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Northern Wreck Feminized Seeds – Amsterdam Seeds Company

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Northern Wreck is a dreamy, euphoric, and sedative indica strain with a high average THC that contributes to relaxation.

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Do you like to relax? We’re talking about the kind of relaxation where you just… sink into your couch, lose all sense of time, and no longer care that your house is a mess. Northern Wreck can help you get there.


What symptoms can Northern Wreck marijuana contribute relaxation help to?

Northern Wreck is an indica-dominant hybrid that’ll make your body feel like a warm hug! As your mind falls into deep dreaminess, your body will slowly become more and more relaxed, lulling you down into a slightly sedated state. With these effects and its super-high THC (it often hits the high 20s), Northern Wreck is said to be the perfect bud for providing relaxation to experienced users with insomnia and appetite loss.


What does Northern Wreck look and taste like?

Northern Wreck has bright golden hairs and matching crystal trichomes that give this strain a sweet piney flavor that’s delicious but also slightly pungent—like a rich, earthy forest on a hot day. 


Growing your own Northern Wreck marijuana seeds

This strain has a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors, with an average yield of 450 grams per square meter. Northern Wreck can be grown outdoors as well, where it typically begins flowering in late September and finishes up around mid-October.

Additional information


Amsterdam Seeds Co.

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Herbal, Woody

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


13 reviews for Northern Wreck Feminized Seeds – Amsterdam Seeds Company

  1. Ethan T. (verified owner)

    Don’t worry about feeling like a wreck after indulging in this wonderful strain. Instead, you’re going to feel dreamy and euphoric. After I use it, I feel like I’m on top of the world and never want to come down. It’s also a great sleep aid when you’re suffering from insomnia.

  2. Krishnan Iyer (verified owner)

    The flowering time was as expected, and the yield was impressive. As for smoking, the high THC content provided deep relaxation. The taste was a delightful combination of sweet and earthy flavors.

  3. EmeraldEnthusiast (verified owner)

    This dreamy, surreal strain is great for smoking with friends and family for an awesome psychedelic experience that’ll leave you giggling for hours….and probably pretty hungry too!

    I have space for about 10 seeds, and am pretty happy with how quickly and reliably they germinate. I followed all the growing advice from the blogs to a T and got great results. Super please with what I purchased!

  4. Sofia Kim (verified owner)

    Big flavorful nugs and a profoundly delicious energy. I purchased 10 seeds online they shipped quickly and It’s all therapeutic from there. Working with the plants is great for my mental health and smoking my own weed is incredibly rewarding. I am so thankful for this site and its great resources. Pacific is truly the best west coast seed bank BY FAR!

  5. Bronson Davila (verified owner)

    I had fairly invasive surgery after a car wreck a few years back and I was recommended some MED marijuana from my doc. I thought he was crazy until I started growing my own. Never been a grower or a smoker….but now I am a midnight toker!
    North Wreck is good for the minor aches and usually relaxes the mind, so it’s good to have this on hand. I greatly appreciate the value of these seeds!

  6. QuantumQuill77 (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved the high that Northern Wreck provided. It gave me a euphoric and happy feeling that instantly put a smile on my face. The indica dominance in this hybrid strain delivered a strong body high that helped me relax and unwind after a long day. The plants I grew were short and sturdy, making them easy to manage.

  7. Kathy White (verified owner)

    Recently got these flowered, and the beautiful golden hairs on the crystal trichomes are really something wonderful. Gives off this wonderful sweet piney aroma. Flowering took about 9 weeks but the plants were relatively easy to care for, and quite short for those with low maitainence indoor setups.

  8. Reilly Cordova (verified owner)

    This pine-smelling weed is great for my stressed out joints. I feel really excited for the opportunity to FINALLY cultivate my own MJ. It has truly been YEARS in the making. MY garden space is perfect for MJ….the results are staggering and the cost per nug is cents on the dollar, I am saving so much $$!

  9. Amy Russell (verified owner)

    Impressive yields….nearing the 500 G mark, roughly 150 G per plant…solid! Great for growers north of Cali, especially Oregon and Washington. The cooler temps don’t seem to deter this plant from thriving, but any frost and you are screwed LOL. Make yourself to a grow this summer, just try your hand at it and you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is. Exciting to say the least!

  10. GlitteringGalaxy (verified owner)

    Had a good time dealing with my stress through this strain. Was quite a relaxing high and did not take too long to get these seeds flowered. The small size and easy-to-grow nature of this plant make it very good for newer growers. I also really liked the fast shipping Pacific Seed Bank provided.

  11. Layla Johnson (verified owner)

    Big flavorful nugs after 10 weeks of growing….I took great care of my plants and watered them every day. What a dream come true. They really produced a TON of weed!

  12. Rambunctious Rhino (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this strain for the heavy body high it gives me, really helps me destress and deal with pain. Grew this indoors and got a ton of weed from it. Definitely, something I would recommend for anyone looking for a strong Indica strain.

  13. Gagoem (verified owner)

    I am wrecked, no doubt, by this northern wreck MJ. Ships to Canada and grows great in our lovely northern climate. Feeling much much better than before. It reduces my stress, and makes my sleep a lot better. I am comfortable growing just a few plants at a time, and so far, it’s been a great investment. Buying online is the way to go, and I appreciate the energy!

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