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Super Jack Feminized Seeds

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Super Jack is known for having a “buttery,” “sweet” smell and tropical, fruity. Those traits are certainly a nice parallel with the strain’s top effects of uplift, energy and focus (let alone talkativeness!).

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It’s more than a bird, it’s more than a plane – it’s Super Jack. When you’re looking to raise your

energy and general mood and no middling strain will do, Super Jack is often turned to for a

definitive experience. A hybrid developed from the Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer strains, Super Jack is most likely 100% Sativa – its breeder is unknown – judging by its very potent mental-stimulation characteristics.

With up to 23% THC content, there’s a whole lot of head buzz going on here and Super Jack is known for both its ability to help you focus AND the way it can help people “come out of their shell” by inducing positive social traits like talkativeness, giggliness (is that a word?) and bringing on a generally upbeat and happy mood that is a positive boon for those looking to shine in social settings.

Super Jack is known for having a “buttery,” “sweet” smell and tropical, fruity – with notes of

pine – flavor. Those traits are certainly a nice parallel with the strain’s top effects of uplift,

energy and focus (let alone talkativeness!). But, being a very potent strain, Super Jack can bring

on feelings of worry for some, as well as physical sensations such as dry mouth and dry eyes.

If you’re a seasoned, confident user, Super Jack will be a great go-to for many occasions.

You will need a certain level of experience to successfully grow this one, as Super Jack requires

intermediate cultivating techniques. With its high yield – about 16 to 20 ounces per square

meter – growing Super Jack can definitely be a rewarding experience. Using it can pay off in an

equally rewarding way.

Additional information


Dutchman Seeds

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Focused, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 550 gr

To Treat

Fatigue, Headache, Stress


Fruity, Pine, Sweet

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


14 reviews for Super Jack Feminized Seeds

  1. Jasmine Delfs (verified owner)

    I have super Jack weed growing in my basement right now. This is my 3rd season working with Pacific seed bank seeds and am pretty happy with the results. I have all 5 of my seeds germinated and I am really excited to watch them bloom into delicious smokeable flower. It takes about 10 weeks, not too long, but does take patience! Thankful for these great blog posts with amazing growing advice. Highly recommend!

  2. Hunter Barajas (verified owner)

    Heavy and fast-acting sativa. Does great work on back pain, neck pain, stomach pains. Even helps with my headaches. Feeling very lucky to have access this the site, and the internet in general, all the way in rural Montana. When pacific says they ship anywhere in the USA, they mean it!

  3. Jayvion Mora (verified owner)

    This is one heck of a sativa! I smoke it almost daily, usually in the afternoon when I start to get reeeeaaallll tired.
    I find that super jack gives my brain the juice it needs to keep moving….forget caffeine, Super Jack is where it’s at!

    Thank the heavens for Pacific, the weed just descended from the heavens themselves….or at least I was able to order online. And they were at my door quickly!! I was able to soak them and then plant them and they are like my little babies I love them :))

  4. Bailey Terrell (verified owner)

    Your commitment to the weed world will help you find the best seeds. Well, friends, you have arrived. Pacific has the best online selection anywhere, and their prices cannot be beaten! Super jack is the perfect high octane sativa to give you the afternoon or evening boost you NEED to stay active and in the game. It’s my party strain, it’s my hanging out strain, and it’s a GEM in the yard!

  5. ThunderDragon (verified owner)

    What a splendidly unique aromas, my basement became very delightful when growing this. Not the fastest grow flowering in at about 9 weeks for my seeds, but gave me a solid yielding harvest that made it worth the trouble.

  6. Galaxy3Gypsy (verified owner)

    Super Jack Feminized Seeds offer a sensational experience for cannabis enthusiasts. With its uplifting and energizing effects, this hybrid strain is perfect for enhancing focus and talkativeness. Its “buttery” and tropical aroma, combined with a fruity flavor, create a delightful sensory experience.

  7. Natasha Moore (verified owner)

    Yuuuup! Super Jack weed is amazing, it’s sooooo uplifting! Makes me wanna dance and sing and then lulls me into a gentle relaxation. A true 50/50 hybrid sativa leaning dream with SOUR nug and a fresh aroma…like jacker herer on speed!

  8. Kofi Owusu (verified owner)

    It really helps to stay focused and energized. The feeling of upliftment was really nice, I felt both happy and relaxed. I also love that it helped with my headaches and stress, making it a perfect choice for my daily activities.

  9. VivaciousViolet (verified owner)

    Super Jack has some awesome sweet tropical tastes to it and a really nice energetic high. Felt very active and energetic while I smoked this strain and had a lot of big weed from this strain. Seeds arrived very fast as well arriving in just a few days.

  10. Anika Patel (verified owner)

    Fresh super jack weed is one of the finest things you can buy. It’s a tight seed and has bright colors. It’s a nice energy….generally feels really good after a long day, or after a hike or a workout. Brightens my mood and opens my inner eye. I can really get excited about it….especially since it helps me manage stress!

  11. Kiana99 (verified owner)

    Uplifting sativa weed with a nice buttery taste! Super jack is perfect when you don’t have coffee and need a little pick-me-up 🙂

  12. vegapetrichorlibra (verified owner)

    This weed is like jack herer on steroids! Super sativa energy that helps with anxiety and focus. I bought 10 seeds online and they shipped out lickety split. Fast shipping, smooth germination and rooting. Transplanted outdoors when it got to be summertime. They need tomato cages to stay upright, otherwise expect them to fall over, or lose some branches when the flower starts to form!

  13. Zachary Lindsey (verified owner)

    A smooth, sweet, buttery flavor that sets super jack apart from the rest! This weed is bright, light, and super uplifting! It was surprisingly easy to grow too! I got nearly 600 G of pot, and it’s all hella fresh. Some of my fave on this site! Super affordable!!

  14. Izabelle Mata (verified owner)

    This weed is like lightning. It gives me a burst of energy every time! Great purchase when you got some extra cash to burn. Definitely beats going to the dispensary. Really happy I had this strain in my back pocket the other day!

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