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Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

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With a fragrance reminiscent of a peaceful pine forest and lingers long after its done, Silver Haze marijuana is a pontent wake-and-bake strain that let’s you leave your worries behind for a creative and productive day.

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Silver Haze marijuana, proof that silver is just as precious (if not more so) than gold. A legendary marijuana strain that proves energetic and invigorating, Silver Haze is a beautiful sativa-dominant marijuana that consistantly ranks among top ten lists across North America for its smooth smoke and carefree experience. 


Adored by creative types and those who aren’t, Silver Haze marijuana is a powerful cerebral experience that boosts creativty and productivty in one fell swoop. Heavily leaning on its sativa genetics, its THC content can top out at 24%, solidifying its place among the top ranked strains on the market. A perfect “wake-and-bake” strain, Silver Haze will help drive your energy and focus for a day of getting things done. 


A whiff of Silver Haze marijuana and you’ll be reminded of the crispness of a pine forest, with grass and citrus notes that are as refreshing as they are alluring, with the tendency to linger long after the smoke has dissipated. The flavor too tends to stick around, coating the inside of your mouth and leaving an aftertaste of wood as you exhale. 


Beginner growers may find a challenge in Silver Haze marijuana seeds, which produce plants that can triple in size. Indoors or out, it is highly adaptable but requires excellent ventilation, as these spindly plants can be taken down by common mold and mildew if precautions aren’t put in place. Still, with patience, attention, and careful pruning, Silver Haze marijuana seeds will spend roughly 10 to 11 weeks flowering, and will provide a moderately average yield once its time to harvest the aromatic, sticky bud.

Additional information


Growers Lab

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

65-75 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Sweet, Woody

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






17 reviews for Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

  1. Alma Clark (verified owner)

    A bright and uplifting sativa that helps me chill and hang with my homies! I usually grow indoors, it’s the easiest way tp ensure I will get the best possible yield, and the nugs will be up to my high standards! Great growing during the summer months. These plants love light and heat and water, so don’t hold back! Silver haze is great and can be enjoyed by all smokers of all tastes and backgrounds.

  2. Lara Robbins (verified owner)

    Hits the head first and then trickles slowly down into the body….one of those super luxurious strains that feels amazing and gets me wicked high, Nobody does it quite like Pacific. Their prices are good, their shipping is fast and reliable and it’s an exceptional addition to anything you’re doing. Id say my life improved 5% in total LOL 🙂

  3. InfernalPhoenix (verified owner)

    Wake and bake gets no better than Silver Haze. It’s potent and in your face to wake you up in the best way lol Better than any cup of coffee I’ve had! It’s going to give you that burst of energy that makes you actually want to work and get stuff done!

  4. N Popov (verified owner)

    Silver Haze Feminized Seeds are a must-try strain for any marijuana enthusiast. With its energizing and invigorating effects, it’s perfect for a wake-and-bake experience that boosts creativity and productivity. The fragrance of a pine forest and the lingering notes of grass and citrus make this strain a sensory delight.

  5. Tanya Callahan (verified owner)

    Silver haze is really nice and sour….it has a streak of sativa energy that courses through my whole body. I can feel it radiating from my spinal cord into my brain. I love buying online, getting the seeds shipped and FINALLY being able to grow from home.

  6. HorticulturalHarmony (verified owner)

    This is my go-to strain for a relaxing and productive day. I know, I shouldn’t be smoking before work, but it makes the day go by so much fasterrrr. I really love buying online, find the seeds to ship out real quick (like in 7 days or so) and all over the dang USA so I am COVERED wherever I live. Thanks to customer service for the dope recs, and for the incredibly NICE and comforting buzz. Such a thrill!

  7. Alia Griffin (verified owner)

    I feel at my most creative and productive after smoking a bowl of silver haze, a deeply intense sativa that sharpens my senses and deepens my focus. Yes, it’s a “working” strain and it needs a LOT of attention in the garden. I watered every day, pruned, and treated with fertilizer. I got some expetional results but that’s only becayse I have a practiced hand!

  8. Rolando Delacruz (verified owner)

    If you have a passion for marijuana, but never had the time to grow your own. You’re in Luck! Silver haze is the perfect lazy-grower strain. It practically manages itself. Once you soak your seeds and plant them, you’ll notice how quickly they germinate. The results are usually instantaneous, with the plant hitting a growth spurt around 3 weeks. They get really tall! Make sure you have the space in your apartment or yard. If growing outdoors be sure to trellis your plants!

  9. Twerk4Tacos69 (verified owner)

    Silver Haze is a popular strain for good reason. The citrus and sweet flavors are a delight for the senses and the energetic, relaxed, and uplifted high delivers every time. It can take 11 weeks to harvest, but it’s worth the wait! Highly recommend for daytime use.

  10. fragrancebott (verified owner)

    Excellent choice! This weed has beautiful large nugs awith silver pistils and gorgeous crystals! Very proud of my weed, it’s been fun to grow and has made me more confident in the garden!

  11. Cyrus Estrada (verified owner)

    We are all in search of inner peace, and silver haze really gets me there. I like the smell of pine forest and the bright, enriching nugs that help with stress and depression. I never knew how easy it was to order weed online. You are definitely in control of your weed destiny with PSB!

  12. Daniela Case (verified owner)

    Best reserved for afternoons or evening, and it’s the absolute best on the weekends! Great flavor and texture to this weed. Crumbles right between your fingers, and has a fantastic buzz that gives me energy and keeps my mind sharp! I was able to buy my weed online, it was fast and convenient, and the results have been exceptional. I trust this brand and this website, its an excellent grow!!

  13. George Molina (verified owner)

    Never had the opportunity to grow my own marijuana. Pacific has really changed the game for me. I was able to successfully order 10 seeds online and have them shipped right to my doorstep in Washington state. Spring is just starting up around here and it’s time to plant MJ seeds for the fall. Feeling VERY lucky I got to burn through my last bunch. Great weed!

  14. Leigha Travers (verified owner)

    Having energy issues? Feeling down and out? Silver haze will most definitely be your savior. This sativa weed infuses energy into your VERY BEING!!! I am HYPED to smoke this pot everyday and share with my homies. Love the high quality seeds on this site!!

  15. Affan Durham (verified owner)

    A nice and energetic high, helps me manage my stress. I am a new grower but hey, I love learning new and challenging things! I plan to buy 10 seeds this time and grow them indoors! I think I will get an even bigger yield!

  16. Kyan Povey (verified owner)

    Silver haze has always been the ultimate sativa. It’s silver hairs and green flower are really eye catching. Plus the flavor is MEGA aour. Smoke this if you dare….and get ready to be awake and social for hours haha. Great for ADD people like myself!

  17. Sheikh Mckay (verified owner)

    A great strain if you are a morning smoker. Tastes like a breath of fresh forest air, and helps a lot with pain stress and anxiety. It is a slow grow, and a slow burn, so be patient when handling this plant. It likes lots of water, sunlight, and fertilizer. Be regular about your watering to avoid wilting and mold. I was successful in the harvest with nearly 600 grams to date. Makes any work day feel much better!

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