This is one of the High Times Cup’s many competitions that allows for those in the cannabis industry to compete against one another, including for the best hemp products. In January 2022 the Hemp Cup — People’s Choice 2022 kicked off by accepting entries and on April 3, 2022, the official Digital Awards Show took place where winners were announced.

Provided below is a list of the winners of each of the 12 categories along with some more details about each of the first-place winning strains. Also! A huge congratulations and thanks to all the winners, participants, judges, and the High Times Cup for your achievements, hard work, and dedication to elevating the cannabis industry!

Hemp Cup


1st: Blue Cheese #12 Flower by FlowGardens

FlowGardens, located in East Tennessee and led by Erich Maelzer, captured first place in the Flower category with their in-house genetic Blue Cheese #12. They created this euphoric and lifting winner, which smells of cilantro and sweet stink bug, by crossing Ivanka with Male Cough Drops. 

2nd: White Triploid CBG Flower by Healing Canopy

3rd: Sour Lifter Flower by Grateful Beginnings Farm


1st: Improved Berry Blossom #17 Cigar by Sweet Sensi CBD

Not only did Sweet Sensi, which grows and presses all of their hemp in Austin, Texas, wins the Pre-Roll category with their incredibly rare and limited-reserve Improved Berry Blossom #17 Cigar, but if there were a category just for pre-roll aesthetics they surely would have won that as well. Talk about a good-looking hemp cigar!

This cigar is made from the hearts of limited-release artisanal hemp flowers that they roll in their craft-made, all-natural wraps. They describe their award-winning cigar as having the terpenes Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Humulene with “powerful aroma and flavor with notes of black pepper and sweet fruits.”

2nd: Pacific Cooler HHC Pre-Roll by Hemp Hop

3rd: Honolulu Haze #3 Pre-Roll by CBD Hemp Direct


1st: HHC Wet Sugar by Metta Hemp

This award-winning HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid that, simply put, is a hydrogenated form of THC, and CBG dab that its makers Metta Hemp Cup make sure to let you know that not only will it get you high but it’ll have you feeling really good!

2nd Gas CBD Terpsolate by Alliance Hemp Co.

3rd: Tennessee Tangie Flower Sift Rosin by Piur Select

Vape Pens

1st: Blue Dream HHC Vape by 3Chi

Blue Dream HHC is a, now award-winning, disposable vape pen by 3Chi that’s a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that’s a cross between indica-dominant Blueberry and sativa-dominant Haze. Its reputation amongst users is that of being a well-balanced cerebral and physical social daytime high that’s both invigorating and relaxing at the same time while simultaneously lifting the spirit.

2nd: Tangie HHC Sativa Vape by STNR

3rd: Uplift Vape by Rove Remedies

Hemp Cup

Edibles: Gummies

1st: OG Kush Blood Orange Live Resin Gummies by Pow-Pow

These tasty, fast-acting edibles, which get their Delta-9 THC from hemp, contain 10MG THC per gummy. Made by Pow-Pow with live resin from the OG Kush strain that’ll have your mind and body ready to blast off into the stratosphere.

2nd: Tropical Kush Moon Babies by Galaxy Treats

3rd: Harvest Medley Wellness Gummies by Martha Stewart

Edibles: Non-Gummies

1st: Citrus-Mango Drink Mix by Realize

Containing 50mg CBD and 10mg Delta-9 THC, the newly-crowned first place winner of the non-gummy edible category, makes socializing easier for introverted and/or anxious types. Plus, it’s not one you have to wait for hours to kick in and tastes amazing!

2nd: Hemp Oil Infused Mint Chocolate Bar by Buddy’s Chocolate Haus

3rd: CBD Chocolate Truffles by Sweet Sensi CBD


1st: CBD Salve by George! CBD

Less than five years old, George! CBD is already making its mark on the hemp industry by snatching first place for topicals with its CBD Salve made of hemp-derived CBD grown in Colorado. Recommended for soothing muscle aches, arthritis, cramps, eczema, burns, and more!

2nd: Carefree Relief Cream by Care Division

3rd: Redemption Body Recovery Oil by Horn Creek Hemp Cup


1st: Sleep Tincture by Rove Remedies

THC-free sleep drops by California-based company Rove Remedies contain Chamomile, 1700mn CBD, and 300 CBN to give users a good and solid night’s sleep. Sounds like an award-winning combo for sure!

2nd: Dream Sleep Aid Tincture by Care Division

3rd: All Natural CBD Oil by Lifessence


First Place: R.S,O Capsules by TayCo

In brief: RSO stands for “Rick Simpson Oil,” which is generally derived from heavy indica strains, and this gooey black oil contains all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the hemp plant. These particular R.S.O Capsules by Tayco are 870mg of high-concentration full-spectrum whole plant extract CBD.

2nd: Vivimu – #Relax CBN Softgels by Vivimu

Hemp Cup

Pet Products

1st: Calm & Quiet Hemp Canine Chewables by Mary’s Tails

Who doesn’t want their fur baby to have the best quality of life possible? These award-winning hemp extract chewables each have 2mg of full-spectrum hemp extract that contains naturally-occurring CBD to ensure the peace, health, and happiness of your beloved fur child.

2nd: Best Bud’s Bacon-Flavored CBD Dog Treats by Mary Palmer

3rd: Peanut Butter CBD Calming Support Dog Chews by CBD Living

Delta 8 Inhalables

1st: Maui Wowie D8:D10 Sativa Vape by Euphorica

The Maui Wowie strain hails from Hawaii and tastes as tropical as you’d expect along with notes of pine and pepper. This disposable vape provides users with a calming and centering lift of energy and bliss.

2nd: D8 Vape by Rove Remedies

3rd: Sugar Extrax – Lemonade Kush D8:D10:THC-O Vape by Sugar Extrax

Delta 8 Non-Inhalables

1st: Chewy Sea Salt Caramels by Derived Creations

These succulent, hand-crafted edibles are 25mg of Delta-8 per piece won for their taste and smoothness and their ability to provide temporary relief from anxiety. That and they’re mildly psychoactive.

2nd: Watermelon Delta 8 THC Gummies by 3Chi

3rd: Delta 8 Peaches Interstellar Gummies by JustCBD

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