of weed, not only does it give me a nice pep to my step, it helps soothe my various aches and pains! I grew this in my basement, and really enjoyed its green and purple nugs and tropical aromas! It was a really fun experience to grow this weed, and I love sharing it with my friends. It’s great for conversation and tastes spicy and delicious. A real winner!

  60. Sydnee P. (verified owner)

    Definitely a feel good strain will keep you up and dancing all night long! I grew in my basement and was amazed at how easy it was to cultivate. Got a solid 300 grams per plant and usually smoke at any time of day, absolutely gorgeous bud, dusted in white orange resin, it’s amazing to grow and feel good about yourself for doing so! Has helped me with pain, stress, and headaches, and also is great for parties!

  61. Dirk L. (verified owner)

    I liked the lively name of this strain and decided to grow it myself. I’m pretty new to mj but wanted to give my growing skills a try. This may have been a little over my head, but I’m pretty happy with the results. I walked away with around 200 G (not bad) but was hoping for some more. The weed itself is a fantastic high. It’s so well balanced and is great for aches and pains with its high CBD content. My joints really benefit from taking this weed in the evenings, but it also works great during the day! Happy I gave it a go!

  62. Filipe B. (verified owner)

    The medicinal qualities of dancehall are outstanding. The CBD really helps fight chronic pain of any sort – mine being muscle soreness. A relatively quick flowering time leads to a relatively modest harvest, but if you’re growing for your own use this is a really really great choice of seeds. I didn’t have issues growing it indoors (temps are pretty dialed in though) and the smaller yield is definitely outweighed by the potency and benefits of this cannabis.

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