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Double Dream Feminized Seeds

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Double Dream is a sativa strain that’s great for boosting focus, concentration, and your overall mood, making it a popular choice amongst depression users.

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It’s Double Dream marijuana, all the way – topping out at 26% THC, this super-charged strain may have you feeling as giddy as viral video star Paul Vasquez after spotting his double rainbow in the sky.

An almost pure sativa (it only features about 10% indica genetics), Double Dream is a complex marijuana strain that combines a beautifully synchronous aroma of spicy florals and sweet berries with a fast-acting, “dreamy” recreational high that boosts mood, but also mutes stress, and inflammation. Be warned, however – over-indulging in Double Dream marijuana may lock you into a trance-like state (this another excellent candidate for patients practicing the fine art of microdosing).

Slightly finicky in the garden, Double Dream feminized marijuana seeds demand a little more attention than most – these plants grow tall, and their wide branches burst with heavy buds that will need support. The extra TLC will provide the patient gardener with a whopping 1000 grams per plant after 50-60 days in the flowering stage.

Do you dare to Double Dream? Order Double Dream feminized marijuana seeds now!

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



90% Sativa/10% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 800g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 1000 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Better, Earthy, Flowery

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






64 reviews for Double Dream Feminized Seeds

  1. J. Doe (verified owner)

    Double Dream is double the good stuff cuz this strain will have you feel like you’re drifting off. It has a delicious taste and will make you feel so calm and relaxed OMG! You’ll just feel all that stress leaving your body and replaced with a euphoric feeling. I love how quickly I can order online to make sure I’m never outta my stash lol

  2. DragonWizard (verified owner)

    Anytime I feel a dip in my mood, concentration, or focus, I automatically think about Double Dream. It’s more like a triple dream because it makes my entire day better! I feel that I can get so much more done and have the energy and mindset to tackle anything that comes my way!

  3. Gladys Olsen (verified owner)

    Best choice I have made in a while. Double dream is one of my favorite buys in a long long time. It’s been a favorite for many years and have dreamed of growing it myself for a long time. I really am happy with the results, it usually yields between 75-100 G per plant, and comes out light, fresh and sticky. You’ll be amazed when you finally harvest your very own weed!

  4. Prairie3Panther (verified owner)

    Double Dream Feminized Seeds are a highly potent sativa strain that boosts focus, concentration, and mood. With its complex aroma of spicy florals and sweet berries, this strain provides a fast-acting, dreamy high that also helps with pain, stress, and inflammation. It has been effective in treating symptoms of PTSD and headaches.

  5. Marius Dixon (verified owner)

    Hey, listen, straight up, I have mad depression and double dream is good for relieving my symptoms, I grow weed for that purpose alone. It’s good for me. Thanks!

  6. EcoChampionX (verified owner)

    5/5 stars for excellent customer service and helping me out when I was having trouble caring for my plants. Thank you!!!

  7. Robin Rosario (verified owner)

    Double Dream is a great strain for anyone seeking a balance between sativa and indica effects. With a high THC content and low CBD level, it’s perfect for treating depression, pain, and stress. This strain may be best suited for intermediate growers as it can grow tall and requires some attention to ensure a good yield.

  8. Brenda Winters (verified owner)

    I burned through this weed like crazy. Like I could NOT resist! Double dream is highly delicious…gives me a sense of calm and also happiness. It’s been great for stress and depression so yeah, naturally I smoke it every afternoon…especially when work is a dragggggg!

  9. Natalee Blackburn (verified owner)

    Have suffered from depression since my 20s and usually smoke weed geared towards helping my symptoms….I do believe MJ is medicine, and double dream is the perfect choice. It’s been a staple grow of mine for many years. I just never had the luxury of growing from my own backyard and ordering seeds online!! It’s been a real game changer and the massive yield has kept me smoking for months!

  10. Freya Smith (verified owner)

    Tastes earthy and fruity and sweet. I love the flavors. They’re addictive and very relaxing. I wish I had more growing space in my yard. I loved growing weed this past season. It was a total shot in the dark for me. I didn’t mind though, and I learned a lot….especially from the BLOGS!
    Took about 3 months in total, the plants ended up about 4′ tall and covered in bud. Looks like Christmas came early this year!

  11. Rachel Hughes (verified owner)

    Dreamy, hazy, delicious nug. I am THRILLED to finally have access to this amazing strain! I have gotten better and better over the years, learning new tips and tricks every season. I have gotten much better at shaping my plants, determining a watering schedule, and harvesting!! My yields are getting pretty big, and these nugs are JUICY. Wish I could send you photos, I do love to brag 😉

  12. Kaley Keller (verified owner)

    Feels like I am hallucinating…whenever I smoke this weed the saturation of color goes way up. I enjoy it though. It’s great to have this MJ just growing at home like any other garden plant. Definitely try it out, it’s not THAT hard, but yes, it does take effort!

  13. Colton K (verified owner)

    Now that I am a weed grower, I am trying my best to incorporate weed into my growing schedule every season. I choose my strains very carefully, but I always source from Pacific seeds. Buying 10 seeds usually is more than enough, and if I germinate 5 at a time, that’s enough for a full harvest twice throughout the season. Most of my plants come out about as tall as me, BURSTING with fresh aromas!

  14. Finnian Sanford (verified owner)

    Hey there, a lot of positive reviews for this product! I am excited to order. Have been reading all the blog sections on this site and am learning A LOT about growing cannabis. Next time, I will definitely be growing indoors, cause my last yield was a little low.

  15. Leyton Soto (verified owner)

    Great dreams come in packets of mj seeds from pacific! Amazing bud, definitely worth the effort and the time! Takes some skills to get this weed up and running, but once it roots it basically cares for itself! Awesome experience overall and I really like how it feels to smoke my own POT!

  16. Arham Travers (verified owner)

    I had a problem with my last seed bank so decided to switch over to Pacific and see what they were about. Happy I made the switch, their seeds are much easier to grow and I like that they’re offering double dream as a strain. This popular weed is widely used among depression patients, and I am one of them. I grow and smoke for medicinal and therapeutic reasons. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, Double dream is a great option and a relatively easy grow.

  17. Rimsha Hayes (verified owner)

    If you’re looking to boost focus without the jittery side effects of coffee, then you’ll really LOVE double dream. It’s not that it’s difficult to grow, it’s more that this was my first time and I had some difficulties getting the plants to produce a lot of flower. Weed plants rely on regular fertilizing to thrive, so next time I’ll be sure to do that and also grow indoors.

  18. Khadeeja Traynor (verified owner)

    I look forward to my dreams every night, and smoking this weed before bed really makes a difference in my quality of sleep. I am definitely a fan of the big, fluffy nugs, the incredible buzz, and the long shelf-life!

  19. Haris Lowe (verified owner)

    Got these seeds on a 420 flash sale last year, super cheap, delivered right to my door. Can’t find better deals than this, basically anywhere on the web. Pacific has brought weed growing to the masses, making it easy for anyone to get their hands on LEGAL seeds and grow them at home. One nation under Pacific baybay!

  20. Sania North (verified owner)

    You want to boost your focus and finally get that work done? Then try out the double dream weed from pacific if you want a goooood long-lasting high that makes you smile every single time! I love smoking this and then I am gonna get my LAUNDRY and dishes done finally. OMG it’s about time!!

  21. Sommer O’Moore (verified owner)

    A great weed for when you are feeling a little down and out. It’s affordable to buy online and grow it all at your own home! I purchased this strain online, got it shipped directly to my place in Ballard, and I am really stoked about getting baked on it in a few months! Really special stuff, definitely helps me with stress and whatnot, better to have it than not!!

  22. Sonnie Pugh (verified owner)

    Sweet and sour goodness make this double dream strain one of the best you can find anywhere online. Excellent yield with a relatively fast growing period. And with the fast shipping from Pacific you’re guaranteed to have mj at summer’s end!

  23. Isobel Hogg (verified owner)

    Double dream is a sativa weed at its finest. These beautiful, crystallized nugs are well worth the effort when it comes to working in the garden. It’s a sweet-tasting bud, and it brings me a lot of happiness when I smoke it. I like sharing it with my mom cause she seems to unwind a little bit, and I like that we can finally connect and talk.

  24. Kiaan O’Reilly (verified owner)

    Yeahhhh, this dream is like taking a vacation to Santa Cruz, California VIBES and good times. I LOOOOVE buying this marijuana online. Pacific has a seriously expansive collection of seeds, some I’ve never even heard of. I bought 5 to start and just grow them one at a time, they are just so pretty I take care of them like they’re my own kids, haha!

  25. Dilara Medina (verified owner)

    Despite its bitter taste, it’s actually a great smoke. The buzz is even-keeled, never seems to get too overwhelming, and it always hits just right. The description is spot on, this mj is great for depression patients. I am one myself. When I am feeling a depressive episode coming on, I take a few tokes of the double dream, and I am much more relaxed.

  26. Alix Howe (verified owner)

    I needed some weed to help me stimulate my appetite after having surgery so my doc recommended I grow my own and I have never looked back. Pacific has the best online selection anywhere and their seeds are top notch delicious, absolutely tasty and fun, and helps me manage all my pain and stress. what could be better???

  27. Aarush George (verified owner)

    What could be better than one dream but two? This strain is uplifting, relaxing, and eliminates stress. When I bought 5 seeds online, I expected slow shipping but ended up getting my seeds FAST! Great vibes, with a lot of flavor. Absolutely worth the effort, and definitely not difficult to get together. It grows so fast!! I could hardly keep up.

  28. Evie-Grace Kim (verified owner)

    I get real high off the double dream and just talk to strangers at the park. Sometimes they like me, and many times they do not. I actually live right by the park and grow in my backyard and walk my dog through the park when I smoke. I love this hybrid though cause it’s got all the right flavors and energy, and it doesn’t make me groggy or tired!

  29. Roger Lowery (verified owner)

    Double the flavor and double the fun with the double dream mj strain from Pacific Seed Grower’s. Good times in the garden with this seriously delightful strain. It’s a good grow, even for newbies, and it produces a TON of marijuana with every harvest. You’ll living the dream, the DOUBLE dream when you order these seeds online today!

  30. Madeeha Horner (verified owner)

    Not a great grower, but Pacific makes it easy. Their fem seeds always produce a nice yield, even if you don’t know what you’re doing LOL. I mean, I tried my best, tried pruning it and also watering every day, maybe I overwatered??? Either way, I still got a nice little harvest, dried it out, and love the sour sativa flavor of the double dream. Gonna smoke this on the regular till it runs out!

  31. Kim Searle (verified owner)

    Double dream is some feminzied weed that will grow almost anywhere and give you the high you have been dreaming of! Ordering online is nice and simple and if you have an indoor greenhouse, you’re in a great position to get some really high quality stuff! Can’t believe it has all come together so nicely, can’t wait for the next harvest!!

  32. Aairah Hinton (verified owner)

    I never thought I’d be here growing weed. It;s all about making a little extra moolah for myself by selling to the local dispensary. Now I gotta say, I am pretty stoked for the way this is all gonna turn out. I smoke all the dang time. Never really stop, and I feel like opening this can of worms was bad for me cause now I am gonna be shopping for weed like all the time.

  33. Ubaid Quinn (verified owner)

    Double the fun man, this stuff is absolutely amazing and fantastic and gives me the buzz I was always dreaming of but could never achieve with store-bought marijuana. Pacific seed bank is seriously awesome and their seeds are very reliable and relaxing. I just can’t wait to buy more and will absolutely keep buying this stuff in the future!

  34. Nida Ruiz (verified owner)

    Double dream is pretty powerful and it gets me feeling really woozy and dizzy and tired, and I like that it helps me sleep. I am not a very good gardener but I have to say that this was one of my best creations. Highly recommend this stuff to anyone new to marijuana, smells like the ocean!

  35. Hibah Molloy (verified owner)

    Not one dream, but TWO for the price of one, what an honor. Purchased this weed online and had it send to my southern Oregon home. The conditions down here are perfect for growing weed, and I got myself a pretty remarkable yield, can anyone say 800 grams?? Holla!!!

  36. Greyson Douglas (verified owner)

    This dream is twice the fun for the same price…it’s a really easy grow and never fails to get me super stoned! Ordering online was very easy to do, and it shipped out to central Oregon here very quickly. Absolutely beautiful grow, and it smells amazing too, kinda sweet with a hint of tropical sour. Never going back to store-bought weed again!

  37. geminibabe (verified owner)

    Double dream is not only delicious, it’s also good for your mental health IMO. When I smoke this, I feel super relaxed and very focused, I get really creative too, and all I can think to do is paint for hours. It’s been a real dream getting through creative blocks and it just tastes so darn good. Great for growing indoors 🙂

  38. Labron (verified owner)

    All the “Dream” strains tend to be good smoking, and this one is no exception. I had a lot of fun growing it. I even set up a small grow space indoors, which turned out pretty nice. Ordered online and had everything delivered. Made a nice project during the quarantine. I feel pretty accomplished with my stash of fresh bud!

  39. Eugene Simpson (verified owner)

    Double delicious and amazing and is super easy to grow like wtf! I am so amazed with Pacific, they have THE best selection in the world and their prices are the bomb. I can totally order just online and it’s so easy to do and everyone should try growing their own weed it’s so rewarding!

  40. My Castle (verified owner)

    Not one…but two dreams for you to enjoy. One is indica, makes you sleepy and happy and a little hungry, the TV is on and you’re chilling hardcore. The other is sativa, which wakes up your mind and fills it with creative thinking, you’re out riding a bike, or maybe taking a nice walk. Can’t complain about the results of this grow, got some nice sticky nugs, better than expected yield too. Great buy!

  41. Rebel Wilson (verified owner)

    You’ll be dreaming the day away when you smoke this stuff. It’s actually a very strong sativa, so no sleep required to enjoy this daydream. It’s a nice weed when you need to get work done, but still are looking for a nice buzzy high to keep you going. Good for pain and depression, and also helps with social anxiety. I got 3 seeds and a BIG yield from my plants, way more than I thought. Who knew I was such a prolific weed grower?

  42. johnny fist (verified owner)

    If you haven’t tried this strain I say definitely give it a go! It’s very relaxing and uplifting, incredibly dreamy and fresh, makes the whole world look bright and colorful, extremely relaxing but it doesn’t make you tired! I ordered online with Pacific and had the seeds delivered to my home here in LA. I grew the weed out on the porch and it did remarkably well in the strong sunshine. I ended up with a great little yield, and nice sticky nugs too. Highly recommend!

  43. Glass Blower (verified owner)

    Have you ever tried this strain? It’s seriously one of the best around, and it’s hardly talked about. I used to buy from the dispensary, but my costs were getting to be too much, and I needed something better. I got my 3 seeds from Pacific and had them shipped right to my door, so easy! I grew them in the backyard, with no real experience, and did pretty darn well. I got a NICE yield, way more than expected honestly, but I harvested this stuff and am getting super stoney off it. Try it out….

  44. jimbo555 (verified owner)

    Seriously one of my favorite strains of weed of all time. I used to buy this from the dispensary, but the one down the street from me just closed down! I knew it was time to take matters into my own hands. Got my seeds online with PSB and they shipped out wicked fast! Got a NICE yield from my 3 plants! Now I am set for the winter, smoking this stuff helps a lot with depression, puts me in a good mood and softens the edges of things. I recommend this to anyone who has depression.

  45. Amaryllis (verified owner)

    This weed really is a ride on cloud 9! Perfect for relaxation and stress relief, but also excellent for staying woke and focused throughout the day. A nice grow too, very pretty plant. I really dig the taste and smell, super earthy, a little sweet, and offers a great head buzz. I am pretty stoked about this weed, and I’ll totally make it back for some more pot seeds!

  46. Crystal f. (verified owner)

    I’ve been suffering from depression and anxiety for many years, and I am definitely a fan of this strain. I find that sativa strains really help me with mood an motivation, and this weed is no exception. I enjoy gardening and this was an excellent addition to my herbs and spices. It adds a lot of character to my garden and offers up some delicious nugs. It’s something special and I love the tropical smell and taste!

  47. William Mackenzie (verified owner)

    On this weed you’ll be doing anything BUT dreaming. It’s a powerful sativa with a lot to offer. Easy to grow and hella fun to use. It has helped me a lot with depression and anxiety symptoms, and I feel very fortunate to have this over anti depressants. It’s also great for sharing with friends, and will make sure you’re the life of any party!

  48. Emilee T. (verified owner)

    An absolutely delicious strain of nug, and such a gorgeous plant to behold in your backyard haha. Tall and bushy and beautiful with dense nugs with bright orange pistils really adds a flair to any backyard garden, plus the weed itself is absolutely stellar! A very relaxing smoke, but decidedly energetic with strong sativa properties that keeps me feeling extra creative throughout the day and in the evenings as well. Double dream really delivers and I think everyone should try it!

  49. Harley A. (verified owner)

    This is a good buy for your money, I swear to god. I got so much weed from my plants that I’m seriously swimming in it! I think I’m gonna give some to my little sis because I have so much, and I don’t think I can keep it good without it going to mold. I live in the PNW so that’s kind of a problem. I can’t believe I’m complaining I have too much weed. Haha, it’s like first-world problems, right? Good stuff and a good buy!

  50. Luis M. (verified owner)

    Double dream, they name is double the yield! I’ve never had as good a yield from a crop of marijuana as I did from these babies. Who cares if their thick branches need support when you get 1000 grams per plant?? Double dream mj will send you super high with that sky- high THC level. My mind was taken away to a peaceful, euphoric, super-trippy place. My friend claims she gets into a trance with this mj, tho I have not experienced that myself. Great weed and a good buy from PSB.

  51. ftran.652 (verified owner)

    I fly for work quite a bit, ironically enough I tend to get a lot of anxiety before getting on an airplane which sometimes leads to me feeling dizzy and nauseous. My wife is the grower in the family so I ordered these seeds for her to grow. Pacific was easy to work with and the plants came up great. My wife harvested and baked the weed into lemon bars!! I take a bite of one before going to the airport and my anxiety disappears. This has made my work life so much easier! Highly recommend.

  52. bilbob67 (verified owner)

    Double dream – double THC – double euphoria – double yield! Everything about this weed is twice as good as normal. I LOVE the combination of super heavy sativa and high THC – I’m blasted but still able to get everything done that I need to and I can still talk to people haha. Super short flowering time in an indoor grow with a great harvest.

  53. Quince D. (verified owner)

    Well I heard all about how this strain can give me up to 1000 G and was like “heck yea! I gotta try this” So ordered online through pacific and am super happy I did. I’ve been growing mj on my land for the past few years so have some experience under my belt. Personally found this strain to be a bit difficult to work with, LOTS of pruning and whatnot, but the yield was spectacular and I’m literally rolling in nug now haha! Great for getting super creative and wild about art or watching a weird flick, wouldn’t recommend though if you get paranoid or whatever. It’s super strong stuff. Definitely good for the more experienced smokers out there though!

  54. Dory K. (verified owner)

    Incredible. This calmed my ADHD right down and allowed me to focus like never before. And I need something VERY strong to be able to do that. I’m so amazed. This is my first time growing this weed and I’m going to put it into my regular rotation right. now. Plants took a little bit of TLC to get a good yield, but it was worth it. Ordered 10 seeds and they all popped. Been ordering all my seeds from Pacific now and I’ve been super pleased every time. Good place to buy!

  55. Billy R. (verified owner)

    Sooooo delicious! I love sparking a bowl of the double dream and drawing or journaling or just chilling with my cat!!! SUPER creative and hyper and beautiful and feeling great every day!! I smoke this before I go out in the sun and chill down at the beach. Growing was a challenge for me because I’m new to gardening and growing ( 🙁 ) but I LOVE a good challenge and was Soooo happy with how much bud I got!!!! Highly recommend!!!!

  56. Marissa U. (verified owner)

    This strain reminds me of one of my favorites, Blue Dream. But where BD is a good all-around high, Double Dream gave me more energy than I was expecting.

    This was my 3rd try at growing marijuana and I’m getting good results. Glad to not have to buy weed any more.

  57. Brit Y (verified owner)

    Gorgeous heavily trichomed buds! Sativa dominant, great smell, spectacular buzz. Binged a whole season of that british baking show and was focused and interested the whole time. I was highly baked while watching people bake haha. Terrific high that makes you feel great. The buds are indeed heavy! Be sure to prop ‘em up or you might lose a few branches. This cannabis is a classic and a super good yield if ya know what yer doin.

  58. Zach W. (verified owner)

    Best place to buy online is right here. These peeps will do you right damn straight. I had some questions about growing Double Dream. I’m tryin to break into the intermediate strains and I don’t always know what I’m doing. Pacific people were so kind and helpful and they answered all of my questions. I know I’m going to get a great harvest because of them. Theyr prices are good to.

  59. Sara K. (verified owner)

    A challenging grow for sure, but SOOOOooo worth it for just how much weed you harvest! OMG I scored nearly 900 G, which is like completely insane! I’m an active stoner, so I usually like to get high and then run errands or even go to the gym, so the sativa nature of the Double Dream puts me exactly where I want to be. It’s energetic and also helps me focus at the exact same time, so it’s pretty much a dream come true!

  60. Kal T. (verified owner)

    I’m glad I did a little research into growing this strain, as it wasn’t quite the same experience as I had with other mj. The big thing was to make sure the buds had support (sticks and twist-ties work fine). Otherwise they would’ve flopped over for sure. Big and heavy flowers.

    I harvested enough to share with friends and several wanted to know where to buy weed this good. I told them I grew it myself and they were impressed. ?

  61. Saul I. (verified owner)

    Oh man, when I heard you could get up to 1000 g growing double dream, I was like, where to get those seeds? Ordering online from Pacific was pretty cool, I was kind of worried the seeds wouldn’t get to me (I have a tricky address) but they got to me without issue. I didn’t quite get the 1000 g I wanted, I still need a little more cultivation experience before I get that good of a yield it seems. But! I got sort of close to that at about 700 g and when I smoke double dream I don’t care about those things! Double dream just makes me happpyyyy!

  62. Kimberly C. (verified owner)

    I’m in heaven when I smoke the Double Dream marijuana strain. I suffer from inflammation in my wrists and it usually cripples me. But after smoking this and waiting for the effects to beautifully wash over me, my pain is significantly reduced and I can see that my wrists are no longer puffed up. This is now a staple in my medicine cabinet, thanks to Pacific Seed Bank.

  63. Bruce D. (verified owner)

    I can’t stop laughing, ever! Double dream totally puts me in a dream like euphoria. I had to do some extra work to support the buds (so heavy and big!) in my outdoor grow area but I got so much delicious wonderful weed from it, the extra effort made it totally worth it. If you have extra space for it definitely order these seeds and get them in the ground now!

  64. Jayson H. (verified owner)

    If you’re a sativa lover this is the strain for you, it’s amazing! It’s very lively and energetic and it smells ans tastes great too, very sweet and a little earthy, it puts you in a good mood for sure. I get high in the evening after work, makes me feel great. Grew in my basement and was very easy to do. Will be back for more!

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