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California Orange AutoFlowering Seeds

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The fragrance and flavor of its namesake without the mess, California Orange auto is an beautifully-balanced hybrid of moderate THC content that’s ideal in any garden.

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There’s nothing like a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice to start your day off right, although a toke of California Orange autoflowering marijuana is a close second. A balanced hybrid, California Orange has been a crowd-pleasing favorite since it burst onto the scene in the 80s, with a moderate THC content and juicy sweet flavor that’s almost impossible to resist.


Looking for a better way to start the day? Forget coffee. California Orange is a fast-hitting strain with a predominantly cerebral high that will help you develop a cheery disposition and a sense of clarity that can help you feel more productive at work. Soon you’ll feel the indica effects release tension and stress for a relaxing, worries-free day, a quality that makes it an excellent option for patients who suffer from certain disorders.


Allow yourself to get lost in the swirling freshness of California Orange’s aroma – earthy yet citrus, fresh and inviting. The flavor is not far off – tropical fruits on the smoke leave a lingering sweetness on the exhale.


California Orange auto marijuana draws its effects from its sativa genetics but its physicality is all indica. These plants reach moderate heights, anywhere from 4 to 6 feet, and will produce above-average yields in the right hands, especially when cultivated indoors, where they tend to thrive. Stress-training techniques will really boost your final crop, and for this reason, we recommend master level growers try their hand at fattening up these THC-rich, bright green nugs, which are ready to be picked after 8-10 weeks in the flowering stage.

Additional information



Cannabis Species



50% Indica/50% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 600 gr

To Treat

Depression, Fatigue, Stress


Citrus, Fruity, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






15 reviews for California Orange AutoFlowering Seeds

  1. Rowan Ray (verified owner)

    Do you like orange juice? Check. Do you like just the right amount of THC? Check. Do you like a well-balanced hybrid? Check. If so, then California Orange is the perfect strain for you. These seeds were easy to order and when I had questions, I was able to talk to customer service who was so helpful and helped me get the answers I needed.

  2. Snowy8Sparrow (verified owner)

    The plants grew beautifully, with full germination and impressive yields. I also have to give a shoutout to Pacific’s customer service, they were great. The taste was tropical and sweet, with a lingering freshness. This strain is perfect for starting the day off right or for a relaxing, worry-free day. Highly recommended!

  3. Giovanni Ricci (verified owner)

    The high was uplifting and clear-headed, perfect for getting things done. The plants grew beautifully, with full germination and awesome yields. The taste was like a burst of tropical fruit, leaving a sweet and lingering flavor.

  4. Guillermo Benson (verified owner)

    Best tasting MJ on the books. Saves me a lot more money than buying from the dispo! I also find the garden work nice and fulfilling….it’s so NICE to have this MJ on my radar and to feel the sun on my back. It’s been great for depression, just the garden work alone puts me in an excellent mood!

  5. Jeremiah Middleton (verified owner)

    Soooo much California orange! I am swimming in pot, like I have never had this much before. Like, what do I do with all my fresh-harvested homegrown MJ. Does anyone have any suggestions???

  6. Terra Bruce (verified owner)

    All 3 of my seeds germinated and grew into healthy plants with dense buds bursting with a sweet citrus aroma. I love the happy and relaxed high that comes with this strain, making it perfect for unwinding after a long day.

  7. Patrick Johnson (verified owner)

    Hi 5/5 stars for Pacific. They were very helpful getting my seeds delivered on time and also gave me great germination advice!

  8. onwebdetox.com (verified owner)

    Heyo, California resident here. I have been growing weed my whole adult life and really appreciate a good weed seed. Pacific has the best online seeds anywhere. Their value is crazy good and the growth profile is pretty fantastic. Can’t believe how EASY it is to order online, like the seeds ship out within 7 days every time.
    It’s nice to know their my neighbors to the north. I am familiar with many of the farms they source from. Always quality product, bringing great MJ to the masses!

  9. Keely Kaiser (verified owner)

    Nice and subtle citrus flavor mixed with sativa energy makes this a sure-fire weed for your afternoon slump. You can trust Pacific to deliver the best marijuana seeds on the internet, and fast! I like ordering with them because they deliver so quickly and look absolutely brilliant in the garden. When they germinate they are so teeny tiny, and then they get so BIG! It took me a while to figure out how to best harvest this weed, but it’s worked out great!

  10. Elysia Lang (verified owner)

    I love California and California Orange. This weed is perfect for a SoCal grower like myself. I have a great property. Full sun all day long. I grow some of the best weed in Cali right here, but I am not a pro, it’s just for me and my friends. Citrus smell for days, definitely buying more.

  11. Dwayne Douglas (verified owner)

    Gives you the citrus buzz that you crave, plus it smells totally awesome. The growth rate was actually pretty fast all things considered. Greatly helped having a greenhouse where I could automate irrigation. If you don’t manage and prune these plants they tend to become tangled and don’t produce as much mj.

  12. Maximus Hawes (verified owner)

    A truly delightful grow, does best in hot climates, just like southern Cali. Fast shipping from Pacific, their headquarters is in Cali so my seeds shipped out to fresno in a matter of days. They took to the soil almost immediately, and it’s honestly been pretty straightforward from there.

  13. Tylor Davie (verified owner)

    Being a californian myself, I felt like I was obligated to grow the weed named after my home state! Orange citrus marijuana has a bright, sour taste, a nice sativa hybrid, and usually has a nice even buzz that lasts for hours and hours. Really great bang for your buck cause you always get a NICE yield, very high satisfaction rate!!

  14. Sabrina Forrest (verified owner)

    Had a great time growing this weed in my home state of California, and it grew nicely right up until I harvested, giving me very few problems other than some caterpillars who were interested in the foilage. Either way things are looking pretty good and I am going to buy again and attempt to grow hydroponically. Good times and lovely sativa energy from this pot!

  15. Ethan Myers (verified owner)

    New grower here. Thought I’d attempt to grow this mj for myself cause I normally suffer depression and anxiety and need a little pick-me-up to get through the day. I bought about 10 seeds cause I want to have a consistent supply, and honestly 2 seeds germinating at a time is more than enough. I am lucky to have a small greenhouse in the backyard, looks pretty amazing, helps with stress and depression, and smells like orange!

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