Feeling like a bit of a Grinch this year? Not anymore—well, at least temporarily while you smoke these holiday marijuana strains. Pacific Seed Bank offers a wide variety of festive strains to get you in the Christmas spirit. Keep reading to see our selection of merry marijuana seeds that you can grow at home.

In the world of marijuana, there are OG strains that practically every smoker has heard of. Strains like White Widow, Tangerine Dream, and OG Kush. But then there are the rarer varieties that require a closer look; ones that many users are not familiar with. As much as we love the classics, we prefer a more festive marijuana strain this time of year.

Have you ever tried the following holiday marijuana strains?

Holiday Marijuana

Candy Cane Auto

Christmas comes just once a year, but it’s peppermint flavor transcends with Candy Cane marijuana, a sweet treat hybrid that is fast-acting and intense, a mind-bending indica with 20% THC. The initial head high of Candy Cane marijuana delivers an intense buzz that starts out slowly and reaches its crescendo, releasing consumers from that which inhibits their creativity. Happiness follows, and so does a body high that melts away tension and stress. 

The buds of Candy Cane holiday marijuana are pungent and fruity, with hints of skunk that many find exotic, but the menthol that comes through in its flavor is what explains the strains on-the-nose name. A slight learning curve is all that’s necessary for growers intending to cultivate Candy Cane marijuana seeds successfully, as the large and resinous buds of Candy Cane, a strain that responds well to low-stress training (LST), is ready for harvest within about 7 weeks of flowering, with a decidedly low yield – often, just about 4 ounces per plant.

Jack Skellington Feminized

Have you ever seen the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas? If so, the name Jack Skellington should ring a bell. Similar to the fictional character, the Jack Skellington holiday marijuana strain produces a happy and cheerful high that feels like discovering the Christmas spirit for the very first time. Jack Skellington is a sativa-dominant hybrid (70/30) that can turn your bad day around in a flash — even if it’s in the middle of summer.

The Jack Skellington experience is an extremely happy and joyous one. Because of its uplifting effects, this strain is often used to combat depression and mood-related disorders. Jack Skellington works hard to distract negative thoughts and focus on the positive ones. A few minutes into the smoke, you may notice your mood start to shift. All anxieties, worries, and stressors may gradually fade away. Such a happy state is best enjoyed in the morning or during the day.

With THC levels around 15%, Jack Skellington is mild enough to be enjoyed by a variety of smokers, even though they haven’t built up a strong tolerance yet. That being said, too much of this sativa can lead to paranoia, so it’s best to smoke little by little. Another bonus of this strain is it can successfully grow both indoors and outdoors.

Holiday Marijuana

The White Feminized

Also known as Triangle Kush, The White marijuana seeds are considered a potent, hard-hitting indica hybrid with sky-rocketing THC levels. This strain is not recommended for novice or experienced users as the psychoactive effects are prominent. With THC levels around 26%, The White is one of the strongest indicas (85/15) on the market. It comes with mixed effects that start out high and happy and end with a deep body stone.

As mentioned earlier, The White journey comes in two chapters. The first feels more like a sativa as users experience a buzzy head high that feels focused, giggly, and creative. The early stages of The White prompt happiness and positive thinking, which is great for users dealing with depression or anxiety. The second chapter feels like a potent indica that makes you tired, sedated, and lazy from head to toe.

The White holiday marijuana seeds get their name from the coat of white resin that eventually appears on the mature plants. The nugs of The White, which appear like mini Christmas trees, have a heavy coat of trichomes. This strain has also been used to help combat nausea and insomnia. Most users choose to partake in The White in the evening or right before bed.

Jack Frost Auto

If we were to encapsulate the personality of a snowman, we’d get the same effects as Jack Frost Autoflowering marijuana seeds. You probably envision someone happy, cheerful, and giddy when you think of the most famous snowman on Earth, none other than Jack Frost himself. This sativa-leaning hybrid (around 65%) is everything you need before heading out to a party or social gathering. Because of its chatty and giggly effects, you’ll instantly become the life of the party without any signs of fatigue.

Food, music, and pleasant company make for a successful Christmas party. And you’ll be glad you were invited with Jack Frost Autoflowering in your system. Under the influence of this hybrid, you’ll feel stress-free, anxiety-free, and possibly even hungry at the same time. Head on over to the snack table because Jack Frost Autoflowering marijuana seeds might give you a case of the munchies.

Jack Frost Autoflowering marijuana seeds are a mix of Northern Lights, White Widow, and Jack Herer. Two parts sativa and one part indica. This mixed sub-species has a profile of THC 21.6%, CBD 0.3%. This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and you’ll likely get a higher-than-average yield every time you grow.

Holiday Marijuana

Snow White Auto

Those looking for a well-balanced body and mind experience should buy Snow White Autoflowering marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. Despite what you may have heard about strains with a high THC count, it’s perfectly possible to remain functional and productive while smoking — or in the following hours. Snow White Auto leans slightly into the indica side but is considered a hybrid. It has both indica and sativa effects that present themselves in the brain and body.

Let’s start with the sativa side. The energizing aspect of Snow White Auto allows users to remain motivated and concentrated throughout the day. The high of Snow White Auto is described as uplifting, calming, and focused. When used as a daytime strain, this hybrid can help jumpstart your day and boost brain function. Maybe it’s something you’d like to enjoy on your lunch break at work?

The indica side of Snow White Autoflowering marijuana seeds can help relieve anxiety and stress. But with THC levels at around 24%, novice smokers should be cautious when partaking. Snow White holiday marijuana plants get their name from the heavy coat of white trichomes that appear on their leaves. Snow White Auto is a good choice for both daytime and nighttime usage. Smoke up whenever you’d like!

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