Medical Patients

What Does Legalization Mean for Medical Patients?

Welcome to the new age of marijuana. A plant that was once branded “The Devil’s Lettuce” or “The Devil’s Grass” has exponentially grown in legalization over the past decade—let alone the past two years. With legalization and decriminalization laws passing left and right, what does this mean for medical patients? Is a medical card no […]


Weed and Feminism — Why Legalizing Is a Feminist Act

Legalizing cannabis is not just about making stoners feel more at ease when lighting up, it dismantles shameful race, gender, and economic inequalities resulting from the War on Drugs. It’s an act of Feminism. Marijuana may become the first billion-dollar U.S. industry in which there is no grass ceiling for female-identified people, especially those who […]

Marijuana in Mexico

Marijuana in Mexico — Crossing the Border With Weed

Mexico has a very different relationship with cannabis than the United States. Since American pop culture has embraced marijuana and its surrounding cultures, we commonly associate it with hippies, college kids, the munchies, Willie Nelson, and Snoop Dogg. Read on to learn more about marijuana in Mexico: what’s legal? What’s not?

Marijuana Legalization

The Future of Marijuana Legalization in the US

There are many factors that contribute to the timeline of federal marijuana legalization. We must take into account politics, the economy, government, as well as any other pressing cultural issues occurring at the same time. Here’s what we know so far regarding marijuana’s legal status in the United States. There have definitely been some noteworthy […]

Marijuana Advocates

Marijuana Advocates You Need to Know About

In certain states, the legalization of marijuana may feel like an upward battle — but whatever you do, don’t stop pushing for positive change. It’s coming. It’s slowly but surely making its way across all 50 states, and it’s largely due to the growing number of marijuana advocates in the public space.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

The Weed Battle Between Donald Trump & Joe Biden

Alas, we’re down to the final two 2020 Presidential candidates: Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Along the way, we lost big names like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Mike Bloomberg. Once again, it’s a final face-off between one Democrat (Biden) and one Republican (Trump). While you may not agree with our political views, we feel […]

Presidential Candidates

Where the 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand on Marijuana

Jeez, where did the time go? American voters are already gearing up for the next Presidential election. The race to the White House ultimately begins on November 3, 2020 — the first day of voting — but you can set yourself up for success by doing a little research about the Presidential candidates and their […]