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Power Kush AutoFlowering Seeds

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The first wave of Power Kush Autoflowering marijuana seeds feels energetic and motivating. But once that rush is gone, you’ll easily settle into a state of stillness and laziness.

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You really can’t go wrong with any Kush strain. The Kush family is a classic and fan-favorite in the marijuana community for a number of reasons. Firstly, kush plants typically provide a higher-than-average yield, which means you get a lot of bang for your buck. Secondly, these plants are pretty easy to grow and maintain. Beginner growers should opt for Power Kush Autoflowering marijuana seeds as their first choice.


Despite what you may have heard about indicas, not all of them leave you feeling like a braindead zombie on the couch. Power Kush Auto, on the other hand, provides energizing effects to both the brain and body. During this sudden rush of energy, you may find yourself tempted to work out, complete house chores, or finish a lingering project.


Better act on this energetic wave quick, because once it’s gone, you’ll settle into a lazy and lethargic state. Kush marijuana strains are known for their relaxing effects, but only an hour or two after smoking. Now’s your chance to buy Power Kush Autoflowering marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank and start growing your very own plants at home!.

Additional information


Growers Lab

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 900 gr

To Treat

Depression, Muscle Spasms, Stress


Citrus, Skunky, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






8 reviews for Power Kush AutoFlowering Seeds

  1. CypherSage (verified owner)

    Power Kush gives you a couple of powerful waves that you’ll more than enjoy because of how you’ll feel and what you’ll experience. In the first wave, that energy and motivation come through. You’ll be ready to take on the day and handle whatever tasks come your way. Then, that second wave hits and the relaxation will come, and you won’t feel like doing anything. Just enjoy the downtime!!

  2. 5NovelNebula (verified owner)

    Power Kush is an amazing strain that provides a good, relaxing high. I enjoyed the euphoric and sleepy effects it gave me. The plants I grew were medium-sized and produced a great yield. I appreciated Pacific’s helpful customer service and fast shipping, and all of the seeds sprouted and germinated. The information I found on Pacific’s blog was also very helpful.

  3. pancakescheesesnail (verified owner)

    Heyo good friends! I am a weed snob and love growing power kush. The TERPS on this plant make a huge difference, it’s like smoking out of a vape pen or dabs…the high hits you hard and intense, usually leaves you chilling on the couch for hours (maybe days?). Get a big whopping handful of seeds and expect greatness to come your way!

  4. Ebonie Cole (verified owner)

    I had surgery a few years ago and still have residual inflammation and nausea, and that’s where the weed really helps. I was recommended to PSB by a good friend who has used their products before and had good success. This strain sounded intriguing to me so I decided to grow it and had some excellent results myself! Very fresh and clean and helps me with my symptoms.

  5. Amaan Sears (verified owner)

    Uhhh I kinda messed up my plants….I didn’t water very much and some of them got kinda brown. A few of them pulled through though and I got some good looking (and smelling) kush. Never had this weed before in my life but now I know what NOT to do lol!!

  6. Nell Sherman (verified owner)

    This weed really does have a RUSH. It hits me nice and slow, gives me a lovely mental high which slowly drifts down into a relaxing body buzz. Perfect for smoking in the afternoon and into the evening. Haven’t been this excited about weed since I started smoking over 15 years ago. This mj is a real game changer ;0

  7. Catrina Kinney (verified owner)

    Power Kush hits you like a tidal wave. It’s so sweet and delightful, but then the buzZ kicks in and you’re locked into the couch for hours and have nothing to do! Best video game strain out there LOL. So just be sure to strap in, and have a sweet roll next to you for the munchies 🙂

  8. Aaryan Beltran (verified owner)

    I’ve got the POWA! Power kush is like taking a shot of espresso with your weed. It gives you a surge of much-needed energy. I use it before work and during lunch. The burst of energy helps me stay focused and productive. I get a LOT of work done. I am just a weed hobbyist and do this for fun. Ordering online is the simplest way to keep this tradition alive. PSB for life 🙂

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