While this may sound like either some kind of early-settler dwelling that a bush-crafter would be posting an instructional video online about or a nefarious den of illicit goings-on, stoner sheds are actually more akin to a free-standing “man-cave” or “she-den” for those for whom it is not practical to smoke in a space in their house and don’t want to always have to be out in the elements when enjoying some marijuana for medical or recreational purposes.

Stoner Sheds

Why everyone’s Googling stoner sheds

If edibles aren’t your thing and you’re more of a “hits from the bong” or “midnight toker,” who for whatever reason aren’t able to smoke in the comfort of your own home or apartment,  then standing around outside by yourself or with a group of friends in the heat of summer, cold of winter, or blustery rainy day can put a damper on an otherwise enjoyable moment. People tend to create these spaces as a place to not only get out of the elements but also to have a nice chill space to kick back with friends or have some “meditative” time alone in a space that isn’t their living room.

Stoner sheds aren’t just for the wealthy

A stoner shed can be as opulent or simple as you like. Simply put, having a stoner shed doesn’t mean you have to be rolling in dough to have one. When it comes to creating your own stoner shed, the world is your oyster! Some convert their garage into a place where they both park their car and their butts on a cozy couch or even garden chairs. Others empty out their cluttered garden sheds and turn them into a comfy space for smoking and not having to worry that couch-lock might set in before they have time to make it back into their home.

Those with the financial resources have even been known to build an entirely new structure dedicated solely to the art of the chill. How “swank” or simple you want your stoner shed to be is entirely up to you and the resources you have available to you. You can use old furniture or buy something new. Some have gone so far as to put a pool or ping pong table and entire gaming set-ups in the stoner shed. While there are no hard and fast rules about what qualifies a stoner shed as such, there are some things that I would recommend that you put in your stoner shed if you’re able to.

Stoner Sheds

Seven stoner shed “musts” 

Again, I am using the word “musts” here quite loosely. A better phrase might be: “things to consider putting in your stoner shed.”

  • Comfy seating

It pretty much goes without saying that having a nice, cushy, comfortable place to sit or recline on–even if it’s something as simple as some seat cushions or even an air mattress– when enjoying some good green herbs, is as close to an “absolute-must” as there can be. 

  • Ashtray 

This doesn’t really require much of an explanation. If rollies are your thing, you’ll be glad you have them in your stoner shed.

  • Stoner kit

If you’re going to have a stoner shed, why not have a stoner kit? 

Basically, having a box or container with your joint, grinder, roach clip, lighter or matches, etc. is incredibly useful and practical to have all in one place so that you’re not spending half an hour trying to remember where you left your lighter or that roach. Plus, on the aesthetic side of things, having a stoner kit can be a rather chic or sleek piece of decor in your stoner shed.

  • Lighting

As the saying goes: “Lighting IS everything!” Having lighting that will allow you to stay in the zone and not be harshed out by the intense glare of some bare ceiling lightbulb glaring down at you is a good idea.

  • Pillow and blankets

Again, this pretty much defies needing any explanation.

  • Snacks and drinks!

Keep a stock of snacks in your stoner shed, plus at least some bottles of water if you don’t have a water source in your shed, and whatever other drinks tickle your fancy. If you don’t have a mini-fridge or way to keep things cool, make sure that your snacks are non-perishable.

  • Misc.

Here are a few more items that you might like to have in your personalized stoner shed:

  • Candles and incense 
  • Wall art
  • Notebooks, pens, etc. for when creativity hits. Or if coloring is your thing, then a stash of coloring books and colored pencils or markers or crayons.
  • A TV or device–sometimes just binge-watching and snacking are all you need when enjoying your high
  • General decor–if you’re wanting to go all-in, then things like rugs, curtains, coffee table, etc. are all possible additions
Stoner Sheds

Are stoner sheds good for the environment?

A stoner shed can actually be a great way to upcycle things that you have stuffed away or that you’ve been wondering how to get rid of. For example, did you recently get a new couch and don’t know what to do with the old one? Did you get a new table cuz your old one was too scratched up? Have cushions you never really use but don’t know what to do with? Do you have some framed photos or pieces of art that are of sentimental value to you but don’t really go with the place you now live? These are all things you could use/put into your stoner shed without spending a dime! And, even better, by upcycling, you’re keeping things out of your local landfill, which is always an environmentally-friendly thing to do!


If having a stoner shed sounds like a good idea, hopefully, some of these explanations and suggestions help inspire and make the possibility of having your own stoner shed feel a lot more doable and affordable.

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