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Juicy Fruit Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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The tropical flavors of Juicy Fruit feminized marijuana will help banish stress while they give you a burst of energy to manage the day. Easy to grow with a high yield, these tall, vibrant plants are a great addition to any beginner garden.

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Juicy Fruit

Just like the jingle from the catchy 80s commercials, the taste of Juicy Fruit marijuana (aka Fruity Juice) is “gonna move ya”, which is one of the reason so many people love to save this strain for times when they need to be social and active.

The long-lasting effects of Juicy Fruit marijuana may have something to do with the sativa-dominant strain’s 23% THC content, though that may be more responsible for its pleasantly unique uplifting effects that can help boost your mood and energy without leaving you feeling sluggish.

With a citrus-y sweet but earthy flavor profile, Juicy Fruit marijuana is also popular among patients, most notably those suffering from mental health disorders like depression, but also aids in lifting feelings of fatigue and chronic pain.

A tropical strain, Juciy Fruit feminized marijuana seeds are easy enough that beginner gardeners should have no trouble getting them to prosper. Growing best indoors in a sea of green environment, these tall plants will yield upwards of 600 grams per plant if you let them reach their full height potential.

Mouth-wateringly energizing, Juicy Fruit feminized marijuana seeds will help put pep in your step – order now!

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



60% Sativa/40% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Uplifting

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 600 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






18 reviews for Juicy Fruit Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Winston K. (verified owner)

    I always found juicy fruit to be an underrated gum, and now I think that the weed itself is underrated. I am SO happy I decided to go with this strain, it’s got great tropical vibes that it sends through my house, and it’s a beautiful plant to have growing in my little basement grow space! With a sweet taste and a really buzzy cerebral high, I always feel like I’m ready to take on the day and tackle my to do list. A great weed for the ages!

  2. Elena R. (verified owner)

    I’ve never been to the tropics, but I feel like I’m in Jamaica with sunshine on my shoulders and a nice mixed drink with rum and a paper umbrella in it in my hand when I’m smoking juicy fruit mj. Such a delicious fruity taste, with a bit of earthiness too. The effects of juicy fruit lasts for hours, which is also dope (pun intended). No complaints – Juicy Fruit is a great buy from PSB!

  3. Branden G. (verified owner)

    I’m a veteran with PTSD and I used to think pot was just for slacker stoner types. But I’ve had such trouble sleeping in the last few years, and anxiety too and my wife and I were fighting all the time. My therapist suggested medical marijuana and I kind of think he saved my life, not to mention my marriage too. I think the strain name is kind of dumb, but juicy fruit marijuana has proven to be effective treatment for my issues. It’s strong enough that I do feel the effect, but I don’t crash later and feel groggy. The taste is also great, like citrus and pineapple. I’m grateful for this pot in my life – this needs to be legal everywhere in the USA.

  4. Richard I. (verified owner)

    The dankest herb I have ever smoked! Not gonna lie I bought it cause I like Juicy Fruit gum and though why not? Ha, little did I know how tall and bushy these plants get. I just let em run wild, and seriously it was like no time at all before I was swimming in bright green juicy fruit nug. Smoking this pot on the daily, seriously can’t get enough. The whole house smells super sweet and pungent, makes it feel like home. Usually carry around J with me, and smoke it after work, wandering the streets. Such good vibes!

  5. Teresa U. (verified owner)

    Gosh I really love the taste of this mj! That’s not normally a factor for me, but the citrusy flavor is really nice and I think the smoke of this weed is very smooth. Couldn’t be happier with the grow. For hardly any effort at all I got a whole lotta cannabis. I’m still pinching myself that weed is legal in my state and I can grow amazing herb like this on my own property. Can’t wait till its legal in the whole US!

  6. Laurie P (verified owner)

    Very energizing. I would recommend smoking some of this and then immediately going for a hike or a run. It’ll make your body feel all robotic and you can easily crush whatever activity you’re getting after. It’s a happy high, lightens your mood and all, which is why I like sativas to begin with. No anxiety, either. Just good times. Good beginner plant with no hassle to grow. The buds looked really nice. They were tight and compact. Successful seed germination — got 3 for 3.

  7. Minka L. (verified owner)

    With the Juicy Fruit strain, I felt the jitters, but in a good way. I was dancing to everything at the party I was at, so no complaints from anyone. Got a good amount of growth from the seeds, so I’m fairly impressed. Was able to save some for my stash as well as share with friends. And sharing is caring!

  8. wkdei89203 (verified owner)

    I like to buy cannabis to use for some social anxiety issues I have, I get shakey and nervous when I know I’ll be around big groups of people. Juicy Fruit pot is the best treatment for me, it makes me feel happy and chatty, a total turnaround lol. No issues with growing this, just make sure there’s adequate light. Good time with JF, I’ll continue to keep it on hand.

  9. Carson B. (verified owner)

    Invigorating uplifting and keeps me high-igh-igh! 23% thc seems accurate for this weed according to psb’s information. If you have room to grow them indoors it s pretty easy but they can get kind of tall. The room they take up is worth it though, I got like 600g per plant after about an 8 and a half week flowering time. I’m a satisfied customer for sure, thanks psb!

  10. Isaac T. (verified owner)

    Get yo sea of green on and watch these babies fly! Holy jesus did I just grow a shit ton of weed! Hahaha, so amazing. I’m a beginner grower and it blows me every time how much weed I get from just a couple o seeds. Totally magic. Can’t get enough. Will totally absolutely without a doubt be growing Juicy Fruit again. Will also buy em here cuz ya’ll seeds are dope!

  11. Mara R. (verified owner)

    Here in Manitoba Canada the climate isn’t great for growing cannabis so I decided to go for it and set up an indoor space. Juicy Fruit was one of the first strains I tried, about six months back. The plants practically grew themselves and within eight weeks I was harvesting big, heavy buds packed with THC.

    I chose Juicy Fruit because I’d tried it before and knew I liked it. My friends all agree! Next up: Snoop’s Dream.

  12. Harmony Q. (verified owner)

    This is the best weed I have ever grown hands down! It looks so beautiful in my garden and the plants get super tall, now my whole garden has the wonderful smell of fruity skunky weed and I got like 500 grams all for myself! I love to smoke this stuff in the evening or afternoons as a way to relax and feel great, perfect if you have had a stressful day!

  13. Arthur P. (verified owner)

    If you’re a fan of the gum, you’ll be a fan of the mj too! It’s really a treat to grow, doesn’t take up much space and offers a really nice buzz that you’ll love. It’s got nice sativa properties that will give you a burst of energy and put you in a great mood! Helps if you’ve got depression like me, and is super solid for stress and anxiety as well. Definitely a worthy buy!

  14. eliza banks (verified owner)

    This is probably my favorite weed in the world! It’s wicked easy to grow and it’s super sweet and delicious, almost better than the chewing gum it’s named after. I ordered my seeds online with PSB, and it was an excellent customer service experience. I would like the opportunity to grow this indoors. I think I would get a bigger yield, but I was happy either way!

  15. Dilly (verified owner)

    Some dense spicy nugs on this plant, super great for getting a little midday pep to your step. I sometimes struggle with fatigue during the day, so this is a nice change of pace, makes me feel a lot better during those long work days that never seem to end. My co workers tend to like it too haha! Easy online ordering and a great growing experience!

  16. juicydonket (verified owner)

    You know it’s gotta be good with a name like juicy fruit! It’s delicious and sweet and great for smoking with friends! Not to mention that it grows beautifully in my backyard. Very quick to flower, excellent yield too, probably near 400 g per plant and all really high quality stuff! I am hoping to grow indoors next time to increase yield. Always puts a smile on my face any time of day. Best seeds in Canada!

  17. Gresham (verified owner)

    Everybody ‘s favorite bubble gum is now an amazing strain of mj! I got myself 3 seeds delivered from PSB online and they showed up wicked fast. I grew them in my little hoop house outdoors and the whole backyard smells like delicious fruity, tropical weed! It’s truly intoxicating and wonderful! I finally got my flowers harvested after 4 months, and they are super fresh and tasty, delicious buzz, super sativa heavy and good moods always follow!!!

  18. Sweet Temptation (verified owner)

    Mmmmm juicy! Things are about to get cray up in here with this new weed of mine! I ordered seeds online and had them delivered right to my home here in SF. Great for porch growing if you’ve got some big pots that allow for some deep root growth. Also it’s absolutely delicious, very sweet and uplifting, helps with anxiety and depression and gives me an excellent wave of fresh positivity. I will certainly buy more from this amazing website. What a find!

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