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Blackberry Kush Autoflowering Seeds

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Blackberry Kush combines a heavy body high, a euphoric head high, and sweet dreams. You’ll feel happy and sleepy hours after consuming.

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Blackberry Kush


Netflix and Chill and Blackberry Kush go hand-in-hand. This indica-dominant strain is everything you could want on a lazy Sunday afternoon at home. After a long work week, Blackberry Kush can erase all those thoughts of deadlines and projects in a flash. Any negative or racing thoughts that have been keeping you up at night will suddenly disappear with the help of Blackberry Kush marijuana seeds. This strain is deeply relaxing and calming first and foremost, followed up sensations of happiness and euphoria shortly after.


Blackberry Kush is typically prescribed to consumers with insomnia. When smoked in the evenings, Blackberry Kush may leave you on the couch for many hours. It won’t knock you out, per say, but many find it hard to stay awake after an hour or two of smoking. Blackberry Kush will ease you off to sleep with positive feelings, a clear mind, and a heavy body that melts into the mattress.


Blackberry Kush marijuana seeds often do better indoors with beginner growers. More advanced growers can still have luck when growing outdoors. The flowers of this strain appear as a mix of purple, yellow, and black. Additionally, Blackberry Kush plants mature between 65 to 75 days inside and 60 to 65 days outside. The sweet smell of blackberries mixed with kush is addictive, to say the least. This aroma of this strain will keep you coming back for more. Blackberry Kush is a cross between Afghani and one of the Blackberry strains.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



80% Indica/20% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Blueberry, Diesel, Earthy

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






37 reviews for Blackberry Kush Autoflowering Seeds

  1. Olivia H. (verified owner)

    There’s a reason that I always choose autoflowering seeds – they are so easy to grow and these were no exception. I love the automation of it all how this strain went straight to the flowering stage without me having to change the amount of hours of light it needed versus darkness. Besides how easy this strain was to grow, I fell in love with its taste and the euphoric feeling I got after indulging.

  2. Yasmin Said (verified owner)

    With its heavy body high and euphoric head high, this indica-dominant strain is the ultimate companion for a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s ideal for those struggling with insomnia. Plus, with its ease of cultivation, even beginners can enjoy a successful harvest. Don’t miss out on the sweet dreams and positive vibes that Blackberry Kush has to offer.

  3. SkunkStrangeness420 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love Blackberry Kush from Pacific! The delicious blueberry and diesel taste is just amazing. The relaxing and sleepy high is perfect for winding down at night. The plants grew easily and had a great yield. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a tasty and effective indica strain.

  4. Fenella Woodward (verified owner)

    Heyo! Big fan of this weed. Makes me smile every time I smoke it 🙂 Just like this :)))))

    10 seeds was the perfect order. Shipped directly to my door. Came in this nicely sealed golden package, and inside were the seeds. I like soaking the seeds before planting because it helps with germination.

    6 months later the seeds are now beautiful full-grown plants bursting with blackberry-scented nugs. Ready for harvest!

  5. Elora Campos (verified owner)


  6. Abdul Cantrell (verified owner)

    Just wanted to write here that I am wishing everyone peace on earth and a lovely day. I highly recommend growing blackberry kush at home, it’s a nice price with significant yield. No regrets.

  7. Derren Clegg (verified owner)

    Blackberry kush is absolutely lovely, it’s sweet and tasty and it’s been good for my mental health! I love buying my marijuana online, helps me relax and stay positive during all my stressful endeavors in life!!

  8. Alissa Bostock (verified owner)

    Best in show, blackberry kush is a winner all around. This indica hybrid is best smoked at night when hanging out with friends or taking a walk. Next best thing is smoking out of a bong and watching horror movies. Can you blame me?? Either way, awesome stuff, it really gets me the stress relief I need to feel balanced and productive.

  9. Nancy Guzman (verified owner)

    Sooo yeah, been trying this new thing out where I don’t worry about anything and it’s working out OK. Pacific makes it easy not to stress out about your crop growing cause these auto seeds really do the trick. Great genetics and germination! Scored nearly 600 grams, some beautiful nugs and a good ass time!

  10. Kai Lennon (verified owner)

    Blackberry kush is righteous and free, with a deep berry flavor, a sweet taste and a relaxing high. 5/5 germination and 5/5 stars!!!

  11. Keri Goldsmith (verified owner)

    New customer….very pleased with my product. Fast delivery to my home in Oregon and effective growing strategies. Nicely proportioned flower with some very attractive early veg smell. Good for beginners and masters alike. Try it for yourself.

  12. Humaira Lamb (verified owner)

    This weed is some good smoking. I pair it with wine or whisky and it really does the trick. I may be old, but I am one hell of a desert gardener, and this stuff does well in the HOT and dry. Gonna buy more today, hope it arrives soon.

  13. Yu Shelton (verified owner)

    Blackberry kush is super righteous…it’s got all those sweet berry flavors that you crave. I like smoking this dope and just chilling on my back porch listening to the music from my dope boombox. Very exciting stuff, and never been a problem before. I’ll definitely buy more mj seeds online with Pacific, cause they got the best prices in town!

  14. Javan Alexander (verified owner)

    Blackberry kush is a reaaaaaalllly chill strain with a nice lung-rasping hit, and a good cough you’ll be soaring high above the clouds. Makes me really excited to smoke this weed like every day, and it breaks my heart when I run out 🙁 At least I can order it online and it shows up again in my mailbox one week later, ready to start again 🙂

  15. Karina Busby (verified owner)

    If you live in Oregon like me, you get excited about the native blackberries that grow out here during the summer, but now I am growing blackerry kush, and that takes it to a whole new level. Remarkable strain with a whole lot to get excited about. The flower is fresh, it’s nice and sour, and it helps with stress. What are you waiting for?

  16. Arabella Walmsley (verified owner)

    This weed is really nice, smells great, looks great, and grows great. Love PSB online ordering, super-fast delivery!

  17. Tyson Woodward (verified owner)

    Yesss it’s finally here, my blackberry kush strain has arrived! I plan on soaking my seeds overnight and then planting them in the afternoon. Very pleased with the result, and excited to turn this weed into Cash! I plan to sell it to my local dispensary and get others in on this amazing strain. I also save some for myself every time 🙂

  18. Alexandra D (verified owner)

    Working the night shift at work really takes a toll. I gotta fire up a bowl before heading out to work to get my mind ready to be bored until 5 am. I just monitor the busses until the sun starts to rise, there are cool droplets in the air, the dew stings the blades of grass out front, kissed by frost. Gotta love these high thoughts at 5 am!

  19. craycraybun (verified owner)

    The blackberry kush strain is really relaxing, and it’s made me such a happy person I can’t believe it! I ordered online, got it delivered and it showed up in less than a week. Like wuuuuuut? I found it very easy to grow, and it definitely made for a nice experiment cause I don’t know anything about gardening!

  20. Farmer (verified owner)

    Blackberry is a truly delicious flavor….it goes so well in this strain of marijuana I don’t even know what to say! I ordered it online and had it delivered to my home. Got it in the ground in spring and am harvesting it now! It’s doing super well out in the backyard. It smells so fresh and tastes so sour too!

  21. Paul Simpson (verified owner)

    I love getting super high after work. It’s something I look forward to all day. Growing this weed was a real pleasure. Got a seriously nice harvest, beautiful bud, very fluffy and sticky, made for a great backyard gem. Smoking this is sour and earthy, I really like it. I want to buy more!

  22. Mr. Jupiter (verified owner)

    Blackberry is an excellent grow for beginners cause it’s very forgiving and makes a ton of weed! I love smoking mj, I am known as the designated join-roller in my friend group…I smoke this weed to help me relax and feel good about myself…makes the evenings feel very chilled out and fun…I am very excited about growing this indoors next time so my whole house will smell like blackberries!

  23. @JapaneseMaple (verified owner)

    In my world, the kush is boss. I am very excited about the flavor of this strain, sour and earthy just like blackberry, my favorite berry! I got nearly 600 grams growing this out of my basement, very adaptable and delicious. Helps with stress and anxiety and keeps me clam in uncertain times. Helps with sleep too if you have an issue with that. Great purchase and very affordable. I’ll keep coming back!

  24. highlightlover31 (verified owner)

    I love living in the PNW for all the fresh blackberries during the summer. I figured I should grow this blackberry kush in honor of my favorite berry, and cause kush strains are pretty easy to grow. Got my 3 seeds delivered to my house after ordering online, they showed up right at my door, and I germinated them right away, I was so excited!!! They were the perfect backyard plants, gave me a great little gardening project, and smoking this stuff at night is great for my anxiety!

  25. Wikiwiki (verified owner)

    Nothing is better than the flavor of blackberry and this weed is no excpetion. It’s super fruity and very earthy tasting and I love the way this stuff makes me feel! I The grow was very easy and also pretty fast! I got a nice yield off of this and I definitely want to grow it indoors next time to increase yield. It’s super worthwhile. I really want the taste in my house forever…it’s relaxing you know? Either way, PSB has an amazing online catalog, super worth the buy!

  26. crossfitlife (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains of all time!!! It’s so relaxing and uplifting, perfect for a rainy day spent at home. I really enjoy the earthy berry taste to this weed, really helps with stress and depression, it can make me a bit groggy so I just smoke a little bit at a time. I want to grow my other 2 seeds indoors to increase yield, finally got my basement grow space set up and I think it’s gonna be really amazing next time around. Love these seeds from pacific, I’ll definitely grow more!

  27. bilbo (verified owner)

    Gosh I sure do love this weed. It’s so amazingly delicious and strong. I found it really easy to grow, and didn’t have any trouble with germination, especially using the guide on this site. I am a new grower, but it’s a LOT easier than I expected. These plants did really well in the backyard, and produced a LOT of weed, maybe 400 g per plant? This will last me the winter for sure, and it smells like blackberries. Yay!

  28. Nicolas Slater (verified owner)

    Yummy stuff, great weed and seriously huge nugs! I ordered with PSB, super impressed by their online collection, and I got my seeds delivered super fast! WOW what a great grow, super fast and easy and the yield was like 400 g per plant! What a fantastic time this was for me! I love the smell and taste, just like berries, and the relaxation effects are potent. Great vibes!

  29. Randi Horn (verified owner)

    I usually have some trouble falling asleep at night just due to a busy work schedule and whatnot. Blackberry kush helps me relax and helps me unwind, something I desperately need. I hope to secure a bigger growing space in the future, but for now I grew 3 plants which all produced beautifully and offered me around 800 grams in total. Lovely smell of berries and pine. Great stuff!

  30. Kristin Y. (verified owner)

    I’ve had bad insomnia for about the last 5 years and it’s torture. I know my body needs sleep, but I just lie there in bed, staring at the ceiling and sleep won’t come. Then, often when I do fall asleep, I won’t stay asleep – my mind will wake me up a few hours later and I have to start the agony all over again. THis is why I am so grateful for this marijuana strain. Blackberry kush gets me to sleep about an hour after taking it, which is fantastic, but not only does it do that. It also give me a good, happy cloud of thought just before falling asleep. Very nice strain indeed. I love growing it but even more than that, I love using Blackberry kush.

  31. Lucy Q. (verified owner)

    Wow this is definitely some of the most relaxing weed I have ever smoked. I absolutely love the taste and smell of this mj, plus it’s super easy to grow and produces a lot of bud. Ordered my seeds online from PSB and had them delivered right to my front door. I germinated them beautifully and planted them in the backyard, got some great results, and the buds look amazing. I usually smoke this stuff at night to help me with stress.

  32. Janae J. (verified owner)

    A really nice indica blend! I never feel more relaxed than when I am smoking this weed in my bedroom right before bed. It smells and tastes like fresh berries and relaxes the whole body, helps with stress and anxiety and makes sleeping through the night very easy! I grew it in the backyard and got around 400 grams which will definitely last me a while. I am not a huge stoner, so just smoking at night works well for me, and blackberry kush is my new go-to!

  33. Theo R. (verified owner)

    I made a new year’s resolution to try and grow every kush I could find. Just a couple of each in my grow room, until I had tried them all. So far, Blackberry Kush is one of my favorites. As far as growing is concerned, its wicked easy. The buds looked really nice — dark purple with bright orange hairs — I’ve never seen another bud like it. The high is quality. Each hit builds on the last, lifting your spirits until full blown euphoria. Great stuff!

  34. Amy L. (verified owner)

    Best. Sleep. Aid, Ever. I’ve had problems falling asleep for years but pills didn’t do anything for me. Neither did tea or hot compresses. Only blackberry kush gets me to sleep in a peaceful way, without feeling like I’m a zombie in the morning. Also, it even makes me happy so I have nice, happy dreams, too! And the taste is delicious, like a blackberry shake. Just grateful to be getting some regular rest, with no side effects.

  35. Dustin A. (verified owner)

    Finally have my grow space set up in the basement and am happy to say Blackberry Kush was a success! Grew it all on my own and had almost no trouble at all. This stuff is aromatic but it won’t completely stink up your house, and when you smoke it its got this tangy taste like berries. A VERY chilled out strain, puts me right to sleep every time!

  36. Anais K. (verified owner)

    Aside from being slightly prone to fungus and mites this seemed like a really easy grow so I went through with it and ordered these seeds, and I don’t regret it! Real nice indica with a good amount (but not too much) of thc to keep the evening nice and mellow, it’s the best nighttime smoke around. Plants are beautiful and have really deep hues and smell really really nice, just like blackberries. If it’s your first time growing this is a good choice especially the autoflowering part.

  37. Chaz F. (verified owner)

    I have restless leg syndrome and it makes it really hard for me to fall asleep. I’ve tried everything. But sleeping pills make me feel really groggy in the morning and all through the next day. I think Blackberry Kush is the best thing for treating my condition and helping me get the sleep that I so badly need. I would highly recommend this strain if you have problems like mine and need help sleeping.

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