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Black Jack Autoflowering Seeds

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When you gamble with Black Jack autoflowering marijuana seeds you always win – an indica dominant hybrid with 18% THC, you’ll enjoy blissful relaxation after a relatively short flowering period.

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One thing you’ll notice – and love – about Black Jack autoflowering marijuana is the strain’s dense, compact buds that are just completely covered in sticky resin. Delivering a decent mental high coupled with a full-body relaxation, this indica-dominant strain is beautifully balanced, ideal for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

Far from sweet, Black Jack autoflowering marijuana has an earthy, woodsy smell with hints of pine, though the taste carries a little citrus which can stick around after you exhale. This is good information to know, since Black Jack prefers an indoor environment. Inside, it will reach a medium height, but needs lots of excellent airflow and space to breathe, not to mention high quality light and a warm, humid climate. Grown indoors, you’re likely to harvest around 400 grams per plant after 50-60 days of flowering.

When you gamble with Black Jack autlfowering marijuana seeds, you never lose – order now!

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid


70% Indica/30% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Euphoric, Happy

Yield Outdoors

Up to 250 gr

To Treat

Lack of Appetite, Pain


Earthy, Flowery, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






47 reviews for Black Jack Autoflowering Seeds

  1. Noemi Patrick (verified owner)

    These Black Jack seeds bloomed beautifully with full flowers that germinated quickly. They grew indoors and since they’re a medium height, they didn’t take up too much space. When I had any questions, I was able to visit the site and get quick and easy answers. I’ve been growing marijuana for years, and this is by far, one of the best strains. If you’re on the fence, go for it!

  2. GardenGreener (verified owner)

    A real ace in the hole. This weed is bright and very purple! Covered in crystals and trichomes….and extremely flavorful….like a nice bowl of grape flavored punch. There’s a lot of technicality that goes into crafting delicious MJ, but thankfully the blogs have a ton of great growing tips that really helped me out and made me feel less overwhelmed. 500 G is nothing to scoff at!

  3. Jayden Donaldson (verified owner)

    Beautiful pot, so many colors. Reminds me of a rainbow. Tastes like skittles. Gets me baked. Yeah, no complaints.

  4. Luis Weeks (verified owner)

    Get your cards ready…cause it’s time to play blackjack. I burn through my supply pretty quick so I am usually here every few months to re-stock! Beautiful fresh and easy to grow! Saves me so much $$ at the dispo I never even go there anymore. Yeehaw! I am in charge of my weed destiny!

  5. Izabelgg (verified owner)

    A bright, light, and active strain. I am crazy, but I smoke before a run cause it makes my mind a little less complain-ey! I prefer it to other strains cause it doesn’t require ALL my time and attention. Fem seeds are great cause they basically care for themselves. You won’t even need to worry about it once the weed says down roots in the soil. a VERY resilient plant!

  6. Alishia Khan (verified owner)

    You will always land on 21 when you buy with PSB. The weed looks amazing. It’s just as bright and purple as a neon sign. Super awesome flavor and uplifting vibe. Great for beginning growers!

  7. Anwar Oneill (verified owner)

    Sweet and sour weed with a touch of magic. Black jack has beautiful purple flower and an indica buzz that will put you right to sleep. Sweet dreams!

  8. Edison Ferry (verified owner)

    So nice to finally have my own weed! I am like amazed that I was able to bring my seeds to life through the power of organic gardening!!! Buying online is really easy and convenient. The smell alone is pretty amazing. The nugs are a deep purple color and COVERED in crystals. It’s awesome and it never lets me down.

  9. Lyndon Ball (verified owner)

    Dealer’s Choice. This weed is perfect for experienced growers and new growers alike! Excellent smelling bud with some sticky colorful trichomes! Was super stoked when my seeds arrived in record time. They germinated BEAUTIFULLY after I soaked them for 48 hours before seeding. You can’t go wrong!!

  10. Julia Prince (verified owner)

    Relatively short grow, around 5 months, produces medium yields but high quality. Not saleable but definitely smokeable 🙂 Does best in indoor environments, give it about a week to ship after ordering online, and about a week to germinate after soaking.

  11. Nimra Webb (verified owner)

    Yummm black jack weed is nice and uplifiting, and it helps with depression. The flower is purple and it’s all kinds of beautiful. Sticky, and sour, and a nice harsh smoke that really seasons the lungs lol. Best time I’ve had smoking weed in a while!!

  12. Avani Bruce (verified owner)

    Black jack is one weed you can always bet on, it’s got flavor up the wazoo and helps me manage stress and pain, plus it’s HUGE purple nugs are something to behold. Very excited for my next harvest, the flower is just starting to form, it already smells like berries and spice 🙂

  13. Sherri Parkinson (verified owner)

    The sweet juicy nugs of Black Jack marijuana are hard to beat. I got 10 seeds online and they all shipped to my house. I like the way they make me feel, so relaxed, happy, and good for my stress and depression. Easy growing too, makes me pretty excited and happy.

  14. Mae Stubbs (verified owner)

    Soooo, black jack is what you wanna grow? Here’s what you need to know: it’s easy to germinate but does take some love to get growing to its full height. It’s a strong flavor, and the nug is very sticky….and purple! It’s pungent and hard to hide, so make sure the neighbors are okay with weed before planting haha!

  15. Sonia Everett (verified owner)

    This is a hand you will never lose! It’s a beautiful purple mj strain, gets me nice and stoned every time. It only took me like 4-5 months until flowering, but I did take extensive care of this weed all the way through. Love these sweet flavors, and the skunky smell. Definitely gonna buy some more before the week is out!

  16. Davina Pate (verified owner)

    Black jack is something right out of a bond movie or something. The vibes make me feel like an international man of mystery, but the weed itself is soooo user-friendly I could barely contain my happiness when my plants germinated. It’s amazing and it smells good too. It’s a bit of work to trim, but well worth the effort.

  17. Kailan Kaur (verified owner)

    Black jack is more purple than black, but it sure gets me stoned, I almost pass out!! My brother got me a bong for christmas, as well as these seeds from Pacific. They were awesome in the backyard, looked great and smelled fantastic too! I opened up the package and was just floored at the amazing gift idea!

  18. Kerri Almond (verified owner)

    I was absolutely thrilled with this stuff, I got it off the ground and running right away, looking absolutely stellar in all this wonderful sunshine on the west coast, it’s about waist height but something tells me it’s gonna get really tall and I am gonna need a ladder to finally get all the weed off the top. Very satisfied with my result!!

  19. Charles Choi (verified owner)

    Black jack is wooooooaaaaaahhhhhhhhh in your brain, it’s like a roller coaster, it puts you up and down and tosses you all around in the best way possible, and I feel pretty awesome about the whole thing and will definitely keep it up and buy more and I am very pleased with the taste and smell of this whole thing!

  20. Milton Lugo (verified owner)

    Black jack seeds are nice and easy to grow, especially if you have a very sunny backyard!! I am sooo proud of myself for getting this stuff up and running, it was a new experience for me to be maintaining a plant as tall as myself. The caterpillars really love this strain so make sure you’re keeping good track of them. Either way, you’ll get great weed!

  21. rifttaker54 (verified owner)

    This weed really rocks my world, keeps me feeling super high and very relaxed for the whole day. I am extremely happy and love having marijuana growing in my backyard…such a fantastic strain, definitely gives me a good buzz, and it keeps me on my toes for all sorts of new opportunities in life. Can’t wait for more to grow!

  22. George Fenley (verified owner)

    A quick grow and a mild buzz…helps with all kinds of stress and depression and makes for a nice afternoon or evening smoke. I really like the early flowering period, so you won’t have to wait as long to get your smoke on lol. Got 3 seeds online delivered right to my door, and they all germinated perfectly! Excellent purchase!

  23. Kainoa (verified owner)

    I’ve never grown a weed so pure and delicious and amazing. It’s bright green and neon purple and has the buzz of a thousand suns! I am very excited to have this in my life now…I feel like a Master Weed Grower!!!

  24. Flynn (verified owner)

    Black Jack is a powerful strain that helps with stress and depression, it makes life sooo much easier when the going is rough, and I even like to make weed butter out of this strain for cookies or brownies! I’ve had great success with products from this website and found that their delivery was quite fast. I think you’ll enjoy it yourself!

  25. Kingsinthecorner (verified owner)

    This weed is like an ace in the hole, it’s always got your back and that’s pretty exciting. I like the taste and the smell of this weed and definitely wanna grow my own again…I love the beautiful green colors and the highly potent bud that smells soooo good, and who can knock the mellow body buzz and indica driven relaxation? Not me!

  26. Portrait (verified owner)

    A beautiful strain of marijuana. I love the deep colors, the purples, the blues, so beautiful!!! I got myself some of this to grow at home. I’ve always wanted to grow my own weed, but this was the first time I had the opportunity! Pacific makes ordering online very easy, plus the delivery is very fast. The grow guide on this site was incredibly helpful. I smoke it almost every day for those sweet relaxation benefits. You know I’ll be back for more!

  27. lexia (verified owner)

    If you’re a fan of card games like me, you’ll always win your hand with this strain of weed. It’s suuuuper chilled out and relaxing stuff, makes for great nighttime smoking, and helps with depression, stress and anxiety without being too overwhelming. I am pretty stoked about how the whole online ordering thing went. Got my seeds in just under a week and started them indoors like right away. Can’t believe how easy it was to grow this indoors! Great yield, very healthy purple nug. You will love!

  28. Chicken Farmer (verified owner)

    This marijuana has helped me tremendously with my anxiety and depression. I smoke this delicious purple weed and immediately feel my spirits lift and my mind feel at ease. It’s a great strain if you’re looking to chill out at home after work, and just wanna make some delicious food, cause this stuff gives me mad munchies, it’s amazing! My gf and I grew it out back, and let me tell ya, this weed grows fast and produces a LOTTA nug! Great buy overall, will be back for more!

  29. shorty (verified owner)

    Yesss, this is a very easy, very short grow, does really well indoors and has a wonderfully intoxicating aroma! It’s very purple in color, mixed with nice neon green leaves, and covered in crystals! Pretty astounding to look at, you’ll wonder how you did it all by yourself! I got a nice yield, maybe a bnit smaller than I was expecting, that being said it’s a pretty delicious variety, kinda earthy and sweet and gets me very relaxed and super stoned. I feel a little hungry and sleepy when I smoke this. Highly recommend!

  30. matt bramble (verified owner)

    If it’s time to wind down for the day, then I usually roll a J of this delicious weed. It’s such a delightful grow, gives me a ton of weed every time, and I LOVE these seeds from Pacific! High quality genetics really do matter with weed growing and the quality of the flower, dense and purple and crystallized, really speaks for itself. It’s a very sweet flavor and a very chill smoke. Definitely recommend!

  31. Edmund Michalowski (verified owner)

    Actually a very easy and fast grow, perfect for beginners like myself. I used the paper towel method to get these weeds to germ and they popped up in no time. Love the taste and smell of this stuff, plus the purple buds are really intriguing. Not usually a daytime smoker, this weed is great at night before bed to help me sleep. Excellent buy!

  32. Melvin Garza (verified owner)

    Such delicious weed. I have never grown weed with such purple nugs before and was really surprised. Has great success with these seeds. 5 of 5 seeds germinated and now I have a nice mini greenhouse full of this MJ. Has been great for my stress and anxiety and really been important for my mental state overall. Has been fun to grow and will grow again!

  33. Aubrey D. (verified owner)

    This weed is some of the tastiest stuff on the market, an amazing strain with a lot to offer those of us who can’t unwind at the end of a long day. Such an easy grow, and getting my seeds from PSB was a real treat, they have an amazing selection! Grew in my backyard and got a really solid yield, the perfect nighttime strain, great for headaches and sleep!

  34. Tommy H. (verified owner)

    An amazing weed for anyone who needs help unwinding at the end of the day! Plus it’s pretty fun and easy to grow, though the yield can be a bit sparse if you don’t know your way around weed. Awesome looking nugs, bright green and purple and coated with resin! I love smoking this stuff with my buddies after work, a great way to chill out and have a great conversation!

  35. Ethan C. (verified owner)

    I’m a vet and I’ve been trying medical marijuana to help me with some lingering PTSD. Good adequate sleep has been difficult for me to get, and even though I have a prescription for some really potent sleeping pills, I’ve found they haven’t been that helpful when it comes to the quality of my dreams. With Black Jack I can get good solid sleep without disturbing nightmares. This weed has literally been a godsend. If anyone out there has similar issues I’d recommend giving this strain a try.

  36. Jordan X. (verified owner)

    Black Jack carries a really nice, earthy, woody scent with it while it grows. Definitely doesn’t overpower an indoor setup. The buds alone are worth growing this strain – super purple and covered in trichomes make for a really beautiful mj plant. I got a sizeable yield for an indoor crop.

    Smoking is really pleasant, with 70/30 indica/sativa it’s the best for late nights when I’m getting ready to relax.

  37. Linda D. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this strain. I use mj for medical reasons (chronic pain in my hands) and Black Jack is a nice heavy dose of awesome relief. The affect lasts so long, too – for hours, easily. Which I really appreciate cuz the less pain I have in my hands, the better. Good seeds and fantastic weed.

  38. Noah R. (verified owner)

    Hate to admit it but I love to gamble haha, so I took a gamble on this strain and thankfully I WON! Have a small grow op in my basement and glad I tackled this strain indoors, I think it woulda been a pain to grow outdoors cause it can be a bit fickle about its environment. Buut luckily I know what i’m doing haha and got a solid 350 G from the first grow. The high is super chill, mostly a heady buzz, but it chills you out at the same time, plus the flowers are purple and beautiful and sticky! Roll the dice on this one!

  39. Judy W. (verified owner)

    These flowers came out great. I’m so proud of myself. First time we smoked it my husband was like, “Whoa! I can’t believe you grew this pot!” Friends were impressed too. The buzz is really, really nice. Only thing I would say though, it can make you sleepy if you have too much. I doubt I’ll ever buy marijuana again, now that I can grow it.

  40. Billy B. (verified owner)

    I’ve never ordered cannabis seeds online before and I don’t know what took me so long. Can’t beat the convenient delivery and the discreet packaging from PSB. It was a piece of cake.
    Growing this was a bit challenging, I needed more light than I originally thought I would. But once I got that sorted, it grew like a weed (pun intended). Turned out wonderfully and the high of this mj is divine! Feel totally relaxed but not checked out.

  41. Furie E (verified owner)

    So resiny! Just absolutely sticky and dense and good. 🙂 I grow for medical reasons and Black Jack has easily got to be my favorite strain. This weed is EXCELLENT for treating anxiety. Flowered in about 9 weeks on an indoor system. Easy going and got good results. Can’t say enough about the high tho. Deep purple buds with a sedative vibe like no other. Felt my anxiety unwind until I forgot was I was feeling anxious about. And I struggle hard from anxiety. Black Jack is by far the best thing to calm down those voices in my head that won’t quit.

  42. Lucas A. (verified owner)

    A great beginner’s grow with some SERIOUS relaxation benefits. Looks great in my garden with it’s beautiful purple sticky buds! Pretty strong on the nose, but I don’t mind, I happen to Love the smell of this weed. I smoke usually before bedtime, right before watching a movie, and then usually pass out on the couch lol. The weed tastes very earthy and a little sour, so it really hits the spot after a long day at work. Highly recommend!

  43. George A. (verified owner)

    This plant is a taaaaaalll drink of water so make sure you have plenty of room indoors or outdoors if you’re gonna try growing. Gorgeous, beautiful dense hairy purple nugs budding out from each cola made harvest time an absolute delight, it’s one of the prettiest weed strains I’ve ever tried growing. Def heavier on the indica side super relaxing and calming smoke, plus thc less than 20% so it doesn’t get you too lifted when it’s time to get to bed you’re not dealing with racing thoughts and anxiety. A+++

  44. Dylan P. (verified owner)

    Super high quality dense buds! My seeds came packaged and perfect as always. I’ve had great luck with all of pacific’s seeds, and Black Jack germinated quickly and reliably for me with no problem. Really easy to grow indoors and grows quickly. You’re harvesting before you know it. Love the packaging, love the discreet labeling. Customer service here is A+. Great place to order online from.

  45. Coen I. (verified owner)

    I know some cats like a nice sativa weed for that eurphoric, crazy good high that sends you off into outer space. Other folks like indica pot to calm and chill the eff out. I really like a hybrid, I like some uplift mixed with some relaxation, especially ones that hit my entire body. Blacky Jacky is perfect for that. When I see those awesome dense, sticky buns, I start anticipating the wonderful high that is soon to come. And Black Jack flowered pretty quickly – in about 47 days, so I didn’t have to wait all that long! FANtastic indoor grow, black jack is always a good time.

  46. Pauline A. (verified owner)

    I’ve grown about 10 or 12 varieties of cannabis now, getting seeds from different sources, including Pacific. This strain came out among my best in terms of yield (the amount of buds) and also the quality. I like to have parties where we try out my latest efforts and compare. According to my friends, Black Jack is about the best-looking and best-tasting herb I’ve grown. A couple friends said they planned to order some themselves.

  47. Estevan I. (verified owner)

    OHHHHHH yeahhhhh. Some indica with a hint of sativa? Sign me up. Can’t wait till my ladies are ready to harvest. I’m a couple weeks in and they lookin soooooooo goood. My seeds all popped and sprouted before I was even ready. Hahaha, a good sign there! Since then they been looking pretty and healthy and I can’t wait to pick some bud! Good seeds for a good price!

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