The holiday season can only mean two things. One, you’re stressed and overwhelmed with family coming to town. Two, you’re stressed and overwhelmed before the long journey home to see your family. Either way now would be the ideal time to smoke a mega relaxing marijuana strain. Something like Granddaddy Purple or a high-CBD option. We know the holidays are the busiest time to travel, which means security is on high alert. Is it a good idea to travel with marijuana this time of year? Is it even legal? The last thing you want is an arrest on your hands. Santa would put you on his Naughty List.

Is It Legal To Travel With Marijuana?

The short answer is no. Lawmakers made it clear that it’s illegal to cross state borders with marijuana in tow. However, the punishment for being caught varies greatly. Let’s say you’re flying from Los Angeles to Denver. Both cities have passed recreational marijuana. In this case, the punishment would be less severe than if you flew from Little Rock, Arkansas to Des Moines, Iowa. You see where we’re going with this?

According to Westword, more than half of Americans who participated in this particular study admitted to sneaking marijuana onto a domestic plane at least once. Granted, not the smartest idea in the world but it’s not like marijuana beeps on a TSA scan. It’s not metal. It’s not a weapon. A pocket search, however, could get you in trouble. Mind you, this study only counts for domestic flights — not international.

travel with marijuana

But I Need My Marijuana With Me

Hey, we get it. We’re on your side here. Recreational benefits aside, there are hundreds of medical reasons as to why passengers travel with marijuana at all costs. Some of us turn to marijuana on a daily basis to keep medical symptoms at bay. You could need your all-natural, green medicine for morning sickness during pregnancy or to promote relaxation, enhance focus, induce sleepiness, or evoke euphoria, and the list goes on!

Who are these TSA people to tell you no? Or confiscate marijuana from you? It seems rather unfair that you can’t legally fly with marijuana.

travel with marijuana

How To Sneak Marijuana On A Plane

Make a promise to us right now. If anyone asks where you got this information, don’t mention our name. It’ll be our little secret, okay?

Remember those Americans who admitted to flying with marijuana? How exactly did they do it? First things first, if you’re brave enough to make your move, only bring the amount that you need out of necessity. This could be a gram or even less. The more marijuana you pack, the higher chance you have of getting caught. Not to mention the stronger aroma. Everyone knows the marijuana smell by now, especially TSA and airport security. Oh, and then the drug-sniffing dogs to make your life a living hell.

Secondly, do not check your marijuana. Bring it with you in your carry-on purse or backpack. TSA conducts random searches on checked luggage all the time. Unless your backpack has liquids in it (throw out your water bottle!), it’s unlikely that TSA will ask to open it. Don’t keep marijuana in your pocket, either.

As for the smell, keep your flower in an air-tight vacuum seal container. We honestly don’t know if airport dogs can smell it that way… but most humans can’t! Put your marijuana in this specialized seal, then wrap a T-shirt or small towel around it, and then fill your carry-on with other belongings. Maybe give the bag a spritz of perfume before you leave for the airport. Even though TSA can be jerks sometimes, they’re mainly looking for solid and liquid bombs. Marijuana is not their main priority.

travel with marijuana

What If I Get Caught?

Listen, it could happen. You’ve got to come to terms with that reality right now. While punishment depends on location, as we mentioned earlier, one airport official is here to ease your mind.

Carrie Harmon, a regional TSA spokesperson, released the following statement to Thrillist: “TSA’s focus is on terrorism and security threats to the aircraft and its passengers. TSA’s screening procedures, which are governed by federal law, are focused on security and are designed to detect potential threats to aviation and passengers. TSA security officers do not search for marijuana.”

In short, TSA and airport security have bigger fish to fry than marijuana in your carry-on bag. They know that marijuana doesn’t pose a threat to other passengers or the plane itself. Drug-sniffing dogs can detect marijuana in your bag, but again, these pups are mostly looking for “serious” drugs like Methamphetamine and cocaine. Signs suggest that you may be fine if you travel with marijuana this holiday season. Do so at your own risk.

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