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Purple Panty Dropper Feminized Seeds

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An effective aphrodisiac with a raunchy title, the potent effects of Purple Panty Dropper marijuana work as well out of the bedroom as in. Easy to grow with an average to above-average yield,the indica dominant hybrid will surely please a crowd (of one or more).

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To say that Purple Panty Dropper marijuana is a game-changer is no exaggeration – the indica-dominant hybrid is an impressive producer in the garden and boasts a stimulating high that has the mind and body tingling before wrapping you in deep relaxation. 


At 18% THC (25% at its height), Purple Panty Dropper marijuana is heavy-hitting and euphoric; newcomers should exercise caution lest they become overwhelmed with its potent results. Expect a euphoria driven experience that is mood-brightening and dreamy, with stredd reducing properties that aid in blissful peace, the kind that can make for an interesting time between the sheets. 


On a whiff of flowers and earth with notes of fruit and grape when combusted, Purple Panty Dropper marijuana is a fragrant and flavorful strain that is all around appealing. Medically, its strength lends well to stress reduction, and to invigorate the appetite. Beginner level gardeners will love Purple Panty Dropper marijuana seeds in their garden as, along with the above-mentioned benefits, the strain is quite amenable to most growing conditions, and its densely-packed buds are sticky with trichomes, and can easily be trained to boost its ultimate yield. With seven to nine weeks of flowering, Purple Panty Dropper will offer up to 12 ounces of potent pot that is sure to be a hit among friends and lovers.

Additional information



Cannabis Species



75% Indica/25% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Headaches, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms


Earthy, Flowery, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






9 reviews for Purple Panty Dropper Feminized Seeds

  1. Angie McClure (verified owner)

    If you’re looking to get a bit frisky, the Purple Panty Dropper strain will get you there because it’s referred to as an aphrodisiac. I can proudly say that it works! It stimulates your body and provides a tingle throughout your body that’s explosive before the wave of relaxation settles in. You’ll feel the euphoria and joy after you enjoy this distinctive strain!

  2. Yara Saliba (verified owner)

    It provided was euphoric, relaxed, and uplifted, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The plants grew beautifully, with medium-sized sturdy plants that were resilient. The earthy, flowery, and sweet taste of the buds was delightful. Although it requires intermediate skill level to grow, it was a rewarding experience.

  3. Wanjiku Mwangi (verified owner)

    While this strain was a bit difficult to grow, I enjoyed the euphoric and relaxed high it gave me. It was great for helping me unwind after a long day and also helped with my insomnia and muscle spasms. The flavor was flowery and sweet, adding to the overall experience.

  4. M. Richards (verified owner)

    I just loooove growing weed, especially the bright purple kind. Thus nug is a fast-track to awesome nights getting high and being social. It’s a party strain, gives me that light social energy that doesn’t stop!
    Takes 10 weeks to grow, and is really fun to watch progress every step of the way.

  5. Bryony Perry (verified owner)

    I was really floored by how well this weed came out, like it looks awesome and smell amazing. It’s so fresh and so clean. I made sure to trim it just right, I feel like the pros. The blog section has been useful…they have a lot of helpful growing tips, and it’s honestly not that hard to follow.

  6. Teri Adamson (verified owner)

    I dunno about it being an aphrodisiac, but it definitely gets me stoned lol. Mostly I just smoke to have fun and hang with my cat. I feel like this weed makes me closer to my cat LOL. I can get on the same wavelength. Very pleasing. Purrrr.

  7. Maxime Mills (verified owner)

    Hey, if you’re someone who likes smoking weed and getting it on….well the purple panty dropper is right for you 😉

    These purple nugs take about 6 months to grow and usually produce about 150-200 G per plant!

    I have been smoking these for the last 5 years, and it’s been pretty great for my relationship if you know what I mean.

  8. Tiffany Lister (verified owner)

    Yep it’s an aphrodisiac alright. I LOVE smoking this weed with my girlfriend. We always end up having a fun time 😉

    Bought 10 seeds and scored well over 1000 grams of pot. Great for sharing with friends too for some laughs and good times.

  9. Nyah Shaw (verified owner)

    They say this weed is an aphrodisiac, and I have to agree. My partner and I worked on growing this MJ together, and I am pretty happy about the results. Bought 5 seeds online and cared for them daily in our outdoor garden. Took about a week or so to cure and dry, and once we smoked, we were having a blast 😉 you feel me?

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