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Purple Trainwreck Feminized Seeds

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High yielding and easy to grow, Purple Trainwreck marijuana seeds are the perfect strain for beginner gardeners looking for lots of flavor and lots of THC.

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Somehow the title “Purple Trainwreck” brings to mind a character from M Night Shyamalan flick, Unbreakable – the image of Mr. Glass in his garish purple suit and the trainwreck he orchestrates in order to uncover others like him. Purple Trainwreck marijuana is a powerhouse strain, but it’s far from evil, instead of promoting happiness and positivity in a fragrant package. 


Heavy on THC (usually producing 20% to 25% of this psychedelic cannabinoid), Purple Trainwreck marijuana is as suitable for recreational purposes as it is medical. It’s the kind of hybrid that encourages a bright and lively mood, with colorful cerebral effects and heavy body stone. Its sweet aroma will have you thinking of herbs and berries, with juicy grape and fresh pine. The smoke will leave a strong herbal flavor in your mouth, while delicious shocks of grape and berry underscore its complexity. 


With well-established roots, Purple Trainwreck marijuana seeds are among the easiest to grow and are favored for their high yields. These plants grow tall and are naturally resistant to common molds and mildew, which helps to solidify their rank among marijuana seeds best suited for growers with little to no cannabis cultivation experience. Indoors, gardeners expect Purple Trainwreck marijuana plants to produce around 18 ounces of bud after 9-11 weeks of flowering. The strain tends to show its true colors when allowed to flourish outdoors, however and can produce a generous average of 25 ounces per plant when kept warm, dry, and away from frost.

Additional information


Dutchman Seeds

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 700 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Berry, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






17 reviews for Purple Trainwreck Feminized Seeds

  1. SilverSerpent (verified owner)

    Regardless of your growing experience, you’ll find this one easy to grow. You don’t have to do anything extra or special and can cultivate it indoors or outdoors. I went ahead and used my trusty hydroponic system and everything turned out well. I got a nice-sized harvest that made me more than happy and made my purchase of these seeds more economical.

  2. Liana Yang (verified owner)

    Hey Friends! I got my purple trainwreck seeds in the mail today! They look great! I can’t say why they’re fresh, but they just LOOK that way. It’s really nice, they even have a subtle earthy fragrance…about the size of a small pea. I have them soaking already……and I can’t wait to plant them. I found a lot of great growing advice on the blogs. They’re a treasure trove of great info!!

  3. DiamondDragon (verified owner)

    Heavy on the body with its strong high and cerebral effects it had over my mind. Loved the tastes provided in its herbal sweetness with hints of berries. A very well rounded smoke for those looking for stronger strains.

  4. Coleman Estes (verified owner)

    The classic trainwreck MJ with a nice purple color and a berry-flavored twist. I have always associated train wreck with east coast growers so that’s why I am growing it here in Boston. I’ve got a nice grow tent in my kitchen and it’s currently housing 3 plants about waist height and with a nice sour early veg smell. Mmmm Now that’s fresh!

  5. Zen10ith (verified owner)

    I am just happy to have this MJ in my back pocket. Purchased online, got it delivered to my apartment, and was growing within just a few days. AMAZING growing advice from their blog, and even if you call customer service they’re pretty helpful too. Not robots, bur REAL people.

  6. Crimson23Rose (verified owner)

    A great choice at a low price. Purple weed with a hint of trainwreck and the flavor of berry and diesel. A fast grow with flower ready to harvest in 10 weeks. Ideal for indoor growers.

  7. Xia Tian (verified owner)

    The high it provided was euphoric, relaxed, and uplifted, giving me a great experience every time. The plants grew tall and beautiful, with dense buds that had a sweet and earthy taste. Dutchman Seeds did a great job with this hybrid strain.

  8. Comic Book Nerd (verified owner)

    I enjoyed how easy this was to grow and had a large yield size to it. This strain seems great for beginner growers and came recommended to me by the helpful customer service on Pacific. Seeds also arrived to me very fast and got a full germination from them.

  9. DeadbeatDragon1337 (verified owner)

    I was really happy with the fast shipping time from Pacific, and even happier with the yield from these seeds! The high is euphoric and relaxed, which is exactly what I was looking for. I really liked the berry and earthy flavors and found this strain very easy to grow.

  10. forelegal (verified owner)

    Ever had such a delicious weed in all your life? Beautiful puprle flower with streaks of pink. Smells like grapefruit. It’s very refreshing. Bought 10 seeds online and they shipped directly to my door. Excellent yields, about 150 G per plant….and I like those odds. A VERY wise decision for the price, really made a difference in my summer!

  11. Roberto Watts (verified owner)

    Dank purple nugs that smell like heaven and wine.
    Big yields, nearing 10 oz across 3 different plants.
    A beautiful crop with deep emerald green colors and vibrant purples.
    What a sweet and relaxing find. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  12. Manuel Dodson (verified owner)

    If you like weeds that put you deep in the couch and watching your fave movie, then get a LOAD of Purple Trainwreck. An awesome buy with a remarkable price. The seeds ship quickly and they look just friggin awesome. They smell pretty great as well. I mean who doesn’t love that fresh skunky smell of mj? It’s always a winner!

  13. Teo Roche (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and reliable germination across the board. This site has GREAT growing tips!!

  14. Nella (verified owner)

    I mean, look it’s not perfect but it’s good weed. I actually had no issues with germination. My seeds sprouted without issue…took a little long to get established, but once they took root they grew like gangbusters. Some of the prettiest and most delicious weed strains I have ever grown…I’m sorry to see other customers had a bad experience with Pacific, cause they’ve always been very responsive to my messages and usually are willing to help me out at no extra cost!

  15. Amiya Tierney (verified owner)

    Smash your head into a stash of this marijuana from Pacific. Ships all the way to Alberta Canada where I grow my pot during the summer. Hella good weed, get your seeds today!

  16. wyatt Twitchell (verified owner)

    If I could give a zero star I would! This is the most aggravated I have been in a long long time! I soaked these seeds for 5 days with the results of the seeds halfway popping opened with no tail sticking out. I contacted pacific seed bank and they asked for a picture, which upset me a little. Then after a few days, they said they would give me new seeds If I sent them $10 more dollars in the mail! So like for $$60 I would get three more seeds that probably wouldn’t work! I’ve been doing this for 40 plus years. So needless to say ,I know what I’m doing! I recommend going to a good seed bank like ILGM and ordering your seeds! At least if they dont pop opened they will send you new seeds, no pictures or questions asked and no shipping fee is involved!!! This seed bank is a joke!!! I’M VERY UPSET!!!

  17. Billy Parkinson (verified owner)

    Just as good as the OG Trainwreck…but purple! Got this weed delivered to my place in WA. Took a few attempts to get my growing technique right, but it worked out in the end, things are looking pretty solid, the plant is taller than me right now and is sporting some beautiful purple flowers. Great vibe. Helps me relax when I am stressed out from work.

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