Yes, you read that right! This is a blog about some of the best marijuana strains for runners, joggers, and your post-recovery. While the notion of taking some hits from the bong or consuming an edible before heading out to pound the pavement, or running trails, might sound contradictory, using what’s generally considered to be a wake-and-bake strain just might give you that extra boost and focus to go that extra mile.

As you probably already know, there are a lot of sativas out there that are lauded for their ability to invigorate and motivate users so much so that they often get compared to a shot of espresso or your first cup(s) of coffee of the day. As such, using a sativa-heavy hybrid or 100% pure sativa may just help give you that jolt of energy you need to go on your run.

In addition, we’ll cover a couple of indicas that could be helpful post-run in terms of helping you and your joints and muscles calm and relax so that you can rest and recover after an especially grueling run and not feel quite as sore in the morning. Depending on your preferred method for using weed, remember that if you’re using a tincture or edible, the effects can take up to an hour to really take hold as opposed to combusting or vaping, where the effects are pretty much immediate.

So without further ado, these are the best marijuana strains for runners…

Marijuana Strains for Runners

Six Sativa Strains for Runners (or Joggers)

Red Congolese

Red Congolese is a classic wake-and-bake strain that’s all about boosting users with seemingly boundless energy. Its activating rush will have you ready and raring to run like an energized, battery-operated bunny that never stops. Once you try this pure sativa, which contains anywhere from 18-20% THC, you’ll understand why it’s such a big hit with those looking for a dynamic boost to their day and/or exercise routine.

Silver Haze

The iconic Silver Haze is a powerful sativa that has a reputation for boosting both creativity and productivity by dramatically increasing a user’s focus and energy. As such, this long-lasting exhilarating, and invigorating wake-and-bake strain is consistently listed by runners as one of their top go-to’s as a part of their pre-run routine to help kick them into gear.

Marijuana Strains for Runners


Harlequin is another fan favorite amongst runners, with some claiming it is the best strain of all for running. Infamous for its unusually high CBD: THC ratio of 5:2 where its CBD content essentially eradicates any of its hallucinogenic effects, Harlequin has the potential to help get you off on the right foot as you head out for your run. Another reason that runners love Harlequin is because of its clear-headed kind of high that doesn’t overwhelm. In addition, it contains terpene myrcene, which is often touted for its anti-inflammatory properties–a definite plus for those getting ready to go on a nice long run or who need a little extra boost to complete the last few arduous miles.

Green Crack

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to go for your morning run, vaping some Green Crack just might do the trick! This mighty sativa-dominant hybrid is often referenced as being an ideal choice for getting some cardio in. It’s a highly stimulating strain that boosts not just your energy levels but also your mood–helping you to stay both focused and in a positive upbeat mindset as you lace up your shoes and head out for your daily or weekly… or monthly run.

Marijuana Strains for Runners

Durban Poison

If you’re one of those self-motivated, super disciplined types who have a regular running schedule that you’re able to stick to no matter how much you don’t actually feel like doing so or how miserable you feel the majority of the run, you might be thinking that cannabis has nothing to offer you as a runner. However, that is where you’d be wrong. What if there was a way to actually enjoy your daily or regular running routine as opposed to begrudgingly suffering through it just because “it’s good for you”? Well by using a strain like Durban Poison, you not only get the benefits of its caffeinated-like energetic recharge, but you get its exhilarating euphoric effects too that miles into your run you might very well find yourself realizing just how much you’re truly enjoying this so much more than usual.

Jack Herer

Named for the well-known and much-respected cannabis rights activist himself, this legendary sativa-leaning hybrid provides a little bit of everything to help make your run that much more doable and delightful. Jack Herer has the potential to lift your spirits along with your energy and creativity levels. All of which when combined can make for a very fun, smile-filled run that just might have you merrily going off the beaten path.

Two Indicas for Your Post-Run Recovery

After you get back from your run, have sufficiently hydrated and so on, using a deep body-relaxing indica-dominant strain like Pink Kush or Nuken may be the perfect way to help give your mind and body the rest they deserve. Both are often referenced by athletes as some of their favorite strains to use post-workout as they release and soothe mental and physical tensions, keep moods elevated, have anti-inflammatory properties, and provide full body buzzes that, depending on how much is used, can result in couch lock, which after a long run is hardly an unwelcome thing. Out of the best marijuana strains for runners, which ones have you tried or are excited to try?

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