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GMO Cookies Feminized Seeds

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Growers love the GMO Cookies strain for its heavy indica properties. Typically, indica strains can help promote calmness and relaxation. What makes GMO Cookies even better is that the mature plants actually smell sweet, like freshly baked cookies from the oven.

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What are the effects of GMO Cookies cannabis?

  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Euphoric
  • Uplifting

GMO (Garlic, Mushroom, and Onions) Cookies cannabis, which was created by Divine Genetics, is an indica-dominant strain that contains 80% indica, 20% sativa, and an insanely potent THC content of 25%. It is the resultant cross of Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Up until recently, obtaining GMO Cookies marijuana seeds for this highly coveted strain has been close to impossible, but thanks to Pacific Seed Bank, cannabis growers don’t have to hunt down clippings to grow it as a clone-only strain anymore.

Surprisingly, despite being a near-pure indica, GMO Cookies cannabis is not known for being the kind of sedating strain to leave you immobilized or incapacitated on your couch.

Instead, GMO Cookies strain is known for providing uplifting effects and a euphoric high that lasts for hours on end and allows users to access their sense of inner happiness. Its wonderfully relaxing properties work to calm both the body and mind and only end up sending users off to la-la land as its other effects wear off.

In addition, some recreational cannabis users say that GMO Cookies impart a greater ability to focus and an uptick in creative thinking.

What are the therapeutic benefits of GMO Cookies cannabis?

For those who are in need of temporary relief from mental health issues such as chronic stress, anxiety, and cyclical negative thinking, GMO Cookies’ mood-boosting, and soothing cerebral effects have the potential to provide the much-needed reset they are seeking.

On the physical side of things, GMO Cookies are reported to provide anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as reducing chronic aches and loss of appetite, and sleep issues.

What does GMO Cookies taste and smell like?

Named for its distinctive aroma that smells of garlic, mushrooms, and onions. In addition, GMO Cookies has an interesting diesel aroma that shifts to one of plums and coffee, the blend of which is actually why it ends up smelling more like garlic and onions.

In terms of GMO Cookies flavor profile, this is one contradictory strain as not only is it an indica-heavy hybrid that doesn’t usually result in paralyzed couchlock, but it has a strongly garlicky aroma that tastes of cookies and an earthy flavor profile. In fact, it is well-loved for uniquely contrasting fragrances and flavors, with its super tasty, earthy coffee flavor that lacks the pungent flavors of garlic or onions. All in all, users rate this flavorful strain to be most appealing to their taste buds.

How do I grow GMO Cookies cannabis seeds?

GMO Cookies, which are highly resistant to disease, are considered to be a pretty easy strain to grow, making it a good option for cannabis growers of all levels, including novice growers, to try their hands at. Plus, since Pacific Seed Bank only makes available the highest-quality feminized seeds, the likelihood of ending up with all female plants is about 90%!

To cultivate this indica-dominant hybrid outside, you’ll need to do so in a warm and sunny setting. If growing this outdoors isn’t an option, GMO Cookies will also thrive inside, whereas indoor growers will just need to stay mindful of the fact that its plants have some real stretch to them.

What do GMO Cookies cannabis plants look like?

GMO Cookies plants grow to be medium height, with an appearance that is more reminiscent of a sativa than an indica, except for the fact that its elongated buds are quite dense in structure, which is a common indica trait.

Its nuggets are olive green in color with a beautiful array of long, thin orange hairs (pistils) and chunky white trichomes that are reminiscent of shimmering crystals.

When to harvest your GMO Cookies cannabis plant

GMO Cookies is so easy for even first-time growers to cultivate that their slightly-above average indoor and outdoor yields seem even bigger than they are due to how low maintenance this strain is.

Grown inside, it should reach its flowering time in about 10 weeks, providing indoor growers with an eventual yield of somewhere around 450 grams of resinous nugs per square meter.

Cultivate outside, growers can anticipate an approximate harvest of 450 grams per plant right around the middle of October.

Similar cannabis strains to GMO Cookies

  1. Girl Scout Cookies (GSC): this delectable sativa-dominant strain is one of GMO Cookies’ popular parent strains
  2. Pitbull: this beautiful cannabis strain also contains an indica-to-sativa ratio of 80:20
  3. Cadillac Purple: near-evenly-balanced hybrid with its heavy indica effects also has a THC content of 25%

Additional information


Amsterdam Seeds Co.

Cannabis Species



80% Indica/20% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Diesel, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






16 reviews for GMO Cookies Feminized Seeds

  1. Roman Harper (verified owner)

    The aroma alone will draw you in since it smells like fresh-baked cookies, so sweet and delicious that you’ll never want to put this strain. And I don’t cuz I always make sure I have some on tap. I’m so glad that PSB offers a 25 seed pack, so I always have plenty. Not only that but the price is unbeatable. Gotta love PSB!

  2. Armani Barber (verified owner)

    GMO Cookies is an absolute delight to smoke. The smooth inhale of this strain is accompanied by a burst of diesel and earthy flavors, with a subtle hint of sweetness. The high from GMO Cookies is deeply relaxing, melting away any feelings of depression, pain, or stress. This strain is perfect for those with an intermediate skill level, as it may require a bit more expertise to cultivate successfully.

  3. Alvaro Velez (verified owner)

    GMO Cookies is therapy. I purchased 10 seeds….it was easy to navigate the website and order online….especially since the company sources all their seeds from Northern California growers. The seeds usually ship out in about 7 days….pretty standard in the era of Amazon…buying online is a pretty sure bet, especially since they have a 60 day seed replacement thing going on….

    Never had an issue with germination or growth and this is my 3rd season. Just make sure they get plenty of sun, pruning, and love <3

  4. Sunray1Sloth (verified owner)

    GMO Cookies cannabis is an indica-dominant strain known for its relaxing and uplifting effects. It has therapeutic benefits such as relieving stress, anxiety, inflammation, and sleep issues. With a unique aroma and taste of garlic, mushrooms, and onions, it offers a distinct flavor profile. GMO Cookies is easy to grow, making it suitable for growers of all levels.

  5. Elena Costa (verified owner)

    MMMm yummy! GMO cookies sounds a little sketch but this weed is ALL NATURAL AND ORGANIC and it’s honestly good for ya! I am a weed fanatic, have been a SoCaL GROWER FOR 15 years, first time working with Pacific and first time ordering online. Definitely a good buy, they really don’t pull any punches on this site, just a good product for a fair price with fast shipping. This indica hybrid is my dream!!

  6. Proffitt93 (verified owner)

    Hey there! GMO is my favorite grow. I have been working with this strain for over 20 years! First time working with Pacific seeds and I am really impressed by their product. Excellent yield, definitely one of the best seed banks on the internet!

  7. HerbalHealer710 (verified owner)

    I really liked how fast this strain grows, with some good yield size to it, I enjoy the sweet diesel taste of this strain. Would definitely grow this again for the nice strong buds of this strain. My seeds came quite fast with Pacific delivering my product in just 1 week.

  8. Tasha Payne (verified owner)

    Okay, so Pacific does some great work on product marketing. Usually ships out within a week and always arrives in a vacuum sealed packaging…..

    I have had some mixed results with the grow, but it usually ends up pretty well in the end. I mean, some seed sprout and produce some incredible flower….some kinda die off.

    Maybe it’s environmental factors, but either way, it’s fun to grow 🙂

  9. Ayva Brown (verified owner)

    Ummm, yeah. I am new to weed, and I was a littleover my head. I thought you could just plant in the ground and it would basically just grow on its own but there’s a lot more work involved than expected. It’s still pretty fun, but I didn’t get that much nug :(. I mean the people above seem to be experts, listing out their LED lights setup and dang, that’s a lot of dedication for some little weed seeds. I thought this site was for the common person, not the expert growers??

  10. Alexandros Hamer (verified owner)

    It’s nice that some reviewers feel the need to write entire novels about their mj growing experience. Either way, this has been an excellent grow. I did enjoy buying the mj seeds online. They were fast to ship to my apartment and looked excellent in the garden and greenhouse.

    The plant was very tall, very frosty, colorful…healthy 🙂 I am thrilled I can finally grow my own pot. It’s been a game changer!

  11. Lawrence Bussey (verified owner)

    This was my first start to finish grow and all I can say is WOW!
    Grew indoors, in a tent 4×4 tent, and used trellis netting (2 layers) with a Maxsisun PB4000 providing the light.
    60days veg and 58 days of flower for a plant that was 5 feet tall.
    50-50 ratio of Bush Doctors Coco Loco and Mother Earths Coco Peat
    Used Fox Farms Big Bloom throughout at half strength, Fox Farms Grow Big at half strength during the middle of of the plants life and Fox Farms Tiger Bloom for flowering at half strength. Added Fox Farms Cal mag at times as this was the only deficiency I had throughout the grow. Also used Real Growers Recharge about every third watering. I followed Fox Farms nutrient schedule as closely as I could and went 14 days with nothing but spring water until I harvested.
    I was able to harvest on day 58 with about a 20% amber trichomes.
    This plant smelt very fruity throughout the flowering stage. The last couple of weeks before harvest they put off a VERY heavy smell of Vicks vapor rub. No Joke! EXACTLY like Vicks Vapor rub and VERY strong. Even my significant other pointed it out and she doesn’t consume, or has ever grown anything like this.
    I was able to produce almost 3/4th of a lb. out of each plant.
    Very frosty plant.
    Plant does grow out wide and tall so be prepared for that.
    I use to heavily smoke for years and eventually grew out of it but have always loved the plant and its effects. I have missed the start of the legalization here in the U.S. and could not resist sampling this after many friends that I passed off samples to ranted and raved about the all around quality of the product. WOW! Yes I know had not smoked in at least a couple of years but I could still tell the potency of GMO Cookies. An absolute clean head high. Was able to critically think and think deeper than usual. Was also blasted with a great body high that lasted at least 2 hours before It let me start ascending back to earth. The flavor was earthy and a bit garlicky which had to of come from the Chemdawg parent in this strain. Fully cured the jars still smell of garlic! This is a two hitter quitter and possibly a three if your heavy consumer as its full potential creeps on you a little. The smoke was not harsh and did not choke you out. An absolute beautiful plant with a absolutely powerful high. Great job on this strain and Thank you Pacific Seed Bank for providing me the seeds to check off another item on my bucket list! I have started clones of GMO cookies along with popping Godfather OG and Strawberry Banana provided by you all as well!

    P.S. Why cant I submit pictures of these incredible plants and finished products!?!? I have much better ones than the few you have displaying this strain! lol

  12. Karan Harding (verified owner)

    Nothing eats away at the stress and depression like a nice bowl of GMO cookies. Just like mama used to make! Great feelings are associated with this high. A nice tingly sensation in my fingers and toes. Food tastes seriously amazing. I am just THRILLED to be smoking my OWN bud, way fresher than the stuff they sell indoors. All that stuff is old and stale haha.

  13. Arif Dale (verified owner)

    GMO might sounds like it’s artificial, but there’s nothing that brings you closer to the earth then growing your own marijuana. I purchased this weed online and had it shipped out real fast to Oregon where I live and got it in the ground as fast as possible. I LOVED watching my little seeds grow into beautiful lush weed plants!

  14. Madeleine Milner (verified owner)

    Not sure where the name of this weed comes from, either way, it worked out great in my garden. Took about 60 some days to see the plants beginning to settle into their soil. Aboout 5′ tall when ready to harvest. Requires LOTS of space, this plant loves to STRETCH OUT! Have no regrets about ordering online. The shipping was fast, the seeds germinated quickly, and I was surprised to see all the weed I harvested!

  15. Mindy Handley (verified owner)

    I am new to growing weed but was intrigued by the profile on this weed. I really like indica strains and wanted something to help me manage pain and stress. The customer service team at PSB recommended this strain to me. I ordered online and had it shipped to my location, and fast! 5/5 germination and a relatively long growing period. Either way, great harvest and well worth the effort.

  16. Rider (verified owner)

    I purchased 3 seeds of these GMO Cookies and all 3 popped/germinated. I did not vegetate as long, as usual, in fact, it was 6 weeks and just above the knees when moved to flower The plants flowered quickly. All three looked spot on and ready for harvest on the 8th week or day 56. Not one plant but all three. Buds were thick, tight frosty as well as having a nice nose appeal. It looks just like dispensary medicine all day long and exactly as pictured in this add or information section. Its a keeper in the garden and I am reordering.

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