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Purple Skunk Autoflowering Seeds

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Auto Purple Skunk Psk

Popular for its strong cerebral high, Auto Purple Skunk is the perfect choice for patients seeking natural alternatives to prescription medications. Nearly 100% sativa, this Oregon-born marijuana is high in both THC and CBD, and a welcome addition to anyone’s cannabis cultivation project.

First, you’ll notice that Auto Purple Skunk marijuana produces a buzz that is both invigorating and relaxing, and the flavor that is reminiscent of wine, with undertones of skunky pungency. A bright mood and delicious euphoria are common, though large doses can leave you feeling sleepy. Don’t get taken in by the sweet berry taste – this potent strain is not for the faint of heart!

With naturally high levels of CBD, Auto Purple Skunk is often highly regarded as a medical strain, prescribed for chronic stress, muscle aches and headaches. Patients undergoing chemotherapy love Auto Purple Skunk for its appetite-inducing effects.

Auto Purple Skunk marijuana seeds don’t need a rigid lighting schedule in order to switch from vegetative to flowering (thank you, ruderalis genes!) but they do love lots of sunlight in order to produce generous helpings of fat flowers. Its hardiness makes it one of the easier strains to grow, a great choice for beginners.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



80% Sativa/20% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Euphoric, Happy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat



Earthy, Pungent, Skunky

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






41 reviews for Purple Skunk Autoflowering Seeds

  1. Jeannette Miller (verified owner)

    Not the best weed I;ve ever smoked. It came out a bit dry which was unfortunate but the summer had practically no rain so I needed to do all the watering by hand, which was just not enough. Happy I got about 300 G of smokeable bud, but next summer we best be praying for rain!!

  2. Lily Z. (verified owner)

    Purple Skunk is one that once you get your hands on it, you’ll never want to let go. It’s almost a pure 100% sativa, so you’ll definitely feel invigorated and uplifted while feeling supremely relaxed. Believe me, you’re going to feel so good after getting your hands on this one.

  3. Tabitha Brooks (verified owner)

    Fresh, purple, and dank…this weed tastes like a field of blackberries in the summer. Fills me with nostalgic wonder. Living in Seattle is great, I love the weather here, but we do have a generally small growth window for outdoor cannabis. Best to start the seeds indoors in march or so….get them nice and established and then grow them outdoors! It’s great being able to cultivate this plant in a P-Patch garden….like hell yes what a fun time!!!

  4. Zephyra Davidson (verified owner)

    Make my whole body feel light and energized. My hands are tingly, my spine feels loose….and my brain is wacky. Purple skunk has a super strong flavor and aroma…very skunky as you might imagine with a hint of fresh berry thrown in there.
    Took me a few days to get the seeds to sprout, but after soaking them, my germination game was on point. Pretty happy with my decision!

  5. Israa Taha (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved the Purple Skunk strain! It provided me with an amazing high that was both energetic and euphoric. The earthy and skunky taste was a delight to my senses. Growing these plants was a breeze, especially with the easy skill level. The tall plants produced a great yield and the flowering time of 50-60 days was reasonable.

  6. Hamza Parsons (verified owner)

    Fresh purple skunk is something out of the heavens. The smell and taste of this weed is enough to change your day from bad to GREAT in no time. I personally enjoy it for the creative energy I get from smoking it…..How ya gonna know unless you try??

  7. Yosef Cohen (verified owner)

    I loved the head high from Purple Skunk, it was mellow but also energetic and euphoric. The happy vibes lasted a long time and the growing process was very easy. The yield was impressive and the buds themselves were beautiful with a nice purple hue.

  8. Maeve Mclaughlin (verified owner)

    I freaking love purple skunk. It’s got that dank flavor and brilliant color that really makes me smile! I smoke it nearly every day, usually once in the morning, afternoon, and evening. It usually gives me a light “background” buzz that makes anything I am doing more tolerable (aka going to work LOL) very fresh weed!

  9. Jemimah Leonard (verified owner)

    Nothing moves me closer to enlightenment than purple skunk marijuana from Pacific seeds! I gotta say, this company really is FOR THE PEOPLE. They have an amazing selection and they make it really super easy to just order your seeds online and then just have them shipped to wherever you live in USA or Canada, which is dope. AND if you have some issues with mailing or delivery customer service helps out with sending new seeds, even offering growing advice!

  10. Kason Thornton (verified owner)

    Despite that you can smell this stuff coming down the street, it’s a really delightful and reliable grow. Purple nugs are obviously the best cause they look like little space nugs that were harvested off Mars! Great vibes and a stellar price baby! Pacific seeds is the FUTURE of weed growing. Awesome Blossom!

  11. Raheem Marsh (verified owner)

    Dang this weed has some STANK about it. Real purple nugs, not the greenish-purple kind you see online. This weed is truly the REAL deal. I am very excited. My new shipment of seeds has arrived. The seeds look like tiny marbles. Soaking overnight is working, the seeds tend to germinate much faster that way. Give it a try and you will see.

  12. Hari Mccabe (verified owner)

    Purple skunk is pretty awesome and fantastic. I like buying this weed online cause it just shows up days later and is ready to plant. Couldn’t be more simple. I am lighter and brighter than ever, my depression symptoms have gone down significantly, and I am ultimately very excited for the prospect for more homegrown mj!!!

  13. Albie Blackwell (verified owner)

    Just started smoking this last night. I was in a pretty foul mood when I got home cause I had been fighting with my mother, but smoking this weed was a good decision cause it brightened my spirits almost instantly. A truly delicious strain, purple and sour, and a VERY good buy for such an affordable price.

  14. Tanisha Fry (verified owner)

    Definitely smelled up the whole basement, the green and purple colors were really astounding, very high definition if you know what I mean LOL. Bought 5 seeds online and it was really easy when they shipped directly to my place. Took a good 5-6 months of effort but definitely worth it in the end!

  15. Saxon Neville (verified owner)

    When purple skunk hits your mailbox, you’re gonna want to plant it right away! You have a great chance of getting some really nice weed from this strain. It looks and smells amazing in your backayrd and it turns out so purple you won’t believe your eyes. Skunky AF though man, and a great burn, and I recommend to anyone.

  16. Theia Sumner (verified owner)

    Grow purple skunk indoors for best results. You’ll be shocked and amazed at the purple beauty that emerges from the ground and is glowing under UV lamps. Truly a sight to behold, with some absolutely stunning results and of course, so dank weeeeeed bro!!!

  17. Sumayyah Connelly (verified owner)

    Wow purple skunk does NOT disappoint! This strain is pungent as all hell, and it’s also a very nice purple color! Ordered it online and had it shipped right to my place here in Oregon. Very nice price for such high-quality seeds. Good genetics in these seeds for certain, they never let me down, always able to grow this in my warm sunny climate without much issue, usually harvest between 5-700 grams!

  18. Milly Kirk (verified owner)

    If you don’t already smoke purple skunk you really are missing out. I am new to this website but wanted to say that the marijuana seeds I got from Pacific look great and feel fantastic. I got a massive harvest, from only 5 plants, and am now swimming in over 15 OZ of delicious homegrown ganja!

  19. Shae Terry (verified owner)

    Get your purple on, like smoking sweet velvet, and the smooth purple leaves are just fantastic. I am stoked on this stuff, the sweet indica vibes chill out my major headaches and put me in a position to get a lot of work done. I have been so relaxed AND productive, I did not know this was a possibility. A wonderful strain, absolutely thrilling for the price.

  20. Gwen Hulme (verified owner)

    Yummm purple skunk is soooo good. It’s the most relaxing strain there is, and it looks just fantastic. Ordered it online and had it shipped right to my place here in Washington state. My balcony gets great sunlight so it was perfect for growing marijuana. Definitely a good buy for the price, smells pretty great too!

  21. Kia Kennedy (verified owner)

    Yessss, finally I found a website that has the purple skunk! This is seriously one of the nicer strain on the web, and Pacific always comes through with its amazing autoflowering seeds. I have had a great experience growing this stuff, and I Loooove the deep purple color and strong smell that comes with it!

  22. greta summers (verified owner)

    This purple stuff will straight up knock your socks off. It’s very chill and helps a lot with stress and depression. I bought 5 seeds online and I am being really smart about planting them successively to always have a fresh weed harvest. I get nearly 200 grams per plant, more than enough to last me a few months at a time!

  23. jammerzz020 (verified owner)

    I consider myself a medical user, and I am pretty stoked about how this all turned out. I mean the name really says it all, it’s got a ton of flavor and is very pungent. I love the amazing and relaxing vibe this weed provides. It’s all about the mental high in my mind, truly drives my creativity and I have a lot to love about it!

  24. GSU (verified owner)

    I want that purple skunk in my life….I ordered it online and it was delivered here right away….grew great in my backyard in a large pot that I have outside. Very productive strain with a LOT of marijuana flower in about 5 months. Harvesting was fun! Smoking it was even better. I can’t wait to buy more 🙂

  25. the Growers’ Grower (verified owner)

    It’s purple and it’s skunky…makes me wanna chill out on the couch or on the porch…beautiful nug, absolutely gorgeous stuff that works for my stress and anxiety levels…so much fun to grow indoors, excellent yield. No complaints on this purple magic!

  26. @stickyfingers (verified owner)

    Purple skunk is my absolute favorite. I Love the way this stuff grows, and it just gets so…purple at the end, it like hurts my eyes, but it’s cool, really. I am very happy with how this turned out. A solid indoor grow with a great yield. I was so excited when this stuff finally was able to harvest. I got like 800 grams of fresh skunky nug. Very relaxing and kinda trippy too. I smoke this every single night!

  27. nicolesingleton (verified owner)

    Who doesn’t like purple sunk weed? I’ve been smoking this stuff since high school and I am a huge fan of the purple bud. Now I am an adult and I have my own backyard where I can grow all my own stuff. Excellent vibes from these seeds, they germinated quickly and became absolutely HUGE in just a few months. I loved harvesting these dense purple nugs and they all smell super sweet and skunky. It’s an indica so be prepared to just chill out and not get any work done!

  28. Boss Hogg (verified owner)

    If you like purple weed, and you like dank weed, then this is the strain for you! I have this great indoor grow room with a ton of potential for weed growing and I finally got a chance to try it out! I got an excellent yield! I probably got like 300 g per plant, and that’s more than enough for me 🙂 I like smoking this weed at night, its got a great body buzz, keeps me feeling relaxed, and my mind never really gets the best of me. I can fall into a restful sleep thank goodness!

  29. Flower (verified owner)

    I have no doubt you will love this weed. It’s super potent and strong and kicks depression in the rear. It’s a very skunky weed, made my whole basement smell like weed, but I kinda like it lol. It grew beautifully indoors, makes for an excellent evening smoke and it’s perfect to share with friends. Very colorful bud, purple and green and sticky and super fresh! I really couldn’t ask for a better weed, and I will definitely be back for more!

  30. Mia Chan (verified owner)

    Nothing better than skunk and purple all mixed into one weed yo! Great buy, got my seeds online and they shipped out super fast, was really impressed by PSB customer service, very fast and efficient and helpful. Great indoor grow, excellent bud when it finally forms, very purple and fat and of course very skunky! It’s a very relaxing high that helps me unwind after work.

  31. Tuan T (verified owner)

    Purple skunk really has all the highlights of a great weed. It’s easy to grow (especially indoors) and it produces these beautiful nugs that will make your eyes hurt from all the purple! The buzz is really chilled out, great for TV watching or just couch chilling, and it’s hella relaxing after a difficult day. Give it a try!

  32. Chelsey R. (verified owner)

    I’m a few months into my chemotherapy treatment and before this I had never used marijuana in my life. Not in high school, not in college – I was too scared by the stories I heard about it, how it could change your brain and also give you paranoia. But purple skunk (what a name!) has been a godsend. My doctor prescribed it for the effects of chemo (namely, loss of appetite) and if I didn’t have it, I think I’d be a skeleton about now. My husband handled the growing and it sounded like it wasn’t too difficult (though I think he lies about some things to me now, because of my condition). We will most likely order more purple skunk because it definitely makes my life better

  33. Deon T. (verified owner)

    Smelly stuff! But absolutely delicious and a fantastic high that doesn’t quit. A solid indoor grow that offers you a lot of good growing experience and produces a nice yield of weed that has lasted me like 3 months already, with much more to go. I like how energizing this weed is, it’s super great for creativity, every time I smoke this I just want to paint or draw for hours on end. Great for helping me with depression as well. Highly recommend!

  34. Nadine T. (verified owner)

    I have a lot of chronic pain associated with my illness and this is one of the best ways I can treat it. Not only because of the pain relieving qualities of the cannabis (thank you CBD) but the ease to grow the autoflowering variety. Very low maintenance plant and didn’t take much to get some very beautiful and hefty buds from an indoor growing set up. I’d suggest buying these seeds if you’re looking for medical grade cannabis without the pains of growing such.

  35. Wyatt E. (verified owner)

    The prettiest skunk I ever saw. The name of this weed is just right: the smell is quite a bit skunky but the color is a wonderful purple hue. Plant turns out short, sweet and heavy with trychs. After nine weeks, the mj is ready to try. Great strain, good order, fantastic seed!

  36. Carly W. (verified owner)

    This is the best cannabis I’ve ordered in a long time! Since my seeds have sprouted and my plant has blossomed, I’ve been able to cut back on about 30% of the medications I was on … yay me! I’ve put on a bit of weight (about six pounds) due to the munchies, but I was a “bag of bones” to begin with (as my friends say). Just give your plant plenty of sunshine and it’ll be your best friend in no time.

  37. Bonnie T. (verified owner)

    I am totally sold on smoking CBD, but I still like some THC in there because I like the buzz. This strain is like the best from both worlds. You get the therapeutic effects of CBD but you also get an awesome high that makes you feel relaxed and content with the world. These plants get kind of tall so just make sure you have enough room if you’re growing indoors. Excellent seeds as always that grew into healthy strong plants!

  38. Alyssa S. (verified owner)

    It’s purple and its skunky. Hows that for literal? LOL. I’m really happy with how this strain turned out for me. As usual, I got some grade A seeds from Pacific. They arrived quick af in the mail and popped no problem. Once my ladies sprouted I got them plugged into my hydro system and off they went. They grow a little tall so my advice would be to grow them outside or make sure you’ve got enough room indoors. Quality seeds and a great strain to learn to grow weed with.

  39. wayward418 (verified owner)

    Oregon native here, and just HAD to try this strain developed on my own turf! Heck yeah this stuff grew great in the side yard, needs LOTS of sunlight, but if you give it a little of the ol TLC this plant just shoots straight up into the air and delivers an amazing supply of marijuana for your enjoyment. Such a beautiful plant too, purple and smells kind of skunky and like berries! I smoke when I want to get excited about life, so this weed happens on the weekends, when I’m chilling with my bros and watching the Blazers! High times!!!

  40. Bridgette C. (verified owner)

    When I first started using the purple skunk, I took a large hit and boy did I learn my lesson. I took a 60 minute nap and missed my afternoon class! Oops! So now I know I only need a smallish dose to get that fantastic, clear-headed high. It honestly helps me think about everything (job, school, relationship) with greater clarity and precision. The berry smell is pretty tight too; it almost doesn’t even smell like pot so I don’t have to worry so much about covering up the smell when I’m smoking. Purple skunk for the mj win!

  41. Ivy R. (verified owner)

    A classic strain of mj, and a great grow! I am super happy I did this, my plants are beautiful, super tall and bushy and boy are they purple! I love this weed, I smoke this dope right before bedtime and drift right off to sleep. It’s so stanky lol, very strong stuff so be careful about neighbors and such. PSB is a great company!

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