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Hawaiian Dream CBD Feminized Seeds

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Dreaming about Hawaii might be enough to ease symptoms of depression in and of itself, but if not, turn to Hawaiian Dream CBD marijuana seeds. Indoors or out, you’ll get a good harvest from this tropical strain.

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If you can’t get to the island, bring the island to you! Okay, Hawaiian Dream CBD marijuana seeds may not be the next best thing to a trip to the tropics, but this medical marijuana strain will definitely have you floating on a sea of calm and relaxation!


Best known for its high CBD content and uplifting, cheerful effects, Hawaiian Dream CBD is one of those perfect hybrids, split right down the middle. Although our version features a modicum of THC (about 3% if you’re lucky), the 12% CBD – will completely banish any of the intoxicating discomfort associated with more psychoactive strains.


Hawaiian Dream CBD are best grown indoors where you can have complete control over the environment, Hawaiian Dream CBD feminized marijuana seeds will flower after 60-65 days, and because they require a manual shift in light duration, it may be better suited to growers with more intermediate ganja gardening experience.


Ready to drift away on the sweet and fruity scent of Hawaiian Dream CBD? Order your marijuana seeds now!

Additional information

Cannabis Species



50% Sativa / 50% Indica

Flowering Time

60-65 days



CBD Level

High (10%+)



Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 550g/m²

Yield Outdoors


To Treat

Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, worries


Sweet, Tropical

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






47 reviews for Hawaiian Dream CBD Feminized Seeds

  1. Esther Robbins (verified owner)

    A great choice with an abundance of flavor. I usually grow over the summer in my yard, I’ve made it something of a tradition in my household. Buying online though has made the whole process a lot easier, and made it easier on my wallet too. Great choice overall, fast growth and a big yield!

  2. HydroHarvestHaven (verified owner)

    Been a long-time fan of the homegrowing community, but just recently acquired all the equipment necessary for indoor hydroponics. YES!!

    This is my first seed order with Pacific but not my first-ever grow. I enjoyed the fresh bud, the incredible flavor, the long-lasting HIGH!!! Puts a smile on my face every time. Not a bad grow and always a good decision!

  3. Jaylyn Kelley (verified owner)

    Great MJ in the evening. It’s a Hawaiian strain so you can expect some “tropical” flavors and a sour finish. This one hits more like an indica than the others, plus it’s packed with CBD so you’ll feel it most strongly in your body. Great results from such an inexpensive grow. I had my doubts, but not anymore. Pacific is my new home for MJ, never hitting the dispensary again!

  4. Kelsey Skinner (verified owner)

    Hawaiian dream is a great medicinal strain with a nice sweet tropical taste. The high is really light and I find myself very relaxed after smoking this. Would say a bit of gardening experience is needed for this but it is well worth growing.

  5. Kristin Erickson (verified owner)

    I can feel this weed coursing through my veins and fogging up my brain! I love buying marijuana online, it’s super easy, convenient and fast! Try this for yourself and expect some great results. Fresh, tasty nugs, a sweet tropical flavor, wow. Life in Hawaii must be pretty great!

  6. Gabriela Bautista (verified owner)

    You don’t need to buy an expensive plane ticket to give yourself a Hawaiian vacation! This CBD strain has all the flavors of tropical weed and none of the hassle of boarding a plane (Ugh). I liked growing my own pot in the backyard….it’s been a great experience just to get my hands dirty. The plants, once they took hold, we’re tall and fast-growing. They produced a ton of beautiful nugs, bigger than expected! Plus it looks GORGEOUS!

  7. Beatrix Baldwin (verified owner)

    Hopefully your dream is Hawaiian dream cause these seeds are as easy as possible to grow! They look great in my side yard!!! The sun falls on them JUUUUST right all day long. I am a very lucky man to have these seeds available online. They ship to Canada!

  8. Rhian Brown (verified owner)

    This weed is no dream, it’s as real as you and me! Bought 5 seeds online and was surprised to see them in the mail just a matter of days later! Awesome stuff, very powerful and relaxing at the same time. I highly recommend this weed and think anyone can grow their own!

  9. Ari Whitney (verified owner)

    Get yourself to the beach! Hawaiian Dream is nice and tropical, has a pineapple and mango flavor that gets me relaxed every time! It’s not an overpowering high, never gets me groggy or tired, just relaxed and happy. So nice to be working in my garden again!!

  10. Alvin Mcbride (verified owner)

    So yeah, I have been a big-time weed smoker for a while now. I got some GREAT looking weed from this plant. I was surprised at how well it took to my soil, and how nicely it came together. I will absolutely buy more online. Not only is it convenient, it’s worth all the money in the world for fast shipping and GREAT weed!

  11. Ruben Ibarra (verified owner)

    I love Hawaiian dream. This weed is light and uplifting. It helps me deal with depression and stress. Gives me a great sense of relaxation and ease. The CBD in this strain is nice and mellow, better than getting baked on THC. You feel it in the body more. It’s more about the physical relaxation than the mental but one leads to the other. Gonna definitely buy more online.

  12. Fredrick Henderson (verified owner)

    I really like Hawaiian Dream, it’s nice and relaxing and smells like passion fruit, plus it looks great in your garden. You’ll totally love it!!!!

  13. Naseem Humphrey (verified owner)

    Not your typical CBD strain. This weed bolsters nearly an even sativa/indica split, and helps tremendously with stress and depression, even aches and pains. It’s sour and sweet taste is hard to forget, and it is a relatively easy, fast grow as well. New growers like myself can expect a sizeable harvest. I got nearly 20 oz of weed from 5 plants!

  14. Jawad Montes (verified owner)

    Dreaming of Hawaii over here….mostly cause it’s cold and rainy where I am living haha. It’s ok though, very excited to see this growing in my backyard. Got a VERY nice yield last time I planted these out back, and it’s something I am REAL proud of. Gonna start indoors next time for faster germination!!

  15. Lowri Mathews (verified owner)

    Dream the night away when you’re smoking Hawaiian Dream. This stuff NEVER disappoints, it has grown well for me on 3 different occasions now, and it’s a weed I will swear by. I love ordering online with Pacific, their online catalog is NUTS! I have never seen so many varieties of mj available for purchase. Such an amazing time!!!

  16. Sohaib Murphy (verified owner)

    Hawaiian dream is very much like a dream. It blurs the edges of things, makes everything feel more colorful and surreal and it tastes like a pineapple fruit, which is pretty awesome. I got pretty baked on this the other night, and I definitely wanna buy more of it. It’s pretty fun to grow, you just have to be diligent about watering!!!!

  17. Reo Jordan (verified owner)

    If you’re dreaming of a nice beach getaway, this may be the strain for you. It’s opened my eyes up to the wonders of CBD, and it helps me so much with stress and discomfort I have been smoking it almost every night while I watch TV. Things are pretty good right now. This marijuana smells sour and tropical, with a hint of sweetness to the smoke. Very rejeuvenating.

  18. zaccck4 (verified owner)

    Hawaiian dream is everything it sounds like. I am very pleased with this strain, looks great under the grow lamps in my basement, perfect growing conditions down there, looks amazing and smells great too. Helps me deal with stress and depression and I feel the sun shining on my face all the time, good vibes!!!

  19. Arlo Christian (verified owner)

    Sweet and relaxing…makes for a great purchase when you have some time off and wanna get your hands dirty in the garden…I love working with dirt and especially love smoking my own homegrown weed. I truly love smoking this stuff, and it’s so good for my aches and pains. CBD is the way to be.

  20. julien CRUZ (verified owner)

    Wish I could just fly away to hawaii. I miss the days over there, smoking weed and going snorkeling with the dolphins…pretty magical place with all sorts of good things happening over there. Growing this at home really reminded me how well I can do this whole “weed growing” thing. Pretty stoked though about the taste and smell. Happy times!

  21. aliennn (verified owner)

    Hawaiian dream is a really chilled out strain that makes your mind feel like it’s on a tropical island. I am thrilled with my harvest, bigger and better than I ever expected, and the weed is so fresh you can smell it all throughout the house. Growing indoors is the way to go IMO. I definitely got a bigger, cleaner yield that way, and I recommend you try the same!!

  22. Heather cornell (verified owner)

    Sometimes we all need a little break from life. Things get too stressful or we need a way to escape. While leaving town isn’t always an option, the Hawaiian dream makes it easy to have a little mind vacay while you’re at home. I always smoke this at night and end up feeling amazing. It’s good for my stress levels and it helps with depression too. I say give it a shot!

  23. Jeremy C. (verified owner)

    I wanted something to take my mind off the current state of the world and decided it was best to grow some marijuana in my backyard. Pretty happy with my purchase and am definitely getting a lot of bang for my buck cause this weed grows crazy fast and produces a whole lot of MJ for me to smoke. Tastes like pineapple and is oh so smooth!

  24. Plumeria (verified owner)

    I wanted to take a brain vacation…something nice and relaxing and super fruity! Got myself 3 seeds online and had em delivered right to my place here in Washington. Good for growing outdoors with great harvest results! Perfectly shaped buds with a nice sweet taste to them…very tropical and relaxing…its a holiday in my brain!

  25. Aloha Oe (verified owner)

    Hawaii is truly a great escape. I spent a whole year there growing weed and coffee on the big island. I think back fondly on those days. Figured I’d pay tribute with this weed, makes for a nice grow in the backyard or in your basement. Has a nice sour, tropical flavor, great for smoking in the evenings for some mellow vibes and an easy high. Good for body aches and pains and definitely good for my mental health right now haha!

  26. Nectar (verified owner)

    With the spread of coronavirus and the upcoming election, I think we all need a little tropical getaway right about now. I guess I harvested this mj at the perfect time then lol. I grew it over the summer and into the fall, have been very impressed with the yield and general quality of the flower, very sticky and smells kinda strong and sour, a little like pineapple or mango. It’s pretty chill though, being a CBD weed, and it never makes me feel jittery or paranoid. Much needed.

  27. Maybe (verified owner)

    A nice 50/50 split on this weed, helps me with pain, inflammation, and anxiety, especially at the end of the day. Great for smoking out of a bong or as a joint, has great flavor and an excellent, mild buzz. The grow was pretty nice too. I ordered 3 seeds from Pacific and had them delivered to my place in just under a week! Even germination and very strong growth, high quality stuff for sure, and the flavor can’t be beat. It’s super uplifting and tastes kinda like pineapple!

  28. Kainaliu (verified owner)

    If you’re dreaming of Hawaii, then smoke a little of this you’ll be transported to paradise! It’s super fruity and very tropical tasting. Helps a lot when it’s gray and rainy for like 8 days straight in the PNW lol. I enjoy the grow, finally have my basement space all ready to go and my plants did beautifully down there. I am amazed at just how easy it was, I checked on them once a day and barely had to put any effort in whatsoever. I am pretty impressed at my yield, very solid!!!

  29. abracadabra837 (verified owner)

    Everyone dreams of that perfect Hawaiian vacation, but with this strain, you no longer need to dream! It’s truly a tropical paradise, like floating away on a cloud to a far distant island and relaxing on the beach, with some waves at your feet and the sun in your hair. It’s a nice easy grow, does particularly well indoors, and is really nice to harvest as well. I am very impressed with PSB’s online catalog. I’ll be back!

  30. Markayla D (verified owner)

    I have always loved Hawaii, and I decided I would try this strain to unwind and float back to my memories on the beach. I really dig the flavor and smell of this weed, very tropical indeed, but the buzz is very mild and never overwhelming, most of the sensations are in the body, which really help with pain relief and relaxation. It’s a nice strain to have around on a lazy summer day, or when you’re feeling stressed and tired.

  31. Stuart Carey (verified owner)

    One of those rare moments in life that feel…perfect! This weed is so evenly balanced I can’t think of a single complaint. First of all it’s easy to grow, indoors or out; second it tastes amazing, like mango and pineapple, and third it offers a super nice buzz and some stellar pain relief. Such amazng stuff, highly recommend!

  32. Manuel O. (verified owner)

    I love this stuff, its such an excellent strain of mj. The tropical flavors are where it’s at, and this one is no exception. It’s a great indoor grow, the plants get super tall and bushy and they smell great! like pineapple! A nicely balanced high, great for weekends and evenings at home. Highly recommend!

  33. Nestor F. (verified owner)

    Such a great grow! Hawaiian dream is not too tall to grow indoor, don’t be intimidated if you’ve heard she grows tall. They are like a perfect height and width: not too tall and not too wide so even a closet-sized space will work for growing your Hawaiian Dream weed. This is a great cannabis, with a special tropical taste, and I agree it has a nearly perfect genetics. Relaxation, mild euphoria and a happy chilled feeling: Hawaiian Dream CBD delivers it all and with such great flavor, too.

  34. Daphne B. (verified owner)

    Probably the perfect CBD strain, a nicely balanced buzz that’s not overpowering and an excellent source for pain relief and relaxation. This was my first time growing weed and I was amazed at all the CBD strains PSB offers. Picked this one cause it seemed fun and easy to grow, and yup it really was! I got like 300 grams per plant and am smoking every evening, the buds are nice and dense and green and the smoke tastes fruity and tropical. It’s the vacation you’ve always dreamed of!

  35. Coral D. (verified owner)

    Soooooooo good for inflammation! Never had weed be so effective as this smoke. I think I like it when the CBD is dialed up a notch. You can totally smoke this during the day and be fine. I don’t get that paranoid feeling that I usually do with sativa/indica hybrids. This strain really quiets the mind and makes you feel good! No negatives at all. Just a light buzz that helps you focus.

  36. Larry S. (verified owner)

    Such a perfect name for this weed. The CBD THC balance is so spot on, you might as well be in a hawaiian dream, lol. Gives a wonderful sense of well-being while giving your body a nice relaxing buzz. Felt very warm and comfortable. Like I was sitting on a beach. Really digging the lower THC content. I feel relaxed without being too groggy, which is nice. Like I can still function in the world. I think this strain is a good starting point for beginner smokers. Nice yield from some very nice seeds.

  37. Chuck B. (verified owner)

    I LOVE hybrids – who doesn’t want cannabis with a mix of uplift AND relaxation properties?? Hawaiian Dream is like the perfect mix of these. So relaxing and cool but no head fry and won’t knock you out for the whole day. I DEFINITELY recommend growing it indoors as it needs directed light and a controlled environment. These plants turned out so well and I am so happy with them and with my order!! Thanks, PSB!!

  38. jwjche766 (verified owner)

    Everybody needs a little vacay, and I am no exception. Hawaiian dream really delivers results, it’s so perfect for pain and inflammation and I have been feeling just so much better after I started smoking it!! Ordered online and had the seeds delivered right to my home. Was a bit challenging to grow and my yield was…okay. I think I’d try this strain indoors next time. But a lovely tropical smell, and a very relaxing “high” but really it was just a big help to my body. Thanks Pacific!

  39. Lea T. (verified owner)

    On our last visit to Maui in October my husband and I were soooo tempted to bring back a couple joints of this excellent pot we bought on the beach. In fact I had two joints in my tampon case when we got to TSA and I was like, nope. Not gonna do it. Cuz I’m a ?. (Or maybe I’m an ?!) Either way, still a free lady!

    Anyway, since we have a small greenhouse out back I thought we should try growing cannabis. When I saw the name of this strain I knew it was meant to be.

    Growing the plants was actually pretty easy. The buds we harvested were big and sticky. And the effects — ahh. Nice and mellow. Not too strong (very low THC) but an overall relaxing feeling I really like. Aloha!

  40. Carla S. (verified owner)

    This was my first hybrid and I think I’m sold. I’ve been dealing with a recent back injury and ordered Hawaiian Dream after a friend recommended it. I was skeptical at first that it could treat the pain and inflammation I’ve been suffering from. I gotta say, I’m impressed! I already had a steady indoor grow setup, so the manual light shift wasn’t a big deal. It’s worth learning about though, if you’re a beginner. This strain is definitely a good one to have around for those occasional aches and pains. Never thought weed could help with that so well, but I’m a believer now. Definitely going to order it and grow it again.

  41. Hannah E. (verified owner)

    Such a pleasant tropical fruity aroma! I love this weed! I’ve been growing for a while so I wasn’t intimidated by the need for a manual shift in light cycle to induce flowering but if you’re new to growing mj I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just read up on proper times to switch to a flowering cycle and you should be fine – and mind your soil. Really nice indica and sativa split keeps me right in the middle of the road with this higher cbd strain for sure, it’s a great all-around pleaser in terms of pain and depression management. 5/5 would definitely order again if I needed more seeds!

  42. Harold D. (verified owner)

    God my seeds were FRESH AF! Got em in the mail two weeks ago and I germinated right away. All of em popped, but I knew they would cuz they looked SO GOOD. Lookin at my plants right now and they’re growing like the happy little ladies they are. Can’t wait to try this weed. Haven’t smoked Hawaiian Dream before so I don’t know yet how I like it but so far I’m super happy with Pacific’s online service. Great delivery and excellent packaging

  43. Frida A. (verified owner)

    Love ordering some mj online from the good ole USA. And Hawaiian Dream is the best. It’s aptly named, truly is like a fantastic tropical dream, a bit fruity and always blissful. I needed help growing it, thank god my neighbor knows his shit or I probably would have lost some of my plants. But now I know what to do, so I’ll order Hawaiian again. Take me to Hawaii again, PSB!!

  44. Will U. (verified owner)

    Have been growing Mj for years and this is an excellent strain to add to my collection. Sativa and CBD are an excellent combination, making for a subtle but awake high, and the CBD really helps with the pains associated with everyday living! I am a very small commercial grower, selling mostly to local dispensaries, they seem to love my CBD strains. People seem to enjoy the process of smoking without the intense high, myself included. A great weed for any CBD lover!

  45. Corey F. (verified owner)

    So this was my first time doing the manual light shift, and it was no big deal. I did have a few master grower friends that helped me figure everything out, but in the end I didn’t think this was as intimidating as I was making it out to be. As always, quality seeds delivered via mail from Pacific. I got 9 out of 10 germination and I’m very happy with my plants! Can’t wait to harvest.

  46. Bonnie K. (verified owner)

    Don’t be afraid if this is your first time growing weed indoors – switching to a 12/12 photoperiod is weed growing 101 and there’s plenty of advice online for how to do it. No need to stick to autoflowering strains.

    That being said, Hawaiian Dream is definitely a dream come true. I’m very excited about the 50/50 indica sativa split (I like versatile strains) along with the high CBD it makes for a truly relaxing yet energizing experience. A very nice yield as well at a bit more than five hundred grams per plant, there isn’t much more you could ask for if you’re looking for a heavy CBD choice!

  47. Cole K. (verified owner)

    I fell last year while hiking and had to be life-flighted to the emergency room. Long story but after three back surgeries I’m still a mess and taking lots of medication. I can’t smoke super strong weed because the mix of high THC with everything else I’m taking is just to much. My partner grew some of this strain for me and its really helped with my pain issues and helped my mind. Its hard to be happy when you hurt all the time but this weed really helps.

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