Everyone has different reasons for why they might classify themselves as early risers. For some, it’s because they have no choice due to their work schedule. For others, it’s because they have a busy home life, where getting up early is the only way to get some time to themselves, or because their family life demands that they begin their day early.

Then, there are those whose minds just tend to wake them while others are sleeping, those who are all about “catching as many worms as possible,” those who want to get a workout before the work or college day begins, and others who really don’t know why they rise so early except for the fact that that’s just kind of how they’ve always been. Or, maybe you’re someone who rarely rises early, but has a particular work or college project that demands you do it on occasion, or you have a super early flight to catch.

No matter the reason, many find that cannabis helps them start their mornings off right with that extra dose of energy without having to pump their bodies full of caffeine to get going.

Early Risers

Five Wake-and-Bake Strains for Early Risers

Silver Haze: As one of the most popular wake-and-bake strains around that consistently ranks among the top ten lists across North America for its smooth smoke and happy-go-lucky high, the iconic Silver Haze is a near-pure sativa-dominant hybrid that is well-loved for its ability to inspire and invigorate users as they go about their work day. Silver Haze is known for providing a potent, clear-headed, cheerful cerebral sativa high that will simultaneously give you the feeling of an easygoing, devil-may-care approach to life, while equally motivating and uplifting you. If you’re a creative and/or artist, chances are you will love it for its muse-like qualities that will help you tap into a wellspring of innovative ideas without losing steam throughout the entire course of Silver Spring’s high, which tends to last for several hours. In addition, its 10% indica side works to soothe and calm the body without leaving you heavy or at risk of couch lock.

Lemon Kush: This sweet, aromatic, and undeniably citric strain is a potent and balanced hybrid that invigorates the mind and body with a blast of fresh energy. Lemon Kush has a reputation for enhancing your mood and attitude and helping you to feel more comfortable in social situations. This 50/50 hybrid packs a cerebral buzz that brings cheerful, uplifting, and happy feelings, allowing you to start your day off right with just enough body relaxation so that you can move about with more ease. However, one word of caution, this is a highly-potent hybrid with a THC content of 24%-26%, so it may not be the best wake-and-bake option for novices or those with a low tolerance.

Early Risers

Lodi Dodi: Despite its silly-sounding name, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a juicy and potent wake-and-bake strain that will clear your mind with its invigorating high, making for a creative, productive day. Think of it as a burst of sunshine on a cloudy day giving you the energy and focus so that you have a joyful day teeming with productivity.

Chernobyl: While its name conjures memories of a dark time in history for citizens of the former U.S.S.R, Chernobyl cannabis is a blissfully rejuvenating wake-and-bake strain that will put a bounce in your step and a smile on your face paving the path for a more creative and productive day. The effects of this sativa-heavy hybrid are predominantly cerebral and long-lasting with many users comparing this delightful morning strain to drinking a strong cup (or several) of coffee without the jitters that can come from being overly caffeinated.

Harlequin: For those with either a low tolerance to THC or who are wanting to avoid any of the more “intoxicating” effects of THC, Harlequin is an incredible, high-CBD strain that’s not going to leave you feeling high or mentally/physically altered. This is a CBD-rich, sativa-heavy hybrid with a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio, that is known for gifting users with a happy, relaxing, and functional high that allows you to peacefully go about your day with clarity and focus. So, turn on the kettle to make yourself some tea, get your Harlequin ready, and enjoy the two together to start your day off right.

Early Risers


As you’ll see by browsing around on PSB’s website, these are just five of the many amazing strains that can well serve those of you who like or need to get an early start to your day. To end this piece, I’ll give you just the names of a few more worth checking out: Pineapple Express, Blue Cinex, Doobiebird Daydream, and Chocolate Thai. Early risers should love the five strains mentioned above—let us know if you’ve tried any of them!

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