Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Arkansas

If you’ve lived in the south long enough, you’re probably familiar with the recurring marijuana laws from state to state. The south is generally a little less marijuana-friendly than, let’s say, Colorado or the west coast states. But if you’re new to the area or haven’t Googled legality, we’re beyond happy to say that you can buy marijuana seeds in Arkansas – it’s completely legal. Without a medical marijuana card, it’s going to be tricky to step inside a dispensary. But if you shop online with us, you can get marijuana seeds without any hassle. The best part is that we’ll deliver to your door!

Popular Marijuana Seed Strains

  • THC Level (%)
Hawaiian Dream CBDHarlequin CBDAmnesia Lemon Fast Version Autoflowering
THC Level3%5%21%
TreatsPain, Stress, InflammationPain, Stress, InflammationDepression, Stress, Anxiety
Flowering Time60-65 days50-60 days50-60 days

Is Smoking Pot Legal In Arkansas?

Well, it depends if you’re talking about medicinal or recreational usage. Smoking pot just for “funsies” is still illegal in Arkansas. That being said, voters approved the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment. It’s part of the state constitution, so you know it’s official and (hopefully) here to stay for a long time. The amendment does come with 17 qualifying conditions, many of which are medical

  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Hepatitis C
  • Positive status for HIV/AIDS
  • PTSD
  • Crohn’s disease

If you want to smoke pot responsibly, we suggest seeing your local doctor and inquiring about a medical card. Recreational use does come with more than just a slap on the wrist. Less than 4 ounces is considered an offense. Any more than that, and you’re looking at crazy large fines – or even jail time. Be smart.


Indica Vs. Sativa – What’s The Difference?

Even the most passionate and knowledgeable smokers may not be able to tell the differences between indica and sativa just by looking at them. The differences between the two strains are not physical, but rather stem from the specific kind of plant. We’ll make it easy for you. Just remember these two words the next time you walk into a dispensary or shop online with Pacific Seed Bank – indica and sativa. Indica gives smokers the chilled-out, “stoned” feeling while sativa makes you “high.” High meaning hyper, alert, and creative. It’s more of a mental high. Indica is more of a bodily high, so it makes you kind of lazy and sleepy. It’s crazy how one plant can have so many different positive effects on the brain and body.

I’m fairly new to the marijuana scene. I’ll be honest. I suffer from horrible migraines and was sick of taking Advil and different painkillers every day. It wasn’t until medicinal marijuana was legalized that my doctor recommended smoking – and it works! Pacific Seed Bank is a great place to get seeds online and do your own planting. I’ll never go back to Advil now.
Sarah G., Arkansas

Buy Marijuana Online

If you haven’t received a medical card yet, you can still buy marijuana seeds in Arkansas through Pacific Seed Bank. The seeds themselves are totally harmless, and if anyone asks, you can simply say that you collect marijuana seeds. Tons of people do! We have the right seeds for every hobby.