Where you plant your cannabis seeds will have a major impact on the ultimate development of your plants. Some say blondes have more fun—oops, we mean, sometimes outdoor growers have more fun since they soak up the sun and harvest a beautiful garden next to their home. Other times, indoor growers have more fun in a more dependable, stable, and reliable environment.

Where should I grow my marijuana plants?

Originally a weed, cannabis has been grown worldwide for centuries, indoors and out, one plant or dozens, with great success. Yet with hundreds of varieties on the market, very few strains are alike — while some may thrive with little attention, others require tender loving care to produce a potent yield.

  • A question asked by many gardeners, regardless of experience level: “Should I plant indoors or out?” 

In most cases, the marijuana seed company you purchase your strain from will provide information on the best growing practices, including whether your pick is better suited to an indoor or outdoor environment. And, as mentioned above, while most strains are capable of surviving either, you’ll want to guarantee certain conditions are met to maximize the potency and size of your crop. 

We recommend using the information provided by the breeder as a guideline, but research will help you to decide whether your marijuana seeds grow ideally with the wind or within a strictly controlled atmosphere.

Outdoor Growers

The benefits for indoor growers

There are many advantages to choosing an indoor setup for cannabis gardening. From the growing medium to the amount of light your plants receive and for how long, you are afforded complete control. 

  • Cleanliness is next to godliness. Inside, you can provide your plants with a hygienic environment free from the variables associated with outdoor growing. This is of particular importance to growers with the intention of producing pot for medical purposes, as medicinal marijuana should be free of germs, fungus, parasites, or other organisms that might do more harm than good to someone with an already compromised immune system. This is not to say, however, that indoor plants cannot develop mold or bugs.
  • Complete climate control. If you’ve ever dreamed of playing creator, you are now one step closer. With an indoor garden, you dictate the conditions that affect growth: temperature, humidity, ventilation, CO2, soil quality, and more. 


An artificial atmosphere also means you never have to worry about flooding or periods of drought, rapid changes in wind speed or temperature, or other natural phenomena that can destroy an otherwise healthy crop in one fell swoop. 

Unlimited growing seasons. Since indoor cannabis gardening is not limited by the changes in season (which are needed to trigger growth periods), gardeners who plant inside are able to grow cannabis year-round, resulting in multiple harvests per year. Gardens can be smaller, and more resources can be funneled into fewer plants to produce a more potent, fragrant, or flavorful product.

Outdoor Growers

Yes, there are many benefits to cultivating a marijuana garden inside, but there are also a few cons to consider, like the fact that growing cannabis indoors requires a financial investment, which can be big or small depending on the size of the space in which you choose to grow. From the necessary equipment to electricity bills to cover lighting and ventilation, the setup costs add up quickly, especially if this is a new endeavor. You’ll still save tons compared to buying ready-to-use weed, but the initial dollars may deter some.

That being said, don’t let a price tag discourage you! There are many ways to “cut costs” with an indoor setup, like taking advantage of the Sea of Green or Screen of Green methods or opting for “low odor” marijuana strains that require less complex ventilation systems.

The benefits for outdoor growers

Outdoor marijuana gardening should be called the “set-it-and-forget-it” method since Mother Nature does a lot of the hard work for you! In addition to the potential for higher yields, there are many advantages to cultivating marijuana seeds in the great outdoors of your backyard.

  • Cost-effective. Light, temperature, humidity, ventilation — for marijuana plants grown outdoors, these conditions are all dictated by the climate in which you live. You will have to let go of the reigns, so to speak, but this freedom is less taxing on your wallet and schedule. 
  • Nature is bountiful. The quality of air, the full spectrum of light provided by the sun… these are conditions not easily met by an artificial environment. Turning to science for a second, plants are grown outdoors also tend to produce larger leaves and buds, leading to an overall higher yield.

Reach for the sky. “Stretch” is well-known among seasoned outdoor growers — plants tend to reach towards their light source, and when fuel is diverted to vertical growth, buds suffer. Outside, cannabis plants are fully exposed to sunlight. Bigger, broader leaves capture more solar energy and feed the growth of fat nugs.

Outdoor Growers

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you are within your legal rights to grow cannabis outside — not every marijuana-friendly state has included outdoor growing within their marijuana mandates — and that you comply with all necessary requirements. For instance, most states have rules like marijuana plants must be on private property, in a secure and locked location, and away from public view. 

Common courtesy (and personal safety) suggests if you live near children or share close boundaries with your neighbors, you opt for low-odor strains to avoid upsetting anyone (or inviting would-be pilferers) with that tell-tale pungent aroma. 

Outdoor growers vs. indoor growers: which one are you?

The benefits between indoor and outdoor growers directly correlate to your personality and preferences. There are those who stand for and those who stand against each option, and many veteran cannabis cultivators will use a combination of the two when they can — starting their plants indoors until the seedlings reach maturity and then transferring them to an outdoor plot for the remainder of the vegetative and flowering periods.

At the end of the day, where you decide to lay the foundation for your cannabis garden is a personal choice, as with care and attention you’ll end up with an enviable crop come harvest time, especially if you buy your marijuana seeds from a shop like Pacific Seed Bank!

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